Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Torture, Racism, and Elephants.

“What win I, if I gain the thing I seek? A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy. Who buys a minute's mirth to wail a week? Or sells eternity to get a toy? For one sweet grape who will the vine destroy? Or what fond beggar, but to touch the crown, would with the sceptre straight be strucken down?” ― William Shakespeare, The Rape of Lucrece

Why can’t the Right stop killing people?

Good questions...

On the Eleventh of September, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Three, the international terrorist organisation known as the ‘Central Intelligence Agency’, on the orders of Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, and at the urging of Milton Friedman and his highly trained [Anti-Democratic] Economic Advisors [The Chicago Boys] initiated a violent and bloody coup in the southern tip of South America in a country called Chile.

For almost 4 years previously the C.I.A and their masters in the American Corporate, had been carrying out a clandestine campaign to undermine the Chilean People, their Democratically elected Government, and the country’s economy, in a futile attempt to oust the 29th President of Chile ‘Doctor Salvador Allende’ from office and instil a more greed based system of governance, [I.E. the system we have all come to know as - ‘Fuck the people; we are going to rape you all’]. Unfortunately all these conspirators had to show for their scheming and vast expenditure was a dramatic increase in popular support for Salvador Allende by the intellectually advanced, and increasingly socialist, people of that great southern nation. It was a failure on a colossal scale...

Thus on the 11th of September 1973 they instigated a violent takeover of Chile by their chosen man ‘General Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte’ - who on their orders [directly or indirectly does not matter] began a reign of terror which saw the murder or disappearance of over 3000 left thinking Academics, Union Leaders, Politicians, Students, and the mass torture of tens of thousands of ordinary men and women just like you and me. But the C.I.A. did not stop there; they did this exact same thing in Argentina, Brazil, and all across the continent of South America with varying degrees of success. Indeed in some countries the ‘Disappearances’ [Murders] numbered well into the 40,000 to 100,000 [thousand] of magnitude, with even more tortured and imprisoned in horrific conditions for years. It was a success on a Colossal Scale and incidentally plunged the continent of South America into a downwards economic spiral that continues to this day. It must have sent an almost orgasmic shiver of pleasure down the spines of all those pigs in Washington and London who were involved in this horrific conspiracy. [What you didn’t know we were involved? You really must start paying attention].

The real issue despite the claims of the Neo-Cons that it was to stop ‘Communism’ was of course ‘Money’. Corporatism does not allow for little people. Corporatism cares not a jot for the mother struggling to feed her family, or the workers suffering under dreadful conditions whilst their bosses reap all the rewards.... Corporatism wants only one thing... ‘Profit for Themselves’, and trust me on this when I say– there is always a ‘Themselves’ if you look hard enough; individuals right at the top who make a decision to blight the lives of men in order to profit ‘Themselves’...

It is what selfish, grasping, greedy, egocentric little Right Wing Corporatist Scumbags call ‘Looking out for Number One’.

And that essentially is what every conflict around the world since 1973 has been about. It is about someone somewhere finding out that ‘He has to share the wealth of a Nation with The People of that nation’ and not liking that fact very much at all. It is about some grasping little men in suits seeing an opportunity to fuck the people of a nation for personal profit and deciding that as he/she/they will undoubtedly not be forced to fight in it – that a ‘War’ will serve his bank balance very nicely...

“All wars are planned wars” – Kanjin Tor

No nation on Earth has the right to attack another nation or intercede in the internal affairs of another people. Yet this is precisely what the International Terrorist Organisation known as the C.I.A. does, indeed it is its main purpose. They forever seek new and exciting ways to kill millions of other people in other countries via clandestine [and increasingly not so secret] ways; and thence - infect that Nation with some form of social upheaval [civil war etc]. That they will and also do - regularly manoeuvre themselves into positions of authority to manipulate naturally occurring disasters to their own ends in order to achieve extraordinarily undemocratic outcomes - is also true.

Of course - the goal is ever to forge a path for their true Masters ‘The Corporatists’ to enter a realm by *any and all means* in order that these Companies can then extract the wealth of said nation, convert it, and thence transport their ill-gotten gains to their overseas bank accounts. Naomi Klien calls this whole cycle ‘Disaster Capitalism’ and I urge you all to read her book ‘The Shock Doctrine’.

