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“Patricians do not love Democracy” – Kanjin Tor 

Whether or not Faith or Science is your God is meaningless to my purpose herein. Similarly you may lay claim to be a believer in ‘Socialism’ or an ardent supporter of ‘Free Enterprise’ and I would remain indifferent; for while these ideologies are not yet made totally trivial in theory - they are in reality made utterly meaningless when viewed through the lens of our modern political landscape.

My friends – Fascism is all that remains.

This idea that there is - in the political mainstream - a ‘Left and a Right’ is a fantasy. It is a mass delusion, a mirage which lingers from a time now long past; an era when men and women on the whole were more sophisticated in their social awareness, and much braver than they yet now remain. Socialism and Capitalism are words made void of meaning by an unreality that is force fed to us and maintained by a global media that is coordinated under the auspices of a World Super Elite. But this is not about ‘conspiracy theories’ it is about Truth. And the very first Truth you or I must accept if any of us are ever to be free, is that there is no Truth to be found in Mainstream News Reporting. The sole purpose of Television, News, and Media is to hold the people of the world fast in the grip of a fantastical mass delirium; and it is a methodical, premeditated, and intricate fabrication which we have all blindly bought into.

Now I understand that many of you out there will not yet believe this; that a large number of you are so programmed to suppose yourself free that my words will seem to your mind, outlandish and so unsettling that you will level scorn upon me in an attempt to bolster your flagging cognitive resilience; and that is okay - for it is no easy thing to face up to our own weakness and complicity in so great a crime as the enslavement of men. Yet I urge you - perhaps above all other things, do not dismiss this debate simply because of your previous adherence to some random ideology, a political or religious dogma that may or may not have been imposed upon you by your parent’s ignorance of wealth, or ignorance of dearth!

“The prejudice of our Fathers is the doom of our Children” – Kanjin Tor

Just because your Daddy or Government told you to ‘Hate the Other’ is not reasonable cause for you to stop thinking for yourself. That ladies and gentlemen is rank cowardice - and it is a banal form of it at best. That being said I must advise you all to caution, for hubris and conceit go hand in hand with great endeavour and we must all of us my friends, endeavour to greatness if we are ever again to recover our Liberty. So I will offer you my caveat here at the start of things.

I do not lay claim that my words herein will cure all the worlds’ ills. Nor can I - alone - solve all the crises that are being engineered by unlucky providence and the immoderation of insatiable men. To thwart the greed of those powerful forces who globally seek perpetual war in order to enrich themselves at the expense of Liberty and Justice, and, who thereby through their malevolent machinations seek ever to increase their dominion over all of us requires precisely that - ‘All of Us’.
There is no one Messiah whom you or I can turn to for worldly salvation. This idea of an Earthly Demigod who can lead us all to a ‘Promised Land’ of material and spiritual security is - in point of fact - how we all ended up on the road to purgatory in the first place. If you vote for a Master that is exactly what they give you, a ‘Master’!

Political Representation is at best a childish idea; certainly it is one which [if history is anything to go by] leads inexorably to ‘iniquitous inequality’ as we blindly surrender our hard earned freedoms, gained over centuries of struggle by our forefathers, for the infantile and rather puerile desire that we as human beings have for a safe harbour and a daddy figure to protect us from the monster under the bed. At best it is an idea that has had its time, an ideology of an immature Nation State that has grown and developed past this stage of Civilisation and moved on to a more urgent need. This is why I urge you to caution; lest you [or indeed myself] imagine that ‘I’ or any one person might possess a flawless logic, that I or another might have a perfected analysis of all possible future problems that we ‘The People’ might encounter were we to try to create for ourselves a ‘True Democracy’; - such prescience is for The Gods. I but seek to try to view the world with brutal honesty and endeavour to change our utterly corrupt political system with the courage of my words and the clarity of my voice.

