Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I am not ashamed to be British just because some ignorant little racists voted UKIP to legitimise their bigotry and prejudice; that infantile and utterly pathetic vote by the racists of Britain is not what makes being British shameful. What makes being British ‘shameful’ goes much deeper than the outcome of a vote in the European Elections for some Lying, Thieving, Hypocrites, who claim that they hate the EU and want to leave it; but then stand for Election in the very assembly they so loathe. That vote is just the symptom of a greater evil.

No that is not what is shameful about being British. What is shameful is the ignominy visited upon this nation over decades by the covert fascists of Neo-Liberalism. They have placed upon our children’s shoulders, a stain so great on the dignity of this land that it almost wipes away the honour we gained as a people during our finest hour, as we stood alone against the Fascist Regime of The Greater German Reich in 1940.
What is shameful is that for nigh on 40 years the Far Right have waged a constant war upon our collective morality, our education systems, and our communities. They have wrecked a devastation so immense upon our society over these last 40 years that now, here in 2014, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers; ‘this merry England’ - has fallen at last into the morass that is Fascism and become that which our forefathers fought so bravely against during our darkest days.

That we now have people – 4.5 million of them – who believe that voting for a racist fascist scumbag like Nigel Farage is a legitimate choice, is the inevitable outcome of an Agenda set down by the Likes of Margaret Thatcher, Kissinger, Nixon, Friedman, to bring the world into line with a doctrine of Totalitarian Corporatism first envisioned in 1969.

The 60’s terrified the Fascists far more than World War 2 ever did. It was the closest we humans ever got to ‘The People’ having ‘The Power’ to change the world, and eradicate the despotism of the Super Elite [who had also funded Hitler] once and for all time. Nixon coined the term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ in order to confuse the minds of the voters and make them believe that people who challenged those in power  were crazy, nutters, deluded, fools; and it worked... eventually.

These days if anybody tells you that “the orthodoxy of tri-party representations is the problem not the solution” they are vilified. The only acceptable fourth party has become one which mirrors and then magnifies the criminality of the already established Neo-Liberal mainstream parties. People blindly vote for the very people who have vowed to destroy the things our forefathers fought to protect and build, such as the NHS, the Welfare State, Decency, Equality, Freedom of Speech.

Thus do the super rich, The Super Elite [who own all the media] - propagandise the masses with endless tales of fear and dread about ‘The other’ in an effort to stabilize their failing system of Global Domination. Television Programs do exactly what they say on the tin – ‘They Program You’. And by the by, it was The Nazi’s of Germany who first grasped the power of propaganda through the newsreel, [something Lord Haw Haw was punished for by the Allies at the cessation of World War 2].

No the shame about being British is not the outcome for one vote result in a European Election, the shame is that we as a people have fallen so low. That somehow people have, over 40 years, been so bombarded with a Right Wing agenda and so dumbed down by those who rule us, that they now willingly vote for a man whose Agenda is ‘Hate the Other’ and who proposes to bring a deeper ruin upon the heads of his followers as he enriches his clandestine [and not so covert] – backers by privatising absolutely everything our parents built.

That is what is shameful about being ‘British’.

As to those septic souls who voted to legitimise their racism... I name them ‘Collaborators’ and will spare them no further pity...

Kanjin Tor.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Spring time for Nigel and Scotland....

In a Democracy ‘The People’ are ‘The State’. – Kanjin Tor

If the stalwart people of that brave nation to the north of the ‘Liddel Water’ boundary vote to cede from the Union, then we can be assured that it is a cry which springs from the depths of the collective soul of The Scottish People for ‘liberty’. Their cessation will be the ultimate rejection of London’s ‘Imperial Capitalism’ and Westminster’s grubby, underhanded, and ultimately treacherous - ‘Real-Politik’ of Corporatism. It will be a yearning not for a Hollywood Style imagined past full of ‘Brave Hearts’; but rather a craving by the Scottish People people for a ‘New Nation’ based on Justice, Equality, and Fellowship; for in the dynamic northern realm of Alba - the people have received very little of those mercies from the Robber Barons to the South who have so dominated their far hills over the past 300 years.

But do not be mistaken that the rampant bullshit which emanates from the political craphats that inhabit the halls of Holyrood is in any way different from the bullshit which our own bunch of shysters in Westminster progress; both sets of villains [by and large] are only in it for themselves and fit only for a penal complex.

I hope for the Scottish peoples sake that if they do vote for freedom, that they also demand a total change of political system, and opt for a True Democracy. A Nation governed by the people where all laws and other vital decisions are made only by the people, but that is something I doubt very much that the powers that be will tolerate. Oh I can easily envision them letting the Scots have their *cough* independence. I can see with clarity that they will be allowed the illusion of self-autonomy but it will be exactly that - an illusion; a mirage for them to wallow in as though something has really change, but it will all be ‘castles –in-the-air’, a spectacle of liberty without any basis in reality, for The Power Elite do not tolerate change which threatens their dominion. No rich and powerful man has ever voted to share his wealth or his power. Any Politician telling you otherwise is delusional or a con-artist with an agenda of authority in his secret heart.

All of which brings me rather nicely to the topic of Nigel Farage, and the extreme right wing neo-liberals [Fascists] that have so captured the hearts and minds of 4.5 million of you here in Great Britain, and many millions of others spread across Europe.

Every single one of these political right wing extremists is a liar, a charlatan, a fraudster, a thief, a criminal, a gangster, and ultimately a Fascist.

Nigel Farage says to his UKIP fan base ‘I want to leave Europe’ and then stands for election as a Member of the European Parliament. That is like Hitler gassing Jews and then wanting to move to Israel to join a Kibbutz.

