Monday, 6 January 2014

The 'Patriot Games' of Michael Gove.

“The difference between a True Patriot and a Traitor is that a Patriot is willing to die to tell the truth, whereas a Traitor is willing to kill to stop you hearing it” –Kanjin Tor

Julius Streicher printed Der Stürmer which became the main thrust of The Nazi Propaganda machine in Germany of the 1930’s. It was basically The Daily Express or Daily Mail of its day, with a license from the Nazi Government to spread lies and false data to the people and lead them all into a global war. It remains the standard for all modern day publications which aspire to convince the masses that The Romanians are coming and that Disabled People should be gassed and that conservatism [neo-liberalism] is the true divine path for *cough* a brighter Fascist Britain. It was the voice piece of the far right and its rhetoric of Hate remains with us like a malignant form of cancer, only these days it is dressed in an expensive suit and claiming ‘expenses’.

Then there was Fritz Gerlich. The Nazi’s murdered him in 1934 for telling the truth, for printing ‘Der Gerade Weg’ a newspaper that constantly warned the world what the true threat of Nationalism and Fascism was. I often think that it was this little piece of commentary [that I include here] which damned him and got him killed so early on in the Nazi Pogroms. -  “National Socialism means: Enmity with neighbouring nations, tyranny internally, civil war, world war, lies, hatred, fratricide and boundless want.” - Carl Albert Fritz (Michael) Gerlich (15 February 1883 – 30 June 1934)

Everything he foresaw and warned us of came to pass.

I keep getting asked ‘Why has there not been a Revolution in Great Britain against the Fascists who have seized power? There are many reasons of course – the most prominent in cause may be that we Britons are all too well aware that starting a Revolution is one thing, but plotting an acceptable end to it is quite another proposition entirely.

And yet the enemies of freedom should not be mistaken into thinking that this means we have become a Nation of People filled with apathy, for such is not the case.  We may yet be ‘fearful’ but there is a Burning Resentment growing in the country against the Establishment and the Ruling Elite, and the truth is that ‘Revolution’ - if it ever comes to our shores, will not be some half arsed, disorganised rabble, fighting against a superior government and its military; but rather that it will be a full on Civil War with Brother killing Brother, Fathers killing Sons, Daughters betraying Mothers, and no mercy being shown to either side, for this is what the History of British Rebellion has taught us.

It has taught us that the words of our masters are empty, that their promises are worthless, that they will do anything to re-establish their control and reinstate their corruption and deceit as the guiding principle of governance. It has taught us that the ‘so called’ Elite are Warlocks and that their words and vows can never be trusted.

We Plebeians have tried to have ‘Reasonable Uprisings’ [if such a thing is possible], and we ‘The People’ were betrayed by the Kings and Lords who ruled us. We have also had a full on Revolution, tempered by a Government of Representatives who cut off the head of The Monarch; and yet even this bunch of backstabbing bastards eventually betrayed ‘The People’ and brought back the Nobs beloved King and thus revealing to History the true nature of their ‘Colours’... Now - all that remains for us ‘The People’ is - the total eradication of the Landed Elite and their Lickspittles in Government, the utter destruction of the Elites power bases, the annihilation of the Banking System, and the permanent obliteration and purging of all those who have abused The People over the centuries, or - continued slavery.

These are the only choices that their centuries of betrayals have left us, to be a Julius Streicher or a Fritz Gerlich. To commit to all the horrors that full on Revolution entails... [and that is a horror no sane man undertakes lightly] or to sit idly and accept the coming Terror of the Elites drive towards outright global Fascism, and for the first time in a long while I get the sense that the masses are beginning to awaken.

Most ‘Sane’ people understand that the reason the ‘good people’ of Great Britain [The Majority] have not risen up and killed these ‘Evil’ bunch of Fascists bastards who rule us [The Minority] before now, is that the goodness which most ‘ordinary people’ inherit from their parent, means that they simply just want to live in peace. We ‘The People’ want PEACE; the chance to better ourselves and our children’s lot. We want the right to die in our grand dotage surrounded by our loved ones who honour and respect us, and this is – undoubtedly - what all ‘good and civilized people’ want. They want kindness not hate, love not violence, sharing not greed; but this is not the way of the *traditionalists* of the Political Right.

The reality is - that the only people in Great Britain who desire war are the Conservative minded Hawks. They lust after War because [in simplistic terms] ‘that is what it is to be Right Wing. For a Conservative [AKA a Neo-liberal] War is Profit & Power; and little else matters to an ‘Elitist’.

