Monday, 24 March 2014

The Moscow Waltz

“The promises of Politicians are written on the waves of a treacherous sea” – Kanjin Tor

During the dark days of 1932 - 1939 many of the most influential Corporations and their Owners in the United States of America, lauded Adolf Hitler as a futurist. They called him a man of great presence and a ‘Leader with a Global Vision’. They celebrated him as something akin to a ‘Wagnerian Hero’ and extolled his virtues holding him up as a ‘Political Giant’ and ‘The European Champion’.

And it wasn't just a few tiny unimportant eccentrics either... oh no! It was the movers and shakers of The American Elite; powerhouses such as Du Pont and the Newspaper Giant William Randolph Hearst – a man who made and broke politicians with a single edition of his rancid rag [and does that sound like anybody else you have ever heard of]?  Then there were people like Joseph Kennedy (JFK's father) who when Hitler broke the ‘Munich Pact’ urged Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the then American President, not to come to Great Britain's aid. He said “Britain is doomed” and then - very publicly made repeated demands for Roosevelt abandon Britain to a Nazi fate. Then of course there was Standard Oil [now called Exxon] who invested greatly in German *cough* Futures, by which I mean they were heavily in bed with IG Farben one of the key chemical industry conglomerates who manufactured large quantities of Zyklon B [knowing exactly what it was being used for]. Then there was General Electric, General Motors, International Telephone & Telegraph, National City Bank and a countless dance of other American industrialists who all evidence shows, lent their weight to the Nazi Regime of Fascist Germany through back door deals, secret offshore companies, covert holdings, and other nefarious activities carried out in order to profit from and aid their Little German Corporal.

They all called him [Hitler] a charismatic and wonderful man. They hailed him as a saviour of The German People, a guiding light of Europe; and when you read the transcripts of their language from back then, you begin to understand that Adolf Hitler was their European Poster Boy, and that most of Corporate America loved him. Whether or not they all knew about his proclivities towards Murder I cannot say with certainty, but unquestionably they all invested in Nazi Germany and hailed Hitler as a Political Genius as they raked in the huge profits from their growing German investments. 

But it was the deeply Anti-Semitic Henry Ford who is most troubling of these ‘not so secret fascist supporting industrialists’.

Ford’s Jew Hating antics were so froth at the mouth madcap that he even went so far as to publish ‘The International Jew’ - a deeply unsettling and racist journal [and then book] which makes The Daily Mail seem almost a ‘politically correct infogram of probity and sane reasoning’. It was - by the by - this publication which at the Nuremberg Trials after World War 2 was named by Reichsjugendführer {Leader of The Hitler Youth} ‘Baldur Benedikt von Schirach’ to have so deeply affected him and the youth of Germany, that it encouraged countless thousands to become Anti-Semites. He further claimed that as Adolf Hitler had a well thumbed copy [as well as a picture of Henry Ford hanging on the wall of his Reich Chancellery] that it might have well been this that encouraged the Holocaust Atrocities. The reason being of course, that it was thought by some in the German High Command [Hitler] that ‘America would not interfere’ with their genocide. I guess you cannot blame the ‘High Command’ thinking thus when all of America’s Power Elite were jumping over themselves to offer their money and influence to the Nazi’s ‘Righteous Cause’.

Whatever the truth of von Schirach claims at the Nuremberg Trials, one would have thought after 1939 when Germany invaded Poland and World War 2 kicked off - that these American Industrialists might have beat a hasty retreat and pulled their support of their former poster boy...and indeed many did... but not all.


In these modern days of infamy I guess we should not be - but those Truths of yesteryear I will let you go discover for yourselves, because - simply put ladies and gentlemen, if I enumerate all their perfidy here you will not believe my words; instead you will consider me mad and consign what I have to say to the mind box marked ‘lunatic’. Indeed; I myself look at the vast amount of data available about what these people [whom I consider ‘Traitors’] did, and consider it almost so incredulous, so crazy, that some of these Power Elite would continue to support the Fascist Regime knowing what they were doing, right up until 1942; that it seems almost a work of scandalous fiction. But alas my friends; while it remains scandalous it is not a work of fiction! No - those truths are for you to discover alone, instead what is important here in all of this, is for you to understand - that this is how the world works, that what you think is real - rarely turns out to be so!

“I have come to understand, that had it only been Poor People who were slaughtered on the muddy fields of World War 1, not a single monument would have been raised to their memory” – Kanjin Tor

The World is not controlled by Elected Politicians who serve the interests of the people for the betterment of all. That is a fantasy which has been fed to you for nearly 60 years by an utterly corrupt news & media, who have gradually taken control of ‘History’ and warped it to suit an agenda of ‘forgetfulness & greed’. These [let us call them Quislings] follow almost exactly the precepts first perfected by ‘The Reich’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda’ [Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda] to bamboozle the general populace into an apathetic state of acceptance of a corporate regime. Their mission – long understood – ‘is to keep all of us mollified and obedient by whatever means, to the will of an Industrial and Economic Elite, whose ideology truly is one of ‘Fascism’.

