Monday, 3 March 2014

Epic Times

A long time ago, in a galaxy, not so far away....


It is a period of civil unrest.
Rebel Bloggers and Whistleblowers, striking from easily found
locations, have won their first victory
against the evil Corporate Empire.

During the internet awakening, these Rebels have managed
to reveal secret plans of the Corporate Empire's
ultimate weapon, ‘Debt Slavery’, a government
protected and licensed criminality, with enough
power to destroy an entire planets economy & eco-system.

Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents,
The Bloggers & Whistleblowers have repeatedly
Revealed these secret plans to the world
So that together they can save The People and restore
freedom to the not so distant galaxy...

We are – in a sense – living in our own blockbuster movie; for these are; despite what you may think - Epic times.

“Capitalism is - poor people serving ‘Haute Cuisine’ to rich people at a ‘Banquet of Plenty’; whilst the rich people openly plot in front of their victims’ to deny them the ‘very basic means’ of their own survival. This clearly defines what the Neo-Liberal Agenda truly is. It is an Agenda of death, it is a strategy of torture, it is a policy of premeditated evil, and the consequences of this plan are designed, from the onset; to deny you your Human Rights; your ability to think critically; to silence your voice; and to crush your moral and physical strength to protest against their villainy”.

Do not imagine for a single moment that you are in some way exempt from their planned decimation; because you are not.

Unless you are rich you are deemed a peasant in this country; as something to be used [or abused - for there is little difference in outcome] and then to be discarded as the Elite’s malice & caprice demands. And if we resist this notion of theirs that we are mere ‘Chattel’ we are routinely these days considered as ‘Urban Terrorists’ and a ‘threat to The State’ - because to their repellent minds - THEY are The State, we are nothing but property. Truth be told ‘This is not a Nation of stalwart men standing tall together against the winds of war or ill-chance; this is a Nation of terrified slaves watching the even more unfortunate being fed to the lions in the Coliseum all the while silently thanking their God that it isn’t them’.

But it was not always thus!

Once upon a time we had neighbourhoods, a sense of belonging, a shared ‘Espirit de Corps’ which permeated the landscape of our National Identity, an idea of community and togetherness which stood us well [during both good times and bad]. It is a sense of comradeship which the Elitists’ HATE with every fibre of their being; and I am not talking about the ‘Oh I hate Arsenal or Manchester United’ kind of ‘petty hate’... that sense of disgruntlement and veiled envy that you might feel for a football team who just humiliated your team because they spent £200 million on a few superstars... No - I am talking about the kind of HATE you or I might feel for somebody who might rape and murder our youngest daughter. That is what the Elite feel for The Poor of the world, and they hold onto their venomous spite with dogged determination and the bitterest rancour. Their truth is that they resent their dependency upon the poor. They hate poverty so much that they are willing to do anything to anybody in order that they will never themselves descend into its terrible trap. Thus do they - by their own fears and resentments - create the very thing that they so dread? It is a catch 22 cyclical truth that those with the wealth fear those poor who create their wealth more than they fear starting a global war in order to retain their wealth and privilege.

"When somebody, time after time attacks you, steals from you, hurts your loved ones, and deliberately gives your money to proven criminals; then the only possible and logical conclusion you can come to is; that they hate you, and that they want to hurt you" - Kanjin Tor

Success is defined by Conservative/Liberal/Labour/UKIP politicians as ‘Having lots of Money’. That is not success; that is ‘Unlimited Terror’.

Margaret Thatcher recognised that to further the cause of Fascism she had to destroy the ‘Unity of the Poor’. She is famously quoted as stating that she ‘did not believe in society’ - but this was a lie. She believed in it and feared it more than anything else we ordinary citizens possessed. The 60’s terrified the Fascist more than any war ever did. It was the beginning of an awakening that saw the elite lose ground like never before and hand over power to the masses, and it was a terrible shock to their puny souls. Thus did she systematically, [aided and abetted by the criminal collaborators within the News Media] set about to break up and destroy all and every sense of ‘Community’ that existed within British Society. Norman Tebbit’s “Get on your Bike” quote was not about finding a job; it was about breaking up the basic principles of all human societies, the family structure. Thatcher wanted to create ‘The Great Car Economy’ not because it was good for the people, the planet, the economy; but rather because it was good for The Fascist Regime’s ‘Agenda of Separatism’. They wanted and achieved a society which no longer had any real sense of self. They replaced community with greed during the boom and then instilled terror during the bust, thus ensuring a lasting cycle of fear and desperation. Fear of destitution and the desperate willingness to do anything to avoid it; even if that means {as for example} our police do now – by turning on your fellow citizen for a pittance of money at the behest of your own slave masters”!

 “It is hard to free Slaves from the chains they love” – Voltaire

Every day they bring forth a new idea, a new way to deny us our ‘Human Rights’. Every single day they *Shock You* with a new extremist plan to do away with your liberty, your freedom of speech, your right to exist without being under their dominion. Their use of Money as a tool of oppression is skilful and planned; and they couple it to the ‘Rhetoric of Hate’ - which forever holds sway over the terrors of our imaginations, calling on immigrant to go home. They convince you by endless repetition on the News Media that the poor are living the good life on benefits whilst you are slaving away at work [yet it never seems to occur to anybody to point out the ludicrousness of their sentiment that a Slave should be angry with those who do not have a job to slave away at?] They rant about how the disabled are a drain and how we cannot afford them, uttering repeatedly that they should all be terminated at birth, that they should be made to suffer more than they already are. About how only money is important, that compassion, decency, morals, ethics, love, are just nonsensical emotions for the weak and the feeble minded. How all Muslims are all terrorists radicalising their children to hate all Christians, who by the by are all Radicalising their children to hate all Muslims... I mean WHAT THE FUCK? Can you not see how crazy all that is?

The Elite’s God is Money...

The Elite’s Fear is The Poor...

The Elite hate you if you do not believe in their God... and if you will not buy into their putrid ideology then you must be silenced and crushed without mercy, and that too  is not hyperbole; - the lunatics truly are running our country, they are psychotic and out of control and must be stopped... These politicians [with few exceptions] have no restraint, no pity, no common sense, no cerebral capability worth a dam; and if you want evidence of this - just look at how many puny minds voice total shite in a single *Prime Ministers Questions* from both sides of the House of Commons. The utter lack of intellectual perspicacity is so staggering that sometimes I listen in and wonder ‘what the fuck did they do during their formative years that has left them so devoid of understanding’?

It gives me no joy to have to tell you repeatedly that these people are all criminals; I honestly do not get off on it, and I really do wish it was otherwise for I do not want a State of Anarchy, a Nation of irresponsible self indulgent asshats forever thinking only of themselves, rebelling just because it’s cool... I want a ‘Just & Egalitarian Society’ based on compassion, courage, and truth. I want a society that abides by ‘High Ethics’ and accepts the care for its citizen’s welfare; moral, physical, spiritual; and I want a country that does not abandon its moral obligation to the world community.

The time has come, ladies and gentlemen; to admit to ourselves that we can no longer continue to accept their villainy as normal; to accept the responsibility for our own Nations future and fight back against their imposed system of inequality and elitism. We The People are The State; we can afford anything except Corporate greed, Banker Greed, Political Greed, Military Greed. It is these four things which are destroying our nation not Muslims, not Christians, not Jews, not the Disabled, not The poor, and certainly not immigrants or the EU Human Rights Act.

In a Galaxy, not so far away from you; the rebels are trying to save the world... you can choose to serve The Empire of Hate or you can join the Rebel Alliance, but a word of caution.

In the real History of the real world - ALL Empires have collapsed....

It’s up to you; good luck.