Monday, 15 December 2014

Michael Portillo and the Monsters of the Pliocene Epoch.

"Well they do say that Charity begins at home"....

I have always wondered who these mythical 'They' are when people utter such bland aphorisms? 

I also wonder why it is that these old chestnuts always seem to trot out of the mouths of middle classed, can't be arsed to fight back against the criminality of The Elite, mealy-mouthed little Englanders, who would not piss on a poor man if he was on fire? You know the kind of people I am talking about, people who accept the given Right-Wing propaganda horse manure that is pushed into our faces on a daily basis via The BBC or The Daily Mail - that anybody using a Foodbank must be 1/ Careless with their money. 2/ A Drug addict [because addicts don't deserve our compassion in 'The World According to Dacre']. Or 3/ Lazy Scroungers who are just scamming free food to pig out at our expense despite all evidence to the contrary. Those kinds of people...

And yet these are also the same type of people who will phone in and donate [rather generously at times] to scams like The BBC's 'Children in Need' or buy a god awful recording of 'Feed the World' by Saint Bob 'fucking' Geldof, and why, why do they do that, why are they willing to fund some celebrities singing a song about Christmas in Africa but will walk past a homeless man begging on the street ignoring his plea? 
The answer of course is because they don't really have to sacrifice anything or put themselves out in any meaningful way when they donate via the telly, and because we are all fearful of becoming the begging man in a society which cares nought for the life of a begging man, that's why!

Thus it is that some look at The Trussell Trust Food Bank and other community based Foodbanks which are less... shall we say 'Franchised' - Charities who warned us all that in 2013 - 13 Million British People were living below the poverty line - here in the UK, and say in response to these appalling statistics "These people should get an education and stop being lazy, work will set you free" (or words to that effect)...

And I am not making that up, I have seen such vitriol and it's like scrawled across various social media sites by right wing arseholes a number of times in recent years, and not just from nonentities like myself, but also from so called 'Important People'.

And yet according to The Government supported Trussell Trust Food Bank 'In the period from 2013 to 2014 Foodbanks fed 913,138 people nationwide. Of those helped, 330,205 were children'.  And what were their given reasons for this appalling rise in Foodbank usage here in the UK? Rising food and fuel prices, static incomes, underemployment, changes to benefits, things which are more often than not, beyond the fault of the individual.

The Trussell Trust alone has over 420 Foodbanks spread nationally and this is not counting the independent Foodbanks set up by local people to help local people in their local community... and yes - that is a lot of 'Locals' for one sentence, but you get the picture and I hope the point?

So when people like Michael Portillo go onto Andrew. F. Neil's stinking BBC 'This Week' propaganda fest and calmly in bland voice avows to the nation that he 'can't seem to find any evidence of people going hungry in the UK' my thoughts return once again to another less well known quote about 'Charity' by Norman MacDonald which goes " Some men mistake generosity for charity: these flatter themselves that they are giving gratuitously, whilst they are merely rewarding secret services offered to their vanity".

Let us not forget who and what Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo is. This is an avowed Thatcherite who seemingly loves 'The Death Sentence' and who supported Murderous Regimes across the world. He was a member of the board of the Kerr-McGee Corporation (Big Oil). He was a non-executive director of the multinational defence contractor BAE Systems (Arms Dealers). He voted in favour of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. I am not certain Mister Portillo knows what 'Charity' is. But perhaps I should not be too hard on him, after all I think perhaps that most people in this Nation of ours have a very mistaken idea of what Charity actually is, or have forgotten its true meaning; so let us address that.

Charity has come to mean in the last 40 years, something very different from what it used to, this idea of Charity that people currently have, is either that of an organization which has been set up to provide help and raise money for those in need or, (take it away Saint Bob) or  the voluntary giving of help, characteristically in the form of cash, to those in dire straits. Now while these efforts are laudable aspects of the word 'Charity' they alone are not what the word means.

What the word 'Charity' actually means is 'To act in accordance with our Human Nature'.

Humans did not develop claws, or huge canine teeth capable of puncturing and killing our prey. We did not evolve with thick hides or an armoured skin to protect us from our Prince of Darkness [the big cats who regularly feasted on unwary hominids]. No - we hominids evolved as a cooperative charitable mammal, deeply interdependent upon each other to both learn the skills to survive, and pass on those survival skills to our offspring.  We needed each other to beat off the attack of very dangerous predators, and further - to hunt enough game to feed our families which in turn enabled us to become the dominant species on this planet.

Make no mistake - The Earth is called 'The Earth' because of 'Charity'.

Without 'Charity' - that which is best characterised as - 'Having a kindness and tolerance towards others. To possess a Love of Humankind. To be lenient and less judgemental and forgiving toward our fellow Humans' then there would be a very different animal ruling this planet. Without these charitable aspects of our humanity, so vital to our survival as a species, Humanity would have ceased to exist long, long ago.

Let me be clear - 'If Charity had not been the vanguard characteristic of our human makeup then our ancient societies would never have come into being and Homo Sapiens, that fragile, thin skinned, unarmed hominid, would have passed into myth devoured by creatures infinitely better acclimated to the ancient Pliocene world which was inhabited by true monsters made colossal by nature'.

Thus it is that 'Kindness' alone is that which wrought our survival. Thus it is that 'Fear of the Other', the habitually propagandised ideology of the far right extremists who daily abuse us with their misanthropic rhetoric of hate via the means of an Elite controlled News Media, are acting utterly hostile to the very nature of mankind. We must therefore consider such hatreds and oratory as 'Deviant Behaviour', and measure their words and deeds as conduct which is abnormal and contrary to the survival humanity.

That is what the word 'Charity' means Ladies & Gentlemen, it mean survival, not only of the individual but also of the species, for without Charity mankind is doomed.

As to Michael Portillo? I am remind as I sit here and write this that his father 'Luis Gabriel Portillo Pérez' was a man whose Republicanism and Lefty Politics saw him oppose everything that Franco's Fascism stood for. It truly boggles my mind that such a man as he, having such a father, could have fallen so in love with Margaret Thatcher and Neo-Liberalism? Perhaps instead of being an evil little Fascist Tosser, Michael Portillo is instead just a misguided fool who for all his urbane charm is not as worldly as people like to think?

So I will offer Mister Portillo some of the 'Charity' of which I speak here and forgive him his peculiar and illogical statement on The BBC's 'This Week' program about Foodbanks and the type of people who are forced into using them. Instead of chastising him further I will put his ignorance down to a life made easy by affluent circumstance and forgive his insulting comments... because after all Ladies & Gentlemen, 'Charity begins in the Heart'...

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Turkeys, Doorsteps, and other inconvenient truths...

Nigel Farage and his ilk would have us believe that Immigrants are to blame for everything...

Oh really?

In 2003 the best *guesstimate* available to us for assessing how many Ex-Servicemen were Homeless here in Great Britain left us with the disturbing figure of roughly 100,000 men & women.

Today in 2014 with the fast approach of winters deathly grip (for winter always has a death grip on the lives of homeless people) nobody actually knows what the real figure is, and in truth - nobody in power cares to 'really' look. But there are reliable reports from responsible charities that the numbers of ex-service personnel living rough is now possibly as low as 11 Thousand, but we are cautioned that this figure is almost certainly - a low estimate.

My opinion, for what it is worth is 'that even 1 is too many'.

What is known - is that not one of these Ex-Solders was ever made homeless by an immigrant.

No Muslim, foreign or domestic, has ever made an ex-serviceman suffer the indignity of sheltering in his own country in a doorway freezing his arse off on a cold winters night as hypothermia sets in.

Nor has there ever been a recorded instance of a Romanian forcing an ex-serviceman to scrimp from supermarket waste bins simply to find enough rotten stinking food to survive on.

I might also add that The European Common Market, the infamous EU monster of Ukip rhetoric, has never, not once in its 50 plus year history, ever mandated that brave British ex-servicemen and women should be cast aside and left to rot on the streets of Great Britain as 'Outcasts' - not once.

None of the above have ever done any of these things.... That distinction falls solely upon The Government of Her Most Britannic Majesty and all the Nobs who lick her stinking arse.
 Century after century the bastards who have started wars have repeatedly treated their ex-servicemen and women in a manner that could be, at best, described as 'Shoddy'.

Now some uninformed ignoramuses' might point to the Chelsea Pensioners and say "Look, Look, see, we look after our ex-servicemen", but then again some folks are born stupid and talk a lot of bollocks, and anyway most of these types are always going to vote Ukip or Tory because, well that is what such ignoramuses' do isn't it?

Don't get me wrong here, previous Labour Governments are as guilty on their maltreatment of Ex-Servicemen who depart their military careers in the lower orders as the Tories are. In truth all political parties are jam packed with shysters and thieves, none of whom  will ever suffer the indignities that we as a society inflict upon our young men and women of the Armed Services, but the Conservative types are particularly insidious when it comes to betraying our ex-servicemen.