Now understand this point - for it is very important. We do not have a [Main Stream] ‘Left’ Political Party in Great Britain. Labour lost the right to that ‘descriptive’ when under Tony Blair they continued the evil grasping policies of Margaret Thatcher, and then using the ‘Greatest’ and most false-hearted of ‘Lies’ ever told to the British people, started a war in which 1.5 million human beings were slaughtered in the name of profit [and despite their pathetic and utterly feeble denials to the contrary, the Iraq War WAS about profit] and the Labour Party [and collectively all politicians in Westminster who voted for it] are guilty of that War Crime.
Only a dullard is unable to grasp that a Rebellion offers such extremist right wing vermin [and what could be more extremely right wing than killing 1.5 million human beings for profit?] the excuse that they seek to instigate a pogrom against people who disagree with their vile Fascist beliefs.

Of course under The Conservative Party things here in Great Britain have gotten much, much worse. Indeed the similarities to Germany 1934 are frightening. I doubt any person with a mind would deny that under the circumstance of popular civil unrest against this Tory Regime, the slaughter of ‘Lefties, Commies, Union Representatives, Muslims, Jews, Gypsies, Wops, Darkies, and Romanians - [or any other descriptive of hate they can acceptably get away with] - would begin again in their own ‘conservative’ version of The Holocaust - if - they thought they could get away with it...
This historical ‘Truth’ is after all what Fascist Regimes always do once they seize absolute power. They always kill any internal threat [perceived or real] that has a chance of opposing their Fascist Hegemony, claiming that - God is on their side, and that  - they are The Patriots and thus condemning all those who disagree with their Eugenics driven agenda to be nothing more than sub-human Untermensch.

The shocking thing is that this has already begun. British Citizens are already being killed by this Tory led government, and like Germany 1934 most of the population are too frightened or too wrapped up in believing their hate rhetoric to accept this bitter truth. To the average Joe on the street such thoughts are unimaginable, and who can blame them; for who wants’ believe that such hatreds and dogmas could still be held ‘so close by those who rule us? Not I - and nor - I suspect  -you!

Yet dear reader – clear, everyday evidence shows us, that the Tories do indeed still think and act in this way. They have attacked or stolen every stalwart belief of British life, every bastion of British progress, every model of British citizenship, they have crushed society [in which they don’t believe] pounded the poor, the disabled, the weak, the vulnerable, they have lambasted those who oppose their fascist ideology, they proclaim war as a virtue, blame the poor for the greed of bankers, and instilled hate and fear in the populace of foreigners, and caused enmity between Nations, they have created boundless want. They have lied, cheated, stolen, corrupted, and betrayed The People to line their own pockets - and they are not done yet!

Unlucky Albion.

Fascists are simply incapable of learning, or discerning from History the true lessons of their previous failures, [which is - that to be a Fascist is to ‘FAIL’] and it is in this certainty of Autocratic Ideology that a deeper truth lays. ‘No matter how unyielding their grip, no matter how fast their control, Tyranny always sows the seed of its own destruction, for The People must and will be free’. The inevitability that The People will eventually accept the truism that ‘Bloody Revolution is better than Perpetual Slavery’ seems ever to escape their thinking. Fascists are utterly unable to see that their tightening grip on Wealth and Power inevitably sets in motion their own demise. Indeed sometimes I suspect that such right wing scum act the way they do because they have a Death Wish, a desire to destroy both themselves and consequentially the Societies within which they have [like a parasite] attached themselves to.

‘Sharing is Caring’ – goes the meme, and it’s true - for the only way for a Future Society of People to survive is to ‘Share fairly the Wealth’ and abandon forever all forms of greed, but sadly The Ruling Elite are incapable of such altruism.

Their Avarice is such now that there can only be one of two possible outcomes. 1/ We The People must achieve victory – by any means - for the ordinary man on the street, freedom from the whim and whimsy of the Elites Monetary system of Debt Slavery, freedom from their evil caprice, and freedom from the ‘Unequal Justice’ of their vile Statutes, or 2/ A total victory for the fascists who rule us.

These are the only two paths now left open to us. I keep getting asked ‘Why has there not been a Revolution in Great Britain’? I think perhaps the simplest answer is the best. ‘In a Land Ruled by Criminals there can be no Justice, and telling the Truth in such circumstance can get you killed’.

Revolution demands that you choose to be Julius Streicher or Fritz Gerlich. One was hanged for telling lies and serving The Fascist State the other died for telling the truth and opposing it.

It’s up to you to choose who you want to be.

Good Luck.

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  1. Difficult to follow that. However I will say that your expressed view seems entirely valid to me. It is almost self evident. Sometimes I think there is no revolution in the UK because people can't believe that the government has become what it so appeared to oppose just over half a century ago. I think most people cannot believe it - yet.