The main difference between the now and the not so distant past of 1973 is that the Neo-Cons who have taken control of so much of the world are much more blatant about their criminality and barely bother any more to hide their calculating and wicked exploits.

So there in its rawest form is the answer to ‘Why Can’t the Right Stop Killing People’?

Now some Right Wingers [whingers] might, and in point of fact all probably will try to defend their beloved Neo-Cons and their ‘Free Market Economy’ and point out that Tony Blair killed over a million people [as though this detracts from the essential fact that the Right are still ‘looking out for number one’] – but I lay claim to the fact that Tony Blair is not a Lefty... I would claim that all evidence points out to him being the ultimate modern day ‘Milton Friedman Acolyte’ and that he is the true successor to Henry Kissinger’s mantle of ‘International Roaming Ambassador for Death and Destruction’ and is in point of fact a virulent and sociopathic right wing extremist. Blair even told us in the 1990’s that he admired Margaret Thatcher, a creature who so loved despots that she called many of them ‘personal and close friends’... We should have known then what he was eh..?

Nevertheless the answer to the question ‘Why Can’t The Right Stop Killing People?’ remains the same...


“The angry men know that this golden age (of fossil fuels) has gone; but they cannot find the words for the constraints they hate. Clutching their copies of Atlas Shrugged, they flail around, accusing those who would impede them of communism, fascism, religiosity, misanthropy, but knowing at heart that these restrictions are driven by something far more repulsive to the unrestrained man: the decencies we owe to other human beings.” ― George Monbiot

All of which brings me in a slightly circuitous but relevant route to the real point of today’s topic, which is Nelson Mandela, The Right Honourable Mr. David William Donald Cameron MP, and Mr Shaker Aamer.

In Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, and a dizzying number of other countries where the western Governments backed, funded, aided and abetted, right wing extremist misrule and their mass murdering and slaughter of innocent human beings, every one of these vile regimes that we labelled *Friend* ‘Disappeared’ inconvenient people such as Union Leaders, Academics, Political Activists etc etc. They ALL tortured tens of thousands of people. They all imposed laws which banned protest and public discussion of their governments’ criminality. They ALL imprisoned people in horrific conditions, sometimes for decades. And each and every one of them came looking to Britain for help [and or in some cases ‘Sanctuary’ when they were finally overthrown by their valiant people] and were welcomed with open arms by successive governments.

But what is past is past and cannot be undone; we can however – as a people – learn from our history, [good and bad], and force our so called ‘political representatives’ to stop acting on behalf of the criminals in the Corporate World [most of them] and start protecting us ‘The People’ from their vile excesses.
When Margaret Thatcher branded Nelson Mandela a ‘Terrorist’ the rest of her spineless followers did exactly the same thing. Not one of those powerful ‘Conservatives’ stepped out from under her shadow and said “Nelson Mandela is a freedom fighter striving to free his people from the awful and murderous repression of a white supremacist and fascist regime”... Not One.

Indeed, David Cameron at a time when that great man was still languishing in prison, in conditions which could only be described as *inhuman* - was busy swanning about South Africa on a freebie trip sponsored by Strategy Network International (SNI), a ‘cough’ firm that that was fashioned expressly to lobby against the sanctions imposed by the international community against the regime of South Africa. Tories did not like to sanction Fascists then and frankly ladies and gentlemen, nothing has changed today.

Nowadays of course they make a big show of being *liberalised*, of being more socially aware, of being urbane and much more ‘in touch with the people’. And yet strangely despite paying huge amounts of money to PR firms who diligently try to convince us all that The Tories [and it is the same with the other 3 main stream political parties] are not ‘Racist Imperialists’, they still back, fund, aid and abet regimes around the world who continue to ‘Disappear’ [Murder] Academics, Union Leaders, Politicians, Students, Political Activists, and continue with the imprisonment and mass torture of tens of thousands of ordinary men and women just like *You and Me*.