It's not that the Tories do anything worse than any Labour Government of recent years, far from it; it's just that the Conservative types proclaim a love and devotion towards our military men and women which rankles, and leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of those of us who have served under their fetid rule as they bang on about how brave we all are. Frankly Ladies & Gentlemen their plaudits are not worth the paper they are written on, indeed I would not wipe my arse with anything these shysters might proffer up as praise for they are all 'backstabbing turncoats'.

But the Military are not saints either, so let us put something to bed right here right now. The Military gets all types, fools, liars, thieves, arse lickers, audaciously brave types, and yes cowardly types too. We get Ignorant plebs and educated snots, middle class university types, morons, and thugs, honourable types, and very often super intelligent autodidacts whose intellect is (as often as not) feared or ignored by those above them simply because they come from the lower echelons of society.

The British Military is made up of in fact, an exact micro reflection of British Society, with all its false snobbery and bullshitting careerist wankers that you might find in any office across the land, but it has the added impetus and understanding of applied violence as a motivator and a learned skill.

Whether you like Servicemen and women or not, 11 thousand ex-service personnel this winter will be dossing down in doorways, freezing their nuts off as you sit down with your family to eat a Turkey. And as you celebrate the birth of a Jewish Foreigner, after first dressing up as another Foreigner in the shape of 'Santa Claus' who was himself derived from the Foreign Dutch figure of 'Sinterklaas', which is just another dialectal pronunciation of 'Saint Nicholas', the historical figure of whom is yet another Foreigner - the Legendary Greek bishop and gift-giver of Myra, remember this - 'No Foreigner caused their homelessness'... You and your government did that.

So Ladies & Gentlemen, how did we get from a society which treasures our children, and lavishes so much love and attention upon them at Christmas time, to a society which casts them into the winds of war as young men to protect our society, braving and committing horrors in our name; only to then discard them and leave them to suffer the indignity of freezing to death as mentally scarred 'Outcasts'?

Let me frame that same question in more emotive terms.

"How do you get from a Civil Society with full emancipation and suffrage to Gas Chambers?"

Abject Cowardice.... that's how!

Every unthinking bonehead alive today who seeks a Master to follow, will undoubtedly find one. This is the core truth of our servile compliance which lays at the centre of our modern Society, and further - it is the belief of which, that has bound us all to the capricious will of grotesque leaders who laugh at our mewling, grovelling, obsequiousness towards our 'Betters' as they sit stuffing themselves on the public coffer considering us all as nothing but a pathetic joke... as Plebs.

We have been programmed by them time and again to believe that our unbending obedience to our masters Law is 'Honourable' and that Obedience to their Law is the only way to National Salvation. Indeed they even name our unthinking rank submission as 'Duty' - as an obligation to their 'Just Rule' - and it is a Rule Ladies & Gentlemen which - if the fallout from the Iraq War can teaches us anything - is never Just.  Further; we are impelled to fulfil this imposed 'Duty' or be counted terrorist; and I am not joking here when I claim such things, for as recent inadvertently released documents prove - 'peaceful dissent & protest' is now classed - here in the United Kingdom by our 'Security Services' as *Terrorism*.


Let us for god sake tell the truth for once...

'This so called obligation that they impose upon us as a mass of people is nothing more than us as individuals yielding our free will into the care of Monsters because we are terrified of them'.

By acting the knave and refusing to face up to our personal responsibility towards others in our society we are collaborating with their villainy! Our silence about injustice, any injustice, [and there are boundless examples of which I could narrate here], is nothing more than 'collaboration'. And claiming 'I am only doing what others are doing' will not absolve you or myself of complicity in their crimes. In point of fact doing what others are doing just because you don't want to attract their attention - only damns you the more.

We have become a Nation of frightened souls, we are scared of loss, terrified of living the life of a homeless outcast, and thus, our abject fear turns us all into cowardly unthinking brutes, minions who are willing to obey any order, do anything to anybody, no matter how immoral or atrocious such actions might be, anything rather than stand up and say to these criminals who govern our daily lives - "No, I will not bow to you, fuck you and the horse you came in on".

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how you go from a 'Civil Society with full emancipation and Health Care for the least amongst us, with universal education, to a Nation of Slaves willing to tolerate 'Gas Chambers' and Police Violence towards our kids on a university campus, and is also how our bravest young men and women, willing to serve on the front-line of War in your stead, end up living on the streets as Outcasts....

And not once, not a single time in our long history has any Immigrant or Foreigner ever caused us to abandon our morality or our responsibility to our fellow countrymen. That crime falls upon the shoulders of people like Nigel Farage, David Cameron, & Tony Blair and all the other Neo-Liberal politicians who like to blame the 'Other' for crimes that they themselves perpetrate.

But it also falls upon the shoulders of you out there in Lala Land who are willing to believe their lies, you who follow your beloved Messiah's with blind devotion as you surrender your morality and intellect into the care of monsters...

Enjoy your Turkey.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Blogger's, Journalists, and Working Class Language.

Working Class Language...

Isn't it funny how the Press and the TV always present 'The language of The Working Class' as the language of the illiterate, the unthinking bumpkin, The Fool...
It is an oft repeated theme which springs up time and again in comedy shows on the Telly as they expose some random Ukip follower for the moron that he really is, but being Anti Ukip is not the real agenda and they don't really mean to be a champion of the Left do they? What they really mean is - look at the working class fool using 'The Language of the Retard'... because that is what TV Schedulers think of us working class plebs.

It is also how Journalists who scoff at bloggers in their foetid Newspapers backed by their Tycoon Masters Billions and aided and abetted  by a thousand staffers like portray us poor ordinary schmucks out here who have not been to 'Journalist school' to be carefully indoctrinated into unswerving belief in Big Brother, because we are in their eyes exactly that - 'Schmucks' and there really is now a 'Big Brother Syndrome'.

What these journalists are of course, is puppets. They serve a Master, and we all know who those Masters are. They are Dogs and they are the pick of the litter, the chosen ones who must guide the rest of us plebs to the sheep pen of safety; and thus it is that any criticism of their beloved Sheppard's Agenda is stamped upon and actively worked against, and yes I mean via false memes, false stories, lies, the infiltration of online groups, feeding false data and spreading disinformation which can easily catch out the best of us as we go about our busy lives...

This is why when they see a blogger of any standing with a large following make a mistake they pounce on them as though they serve a Holy Cause... because in their world view - 'they and ONLY they' may make political comment and be taken seriously, everything else is just the disjointed ravings of a lunatic or a insignificant Lefty stuck out on the fringe of yesteryear's political ideology... at least that is how bloggers are often presented in the right wing controlled mainstream media.

But the truth is we online activists are just ordinary citizens doing our bit without the colossal economic back up of a Tycoon funded and thousand staffed News Agency to check every single thing and get what we say right 100% of the time....

But what is surprising, is just how many facts over the last 5 years have ONLY come to light because there is an alternative voice to the hugely propagandised right wing controlled Press and TV News here in the West, and furthermore - how many of these 'facts' revealed and shared with the public via the means of blogs and other social media sites, have time and again been proven to be accurate. And Ladies & Gentlemen isn't that an astounding and earth shaking judgement upon the piss poor levels of News Reporting & Investigative Journalism that emanates from the bowels of our Main Stream Media.

Are some facts lost by bloggers? Yes. Are there some malicious agencies at work putting out deliberately false memes and articles with the set purpose to discredit anybody who uses their false data to challenge these so called professional Journalists? YES.... Are there also - other people who do similar things just because they are arseholes? YES... But the vast majority of people who challenge the accepted bullshit of professional News Agencies and their warped truths and often outright lies, do so because there is a real need...

I would also add, that from what I have seen of Journalists over the last 20 years, so many lack any form of moral courage, indeed very few, at least too few in my experience, are of the standing of John Pilger, which quite frankly is the standard I expect and demand from a 'Professional Journalist' charged with the 'DUTY' of Watchdog over our civilisations political and economic movers and shakers...

And that is a problem isn't it... these people do not do their jobs well, most of them are shoddy, lazy, plagiarists lacking moral fibre and real insight.  But so too are we to blame for there are too many real life actual Schmucks willing to believe the shit they peddle.

We are a people bred stupid, over the last 40 years and we have been bred down to the lowest common denominator of stupidity; a people that willingly and blindly believe the lies that we are repeatedly told via the State controlled mediums of The Press and The TV News. We as a people must wake up and accept that we have been BRED stupid... so stupid in fact that a vast amount of people don't even know that they are stupid? And just what precisely do you get when you couple this National Stupidity to Nationalistic Arrogance? Well you get a Britain ripe for a Fascist takeover that's what....