Now I am aware that this in itself is no small thing, for in a world dominated by the remorseless evil of people who are - in all consequence - ‘Super Villains’ – criminal minds hell bent on Global Subjugation, the few who might speak truth openly are often judged ‘mad’ & or made ‘enemy of the state’. The very act of reading words was evidence enough in previous Fascist States that you the reader were to be condemned as ‘fomenting rebellion’. Thus did they then (as they are doing now) enact Laws to ban words, and what is more - it is proven beyond all doubt that such malcontent's - who afterwards spoke openly of their Governments Villainy - were then as now - routinely vilified by a complicit media and thence after - vanished into the bowels of some state run dungeon never to be seen again. And it does no good for right-wing shills to say in parenthesis that this is ‘nonsensical’ a conspiracy theory run mad, for one need not look further than Guantanamo Bay for evidence and veracity of this Truth.

We have for over ten years held innocent men in squalid incarceration and tortured them at the whim of an untrustworthy ally. An ally I might add - who has betrayed this country far more times than they have ever aided us. The political figures of our own nation have known and sanctioned this appalling behaviour and treatment of guiltless men and spared them nary a thought as they sat in their banquet halls feeding their fat gluttonous faces with the ill gained proceeds of their shameful criminality. But not only have these Patricians authorized these unjust terrors against innocent men, taking them beyond the forgiveness of this world; but we also - as citizens - must bear a large measure of their guilt. For having known the full measure of their villainy, and not having struck down these criminals and freed their hapless victims, we ‘The People’ have with our knowing silence been party to their ‘Unjust Empire’.

"In a world run by War Criminals everything is possible except Peace" - Kanjin Tor

I think that in our heart of hearts, all good men know that the true enemies of Peace and Democracy are those fell creatures who sit in quiet boardrooms and rowdy parliaments, milking the people dry with ever increasing Taxes for an ever decreasing return. These grey men, these parasites who daily denigrate the ‘common man’ as ‘scroungers’ with their vile rhetoric but who are themselves more akin to leeches, both fear and hate the plebiscite. And the proof of this is everywhere made manifest by their actions. For when their greed and villainy is challenged by ordinary people [as it is increasingly across the globe] they cast their baleful eyes toward us, and feeling nothing but a soulless antipathy, they use The People’s clamouring for Justice as an excuse to unleash state sanctioned violence upon their gathered citizens, claiming that their violent repression is ‘for the good of The People’.

What People? What Good?

And this is not just happening in some foreign lands; countries that our State Controlled Press feel comfortable in proclaiming [with impudent arrogance] are ‘Nations less developed then ourselves’! No - this is happening here in Great Britain today. Indeed the only reason the Government has not yet fully unleashed their violent Blackshirts upon The People here in Britain (as they have in places like Venezuela, Ukraine, Syria, and yes even America) is because most of you are sat hiding in your homes watching the BBC and pretending to yourselves that you are ‘safe’ and ‘well informed’.

Well you aren't and you’re not!

You cannot as Government practice violence against the people (no matter how small the numbers) and then claim proudly that we ‘live in a Democracy’. You cannot do these things and then declare that the armed, vicious, and immoral Police who always do The Governments bidding are only ever acting in ‘The Public's Good’. These proclamations are exposed as ludicrous when we see Teenage Student being beaten by Blackshirted Policemen for marching in Union. The lie is exposed when we see young women being beaten for sitting down in peaceful protest in front of Oil Trucks, when we witness old women being brutalised to protect Corporate Interest. These actions - that politicians daily sanction - show us all the deceit and treachery at the heart of Government, and that the words of Patricians are poison.

“Continuing to believe the lies of politicians after they have been exposed as mendacious, is the act of a fool” – Kanjin Tor

By design of manufactured news, establishment lies, half truths, debt slavery, outright propaganda, and constant war, we ‘The People’ are continually denied a sensible opportunity of discussing these issues in open forum. I believe that we have been bred ignorant from birth and brainwashed to be dumb, and I believe that this has been done by design. I believe also that we are - all of us; you, me, everybody - guilty of allowing a system of world governance to arise which enables elitism and privilege to thrive, yet exposes the people and also the planet [upon which we are all so dependant] to the caprice of mendacious men, and it is my contention that this narrow minded and utterly selfish form of ‘Elitist Governance’ cannot be allowed to continue if we as a species are to survive for much longer.
Thus we must set forth upon a journey, an adventure if you will, a rebellion of conscience which will bring us all together [I hope] - and in that unity start us all down the path towards our righteous demand for ‘True Democracy’. I do not know if we can achieve this goal – that is for History to judge; our job, our ‘Duty’ is but to make the attempt.

