Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Demagogues

It is a strange phenomena - but as soon as you say out loud to somebody that “There is a Global Conspiracy against the common man” the people [who actually comprise 97% of ‘The Common Man’] that you are talking to, shut down their brains, close their ears, and refuse to even contemplate the possibility that there really is a Global Conspiracy underway against them, and instead go directly to the ‘Freak Sideshow’ part of their mind in which it is right and proper to abandon all reason, all logic, all experience, all evidence based decision making, and instead call you a ‘Loon’.

Now don’t be frightened, I am not a ‘Loony Lefty’ - I am an ‘Anti-Fascist’, [and honestly - there is a massive difference] I have fought and risked my life for this country; I have endured pain & hardships for this Nation which most of you cannot imagine, and I am not unique in this for there are many thousands out there like me who have done these things for you, and each of us is different in a myriad of ways. But there is one way in which we are all the same.. we are all very hardnosed about reality, we have to be in order to survive in the environment we operated in; so please do not think I am going to go off on a delusional lefty rant [though some right wing asshats out there will ‘I am sure’ accuse me of such]... nevertheless   I assure you I am not. What I am going to do instead is to tell you an undiluted Truth - [which I feel many of you will probably not like to hear, nor thank me for].

There are of course, many valid reasons why folks call people who dare to talk about this global conspiracy a ‘Loon’. For instance, there are many; [far too many] ‘charlatans’ out there who claim that they have a vision and a message to spread to ‘The People’ - but they are in fact nothing so much as parasites getting rich by feeding off the fears of those timid souls who having woken up to the nefarious activities of the Ruling Elite and fall easy prey to their tricks. Such vermin set themselves up as a new Messiah, a saviour, a prophet who can lead us all to the promised land of Democratic Freedom and save us from ourselves if we only but pay them x amount for their new book, or fund their new Church, or donate towards their new Idea, their carefully constructed fantasy, or their outright LIE.

I sympathise with you... I really do! It is often hard to determine who is speaking truly and who is on the make, and such vermin as these are in fact no better than the shysters who rule the world to the disadvantage of mankind to ensure their own dominance. In point of fact – they are exactly the same type of vermin; - Chancres, Thugs, Criminals, Manipulators who – had they not been labelled ‘Con-Men’ - would have been labelled ‘Politicians’.

So it pays to be cautious, it pays to be cynical of such things, but what is astounding to my mind – is that such carefully harboured cynicisms are not equally applied to the parasites who actually do label themselves as ‘Politicians’ and who daily spin their lies on our Televisions - nonstop - 24/7.

I cannot for the life of me anymore listen to such ‘Lying Shysters’ without my incredulity being every day discombobulated by the enormity of their brazen denigration of ‘The People’. They really do think we are ALL stupid, that we are chattel, drones to be manipulated, slaves to be beaten into submissive obedience. They sit in their air conditioned studios and spin their carefully constructed narratives in order to pervert our reality to suit their own personal bigotry, hatreds, racist ideas, and Fascist agendas, so that they, like the vermin that they truly are, can continue to live large off the backs of us, the very people whom they are currently castigating for not working hard enough, or for being out of work, or for being a newly arrived immigrant, for being ethnically unacceptable, or for being disabled.

Let us speak the brutal truth for a single moment.

If it's not the Immigrants it's the disabled. If it's not the poor it’s the single mums. If it's not the pensioners it’s the Muslims. If it's not the Unions it’s the Romanians. If it's not the European Union it’s the Scottish Separatists. If it's not the unemployed it’s the Blacks. If it's not the Christian Fundamentalists it’s the Atheists’. If it’s not the ? it’s the ? - or the - or the - or the - or the... This is the rhetoric of Demagoguery, it is the rhetoric of the Fascist.


Stop listening to the lies ALL Politicians tell you via the medium of their carefully controlled Newspapers and Television Broadcasts and realise your worth. Their world vision is one of greed, hate, fear, and State Sponsored Murder. It is a world vision in which they look upon us ‘The People’ as morally defunct as they, where we [if we were given the chance] would act as unethically as they act.

