Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Antisocial Behaviour? It's anything The Elite want it to be.

“There can be no Justice in a Land ruled by Criminals” – Kanjin Tor

Once ‘Injustice’ becomes the normal practice of a State, there must be no doubts in the minds of men, that their Nation has fallen into ‘Corruption’ and that they can no longer call their land ‘A Democracy’.

That’s a big notion isn’t it? It has a whole weight of history behind the premise that is a terror to any thinking man? But what is not spoken about in our ‘politically correct polite society’ is the hidden history which is not so polite, and as it turns out, is not so well hidden. Let me explain...

‘Justice’ is a ‘Code of Moral Rightness’ applied ‘equitably’ and ‘impartially’ to all persons within the influence of a Nation State. This upholding of what is ‘Just’; and in particular, ‘the fair treatment of, and due reward in accordance with all honour for all peoples’, is the ‘Defining Principle’ that separates a Democracy from all other corrupt forms of Statehood, such as - a Tyranny, Fascism, an Oligarchy, a Theocracy, or indeed a Constitutional Monarchy.

The very first moment a State fails this test of ‘Justice for all in equal measure’ is the exact moment that a Democracy dies. And I would go further and say, that once this code of ‘Moral Rightness’ is broken, the State as an ‘Ethical Entity’ can no longer exist, and that is the moment when it must be ripped down by ‘The People’ who must thence forwards start over and form a new Nation from the ashes of the old, and, that this ‘Duty’ must be achieved with Urgency, for this axiom holds true now more than it ever did ‘That no man can be free if even one of us is denied Justice’.

A ‘Democracy’ must have and maintain a ‘Standard of Law’ which applies equally to one and all; from the poorest to the richest. And this thing above all other things, - it must be utterly beyond the ability of Rich Men to influence ‘The Law’ with their wealth, or purchase ‘Justice’ in their favour as one might barter for a cabbage at the Market Place; for that is precisely what such so called ‘Justice’ is worth.

The administration and ‘Procedure of Law’ must have – [and maintain forever] - this quality of being ‘Just’. By this I mean - Justice must retain a sense of moral righteousness to all of the people. It must be nailed to their souls this sense of ‘equitableness for the poorest amongst us’ and; it must have within its statutes a deep abiding sense of ‘even-handed morality’ if it is to serve for even a day. I say to you now, ‘Once this sense of ethical applicability is lost to The People it cannot be easily – [if ever], be regained’.

This is by and far the most simple of all ‘action, cause, reaction’ cycles to understand when looking at the collapse of previous civilisations. Mistrust and hatreds bred by a States ‘unprincipled Injustices’ towards the common folk by a Rich Elite will doom any Nation if it struggles to uphold ‘Injustice’ as its ‘Lawful Code of Conduct’, for nothing burns brighter in the hearts of men than a prejudice undeserved.

It is upon an understanding of this ‘Principle' that we ‘The People’ must finally admit that we do not live within the confines of a Democratic Nation State, and further, that we must perforce - tear down the edifices of our corrupt rulers, destroy the power base of their generational wealth abuse, eradicate once and for all time the violence of their greed, and destroy their policy of indentured serfdom by the means of ‘debt slavery’ and planned poverty, and thence; rebuild for ourselves a New Nation, one that is fit for future generations as we reclaim once more the Golden Upfields Winston promised us.

“What felbeast is this, that hath with Malice, partitioned the future between the haves and have not’s. What manner of men could do so terrible a thing?”

It cannot be right, that your children’s security, and future prosperity, is left to the whimsy and caprice of a few rich elite, men whose own children will not endure to the same ‘dance of fate’ as thine own. If ‘Justice’ is to prevail, then all our children must suffer exactly the same providence, or at least – as much the same as Man can devise.

But that is not the way it is – is it?

For nigh on 2500 years there has been a quiet, almost unspoken dogma steering the thoughts and deeds of the Elite. It is something so potent, so powerful, that it has for countless millennia fashioned and twisted Empires to such degree, that inevitably, all the great endeavours of man have - time and again - collapsed back upon themselves to the ruination of great civilisations. It is a ‘canon of belief’ openly hidden beneath the ramble of our daily lives, something which has infected and influenced our human existence to such a degree that it seems almost an intangible truth. It has about it a sense of reality which hovers over our lives like some fel-magic, twisting our reality to its corrupt influence. Indeed its power is such that even the most educated amidst us lend it credence as though it were scientific fact. And it is something to which those who rule us still cling, for they hold on to their conviction of superiority, and upon this foundation are all their dreams of ‘power and privilege’ based. And it is all of it - an unreal fantasy.

I am talking of course, about ‘Eugenics’.

From the political talking heads of the current Conservative Party [and in quiet corners of The Labour Party] back to Hitler’s Reich, and beyond to the Roman Empire and before then to the marble flagstones of the Acropolis and the teachings of Plato, there has been lurking amongst the powerful this dark idea - held as ‘Truth’ - that you can breed men like cattle. [And with this idea comes of course, the contempt - that you can also treat men as such]

With such zeal is this belief held onto by those who rule, that somehow, where other more profound ideas have passed into disuse, or simply fallen out of fashion as the times and technology change, this fantasy of a Übermensch and Untermensch has remained with us in all of its myriad guises, to place the lie of superiority of one set of men over another. It is upon this cornerstone that the Elite [who really do think of themselves as such] have based their entire view of the world. Through generational injustice they have cornered the wealth and thus the power. They have so dominated our world that after endless epochs even the poorest of men have bought into their fetid ideology of pre-eminence.

