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The White Rose

“I am not a crook” – Richard Milhous Nixon: 1913 AD - 1994 AD. 37th President of the United States of America.

I read somewhere that it was Richard Nixon who first coined the phrase ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ in a wretched effort to belittle and denigrate those who were calling him a criminal, and to make it seem to the minds of the vast majority of the American public watching his abject lies on their televisions, that he was a lily white, whiter than white, white boy of honest whiteness. Yet as we all know, far from it being a ‘conspiracy theory’, a slander on his good name and an attack on a decent honest politician’s character and career; it was instead a ‘Conspiracy Fact’ - and that he [Nixon] was a criminal pig of the first order.

Whatever the truth of that one would certainly have thought that people would have learned from this drama - and other similar political episodes across the planet - about what these people are? And yet; since Nixon’s fall from grace, in every country the world over, the Neo-Liberal governments and their politicians have somehow attached this insulting label on to any and all people [and sources] that challenge their political orthodoxy. It is an orthodoxy of tyranny hidden beneath a paper thin veneer of Neo-Conservative Capitalism, which is just another name for Neo-Liberalism - which in turn is just the new upmarket label for a 1930s re-branded ‘Fascism’ of the old school.

These Fascist Pigs [for that is what they are] claim that if any people voice thoughts which counter their Fascist Hegemony, they are based on naive, preposterous, misconceived, paranoid, baseless, outlandish, absurd, or outright silly ideas, as they try desperately to tarnish these good decent people by linking their critical thinking to Marxism or Communism, or the new hip government buzz word - ‘Terrorism’?

Furthermore, they say people who push these counter ideas are all ‘schizophrenic crazies’ with a ‘Persecution complex’. And to counter their truth the high and mighty rulers of the world roll out their carefully chosen political voice box liars, in their tightly controlled media newsrooms, to push their own hateful agenda, claiming - that only their view is legitimate; and after all, who on Earth would ever believe that they could gas millions of humans to death?

My point is that this is almost certainly the age in which we are least free. Like it or not, if you are not part of the Criminal Elite who control everything, then you are a slave! And while we may not be bound by metal shackles around our ankles [though in some parts of the world this version of slavery remains true as it ever was] we are nevertheless enchained by an even greater compulsion, that of ‘fear and hate’ which as we all know - has ever been the two main tools of repression used by these criminal scum.

“You are born a Slave, you have no Voice” – Marcus Aurelius Antonius -121 AD – 180 AD [Roman Emperor]

We truly do live in a dream, a vast intricate delusion; a carefully constructed mass hallucination of the now. The sole purpose of this dream is to keep us all asleep and compliant to the will of the few over the needs of the many. And, far from being a benevolent miasma of generous Laws, written large across the landscapes of our souls by munificent overseers for the betterment of human society and its good order and peaceful conduct, it is instead a frightening shock of war, terror, and pain, which is thrust dagger like into the core of our consciousness by brutal monsters intent on Dominion.

This is the well of human experience, the riverbed of our collective humanity, which, instead of being used to elevate man from generation to generation as moral and natural law intends, is instead used by the enemies of mankind to flood our consciousness with a constant stream of Fear & Hate. Thus do the few control the many? This Dystopian Nightmare of voracity and lust, hate and terror, crushing debt and disturbing avarice, pandemic hunger and desperate want, is what we have all universally come to accept as being ‘Inevitable Reality’. But it is not predestined reality; this horror was imposed upon us by a so called Elite who have no empathy within their fetid souls, and who suffer no mercy to be visited upon the rest of us in their endless pursuit of Mammon.

 “Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man” - Gaius Plinius Secundus [Pliny the Elder] 23 AD – 79 Ad

These Elitist pigs have somehow managed to turn ‘Hope’, that most essential of human traits, from the uplifting and empowering emotion that it should be, into a tool of oppression. ‘Hoping to be rich’ has become, for the want of a better turn of phrase; the ‘leverage of The Elite’. It is what I call the ‘Life Lottery’ and it is a Lottery my friends which you can never win.