But what boggles my 'Working Class' mind about all this, even in today's politically ignorant climate where the vast majority of the public have no 'true memory' - and where the embarrassing superfluity of idiocy is exposed daily via the means of social media; what continues to boggle me, is the outraged cry of the working class turncoat who screams out his hateful bile and uneducated ignorance in response to some random Working Class Lefty exposing (once again) yet another example of the burgeoning greed of our Royalist Loving Politicians, as they scream in capital letters on Facebook or Twitter that classic line about - "IT WUZ DA UNIONS WHICH FUCKED UP DIS CUNTRY"! [and yes that really happened on my social media timeline]

Well apart from the appalling spelling, I am less interested in the Grammar, but at least they could make the fucking effort to run their splenetic bullshit through a word processor, [see what I did there?] what is even more appalling is the sheer unadulterated ignorance of their bilious assertions about 'DA FUCKING UNIONS' and what they did to this cuntry... oops I meant to say 'Country'.

I guess such unthinking morons have never heard of Milton Freidman, or how Thatcher who following his evil advice almost exactly [or was it orders?] deliberately created 3 million unemployed people here in Great Britain so that she and her Quisling underlings could sell out their fellow countrymen in order to profit from the deliberate misery and poverty that they together created?

I guess such mewling gutless cretins have never heard of, or at least have conveniently forgotten, how Margaret Thatcher treated with Despots and Mass Murderers in Chile, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Chad, Argentina [yes I did say Iran, Iraq, and Argentina - but there were many others], or how she deliberately increased the interest rates in this country to 14.5% so that ordinary people eventually lost their homes; homes that she was so keen for us to all own when she was first seeking election and gerrymandering Elections.

I guess these pig ignorant bumpkins, who exactly resemble the schmucks that snobbish journalists  so often portray us all as, have not once heard rumour that she did all these things in order to recreate a 'British Underclass' which the Elite so enjoy because, (putting it in a language these cretins might be able to grasp), it allows the rich bastards at the top of our Class System to create a climate of fear across the nation and allows them to garner for themselves unparalleled profits at the ordinary mans expense?

 I guess such weak minded lickspittles do not remember how Thatcher had a journalist murdered in South America for exposing her Government for selling Torture Equipment to these same Despots whom she had helped to grab power across the continent of South America in the first place - and who by the by 'Disappeared' nearly 2 million Human Beings after they seized power.

I guess these collaborating right wing scum refuse to believe that the miners were good ordinary hard working British Citizens, men who sought nought but a fair wage for working in difficult and hazardous conditions because any old invented fantasy is preferable to admitting to the truth that they are gutless cowards who like sheep will bow down and Obey any Dog commanded by some unseen Sheppard.

I guess these vermin are totally unaware that Ricky Tomlinson, (one of their much beloved actors off the Telly) back then stood with the miners against Thatcher's 'Harrowing of the North' and was stitched up by her Government and was imprisoned for 2 years for crimes he never committed, and who also by the by, was given the option of not going to jail if he would but only just accept a plea of guilt for a lesser crime (which he also had not committed) and a fine of £50 quid. This measly attempt at Terror and Moral Self Subornment failed only because Tomlinson and his comrades had the ethical fortitude to tell Thatcher's cronies to 'go fuck themselves'.

I guess there are no 'Government Cover Ups'... Hillsborough was the fans fault, they really did pick the pockets of the dead. Jimmy Savile was a one off monster with no Establishment figures involved. The Birmingham 6 were all guilty. The Iraq War was not engineered to enrich a very few of the Super Elite. Thatcher never sold arms to murderers. Tony Blair was a Lefty. And Nuclear Power? Well that is 100% safe isn't it? And as for global warming? Well that is a Lefty Conspiracy (surprisingly the one conspiracy these right wing cretins are willing to believe in) And last but not least all Muslims are Terrorists...

I guess it never occurs to these pitiable imbeciles that doing just a little research online, just a tiny amount, would completely destroy the right wing fantasy concocted by our utterly unscrupulous right wing Propaganda News Agencies that "IT WUZ DA UNIONS WHICH FUCKED UP DIS CUNTRY" because any 'State propagated hateful miasma', any slur on Romanian immigrants by the Messiah Nigel, any slander that all unemployed disabled people are all 'putting it on' by any one of the rags that they label 'Newspapers' is a far more tolerable reality than the one which involves them looking at their own spineless, cowardly, obedient, collaboration with evil.

I despise these Political Journalists who heavily funded work so tirelessly for their not so unseen masters, I mean it... I truly hate them. I look upon such creatures as Nick Robinson as contemporary Lord Haw Haw's, nothing but treacherous villains who deserve to share in the fate of William Joyce.

But what disgusts me more, is the working class idiots who scream out in their uninformed frustration that "IT WUZ DA UNIONS WHICH FUCKED UP DIS CUNTRY".... such ignorant bumpkins are a stain on my class, a stain on the nobility of hard working class people throughout the ages, people who taught themselves to read and write despite what our so called 'Betters' did to undermine our societies.

These fools are a stain on the honour all of those who struggled against Fascism in the 30's and 40's. They are utterly reprehensible class traitors who are willing to get down on their knees and accept the munificence of a Master like the beaten cur's that they so resemble...

What hollow creatures you are... you are deemed by our 'Betters' to be 'worth less' and thus having no moral courage coupled to your stunted intellects you accept this Worthlessness as real and act accordingly... and why? Because they make your SLAVERY an easy option.

Voltaire said "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere" - and anyway after 40 years of being bred stupid we all know that "IT WUZ DA UNIONS WHICH FUCKED UP DIS CUNTRY" don't we?


How's that for Working Class Language?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Good Old Cause.

I like to remember the 19 of November as a very special day, I commemorate the 19th as the birthday in 1600 of Charles Stuart, better known as Charles the First, King of England.

Like all Royals he was an absolute ghastly waste of human flesh, but while he was an utterly repugnant piece of Royal excrement I do not remember his birthday for the excesses of his pampered and altogether disgusting life, instead I remember his birthday because it was his stinking reign and his deserved end on the Executioners Block which began finally Britain's long climb out of absolutism.

That the man had no honour is commonly known (he could not keep his given word) that he was selfish, vain, duplicitous, and worst of all character traits for a Absolute Ruler, stupid, is also commonly known, but it should also be acknowledged that while he was many things which lay waste his memory Charles Stuart was not a coward.

It is why I don't hate the man in the same way that I despise other more contemporary 'Royals' who are constantly portrayed in all our News Media as being 'Brave' when those of us with military connections know of an entirely different reality. But that is a story for another day!

Of course the destruction of Absolutism in Great Britain with Charles Stuarts beheading is a fantasy, it is a mirage which The Establishment like to keep alive as an ongoing miasma as they portray our Nations Governance as a 'Democracy' when in point of fact we here in the United KINGDOM of Great Britain do not now or have ever lived in a 'Democracy'!

The closest we ever came to living in a Democracy was when The New Model Army took control of Parliament and established a very short lived 'Commonwealth' (think about the meaning of that word 'Commonwealth' - Common Wealth). Alas as with all such systems of governance in which The Military comes to Primacy this led to just another form of Absolutism, so on a scale of 1 to 10 it was a resounding ONE... the 1 being for 'good effort - must try harder'.

Considering the times it is not hard to see why the Commonwealth was usurped and twisted into what it became; the majority of the Ordinary Foot Soldiers could not even read, and as we all know - he who controls the passage of information is King, which in effect is what happened if not in fact.

When an absolute ruler dies the vacuum must be and always has been 'filled', and usually by lesser men. Thus it was with Cromwell, and when his son failed [the heir to the throne elect in simplistic terms] the Royalists who had gone underground saw their opportunity and once again resurfaced, like a turd floating on a turbulent sea, to reaffirm their allegiance to a 'New Master' in the form of King Charles the Second, a man who promptly set his lickspittles in Parliament to the task of annihilating any glimmer of 'Democracy' that might have then existed as he began yet again the Royal's regular narcissistic lifestyle of dissolute debauchery and stupid greed.

Absolutism is not a thing of Britain's past, it is the reality of Britain's present, the only difference between 1600 and 2014 is that the Royals are kept aloof and protected from any finger of blame by an Establishment hell bent on keeping the Established Order's Dominion an open secret and right at the top of this tree of excrement is Queenie and her stinking family of piss and shit.

The truth is Ladies and Gentlemen, that unless we 'The People' rise up as 'The New Model Army' did and strike down these villainous monsters in Parliament who routinely command the murder of children in their sleep, who kidnap innocent men and women from their homes and rendition them [Torture] in darkened dungeons thousands of miles away from their families, and thence often make these innocent people disappear, who gleefully order the slaughter of entire cities, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, men, women, and children, in order to profiteer from their God awful 'War Machine' - then we will never have a Just and Fair society.

Democracy is for 'Citizens'. It is a system  whereby 'The Citizens' of a Nation State govern their own affairs for the peaceful betterment of both their fellow countrymen and their neighbouring Nations.

But that is not what Our Masters do is it?

They do not govern us for our betterment, they govern us to increase their personal wealth and power, they govern us to keep the vast majority of people ignorant, stupid, and above all things 'CONTROLLED'.