“The thing to remember is that ‘Fascism’ does not start with a Despot; but rather the moment you or I allow those who govern us to practice injustice & discrimination against the few or the one. We must therefore oppose those who seek to enflame our hearts against the other, the immigrant, the disabled, the weak, the Muslim, the Jew. Such Demagogues are utterly without scruple or morality and can thus be best described as ‘Evil’ in the Biblical sense of the word” – Kanjin Tor

The Slaves

In a Democracy ‘The People’ are ‘The State’. Any attack by any clerk or servant of The State upon any individual or body of ‘The People’ - no matter the rationale - is an act of Perfidious Sedition.
Such servants must be purged with remorseless urgency by the citizens of a Democracy lest the servant wreck ‘havoc’ upon society, for nothing is more destructive to a democratic system than its own clerks imagining themselves favoured above all others by The Gods. Such deceitful creatures will ever seek to command more power for themselves and less power for The People they supposedly serve. Our collective tolerance of such unfaithfulness is both shameful and cowardly; for it’s precisely down this dishonourable path of craven clemency towards treacherous clerks that ‘Fascism’ and the doom of Nations awaits. We ‘The People’ cannot expect our Politicians to act with morality when we ourselves refuse to stand up against their criminality. Our collective silence has proven the mandate for every nasty, cruel and wicked act that any of our rulers, whatever their proclaimed politics, has ever committed. Indeed our shared silence has been a form of cooperation for it has granted these Traitors continued license to further advance their criminal ambition as we continually allow them to pass Law after numerous Law - all of which only ever serve to strengthen their false-hearted dominion over the rest of society.

“Fascism is a Book of Laws which applies only to the Plebiscite” – Kanjin Tor

This is true in every country; by refusing to stand up to the criminal ambition of politicians just because what they are currently doing does not in the immediacy directly impact upon us as individuals, has only ever increased the scope of their treachery. Politicians are proven every day to be mendacious fraudsters and unswerving charlatans. They are liars who will forever wave the flag of patriotism in front of your face to obscure the full measure of their criminality. Politicians - on the whole - are in no way better than an 18th century Highwayman looking for an easy mark to rob on some lonely road where none might pass and chance a rescue of their victims, and certainly they are less honest about their profession and habits. I must remind you dear reader– that no amount of wishing it otherwise will ever make such creatures willingly change their ‘modus operandi’. Such men as these only ever enter politics to further their own ends. Oh yes they will tell you that their motives are pure; they will deceive you with sweet sounding melodious words claiming that their vocation is good; but the only certainty with the vast majority of such men is that they have been schooled to lie with passing ease and smile sweetly as they slip a knife into your lungs. These creatures, for they are not men, are born with black hearts. Their voice is a twisted tongue of hollow promises, and they have no honour whatsoever, they are - in point of fact ladies and gentlemen - what our ancestors would label - ‘Warlocks’.

“When somebody repeatedly steals or uses violence against you, consistently inflicting misery and harm against you despite all your pleading; then the only logical conclusion left to us ‘The People’ must be – ‘That those committing these ‘Criminal Acts’ against us, must hate us’. In this small line of prose lays the whole truth of the Neo-Liberal World view. Only people willing to commit acts of Brutality against pensioners, students, mothers, son, daughters, the young, the infirm, the poor, are these days accepted into the police; and only those people willing to order such atrocities are ever allowed to enter into the upper echelons’ of political power. It is precisely this Truth that makes so many of you out there fearful; for such a reality when viewed with brutal honesty allows no excuse for those who persecute their fellow countrymen for money. This is why I repeatedly state to any who will listen that... “We don’t have a police Force, we have a Gestapo. We do not have a Government, we have a Mafia” – Kanjin Tor

