Monday, 19 May 2014

The History of Gods, Humans, and Monsters.

If experience teaches us anything about economically tough times it is this. When money is short and there is a dearth of resources - the true nature of men is revealed.

Some Men stand and help their fellows simply because they are ‘fellow men’. They do this, not because they seek recognition for their goodness, but simply because they are good. They help others in time of want, despite their own personal hardships, because they have found within themselves the courage and fortitude to face reality as it is and refuse to surrender their compassion for others to the crisis of the moment. Such Men help others in tough times because to them ‘Fellowship’ is as natural as breathing and it marks them out as special because - suffering under the yolk of the same exigency as the rest of us they did not abandon their Humanity for the comfort of their personal need.

But then there is the other type of Homo-Sapien, the selfish, self absorbed, the morally pathetic and weak minded sort! You know the ones I am talking about, you see them everywhere shouting about immigrants, and blaming ‘Outsiders’ for their plight. These types of Human-Being always look for a Messiah figure, somebody they can surrender their personal power to in the hope that these Gods will save them from their reduced state. These cowards will follow their chosen God Figure and pay them homage no matter what act of perfidious deceit or infamous calamity they might commit. The tougher the times the greater do they abandon decency to follow their God. These Plebs make excuse after excuse for their God’s behaviour, and always, always, their God gives his followers a scapegoat; somebody to blame for the ills of their country, proclaiming ‘Look it’s their fault, follow me and we will persecute them to prosperity’ and it is always a ‘LIE’.

When you surrender your integrity to the exigency of the moment you lessen your soul. Yielding your morality into the hands of politicians, charlatans who promise much but deliver only misery as they steal ever more of our resources for themselves, can and will only ever result in one thing – ‘Death’. And if your intellect is so infantile, so puny and frail that you cannot grasp this simple fact then I consider you not as a ‘Human’ but instead as a ‘Monster’.

But there is one thing I can promise you with absolute certainty – Such Gods do not care for their minions and will ultimately use them without scruple, and in the end they will cast such followers to the wind without nary a thought.

The simple lesson of History is this – ‘You cannot dance with the Devil without getting burned’.

Good luck.

Kanjin Tor

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