Thus do they construct a world in which everybody is viewed as a criminal because they themselves are ‘Criminal’! Then, to ensure that they are never punished for their criminality, they make up Laws to guarantee that only they remain the dominant authority in the warped reality that we must now all inhabit. This is what all their propaganda and demagoguery is based upon, it is a confidence trick; a fraud perpetrated en-mass against the best interests of the people to fool us all into accepting that their version of reality is the only one possible.

But this is not how it has to be.

You are not a robot; you are not a drone, a drudge, a skivvy, a menial, a Slave. You are a Human Being; and you, all of you, have a right to live free from the misery inflicted upon us all, by a few super rich elitist con men who have somehow convinced us that ‘THIS IS ALL THERE IS’.

The pursuit of money is not what this life is about. They have convinced us that only through hard work in their mills, their factories, their economic system of rape, pillage, and paucity for the worker, is the only path to earthly contentment. But Ladies and Gentlemen I can tell you that there is no happiness to be found down that road for it is a ‘trail of Tears’ that leads only to the destruction of the planets ecosystem, and the misery and enslavement for the majority of people on this planet.

To pursue money at the destruction of your own ecosystem is insanity. To pursue money at the expense of human lives is malevolent wickedness, and to pursue money knowing that children will die horribly because of your greed is PURE EVIL.

85 billionaires have more money than the next 3.5 billion human beings put together. How can this ever be considered as being anything other than ‘Morally Reprehensible?’? Is that really the sort of world YOU want to live in?

I tell you all now – ‘If you want to be happy, and safe, and content with your lot, and secure in the knowledge you will be remembered with love and respect, then the only path open to you or I is to *Resist their Dominion*.

These Politicians, Bankers, Billionaires, and Corporations are criminals nothing more nothing less.
What is more, you all know this to be true, all of you! The reason you don’t do something about it is ignorance, fear, and or shame, but I urge you all – ‘cast aside your past shame, educate yourselves about what is going on, seize your courage with both hands and strike back’. Offer resistance no matter what may come, no matter what they may throw at us; for if you do not you will find neither the ‘security’ you need, or ‘happiness’ you desire.

It is our Duty. ‘To resist their power and their perversion of reality, and make anew a country, and a world, fit for all’.

And here now comes the ‘Whole Brutal Truth’ that I promised you earlier and that many reading this may not like - nor will admit to.

These people who rule across the globe are not Politicians, or Bankers, or Corporate Dynamos working hard for the betterment of us ‘The People’. Instead they are thugs, criminals, part of a ‘Crooked Family of The Criminally Insane’. The reality that is carefully hidden in plain sight - is that ‘We do not have a Government, we have a Mafia’ - and every arm of government is subordinate to a criminal mindset that says that “We – ‘The People’ must be silent, subservient, malleable, obedient, and kept ignorant; and that any who oppose this domination must have their resistance crushed, maligned, or be silenced forever”... *anybody who tells you other than this, who defends the established order is, 1/ a Fool, 2/ a Lying Coward, or 3/ a Collaborator*.

Sorry about that.

I am not a Lefty - I am Anti-Fascist. I and others like me risked our lives daily to keep you, all of you, safe and free from persecution and terror; and sometimes, unbeknownst to all of you, we paid a very high price for your freedoms, but we were happy to pay the fee for we stood {we thought} against the darkness. So let me assure you that it is with no pleasure that I must these days constantly tell you all that the real enemy to our country, to our survivability, to our security, lays not outside the walls hammering at the gate ready to destroy us, but instead lays within the Halls of Westminster commanded and controlled by criminals in the Corporate and Financial sector, aided and abetted by the worlds News Media, whose very existence is to promote a Neo-Liberal ‘Fascist ideology’.

There really is a Global Conspiracy and it is not the fucking 'Illuminati' or some other such load of bollox; it is the same old Fascist, Eugenics loving, bunch of misanthropic cunts we have fought against for centuries...

They are Fascists and our Duty is *Resistance*.

Good luck.

 Kanjin Tor