'Democracy' is what 'Citizens' create and control; ergo - we do not have a Government, we have a Mafia. A criminal cartel who imagine themselves above the law, indeed only the rich elite are allowed to Create Laws. Thus it is that politicians and Royals routinely go beyond their legitimacy to enrich themselves and their criminal brothers and sisters in their 'League of Infamy' at the expense of the ordinary citizens of our nation, and further - the lives of countless millions of other people around the world. And they do all this 'DESPITE the vast outcry from 'The Citizens' of Great Britain who have for over 2 decades now been crying out for Justice to be restored and that these criminals be tried for their multifarious crimes against The People of this Nation and their horrific crimes against the innocent people of other nations.

And yet nothing ever changes, the same bunch of shysters commit crimes, get away with their crimes, and repeat their crimes, over and over and over again.

When those who govern a Nation State are utterly beyond any approbation of 'The People' for the perfidy of their actions, when they can commit any act of disgraceful pillage or theft of the public purse and a Nations assets, or may order the deaths of other Human Beings around the world with impunity and against the will of 'The People' then that is not a 'Democracy' Ladies and Gentlemen, that is Absolutism, and that is exactly where we are at here in the United KINGDOM.

So I like to remember the 19 of November as a very special day indeed. I commemorate the 19th of November as the birthday in 1600 of the last King of England who thought he was beyond the reach of the common man, as the beginning of the end for absolutism. And while in bitter truth the rule of Despots here in the UK is not yet dead the seed of its ultimate demise was sown, seeded by men and women like you and me; ordinary people who for the first time in 700 years knew for a fact that 'you can kill a king' and tear down the rule of thuggish criminals and create a 'Commonwealth' from common wealth.

One day, maybe not soon, probably not in my lifetime, but one day - the cry will go up "The King is dead, Long Live The Republic".

Monday, 17 November 2014


I don't watch much TV these days, and it's mainly because the piss and shit that is pumped into our living rooms on a daily basis via the means of the State Controlled Propaganda Machine in the corner of our living rooms, which is controlled by talentless pricks who willingly collaborate with the Establishments agenda of 'dumbing down' - think mediocrity is a goal too high to aim for.

Thus it is that as a general rule you can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of 'Talented' individuals who get air time on our TV Screens.

In their Propagandised Broadcasts designed to turn the people of Britain into unthinking, lazy, fat arsed wimps, who willingly cede their innate human sovereignty into the hands of a criminal elite, thinking is considered a crime. Intellectual reach and the questioning of the States News Broadcasts is tantamount to heresy, but that is an easily spotted right wing agenda, at least for anybody with an IQ over 50 that is. 

No - it is in the daily drivel of Eastenders, Casualty, Xfactor, the monotony of StrictlyChefComePrancingBakeOff packed full of nonentities without a single fucking redeeming feature to their name in which the danger to British Civilisation lays.

In the old days you could get yourself  a Degree by Watching the Television for Christ's sake, now all you can get is shingles. There used to be brilliant hard hitting documentaries which exposed TRUTH and brought down Governments and changed the very fabric of our society for the better.

Nowadays what do we have? Some talentless random wanker screeching a song [and I am being gentle here when I use the word *Screeching*] on The Voice, or XFactor, or BritainsGotNoFuckingTalentWhatsoever or some other such bullshit show, whilst 'Nigel Fucking Farage' is pumped endlessly into your living rooms through the State Controlled TV Screens as though he is the second fucking coming of Christ, the Saviour of our Nation, the Chosen One... Which in point of fact I suppose is exactly what Farage is - 'Their Chosen One' and you dear reader are commanded to 'Believe'....

So no - I don't watch much Telly these days, its too full of Shysters, Quislings, and talentless pricks, which is probably why I had no fucking clue who Mark Little was when he first tweeted a reply to one of my Tweets... I mean to say the last time I saw a fucking Soap Opera was back in the Eighties and it was from the land down under... oh wait...

Joe Mangel [or was it Mangle?] had just tweeted me... strange fucking world. But this random interchange between myself and Mark was a pleasant interlude from the usual hate filled shitwater that is aimed at me by the insane brigade of the Ukiper National Front for calling their beloved Fuehrer 'Nigel Farage' a lying, thieving, hypocritical cunt.

As it turned out we have a similar view of the aforementioned Huguenot arsehole, and while we're not best buddies or even friends, I kinda like Mr Little's political viewpoint so we exchanged a few random bits of chit chat over the next few months which led, eventually, to a random bit of chance whereby I was to be in London [Sodom & Gomorrah] over this past weekend to see a good mate of mine and he happened to be doing a Avant-Garde  comedy show at The Chicken & Hen Theatre in Highbury, so I thought... 'what the fuck, it might be worth the while to go see his gig'.

Well I have seen two other Comedy Shows in my life, one was the excellent Mike Harding and the other was [much to my chagrin] when I was forced by an ex-girlfriend to go witness Jim Davidson's live show back in the late 80s early 90s [which might also explain why she became an ex?]

Jim Davidson was fucking awful by the way... I mean on a galactic scale of fucking awful he sucked like a super massive black hole, in fact a Black Hole would have less sucking power than he. The man was a misogynistic, openly racist, bigot, and in every way that it was possible to be, he acted like a prima fucking donna and a disgusting piece of extreme right wing shit. He spent the whole show trying his damnedest to belittle anybody in the audience who was a labour voter [undoubtedly he felt safe in doing this because he was doing his show in a deeply Conservative Area; but his vitriol was so disgusting that even the Tories in the audience fell silent in contempt]. And last but not least there he committed the ultimate crime of any comedian, he possessed not a single ounce of 'Funny'.

I have never witnessed any crowd fall out of love with the entertainer in the way I saw Jim Davidson alienate his audience that night, Tory and Labour voter alike became so silent that he left the stage what must have been at least 20 minutes early. If shit could walk then Jim Davidson that night was the quintessence of a walking turd...

So you can see why 25 plus years later, I was somewhat cautious in risking my money to go see a comedian live on stage... but risk it I did and I have to tell you all Mark Little was funny.

It's been quite a while since I laughed so well and so long, his show was intelligent, casual, factual, hilarious, farcical [in a good way] and downright fun.

In fact it was the best thing I have spent money on in a very long time. His show [called  HUMOURMONGERY] had me in fits of giggles, and early on watching my mate beat the living crap out of his gentiles as he recited the 'Ballad of Boris Dancing ' on stage was just one of many highlights...

But there is another reason why I share this little bit of information about a random tweeter [pardon the pun] and it is because not only was he funny, talented, witty, had character, and could engage last night's audience with the casual ease of a natural raconteur, he is also a man who wrote and directed a comedy pilot show called 'Robin' [link provided below] .

Robin was set in Sherwood with all the usual suspects of the story involved, and it is deeply funny. Yet this masterpiece of avant-garde was turned down by both sets of talentless pricks who govern the BBC and Channel 4, and having watched it again now [three times] I can only presume they turned Robin down because it was too intelligent, anarchic, abstruse, and genuinely funny [without the need for some bullshit canned laughter] for our modern day dumbed down audience hyped up on the meaningless shitwater of Eastenders, Coronation Sleep ZZzzz, Casualty and all the other 'CelebrityComeCookMeAFuckingCakeDancingOnXmarksthefuckingSpotStrictlyGetMeTheFuckOutOfHere'  programs, in which the only requirement of the audience is that they be as stupid as a can of fucking nails.

I did not introduce myself to Mark Little, last night, that would have been a little too crass, and perhaps a bit weird, but I did get to stand on stage with him for 5 seconds when I won a prize for being 'The Worst Poet in the World' in which he presented me with a Sidney Bridge Coat Hanger as a reward for my pitiable efforts to write a short verse for his Boris Dancing Song...

"Boris Johnson
Steals our money,
But that's okay
Coz he is funny.
But me?
I want our money back,
Coz Boris Johnson
he's a prat!"

Well it was late and I was kinda put on the spot.

I left the Hen & Chicken Theatre [accompanied by my ball bashing friend] with a massive smile on my face and a memory which lasted to this morning of having had a really good evening and a tinge of regret that somebody with a real talent for avant-garde humour is somehow still best remembered in this country for playing a thick Ozzie called Joe Mangel [or was it Mangle?]

Mister Little I salute your HUMOURMONGERY.

You can watch Robin here >>>

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

History Repeating....

“There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but boys, it is all hell.” - William Tecumseh Sherman

Field Marshal Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig, KT, GCB, OM, GCVO, KCIE, ADC (19 June 1861 – 29 January 1928) was an arsehole of the first order whose disregard for the ordinary soldier was well known amongst the common foot soldier......

I have been saying this for 25 years now, and despite all the bullshit printed and repeated Ad-Nauseam by revisionist historians who try to claim 'blah blah excuse' for his actions claiming *People fail to recognise the adoption of new tactics and technologies by forces under his command*.


I would point to a singular bit of evidence about his conduct and the conduct of all those leaders [on all sides] as to the brutal, inhumane, almost sociopathic and coldly calculating attitude towards military losses, and it is as follows.