“War Profits The Rich. The Rich are in Power. Ergo - The Aim of All Government is Perpetual War” – Kanjin Tor

And that is it ladies and gentlemen, nothing has changed. Whenever you want to know what is really going on in the world - a wise man looks for the money trail. Who is doing what, who is paying for it, and what is their hidden history. All human activity requires money. The more gargantuan the scale of the activity the equally enormous magnitude of funding that is required to sustain the said activity.

If you are intent on killing millions of human beings you have to fund the *program*. Such events do not just happen by accident; it’s not random chance, unlucky fate, the fortunes of an ill-wind, the arbitrary fluke of adverse providence. Unlucky disasters do occur but they end as quickly as they start, and last a very short period of time. No my friends – A ‘Cataclysm’ such as WAR has to be funded and ergo by default that ‘funding’ requires ‘Planning’. Deliberate, malicious planning; set to a schedule predestined by careful preparation and economic preparedness to achieve an intended outcome.

“War is organised murder, nothing else” – Harry Patch 17 June 1898 – 25 July 2009: The Last Tommy.

That, in a nutshell, is what all War is.

So when Russia learned that America and the C.I.A. was and is, funding the activities of some Neo-Nazi bastards in the Ukraine in an effort to destabilise the country, rightly or wrongly [depending on your point of view] I suspect their paranoia about the possibility of losing another 22 million of its citizens to a Nazi Cataclysm went straight through the roof and up into the stratosphere. Once again as in 1932 we see the Powerhouses of America vying for war, once again they are trying to use fascists to get access to a vast increase in their corporate profit, and once again oil is on the agenda of America’s power elite who - with little understanding of the geo-political issues of the area, have bulldozed their way into the political landscape of Kyiv with nary a thought for the historical considerations of how fascism effected so deeply the Russian Psyche.

I do not condone any of these political halfwits residing here in the West who merely do the bidding of their not so well hidden masters in the financial and industrial complex. Nor do I hail Putin as a stalwart defender of ... well of anything really... We; all of us, here in the west and our brothers and sisters in the Russian block, are victims of Men who are made mad through greed or fear. The Russian Oligarchs that so plague Moscow [and also nowadays here in the west] are as villainous as the pigs in Westminster and Washington are calculatingly monstrous; and as usual it will be us, the little people, who pay the heaviest price for their lust for war and profit. But we have a chance my friends; by reading this you can determine that it ends, that you will choose to oppose their greed and desire for war. You can promise yourself that you will not accept their version of history, that you will refuse their jingoism and that you will not fight in their armies. We must all resist their call to arm and stand up to the people who start the wars but rarely die in them!

At a Speech given at Woodford on October 1959 Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery (17 November 1887 – 24 March 1976), 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein; said – “Rule 1, on page 1 of the book of war, is: ‘Do not march on Moscow’. Various people have tried it, Napoleon and Hitler, and it is no good. That is the first rule. I do not know whether your Lordships will know Rule 2 of war. It is: ‘Do not go fighting with your land armies in China’. It is a vast country, with no clearly defined objectives".

All Governments when seeking WAR will attempt to rewrite history as they bombard their populace with a carefully scripted narrative about honour, patriotism, and decency. This is a rule that all Fascists before and since Hitler have followed; but as a former frontline combat soldier I can tell you that there is little honour to be found in war, and certainly no decency. As to patriotism? I will let you decide whether killing children in far off lands is Patriotic or not? What I can tell you with absolute certainty is - that this time - if we do not stop the Elite starting a global war it will quickly escalate out of their control. These pigs are as rationally & emotionally retarded as their forefathers were when they initiated the First World War; and yes that war too was calculated and made real for the sole purpose of profit.

It did not matter to the (real) Elite then, as it does not matter to the (real) Elite now, that any war with Russia will be a cataclysm of earth shattering proportions. These imbeciles are so intellectually stagnant and so financially remote from our reality, that they honestly think they will be safe from any consequence. Their generational wealth retention makes them imagine themselves as Gods, impervious to harm, free from the cares of mortal man, untouchable in the wake of Armageddon or from the judgement of History. They are to all intents and purposes ladies and gentlemen – insane.

Yet you and I know that the Gods of Hubris always extract an unbearable price for such arrogance, and the consequence of their lust for profit and war eventually led to the Reichstag of 1945 and a red flag flying atop the triumphal arch. Now as then history repeats and it repeats because the same people are always in power. Logic therefore dictates that the only way to stop this cycle of constant war and devastating annihilations is to remove the so called Elite from power everywhere - and to do so permanently.

But then - I think you all know that?

Good luck.

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