Contemporary Politics has never been about The People’s Freedom, and in our so called ‘Western Democracies’ - Politics is definitely not about The People’s welfare or The People’s needs. Such ideas are held only by children clinging to a fantasy in order to avoid facing the truth of their own idle fears? The art of Modern Politics is about controlling The People to such an extent that through propaganda, misinformation, and outright lies, the few who rule - can find new and interesting ways to steal from the masses as much as they can humanly get away with. Thus it is that War; the eternal bane of all good society, is made perpetual; for no other thing profits a Patrician so much as War. I tell you with open heart and empty hand that “War is nothing but theft on a grand scale. It plunders our chattel; it loots our tax money [which always ends up in the elite’s pockets, no matter who wins the battle]. It pillages and ruins our lands, and of course ultimately – their Wars steal our children’s lives. All Wars Are Planned Wars. In truth ‘The Elite’ have ever favoured the loss of sons more than the loss of their prestige, their money, and their authority over us. Such creatures as these, who might appear at the onset ‘so anxious to serve The State’ are in truth ‘only ever concerned to enrich themselves’, and this they do so at our expense as they plot and scheme in order to turn our hopes for Democracy into an acceptance of their Tyranny.

"From the perspective of a Patrician, the real virtue of a War outside of ‘Booty’, is that it silences most dissent" - Kanjin Tor

This then is the backdrop to all our lives. Now some of you might claim that ‘though our system of governance is not perfect, still it is not as bad as some other randomly chosen Despotism that you might care to mention’ - but this is a fallacy. Tyranny by stealth is a more insidious terror to our collective future than any openly advocated Autocracy; for whilst the citizen of such Despotic States may know that they live in terror, they also know the colour of their oppressors’ uniforms. We here in Britain are not thus blessed. We are a house divided, a union of disparate individuals held together only by fear of debt - and the fantasy that we live in a Democracy, but ladies and gentlemen - you do not now, nor have you ever lived in a Democracy, and you are kept deliberately divided by a media that really does tell you what to think.

Just because our Politicians tell you that this Country is a Democracy does not make it thus. Just because the establishment controlled News Media reinforces this ludicrous perception does not mean that this is the truth. Their whole agenda is to keep all of us believing this preposterous lie of Democracy, it is why they repeat the word over and over and over again in their rhetoric; so that you and I, suffering cognitive dissonance, will because of repetition and reinforcement believe their propaganda, and thus submit willingly to their criminal and utterly unjust rule.

“Hoping to find ‘Truth’ on the Television has become the universal panacea of the ignorant and the cowardly” – Kanjin Tor

There has been a coup d'état in Great Britain; what was once a hope for Democracy, the yearning of all right thinking men and women for an egalitarian society, has instead been corrupted into a feeble acceptance of Corporate Despotism. It is the plague of our modern world, and it is now self evident that no nation can long survive this pestilence of Corporatism for it is a slow cancer and it has finite means. Those who might attack us from without are less to be feared than these little grey men in their little grey offices, for their malice is called ‘business’ and their chosen weapon of mass destruction is money. With their furtive whispers and carefully crafted words they corrupt governments and purchase Politicians as easily as you or I might buy a cabbage, and every politician they buy must considered a Traitor. For whilst these so called ‘elected officials’ may speak to us in terms that seem reasonable and virtuous, they in truth covertly wear the colours of their Corporate Masters and seek not our freedoms or betterments, but instead pursue an agenda set to them by unelected oligarchs to increase their dominion over all of us. These Patricians appeal to the ignoble side of our hearts, and with vile rhetoric they rot the soul of our nation from within as they pile hate upon fear, ignorance upon lies, and terrorise us with debt and murder. And I say this with great sadness; that we ‘The People’ are in no small way culpable for the crimes of mass murder that they have committed around the world in pursuit of profit, our silence mandates their villainy.

Hear me - you must not be deceived by their rhetoric, this idea of a left and a right in modern politics is a fantasy, a putrid miasma behind which they hide the awful truth, that there remains only ‘Fascism Perfected’.

Let me give you a simple example of this Truth...