Some may ask how...?

The slaughter of the American Civil War which included *Advanced Trench Warfare* had already proved to military thinkers and governments beyond all doubts, just what carnage and futility lay ahead for those involved directly in industrialized land warfare.
The devastations seen at St Petersburg in 1865 was but a foreshadow of what was to come in 1914-1918 and mirrored exactly what was later seen at Ypres, The Somme, and all those other battered landscapes we now know all too well.
Trench warfare was followed by reckless charges across open ground into massed fire by foot soldiers of both sides in the American Civil War, this included machine gun fire, and whilst the tactics of 'fire and manoeuvre' were not yet dead in 1865 there was also the brutality of inhumane mine warfare. 

Mine Warfare was where each side would undermine the enemies lines and detonate a huge amount of explosives under the enemies trenches... a ghastly and horrific example of which was later seen on The Somme with the Lochnagar mine where 18,400 kg of Ammonal annihilated those unhappy soldiers who were dug into trenches atop of it and achieved the sum total of nothing - which again mirrored a similar failure of an earlier civil war disaster in which the federal army carried out a similar action against the confederate lines in St Petersburg, detonating a huge mine bomb under the confederates troops stationed above, only then to fail to capitalise on the initial explosive calamity.
History likes to repeat itself because countries are led by donkeys who care naught for the troops they send to die - only their own prestige and wealth, same as it was in WW1 as it is now...

There are exceptions to this 'rule by infamy' of course... but such leaders do not exist in enough numbers to stop history repeating...

The below pictures are not from World War 1 but from the American Civil War - The first is some of the trenches and the second picture showing the mine entrance in St Petersburg which resulted in catastrophic failure for the federal army..
History Repeats because we let them repeat it...

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Children of a Lesser God

Fear is a 'Lesser God' and we have become its children!

I wonder sometimes when I see Nigel Farage babbling on about immigrants, or one of his many other ill-favoured topics of 'Odium and Despite', does he, in his day dreams, imagine himself a Giant amongst men, a Political Leviathan ready to step up to the plate and save us all from the deadly threat of Romania?
Does this lumbering maladroit, imagine himself another 'Alexander', a Colossus who bestrides the grand political stage with a Holy Mission to free Great Britain from the scourge of Mid-European Infamy?
Do his followers, who cast themselves in the role of 'True Patriots' (despite all evidence to the contrary) look up to Nigel and hail him as a 'British Hero dedicated to Change and Equality for the Common Man' simply because, they have so little about themselves that any piece of shit in a suit, able to talk smack about immigrants whilst drinking a pint of ale in a randomly chosen beer hall photo opportunity, fits comfortably into their gauche image of a great political thinker?

And the more I think about these things Ladies & Gentlemen, the more I observe those in Ukip who follow Nigel's ham-fisted leadership towards the dark light of Fascism, the more I realise that the answer to all of these questions is a resounding, thundering, appalling, mind numbing - 'Yes'.

The by-election results in Clacton, and other locations around Great Britain; was not about the collapse of the Conservative vote and the successful rise of a freedom loving UKIP, rather it was about Racism. It was about Gaza, it was about greed and intolerance, it was about the destruction of a Socialist Society in Southern America in 1973, it was about the brutality of religious bigots across the world, it was about Fear & Extremism, the Fear & Extremism that Neo-Liberalism creates wherever it raises its ugly head;  for, as anybody with a brain can tell you, Neo-Liberalism is just Fascism rebranded for a modern audience with little memory and a corrupted education.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know" said the satirist Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) and he was bang on the money!

UKIP's success in Clacton was about the inadequacies of a world governed by the super rich for the benefit of the super rich  and to hell with the rest of humanity. The Clacton By-Election ladies & gentlemen, was about the super elite and their Dominion over this world, & importantly - how that Dominion was achieved and is maintained.
It was about how a few highly motivated, super rich people can all too easily manipulate a fearful and ignorant electorate into voting for their own slavery. And not only vote for their own slavery, but to do so under the clownish leadership of ridiculous and deeply unintelligent little men; men with a little ideas, men with fragile puny intellects, men who possess no morality or shared humanity whatsoever; men who are willing, Ladies & Gentlemen, to do anything to get the power and prestige they crave.

Little wonder then that such maggots are funded so heavily by the Super Elite, men who strive ever to remain hidden from the eyes of the Electorate that they are set on course to perpetually to betray!

And what is more; I suspect that even the most unintelligent and dim-witted of Ukip followers already know this to be an absolute truth!

It is this reality, which above all other factors, makes Nigel Farage a force to be feared. This stark reality of pre-knowledge leads us inexorably to Germany in 1932 and a deeper truth; a truth that most people, whether they be on the left or right of the political spectrum, refuse in these modern times of so called enlightenment to even concede - might exist at all!

That Evil is alive and well!

After 5 decades of Neo-Liberalism such thinking is deemed 'archaic' by the political intelligentsia who propagandise the masses with twisted truths and outright lies in their daily news forecasts. But Ladies and Gentlemen it isn't outdated thinking, for while it may not be fashionable in these modern times to think in such terms, it is a Truth which lays at the very heart of everything we as humans do, and it is a very real force!
Every aspect of our human society is coloured by the influence of Evil; it touches every person on the planet, and it blights the lives of billions across the world. It is a constant theme in both fiction, philosophy,  and the chronological documentation of human history, and it returns time and again, in physical form to haunt mankind, visiting pain and misery, loss and anguish upon the common man in a recurring cycle of 'Boundless Malice'. And yet somehow, this idea of 'Deliberate Political Evil' is nowadays never to be discussed outside the environs of religious dogma, for it has become, almost - the modern Social and Political Taboo.

Somehow they have made the idea of 'Evil' a myth, a thing of legend.

Thus it is that anybody who openly frames their language to identify these people who govern us as 'Evil' are labelled as 'Crazies', or are at the very least considered and portrayed in all News Media as being - 'Out on the Fringe'. The worst denigration is of course to be called a 'Conspiracy Theorists' and all of these slanders are nothing but a set of disparaging labels carefully designed and engineered into our social psyche over a 5 decade period to make ordinary people consider Whistleblowers and Intelligent Political Activists (I.E. people who expose the criminality of Politicians and The Elite who quite literally steal trillions of Tax Payers Money every year and who deliberately start wars for personal profit), as dangerous loons to be ignored and laughed at.

'None so blind as those who will not see'.

Make no mistake Ladies & Gentlemen, I am not talking here about Satan, The Devil, Mephistopheles, or some other such mythical religious bullcrap figure which so ill-defines the nature of Evil.

Oh no!

Forget Religion for a moment if you can, cast aside the nonsensical indoctrination of whatever faith you happen to follow, for all such Religious Dogma's are but the impious tools of usurpers, in whose hands your faith - and your need for spiritual contentment is perverted by the means of squalid religion to serve the grubby cause of our brutal overseers.
It may be passé to say it out loud in a passage of prose, but 'True Evil' Ladies and Gentlemen, does not present itself to us in a cloud of fire and brimstone, or some other convenient easy to recognise format. Its acolytes do not start off their 'dark careers of infamy' by wearing a natty black uniform with a deaths head on their collars and an attached label which states 'I am Evil, fear me'.... - at least not in the beginning.

Instead, evil comes to us at first with a smiling face and a pleasing voice, it wears a reassuring skin covered by an inoffensive suit and a forgettable tie, they look like you and me, but ladies and gentlemen they are master deceivers! These are the grey men who inhabit the dark corridors of all our governments, where Power is brokered between a criminal sub-elite who act like predators seeking a new target to feast upon.

What is more, I think in their hearts that most people now understand that a vast majority of Politicians across the Western World are nothing but the mouthpieces of a greater demon. They  present to us 'the common man' - plausible sounding arguments to convince us all that committing atrocious acts in the name of security is Justifiable. They persuade us to support their perfidious dominion in the short term so that in the long term we might be rewarded with a fair and just society.

But their deeds are never Justifiable, and nor are their Laws ever - short term!

That fair and just society which they promise us when first they seek Election is always just beyond our reach. Utopia forever remains just around the next political bend, always it lays in a Golden Future which is promised but never delivered.

It is time to tell the truth to yourselves Ladies and Gentlemen; in our Neo-Liberal world - all Political Leaders are owned, their authority is not handed to them by us 'The People', instead it is rendered unto them by those who hide from the light of our scrutiny, The Elite.

But who are these Elite...?

They are Arms dealers, the Financiers, the Corporate Bosses, the News Media Magnates, the Bankers; the industrialists, the Tycoons..... a Cabal of the Super Rich!

These are the same people who put Adolf Hitler into power, the same people who assured the ascension of Mussolini, the same people who a generation later put General Pinochet in Power in South America, the same people who put Suharto in power, and who in our modern history - put George W. Bush & Tony Blair into power; and all of these rotten disgusting men were and are, murderers on a massive scale. These are the men who engineered our belief that a war on terror was possible, who convinced the West that you can fight Terror with Greater Terror.