These people, these Fascists, are not going to vote away their privilege once they get elected into power, they are not going to give back your Tax Money [which they get paid to sit on the seats of the EU Legislature - but rarely attend]. They are not going to get elected and then turn around and say to all of us “Look good people, I do not want to rule you, here take back your power, rule yourselves, form a truly democratic state, make your own laws, share the wealth equally”... Of course they are not going to do that, are you fucking insane? Politicians who use demagoguery to get themselves elected do not ‘Love the People’. Such creatures get elected on hate, they hate; hating others is what they do, they are hateful (Hate Full) they are filled with hate, how many ways do I have to say this before it sinks into your cranium and you grasp the fact that scum who preach racial hate will turn that hate onto you sooner or later.... [and it’s usually sooner].

It may be spring time for Nigel Farage and UKIP, but their elections results are a foreshadow of a desolate winter for the rest of us.

Across the globe the Super Elite are engineering a staged takeover of Nation States, lurching each one ever more to the extreme right. They have chosen their political pawns, their puppets who will appeal to the masses with their charming bonhomie and their lying smile. They have stage managed their ascendancies in places like Hungary and France and the UK with a constant bombardment of propaganda, [and in other countries, places where the memory of 1940 is still strong, they have used more brutal methods]. These neo-liberal scum have launched a unyielding onslaught against Human Rights, our Justice Systems, our Education systems; they have removed the rights of individuals and confused our minds with rhetoric about ‘fearing of others’ so that you will cede to them without a fight, your power and responsibilities as they, safe and comfortable, forge their covert Super State. And all the while their minions, their lackeys, their lickspittles in the News Media relentlessly harangue the populace with tales of dread fear and hate against the poorest, most vulnerable, in our societies. The rich get richer and the poor are cast to the winds, and yet still you are convinced to vote for the very monsters that bring deliberate ruination to your family. And Nigel, making plans, tells you he wants to leave Europe and collects his wage packet?

Benito Mussolini famously said that “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” yet – [like all fascists do] - he was twisting the truth a little to serve his end. ‘Capitalism’ is the total domination of ‘The State’ by the ‘Corporate World’. Everything is subservient to this need, and nothing can or will be allowed to interfere with the design and desire of the corporate. That is what Fascism is, it is a world dominated by the few, through the medium of Corporatism, for the enslavement of all. It is what we used to call - back in the day when we had balls and a brain cell - ‘Tyranny’.

Nigel Farage and the UKIP aristocracy [because all fascist think themselves better than everybody else don’t they?] - and all the other right wing bastards across Europe, may not be openly wearing black uniforms yet. They may not yet be greeting each other with a salute and a "Sieg heil!" (Hail victory!) - but we have already witnessed them acclaiming their victories with raised fists as their puppet media shrieks about the political earthquake of their chosen Gods. And four and a half million of you ignorant, immoral, frightened little Britons, merrily gloat that this is a victory and fuck those immigrant scum blah blah blah... so I will leave you with this thought.

Such hate towards ‘The Other’ leaves you with nowhere to turn; for on every border all you will be able to see - is other people who have been convinced to hate other people who in turn will hate other people. What Then? What do you think your Gods will do when their rhetoric is failing and they see ‘The Other’ on our borders. Will they see the error of their ways, will they denounce their former path and come out in favour of humanism, sharing, compassion; or will they see an ‘Opportunity’ and demand ‘Breathing Room’?

If I was Scottish and considering a vote for Independence from England, I would be looking with vigilant eyes towards the south; because a Nationalistic Leader like Nigel Farage, a man who talks openly about ‘his Army’ and preaches hate is not a joke, it’s a fucking threat...

Good Luck Scotland.

Kanjin Tor

Monday, 19 May 2014

The History of Gods, Humans, and Monsters.

If experience teaches us anything about economically tough times it is this. When money is short and there is a dearth of resources - the true nature of men is revealed.

Some Men stand and help their fellows simply because they are ‘fellow men’. They do this, not because they seek recognition for their goodness, but simply because they are good. They help others in time of want, despite their own personal hardships, because they have found within themselves the courage and fortitude to face reality as it is and refuse to surrender their compassion for others to the crisis of the moment. Such Men help others in tough times because to them ‘Fellowship’ is as natural as breathing and it marks them out as special because - suffering under the yolk of the same exigency as the rest of us they did not abandon their Humanity for the comfort of their personal need.

But then there is the other type of Homo-Sapien, the selfish, self absorbed, the morally pathetic and weak minded sort! You know the ones I am talking about, you see them everywhere shouting about immigrants, and blaming ‘Outsiders’ for their plight. These types of Human-Being always look for a Messiah figure, somebody they can surrender their personal power to in the hope that these Gods will save them from their reduced state. These cowards will follow their chosen God Figure and pay them homage no matter what act of perfidious deceit or infamous calamity they might commit. The tougher the times the greater do they abandon decency to follow their God. These Plebs make excuse after excuse for their God’s behaviour, and always, always, their God gives his followers a scapegoat; somebody to blame for the ills of their country, proclaiming ‘Look it’s their fault, follow me and we will persecute them to prosperity’ and it is always a ‘LIE’.

When you surrender your integrity to the exigency of the moment you lessen your soul. Yielding your morality into the hands of politicians, charlatans who promise much but deliver only misery as they steal ever more of our resources for themselves, can and will only ever result in one thing – ‘Death’. And if your intellect is so infantile, so puny and frail that you cannot grasp this simple fact then I consider you not as a ‘Human’ but instead as a ‘Monster’.

But there is one thing I can promise you with absolute certainty – Such Gods do not care for their minions and will ultimately use them without scruple, and in the end they will cast such followers to the wind without nary a thought.

The simple lesson of History is this – ‘You cannot dance with the Devil without getting burned’.

Good luck.

Kanjin Tor