Freedom of Speech is not only a Human Right it is a Human Necessity. And yet - here in Great Britain our Conservative led Government has instituted new Laws which command that you cannot peacefully protest against their villainy, and do regularly use violent suppressive tactics against people of all ages, from all backgrounds, who undertake such remonstration. They have ordered that the use of words on social media be made a crime. They have passed Laws which mandate for secret arrests, secret courts, secret trials in which you may not know the charges against you, or indeed who has witnessed against you, and even hold such courts in which you and your interests are not represented, nor are you even allowed to attend. And all of this they did as we sat watching the news on BBC pretending that we were well informed as we silently and compliantly allowed them to edge us ever closer to being a Nation State of outright Fascism.

The ‘Heart of Darkness’ in a ‘Counterfeit Democracy’ is a triumvirate of Politicians pretending to ‘public difference’ in order to bamboozle the electorate in to believing that they have a choice when in point of fact no choice exists” – Kanjin Tor

I started this by stating that ‘Patricians do not love Democracy, and it is ‘The Truth’. Only Rich People own Newspapers or TV Stations, and as most Rich People got rich by screwing other people over in one way or another, it is therefore only logical to assume that anything they ‘Publish or Broadcast’ will be entirely to their own advantage. Indeed; in this day and age when Social Media has opened up The People’s eyes to the vast reservoir of The Elites continuing ‘Perfidy’, I find it incredible that any sane Human-Being could possibly still believe what Politicians tell them via the News Media. Who do you think these Politicians work for, The Poor? That is a nonsense bordering on a mass psychotic vision of reality. Everything in life is politics, and all News Organisations are [to a greater or lesser effect] Propaganda Ministry’s working for their Masters who finance their operations. Right now as much as 90% of all News Media is Ultra Right Wing posing as ‘Neo-Liberal soft speak’. The facts are these – ‘The News’, be it in print or via the outlet of Television, is utterly corrupted and biased in favour of their masters, and they have no desire to share their wealth or power with the likes of you or I, so why on Earth do you believe them when they tell you that “Immigrants are to blame for what is wrong with this country” or some other equally absurd right-wing or left-wing nonsensical rubbish? Television scheduling is called ‘Programming’ for a reason and to suppose for a second anything less is to consign your intellect to the garbage bin, and abandon your morality into the hands of The Fascists who long ago learned that ‘he who controls the News controls The People’. You need to wake up, the News is never what you think it is. News is about ‘Control’, News is about keeping you compliant. The News is about killing Democracy with carefully chosen soft words and a bucket full of fear

In a Democracy ‘The People’ are ‘The State’. Any attack by any clerk or servant of The State upon any individual or body of ‘The People’ - no matter the justification - is an act of Perfidious Sedition for there can be no Justice in a Country ruled by Criminals. ‘True Democracy’ is not hard to realize, indeed in this modern high tech world it is probably the first chance we have had since the time of the ‘Greek City States’ to achieve it fully. This of course is the very reason why the patricians at the urging of their Masters are trying so very hard to seize back control of the internet. It’s a Pandora’s Box of terror for them - they fear it precisely because it empowers ‘The People’ and undermines their false authority. It is why they work so hard to keep you all divided. To keep you all ill-informed, to cloud your vision and feed your hates, to strengthen your ‘Fear of the Other’...

Remember always that they desire your apathy and that they appeal to the ignoble side of our Human Nature for they are ‘The Deceiver’.

“Cowardly are they who on discovering their slavery ask their masters for bread” – Kanjin Tor

Finally - do not sit back and think that others will create this Utopia of a ‘True Democracy’ for you. That is but a lame excuse for you to do nothing; a pretext to watch the world go to hell in a basket as you remain safe whilst other - more courageous hearts - undertake the jeopardy that is rightfully thine own. Such mealy-mouthed cop outs are an evasion of your duty and a denial of your responsibility to the world, to each other, and to your children’s future. You and I must right now, this instant, rebel against their hegemony if we are to save the world. Sitting back and hoping for the best is craven behaviour, and such inaction cannot long soothe the need of our urgent exigency.

Good Luck

Kanjin Tor

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