But in truth there was never a covert compact of Islamists who wanted to destroy the West, those which now exist are but a creation of our own 'Security Agencies' and they were created to polarise the stupid into supporting a perpetual war in which the poor die poorer, and the rich get richer. This is the Holy Jihad of the Elite, no act is too vile nor thought too base, if it furthers their aim then the act is done without remorse. Continued Dominion over this world is their eternal objective, and they would rather burn the world than surrender their authority over it.

I have come to view the Politicians who inhabit the Worlds Government (at its highest levels) as being more akin to the Kapo's in Auschwitz than the great statesmen they purport to be. These men and women are the Funktionshäftling of our modern captivity, creatures who wear the arm band of the Lagerpolizist; men so lacking in morals that they willingly betray their countrymen as they, seeking advancement to dine at the top table where riches abound, plunder nation after nation for their hidden masters.

Propaganda, murder, deceits, theft, corruption, mass torture, mass imprisonments, lies, these are but the common tools of control that the Kapo's of Auschwitz employed daily on the orders of their Masters, and if you look around the world at all the so called powerful men in government today - are they really any different than their latter day Nazi Collaborators namesakes?

Think about that for a moment as I rabbit on, think about all those people we civilised westerners tortured secretly in all those darkened dungeons, think about the men and women we have murdered over the last twenty years, think about all those people who used to exist but were suddenly and irreversibly vanished. Think about 'Shaker Aamer' - an innocent man imprisoned for over a decade in Guantanamo, think about all those other innocent [and not so innocent] men who we secretly and very illicitly transported via Great Britain with the collusion of MI5, MI6, and the Political Leadership of Westminster under the internationally illegal 'extraordinary rendition program' and sent to Guantanamo, Morocco, Turkmenistan, and many other dark places which only God knows, to be brutalised and held, illegally interrogated and tortured, and in all likelyhood in many cases 'forever disappeared'.

And don't start shouting "We would never do that"... we have already fucking well done it in Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and the list goes on and on and on and on.....

Think about that as you're wanking off over some talentless prick on Xfactor, think about all the other mothers' sons and their daughters whose lives your lack of political awareness has blighted. Think on what in their hearts your lack of political courage, your apathy and mealy mouthed acceptance of the authority of known murderers and criminals means to them, to their lives, to their deaths.

Do you think YOUR victims will forgive you? Do you think they will forget the deaths we enabled with our indifference? Or do you think they will seek a just revenge, as we ourselves sought just revenge on Germany and its people for bombing London, Coventry, Birmingham, and Plymouth?

Think about that for a moment and what it truly means, for whilst it is accurate to label these elitist vermin who currently govern the world as being 'Evil', (in an almost apocalyptical sense of the word); even their perversity is but a reflection of ourselves seen through a mirror darkly.

Evil Ladies & Gentlemen, is the spite we as individuals gather from all the injustices that fate and prejudice has heaped upon our shoulders in the course of our daily lives.

We are no different from those whom we torment!

We gather our hopelessness and stuff it into the repository of our souls and turn our personal despair into a deep feeling of malice towards others. All the torments of the schoolyard bullies, the unfairness of being overlooked for promotion at work, the sexual rejections, the senseless shame we endure when we are commanded by lesser men into obedient subservience, when we are daily forced to carry out demeaning labours for a pittance so that we might feed our kids. These are the desperate unloved things which turn us all towards our personal darkness.

Evil is a shadow cloak which seems so welcoming  and so very easy to adopt as it wraps itself pleasingly around our shoulders. It whispers comfortable lies and pleasing prejudice in our ears, for we being weak, believe the lies we want to hear.

This then is how the likes of Nigel Farage win; they get us to blame 'The Other' as they steal the world from beneath our feet of clay, whispering all the while THE LIES WE WANT TO HEAR!

Fear is the tool that our Sociopathic Masters use to gain their ends, this then is the Evil of which I speak, the monkey on our back, the apparatus of our continued enslavement to monstrous overseers who command our fears and do so on a global scale, for they are the Masters of Evil and they know full well the what they do.

As to Nigel Farage? He is but one tool in their arsenal, a tool they use to ensure their dominion over this world, a minor demon that they use to frighten the stupid into obedient slavery, or do you fucking imagine the Super Elite fund both him and Ukip out of Brotherly Love?

Nigel Farage is not a Patriot, nor are those who abjectly follow his lead towards the dark light of Fascism. Such people are nothing but mewling, pathetic, political cowards, for when you surrender yourself to fear you are reborn once more as a child cowering in the night. A Neanderthal sitting in some remote cave frightened by the thunder of a passing storm, and made wretched by the flashing of a lightening lit sky. Fear Ladies & Gentlemen only has power over you if you give it your power, and when you willingly surrender your power to Evil then you not only become its accomplice, but you are also in fact collaborating with that which terrifies you and so ensure your own inevitable downfall.

Thus do we, as weak, fallible human beings, surrender to Fear and finally become 'The Children of a Lesser God'. 

Friday, 26 September 2014

A simplistic history of ISIS for the Stupid.

How to ferment and importantly, sustain [amongst the stupid cowardly bigoted electorate] support for an invasion of what was a highly secular Syria; post the Iraq & Afghanistan conflict.

1/ You must have a viable enemy. Having been friends with and treated with President Assad the Western Allies cannot just intervene [invade] in Syria when Assad refuses to bow to the IMF. Therefore our rulers need to create chaos in Syria as a pretext for military intervention. Thus they train fund and arm and infiltrate agitators into the heartland of Islamic Syria.

2/ Then you create atrocities using the deaths of children by low grade WMD’s such as Sarin Gas.

3/ Then you call a vote to bomb Syria.

4/ The Public outraged by Iraq & Afghanistan and now much more aware because of social media pressure their MP’s who reluctantly vote NO. This causes the far right extremists such as Michael Gove to become incandescent with apoplectic rage calling his fellow MP’s ‘Traitors’ for not supporting the right wings desire for War.

5/ Having failed for the first time in a very long time to get the war they lust after the far right set themselves to plotting and they look about themselves for a plan.

6/ Fortunately for them they did not have to look far and instead of creating some new tactic they decided to stick to what they know [these are not bright people you understand] and pursue a furtherance of Operation Cyclone the brain child of Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter.

7/ Take the Mujahedeen, who you turned into The Taliban, who you turned into Al-Qaeda, who you turned into The Muslim Brotherhood, and turn them into ISIS.

8/ Get *IS* to a state of power that they can run riot in Iraq and Syria, murder a few Westerners, Slaughter women, men, children indiscriminately, crucify some Christians, and have them set up Extreme Islamic Enclaves where no woman is safe, and hey presto you have your viable enemy because the stupid amongst our own electorate will jump at any chance to feed their racism...

9/ Call yet another vote to war on Syria [under the guise of dealing with the manufactured ISIS threat] and you have your WAR.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you turn the ignorance of the electorate into war; it’s not hard, in fact it is remarkable easy to manipulate those who are so pig ignorant and cowardly that they would rather vote for their own enslavement than vote for freedom.

What pitiable creatures you are... 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


It’s a funny old world innit?

Where I live there is a Roundabout. It is a big Roundabout, a really really big Roundabout, and at peak traffic times it does get busy, but never beyond the realms of manageability, for within thirty minutes of the peak traffic period it is once again running smoothly without barely a hitch.

But this piece of prose is not about Traffic, at least not directly, it’s about habitat.

You see, in the middle of this Roundabout there was a whole bionetwork of dense woodland, it had rabbits, birds, foxes, and a wide variety of trees; in fact the Roundabout was basically a Jungle Island surrounded by a sea of tarmac and it supported a unique and separate world that was [because of the busy road encircling the Roundabout] by and large a protected self sustaining eco-system. 

I would often circle this island and when sitting waiting for the lights to change I would attempt to look into the deep heart of the forest and wonder at the diversity of life that daily went on in there unseen by our human eyes and untouched by our human hands. You get the idea that it was a dense woodland right?

Now don’t get me wrong it was only about 100 meters across this island paradise, but it was the untouched by human hand part that always appealed to me. It was – despite its location and the fumes from the vehicles, pristine.


The other day I was driving down there and the forest was gone...  All that remained was a barren and desolate landscape of nothingness, with barely a tree stump left in place to remind us of what once was...

Meanwhile surrounding this Roundabout there was now signs proclaiming new road works and improvements to the road network blah blah blah, and I thought to myself - as I looked about me at the traffic lights - ‘Where are all the workmen who are supposedly working on these New Road Improvements?’ because try as I might all I could see was cones and a few portable signs and nothing else.

You know ‘Life’ is funny at times [funny peculiar that is] Today I was escorting a friend who suffers from a disability to a meeting in our local library to meet with an occupational therapist/nurse [whatever the hell that is] to assess her for the renewal of her Disabled Blue Badge Parking thingamajig – because with this Tory Government in power Local Libraries’ is where you go to attend medicals for such things and not the local hospital, but I digress...