You see it every time The Queen goes out for a ride in her multi-million pound horse and carriage as the plebs wave their stinking flags shouting ‘hurrah’ for the architect of their own suppression. You see it when the ‘Eton White Boys Club’ appear on the Telly and speak their lies as though they were the truth, expounding their theories about Austerity and how the poor should be ‘doing more with less’. You see it in their daily commentaries in their right wing propaganda publications such as The Telegraph or The Daily Mail. You hear their putrid words repeated endlessly on their State Sponsored News Broadcasts. And they utter their hate filled misanthropic sophistry without shame, for example - “The Poor should take more risks”. This from the morally corrupt Lord Freud, a man who, as the great grandson of Sigmund Freud, is generationally wealthy and has never taken a risk in his whole misbegotten life. What he/they really mean of course is that ‘The Poor are dumb brute animals, and thus are less than we!’ This is the idea that permeates the ether in their ‘White Boy Clubs’. So too does the idea that the Plebiscite are easy to manipulate; which of course has its foundation in the fact that after nigh on 1000 years of dumbing us down, and having our Lands raped by force of arms by an elite gang of super thugs, leaving the rest of us have almost nothing, has become reality.

We The People ‘are easy to manipulate’.

Well at least right up until the moment we educate ourselves that is - for Heaven help the poor slob who reads a book or two and starts thinking for themselves; then they are called ‘Extremists’ or ‘Fantasists’ or ‘Radicals’ or ‘Conspiracy Theorists’, or – [if the Elite view us as a possible threat, and ergo want to eliminate us] – as ‘Terrorists’. This is why the Elite always attack our Education System. They need us stupid and thus they attempt to price ‘Education’ out of the wallets of The Poor and make it Education a Symposium for the Rich. They have no interest in a world full of educated free thinking individuals; it is counterproductive to their dominion over us.

Democracy is the true enemy of Eugenics, for within the confines of a Democratic State there can be no ‘Superior Beings based on Wealth or Blood [Family]’. Within a Democracy it is impossible to say that person (a) is greater than person (b) based on no other pretext than the fortune of their birth. Within a Democracy it is impossible to countenance a ‘Royal Family’.

The word Eugenics comes from the Greek words ‘eu’ meaning "good/well", and ‘-genēs’ meaning "born” i.e. - ‘Well-born’. This is what it is all based upon. That Royal Blood is Well-Born, that they are somehow better than us because their Genes are ‘Good’, meaning of course – that everybody else’s blood is, to a greater or lesser degree, *Worth-Less*.

The Elite ‘HATE’ Democracy because they love Eugenics. To be an upholder of our current system is to be a ‘Eugenicist’. To be a ‘Conservative’ is to be a ‘Eugenicist’, this is not hard to grasp. They believe, fervently, that they are better than the common man because their blood is better bred. Remember “The Poor should take more risks” – as though the poor do not daily risk poverty, maiming, death, pain, discomfort, long hours, hardships, etc! This is the root evil behind all our woes, for within this ‘Principle of Elitism’ lays the idea that some men are worth more than others, that some folks are by birth, divinely blessed.

‘Democracy’ excludes any such absurd notions of superiority; thus have the Elite for centuries striven exclusively to diminish and destroy any attempts by the ordinary man to achieve a Democratic Nation State which is guided by the Rule of Justice; = i.e. a Nation based entirely upon equitableness.

The not so well hidden history of our world, is the war that has been constantly waged by The Elite against the desires of ordinary men to reach a state of balance, to live in a world in which ALL might live in a state of equity, the one with the other. ‘Democracy’ is ‘Equal Justice for all’, and admit it or not, - in your hearts you all know that this is not the world within which we currently live. From the slopes of the Hindu Kush to the back alleys of our working class cities, all poor men across the World with a brain know that ‘Justice’ is a word the Elite have co-opted making a mockery of both it and any delusion of egalitarianism we might have.

The bitter truth is that we here in Great Britain have never lived under the flag of ‘Democracy’, the Elite have seen to that. They have for century’s ruthlessly maintained injustice as the normal practice of State, and today’s ‘Antisocial Behaviour Crime and Policing Bill’ is just one more nail in the coffin of our personal Liberty, but I tell you – it will do more to ensure that their system of ‘Injustice’ remains The Normal Practice of State than any other Statute, and that so called ‘JUSTICE’ is something that can be bought for a price...

So can a cabbage!



Last night the House of Lords cast down this new draconian law and defeated the government.

The irony of a non-elected body throwing out a fascist law endorsed by so called elected Parliamentarians is beyond surreal.


  1. Totally and utterly fantastic. Sending it out to friends and family!

  2. Totally and utterly fantastic! Sending it out friends and family.

    1. glad you liked it... please do spread the word... Peace.