The decision about whether you as an individual are worthless [Worth Less*] or not was decided long before you were born and it is solely dependent upon which vagina you are unlucky enough to come out of!
“But that’s not true” you cry “look at so and so, he made it”. Well yes he did but what was the price? The enemies of mankind are very clever; they allow just a few Plebeian Scum to rise up from the gutter to join them at their table; holding forth these selected individuals as great champions of industry, as innovative thinkers and shakers; as men [and it is mostly men after all] whose dynamism has led them to the top of the Imperial Capitalist Tree by their sheer personal, self made, work ethic and intellect. They say to us “look if you work hard enough you can do it too” all the while offering to us meaningless platitudes about how “There is always Hope”. But the truth is that they have killed ‘Hope’ and replaced it with ‘Despair and the Greed of Capitalism’, an ideology that tells us all repeatedly ‘That anybody can make it’! But Ladies and Gentlemen - you can’t and you won’t.

Our personal desire to be rich is the imagined perfection of our deepest craving to not ever again worry about starving to death on a street corner as people walk hurriedly past us with their faces averted in shame and fear at our personal despair. The Pigs at the trough keep us all obedient and in line by showing us a Golden Carrot, which they then dangle just out of reach in order that we will forever strive to work towards this mirage of ‘Striking it Rich’, of being free from the vagaries of poverty; which by the by were initially caused, and are carefully maintained by their deliberate maliciously planned mismanagement of life’s necessities; and here is an essential truth for you, ‘all this is done in order to create a dearth, and thus a ‘Fear’ by which [as already stated], they control us all’.

“We are what we repeatedly do” – Aristotle [Philosopher & Scientist] 384 BC – 322 BC

Thus the world turns, thus the people at the top step on the faces of mankind as they feed their bloated bank accounts on a concocted ambrosia of human misery, blood, and the deaths of children.
If somebody beats you repeatedly with a stick and you ask them to stop but they continue, then surely it must be that the person beating you enjoys what he is doing and logically therefore ‘is made happy by the pain and suffering that they inflict upon you’.

“Politicians like to kill children”. This statement must be true, or they would stop doing it.

They wreck a continent with as little thought to the morality of their actions as you might give to swatting a fly. They rape and ravish the land with a greed which has made them all insane. And now with all our modern technological knowhow – they advance across the globe promising Health-Care and Democracy, Schools and Stability to the indigenous peoples in far off lands like Papua, Sierra Leone, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and hundreds of other such countries, but what they really deliver is - Death and Despair.

This needs to be repeated loudly and clearly with a ferocious passion to any who will listen. 

“Politicians Like To Kill Children, This Statement Must Be True, Or They Would Stop Doing It”. - Kanjin Tor

The greed of Politicians and corporations [who own the politicians] knows no bounds, their avarice knows no restraint, knows no compassion, and will never know remorse. You tell your children that Monsters are not real, but they are everywhere made evident by the words and deeds of those who rule us, and ladies and gentlemen, the sad truth is this – ‘Our governments and corporations are controlled by Monsters’. They are a collective; a group of sociopath’s for whom the cares and moralities of the little people mean nothing. It is not a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to claim that there is a New World Order. It is not a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to lay claim that they gather together regularly to plan the destruction of societies and the rape of the Earth for their profit. It is not a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to proclaim that they intend to de-populate the planet... all these are ‘Conspiracy Facts’, they have even openly stated they intend to de-populate the planet... they wrote a fucking book about what they intend for god sake.. Wake Up!

 George Orwell said “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”.

He was right... and he made a call to arms in his last ever interview [which you can find on YouTube] stating “This is the way the world is going... Do not let it happen”.

We do not live in a ‘Time of Peace’ we live in a ‘Time of Perpetual War’ and it is all engineered by the Fascist scum who rule the world to increase their Dominion over all of us by the tried and tested methods of ‘Bread and Circuses, Divide and Conquer’, and furthermore to reduce the numbers of human beings on this planet so that they might better control the Plebeian Masses they want to start another Global War, and I know you are frightened by this but hiding from this truth will not save you or your children. The rise of Fascism continues unabated and the enemy of mankind is strong, but it is up to us to oppose them. Yes we may die, yes there will be pain, but I for one cannot live in a world with a boot on my face forever without offering my resistance, - can you?

A last thought. These words from one of the most admirable human beings of the 20th Century and certainly a hero of mine.

“How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause. Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go, but what does my death matter, if through us, thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action” - Sophia Magdalena Scholl 9 May 1921 – 22 February 1943. German student and member of 'The White Rose' non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany and Heroine. [Beheaded by The Nazi’s for spreading the truth about what the Fascist Scum were doing].

Good Luck.

Kanjin Tor

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