Monday, 28 April 2014

The Absolute Rule.

“The conditionality regime will recast the relationship between The Citizen and The State from one centred on ‘Entitlement’ to one centred on a contractual concept that provides a range of support in return for claimant’s meeting and explicit set of responsibilities, with a sanctions regime to encourage compliance” – Iain Duncan Smith

Within this short sentence Iain Duncan Smith reveals the full magnitude of The Tories hate filled right-wing ideology. It exposes their conceited belief of superiority, their arrogant conviction that ‘They’ are ‘The State’, their haughty self-assurance that somehow they have the absolute right to sanction their fellow citizens if they do not meet some arbitrary set of standards [and more on that later] and it shows us all their total and utter contempt for the aspirations and endeavours of the ordinary men and women of Great Britain.

But let us take a closer look at the full meaning of Iain Duncan Smith’s little bit of bilious prose shall we?

‘Conditionality’ means - ‘To impose a set of conditions upon another person to coerce them into doing what you want’. And the frightening thing is that they are not even bothering any longer to sugar coat this truth, they state it openly at the end.

But whilst you’re sat there thinking about that and what it really means let us get something else out of the way immediately - once and for all time.

In a democracy ‘The People’ are ‘The State’ and its government is always subservient to ‘The People’. This is an ABSOLUTE RULE. The exact moment when a government can - without express permission from ‘The People’ - start a war, or inflict sanctions upon its own citizens, kill people in foreign lands, or impose a vexatious excise upon ‘The People’, and that its clerks can and do enrich themselves at the expense of ‘The People’ is the exact moment that ‘Democracy’ dies and ‘Totalitarianism’ begins.

So now that you have had time to think about it for a few moments let’s get back to the word ‘Conditionality’. The implications of their use of this word are considerable. It supposes somehow, that they have assumed the right to do as they wish to their fellow citizens, the very people who pay their wages. Somehow these deluded vermin having gotten themselves into a position within government, have then twisted the idea of Service into one of Dominance and thus now imagine themselves untouchable by ‘The People’ and can therefore act against the rest of society with impunity and a freedom from Just Retribution.

Truly these Traitors imagine that we will continue to accept their continued criminality. And let us not quibble about calling them ‘Traitors’ for indeed that is what they are. In breaking their oath ‘To Serve The People’ they have turned coat [Turncoat] and betrayed all of us with their grasping, greedy, self serving, avarice, and their contemptible disloyalty towards the rest of us as they seek ever more ways to service the needs of their chosen masters in the corporate world.

Understand this point well – in a Democracy everything services the need of ‘The People’. All Business is done to serve the need of the citizenry and create for them a profitable and worthwhile [worth the while] job and existence. Anything which services the need of Business above the exigency of 'The People' is therefore a crime of ‘Treason’ committed against all of ‘The People’. This fundamental Truth is the difference between Capitalism and Democracy and the two can never be compatible bed fellows. Capitalism is by design exploitative of ‘The People’, whereas Democracy is for and by ‘The People’, and if you cannot understand that it is more than possible to create a Nation based on a non exploitative method of Business then frankly my friends you need to educate yourself and stop listening to the drivel that comes out of the Governments department of misinformation.

Let us now turn to their Treacherous idea that somehow they have the right to sanction [punish] ‘The People’.

In a democracy ‘The People’ are ‘The State’ and its government is always subservient to ‘The People’. This is an ABSOLUTE RULE.

Let me say that again...

In a democracy ‘The People’ are ‘The State’ and ONLY ‘The People’ may make up Laws and or ‘Sanction’ a fellow citizen. And this sanction can only be undertaken after all of ‘The People’ have voted upon the decision whether or not to sanction the individual. I hope this clarifies and eradicates from your mind once and for all time this design of theirs that they somehow have a right to ‘Sanction You’ - because they don’t.

In the same way that you do not give your next door neighbour the power to take away your life whenever they want, or have your family thrown out of their home onto the streets, is the same limit of power that governance should have. Only a vote by ‘The People’ to enact Laws can do those things in a democracy, anything else is Fascism. No ‘Sanction’ as a choice of your servants can ever, under any circumstance, be considered lawful in a democracy.

Lastly let us look at the arbitrary ‘Set of Standards’ of behaviour that these traitors are trying to impose upon society.

In a democracy ‘The People’ are ‘The State’ and its government is always subservient to ‘The People’. This is an ABSOLUTE RULE.

When a Servant can impose upon you - rules and standards of behaviour - but refuses to abide by these same standards then ‘The Servant is made King’ and ‘The People are made Slaves’.

Think about that as you go through your day, think about all the times these last three years [and we can as easily go back through previous governments] and remember all the times that these Clerks, these servants of ours have committed atrocious acts of perfidy against ‘The State’ and walked away free. Think about all their occasions of fraudulent expense claims, think about all the times these Traitors have been caught red handed with their hands in the trough of Public Finances profiting themselves at our expense and walked away scot free because ‘IT IS THEY AND  NOT WE WHO  MAKE THE LAWS’ - then remember this -  “The ‘Heart of Darkness’ in a ‘Counterfeit Democracy’ is a triumvirate of Politicians pretending to ‘difference’ in order to bamboozle the electorate in to believing that they have a choice when in point of fact no choice exists. Such co-operation between Patricians seldom bodes well for the plebeian classes, for no thief or murderer in history has ever voted for their own execution”.

These Traitors do not even abide by their own rules let alone ours... and that my friends is Fascism, that my friends is Great Britain, and my friends - that is something only you can change.

Good luck.

Kanjin Tor

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