Anyway, as blind luck would have it what do you think I saw in the Local Library as I sat waiting with her for her appointment?

Go on have a guess...

That’s right; I saw a group from the Highways Commission, with many important looking men in important dark suits standing around talking importantly to Local People who came into the Local Library to read books or attend Medicals, and showing them all a detailed presentation on 6 to 8 stands, just what they were planning on doing at the Local Roundabout where they had already decimated the Local Flora and Fauna.

Now you are thinking ‘He Used the word Local a lot there didn’t he?’ And your right I did, but it was for a reason which will become apparent in a moment.

Now one of the very first things one of the Local People said to me as I sat there waiting for my friends Medical Appointment in the Local Library was – “What a waste of effing money that is, why don’t they use the money to help people”? This remark came from a [and I kid you not here] one of the grey haired Local Librarians who lives Locally. “It’s a bloody disgrace” she said; “We have homeless people, O.A.P’s facing a cold winter and they are spending money on that” she went on contemptuously “I go through there every day at peak times and quiet times and it’s not a problem, why are they doing it”?

I nodded to her my agreement and thought to myself ‘you know what I am going to find out’. The following is the conversation I had with one of the many important people from the highways commission stood milling about importantly in their important suits.

Me - “Hi there sir, mind me asking you a question or two”?
Suit - “Certainly”.
Me – “Thank you; Can I ask you – What are you doing down there exactly and why”?
Suit – “We are improving the Road Network there because it gets too busy at peak traffic times”.
Me – “Eh?”
Suit – “The Roundabout gets too congested”.
Me – “No it isn’t, I go through there regular as clockwork and it runs fine”.
Suit – “It is running beyond its capacity”.
Me – “May I ask – how much is this costing”?
Suit – “Ten Million pounds”.
Me – “10 million Pounds”?
Suit – “Yes, £10,000,000 - or thereabouts”.
Me – “Or thereabouts”?
Suit – “Yes”.
Me – “But the Roundabout works fine, it gets busy sure, but it works fine”
Suit – “Well that is what I am told”.
I looked him up and down in his dark suit and looked at his other colleagues’ stood next to him looking uncomfortable at my questions...
Me – “So you don’t actually know then”?
Suit – “Well i am not local so I have not actually been through there myself so can’t say firsthand”.
Me – “uh?”
Suit – “It’s what I’m told”.

At which point realising I was talking to an automaton that had no Local Knowledge I went back to my disabled friend who was ‘A Local’ - sat down on our Localised seats in our Local Library to await her Medical... Because after all - a Local Library is where you have to go to get a Medical and information about the waste of Local Tax Payers Money all done by people who are not ‘Locals’.

Funny old world innit?

Monday, 22 September 2014


Clearly the so called *Lefty Activists* who staunchly continue to prop up Labour - despite The Labour Party rigorously supporting the Conservatives at ever single turn during the Scottish Referendum, and their pathetic 4 years of SILENCE as the Tories have relentlessly attacked the poor, the disabled, the unemployed, the single mums, the pensioners, ethnic minorities, the stripping of our Human Rights, the rush towards signing the TTIP Agreement, Secret Courts, and the abandonment of every principle of morality and decency, are simply not *Lefties* at all.

No - they are *The Comfortable Middle Class* - Neo-Liberal fucknuts who have never once seen real hardship, who have never really suffered for a cause. You are the enemy within, men & women who have never undergone the brutal rigours of War or endured the terror of an empty belly.
You patronizing pompous bastards are backstabbers, lickspittles, collaborators, Blairites who would as easily bomb children in Iraq as readily as the scum of The Conservative Party would sanction the slaughter of Palestinian children by the Fascist Regime in Tel-Aviv.

You people are Warlocks, unpatriotic, treacherous, self-serving snobs who look down with supercilious condescension on all those who are truly Working Class as you imagine yourselves more intelligent, more worldly with your middle class education... after all you went on sabbatical from University to India to gain enlightenment didn’t you... you pathetic, cowardly, sacks of shit.

Your Neo-Liberalism is worse than even the most extreme Tory of the lunatic far right 1922 Committee; they at least have the courage to openly hate The Plebiscite, you lot... you’re not worth the shit I might step in as I walk down the pavement of your semi-rural suburban enclaves where you drink wine and have intellectual tea parties where you talk bullshit about the workers movement, where you burble through your cunt mouths about how rotten the Tories are as you vote dependably for your neo-Liberal Labour Masters who have already agreed to continue The Conservatives attacks on the poor, the weak, the disenfranchised.

You people are not Lefties; you are a fucking disgrace, a stain on the memory of great Labour men like Tony Benn, Aneurin Bevan, & Clement Attlee. You are soft Conservatives, living soft comfortable lives, and each and every single one of you disgusts me with your mealy mouthed, duplicitous politicking. I would not trust you lot to back me and my fellow working class up in our struggle for Social Justice any more than I would trust a rabid dog not to bite me...

Do us Working Class a favour, switch your loathsome allegiance to the Conservatives, that way we will at least be able to see you coming when you try to stab us in the back.

Shame on you all.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Across the globe the Governments of the New World Order are shitting their pants at the thought that Scotland might set a precedent for Independence in the hearts and minds of the ordinary people living under the sway of their criminal rule. 
The Elitists fear this desire for liberty that Scotland has expressed, for with freedom for the Scottish People comes the possibility for Social Justice & an end to the despicable Dominion and hateful Greed of the Super Rich Criminals who govern most of the world and whom have stolen most of this planets wealth & made it their own.

Now in a contemptible and altogether sinister move ‘The New Chicago Boys’ have voiced their concern and issued dire economic  warning to the people of Scotland about them choosing to be free of the New World Order. And it is not something the Scottish People should dismiss lightly, for these are the harbingers of doom. The Chicago Boys are the chief movers and shaker whose influence caused the deaths of over 4 million people across the world and plunged the Global Economy into the downward spiral of poverty for the many riches untold for the few. 
These scum are the ones who alongside Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, The CIA, and the Capitalist Corporations of The United States of America, engineered the overthrow of DEMOCRACY in Chile on the 11th of September 1973 and thereafter destroyed much of what was good in South America as they installed ruthless and brutal military Dictatorships across the continent.

I hope Scotland breaks free of the Criminals in Westminster; but I also hope that Scotland and its people understand the magnitude and utter ruthless viciousness of the enemies who will be targeting their Economy for destruction should they gain their freedom. 

I warn you all now, Scotland’s Economy will be target number 1 for The New World Order after independence, and the only way, THE ONLY WAY for Scotland to survive and thrive is to abandon utterly Neo-Liberalism and cast out any and all organisations and institutions linked to the NWO.

It won’t be easy, it will not be quick, but if you wish to thrive you must oust people like Alex Salmond and cast down his ilk, for they are owned utterly by the NWO and Elitists who are waiting once more in the wings to create yet another Disaster Capitalist opportunity at the expense of the people. Salmon and co are not the friends of the common man that they purport themselves to be, they are puppets and you must be alert to any sudden or gradual steps such people will take towards Neo-Liberalism.

Good Luck Scotland, and Godspeed to you all.

Kanjin Tor

Monday, 15 September 2014

Singing to Babies...

“There are places I'll remember,
all my life though some have changed.
Some forever not for better,
some have gone and some remain.
All these places have their moments,
with lovers and friends I still can recall.
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all” .
                                               - John Lennon

“Why is it that when ordinary people seek Utopia, those who govern us routinely crush our dreams as they turn their hate upon The People and seek instead, with all their might, to impose upon us a Dystopia of Supremacy?” – Kanjin Tor

Scotland is the Father of Socialism....

We live in a world made monstrous by men and women whose lives are untroubled by the human frailties of morality and regret. They feed off our societies like Vampires, engorging themselves upon the wealth of Nations at the expense of the common man; and never once do these bloodsuckers, or their descendants, suffer from a dilemma of conscience as they, century after misbegotten century, rape the world with calculating despite. These villains are not like you and I, they are cold unsympathetic creatures who have no spirit to tempt them back to the path of our shared humanity; thus do they, lacking any kind of empathy that you or I might recognise as being ‘Human’ seek ever to maintain their power and privileges and retain their Lordship over the lives of others, and never once, not for a single moment, do these Vampires worry themselves about the cost of their excess.

To them we *Humans* are but chattel, things to be used then cast aside when they have drunk their fill of our endeavours. This is the fundamental difference between the so called Elite and us, for while we common folks seek to live and share our lives with our families and friends, they, being rapacious and lacking any humanity seek to share nothing; for in their ideal world children are born and kept alive only if they are healthy and obedient. In their ideal world men and women are put to work for the maximum hours per day and are to be rewarded only with shelter and food sufficient to keep them healthy enough to work for them. In their ideal world, any who are made ill and cannot pay for health services [which would of course be none of us Plebeians - because we are to be paid nothing] are to be cast out and left to die in ignominy on the streets, and may God and the Fates help any who seek to aid the weak, for they too will be cast to the wind and destroyed lest their compassion and humanity infects the rest of us with a sense of Unity. In their ideal world, the old and spent are to be discarded and replaced by new little serfs who will expend their lifeblood in the service of our betters until at last, they too are cast aside & replaced.

This then is the future that they have planned for you and your children, and it is not a delusion, it is not a conspiracy theory, a nightmarish chaotic fantasy of a fevered mind, it is the preferred system of rule that the New World Order have been engineering for forty years. It is a World in which the future is made Golden for The Global Elite and a Hell on Earth for the Global Meek.

“You Are A Slave, You Have No Voice” – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus; 26 April 121 – 17 March 180 AD

And yet there is hope, for across the planet in every country ordinary men and women are rising up and saying ‘NO’. No to their pillaging, no to their raping, no to their Wars, no to their misrule, no to the Elites greed, and no to their dominion. It is a social revolution, and I believe it is an idea of freedom that has been propagated and promulgated by Social Media and spread to the four corners of our world by the Pandora’s Box of social media sites like Twitter. Of course much of what goes on in the land of Twitter is nothing more than random white noise and social chit chat, interspersed of course with some*misinformation* most of which is undoubtedly spread by forces unseen [but not unknown] in a malicious attempt to stymie our human need for serious discourse about the serious issues which daily concern us all. Twitter and its like, are the modern day equivalent of a Working Class Pub, where men would sit and share a pint or two and discuss their dissatisfaction about their lot in life. This is where Unions began, in the pub. This is where sedition started, these are the places where men talked of freedom and began their ancient rebellions against their persecutors.

It was a quieter world back then, and men could hear each other...

Some News Media Commentators with limited intellect (and an even more limited social conscience) have argued that with only 140 letters and spaces to utilise on Twitter, the idea of ‘Serious Discourse’ is a nonsensical notion and impossible to achieve; yet I have found that it is quite the reverse which hold true. Indeed the limitation of 140 letters and spaces in each Tweet has enhanced much of the dialogue between people and focused the spreading of vital information with a rapidity never seen before. It is in my opinion, one of the weapons in the people’s arsenal that is most feared by The Elite who rule us all from their soulless offices, for as more and more of their perfidious network of criminality is exposed to the world by Twitter’s uncontrollable omnipotence, the greater the cry for ‘Social Justice’ spreads; it is a phenomenon quite unlike any other.

Twitter and Social Media is people power in its rawest format, and the freedom these tools allows us to spread information unrestrained of the Elites control breeds rebellion and a desire for liberty and justice like no other tool I have ever witnessed, it is something which must be protected and sent down through the ages to the generations to come, intact and inviolate, for it allows us ‘The People’ a form of Democracy not seen since Ancient Greece, it allows us a ‘Voice’...

All of which musings brings me very nicely to the title of this missive ‘Singing to Babies’....

Across the world, (and I have travelled quite a lot of it) one of the most remarkable things I have seen is that, Muslim or Christian, Black or White, Jew or Gentile, we humans like to sing to babies.
It is one of those Universal Laws – ‘We sing to babies’, we are alive a baby is born and we sing to it. And not only to put them to sleep, nay, most times we sing to them out of a sheer joy of sharing. I have seen it Mayan Indians in the deep jungles of Central America who I have witnessed quietly singing to the happy gurgling of their babies. I have seen it in the far north where wrapped up against viciously cold temperatures, babies are seen smiling and listening intently with delight in their eyes as their mothers sing to them [though only God and the Snow would know what the song was]. In Britain and America I have seen this Universal Law enacted many times, and so too in some of the deep deserts on two continents where only the wind accompanies the mothers voice with a melody of its own. It might seem a trite observation I know - but ‘we Humans like to sing to babies’ - and for me it is one of the pointers to an even greater Universal Truth; that under the skin, behind the veil, across the religious divide, we are all of us – exactly the same.

“Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy; May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1961 (35th President of the United States)

So why then do some, a very small minority of so called ‘Elite’ people imagine themselves different from the rest of us? Why do these rapacious creatures imagine themselves our betters? What is it about their nature that drives them to impose their own vicious hate and terrible fears upon the rest of the world in order that they can take and make their own, the wealth of the world? What motivation drives such creatures to organise the mass murder of children in their hundreds of thousands and to proclaim to any who will listen that ‘I seek only peace’ when the entirety of their actions proves otherwise? Why do they seek dominion and power over others at the expense of all else? Why are they not singing to babies? Why are they not seeking Utopia?

The answer to this question is one that they seek above all other things to keep us from bearing witness to... that they expend so much money and energy upon in an effort to stop us speaking the truth of it; the truth that they are not really humans, they are Psychotic Monsters.

“We tell our children that there are no monsters, but they are everywhere made evident by the deeds and words of those who rule us” – Kanjin Tor

Fear stalks the hearts of our Rich Patricians like death, for on the northern borders of their ‘thousand year empire’ men and women are rebelling against their perfidious misrule. Across the Liddel Water the deeply socialist nation of Scotland is rising against their ancient persecutors and demanding their freedom. But not freedom not from the English working classes, the ordinary people leading ordinary lives, oh no, the Scots are demanding freedom from the misrule of Norman Knights. They are demanding Social Justice and a return to a society which cares for its sick, its old, its young. To be free from the perfidious rule of known criminals who would set the world on fire rather than see an end to their privilege and power.

In a way The Scottish Vote for Independence is a song about freedom but it is also a song about Union, but not the Union of Great Britain, but a Union of Britons, a Union of the poor, a Union of the working classes against the dominion of the Super Rich, the Super Elite, the Master Criminals who rule us all from their hidden offices in The City of London who have long perverted the word Union to mean a nation of slaves bound to their dominion, or [alternatively] have misused the word as a form of denigration to pour scorn upon the ideals of working class people who have the temerity to join together against the exploitation by rich bosses and even richer masters.

If Scotland breaks free of Great Briton and becomes an independent Socialist Society with a predilection for Social and Economic Justice [as seems likely], then it will filter down the Island of Albion and may threaten to enter the core of our wider culture. This is the fear which haunts the monsters in Westminster and The City of London. They fear they will no longer be able to spread discontent and divide the people with their lies about the immigrant, the disabled, the unemployed, the Muslim. They fear that their grip on News Media will collapse and that we might consign their propagandists to the dustbin of history and seek a better future, a future free of them. They fear Scotland’s Independence will set forth a Socialist Tsunami which will tear down the edifices of their ancient ‘Empire of Greed’ and bring us all to the Golden Up fields of True Democracy and put an end to their reign of terror. And it is a reign of terror ladies and gentlemen.

Across the world their machinations and lust for more has seen them invade all but 22 of the worlds countries as they plundered and murdered on a colossal scale in pursuit of their twin Gods – Money & Power. They have slaughtered countless millions to secure their dominion, and it is a reign of evil dear reader, that they continue to pursue with all vigour.

This strategy - which can only be called ‘Rape & Pillage’ - has set the world aflame but has kept the same people in power for over 900 years, and like all ‘Traditionalists’ [another word for Conservatism] they will stick to what has always worked so well for them, they will stick to what they know, they will stick to violence, both economic & physical Violence.

This is why Gandhi was right about peaceful non-compliance; it is why John Lennon was right when he said “When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they've got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humour”.

During the build up to the vote for Scottish Independence, The Establishment have tried every dirty trick in the book to dissuade The Scottish People from singing their song of Freedom. They have threatened economic ruin. They have cajoled The Scots with tales of Military displacement, they have cried about breaking up the Union of Brotherly Love (which has in no way ever shown much in the way of Love for the people of Scotland). They have lied about NATO and the EU. They have made false promises about sharing power, they have time and time again lied about Scotland's Oil Reserves, and they have even implied ‘Sotto voce’ a more violent solution across the borders, and yet the Scottish People’s Song for Freedom grows stronger with each and every passing day, as the Establishments own song for continued debt slavery diminishes in power.

I think the Scottish vote for independence is about Love. It is about the kind of love that is shared between people when the elite are not involved and hold sway over the lives of men. It’s about the kind of love that can exist between people when greed is absent, when sharing and community is the natural law not the imposed law. I think the desire that the People of Scotland have for ‘Freedom from Westminster’ is about their love of humanity, all humanity, about their love for their working class brothers and sisters across the whole of Albion, the Welsh, Irish, and yes even the English. I think their song of freedom is about ‘Real Love’ and the emancipation of Humanity from the greed of the Super Rich Elitists which pollute the world with their misanthropy, and I think we English have a lot to learn from the Fathers of Socialism; I think Scotland should be free and that we are like babies and they are singing to us about love and freedom...

Perhaps it’s time we listened..?

But of all these friends and lovers
there is no one compares with you.
And these memories lose their meaning
when I think of love as something new.
Though I know I'll never lose affection
for people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them

in my life I love you more. – John lennon