“If it looks like an Elephant, shits like an Elephant, and has a trunk; the chances are it’s an Elephant– Kanjin Tor

Shaker Aamer is not a freedom fighter struggling to free his people he is just a man. He is not involved in some wild eyed conspiracy to slaughter millions of British people he is just a man. Shaker Aamer has never planted bombs as a foot soldier of an Islamic Jihadist Movement [most of whom seem to be funded by the C.I.A.] he is just a man. Shaker Aamer has never been party to the planning of and or implementation of a Global Islamic Terrorist Network as a part of its Command Structure, he is just a man. Shaker Aamer indeed has never once in all the years of his imprisonment ever been linked to or charged with any criminal activity whatsoever, and yet this man who has twice now been cleared for release is still in prison and has been subjected by American forces [the C.I.A.] to regular beatings, lengthy interrogations, exposure to extreme cold, sensory deprivation, stress positions, white noise, sleep deprivation, long-term solitary confinement and forced feeding, and of course ‘electro-shock’ therapy [though I doubt there is little in the way of therapeutic value to this brutality].
Some might say “but the Americans do not use Electro-Shock, that is an outrageous slander on a decent ally”, I would reply “Who the fuck do you think invented this form of torture and made it into a science?” [by the way Margaret Thatcher and company were selling electro-shock equipment to the regimes of South America – evidence of which was uncovered by a British journalist who was then murdered... but I digress]

I cannot change the past, but I can point out that The Right Honourable Mr. David William Donald Cameron MP - [he of the South African, Apartheid Busting, all expenses paid Holiday/Trip of 1989] - has been the Prime-Minister of Great Britain for 3 years now. I can point out that he has known about the plight of Mister Shaker Aamer and of his innocence [or guilt] and has done precisely nothing about it. I can point out that the ‘extraordinary rendition’ [kidnapping and torture] of human beings by the C.I.A. through British Airspace has and continues to go on. I can point out that Mister Shaker Aamer has at no point been charged with a crime [large or small]. I can point out that his condition and torture continues under his (David Cameron's) watch, and finally - I can point out that under INTERNATIONAL LAW this constitutes a crime and that ALL those associated with the perpetration of these horrific crimes [whether by active participation and or an omission of duty] are complicit in said crime.

Any Nation that carries out the prolonged torture of human beings is not civilised, is not moral, and is not a democracy, for which Citizen in a Democracy would ever vote to allow his own torture?
There can be only 3 reasons why The Right Honourable Mr. David William Donald Cameron MP, First Lord of The Treasury, Prime-Minister of Great Britain has done nothing to seek the emancipation of Mister Shaker Aamer.

1/ Shaker Aamer is in fact a brutal Terrorist and so dangerous to the State that he must be imprisoned, in which case he must be charged for his crimes and exposed to the world for our censure.

2/ Shaker Aamer is innocent of all crimes but will threaten the whole system by exposing as fact the outrageous treatment at the hands of his tormentors and our governments complicity, that they dare not release him less we The People censure them and cast them into the same pit of hell in which Mister Aamer currently resides.

3/ That the Right Honourable Mr. David William Donald Cameron MP is nothing so much than a ‘Racist’ and a ‘Fascist’ who so hates people of different colour, ethnicity, or status, that he is willing to let an innocent man suffer to soothe his personal vitriolic hate of ‘The Other’.

Now whilst I am convinced David Cameron is a racist in some ways, I feel certain he cares little about us knowing the truth of his personal views on such things. Similarly I am convinced by all reports and findings by independent  legal representatives that Mr Shaker Aamer is not a Terrorist hell bent on the destruction of British and American Society [or at least wasn’t before The C.I.A. got their mitts on him and applied 150 volts to his genitals, which I am sure you will agree would turn even Yoda towards the dark side].

Ergo the only possible reason left for us to consider is that the Establishment is frightened of exposing their SYSTEMATIC TORTURE of human beings as a means of coercion and interrogation to the People of the World and the possible outcomes this exposure as FACT might mean for themselves. This would explain exactly why The Right Honourable Mr. David William Donald Cameron MP, Prime-Minister of Great Britain, has done nothing to secure the freedom of an innocent man whom it is his DUTY to protect.

In Chile ‘General Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte’ killed thousands and tortured many tens of thousands more innocent human beings. He did all this at the behest of his masters in Washington, who ordered the whole thing at the orders of their Masters in the Corporate World. When in the end he had to flee he ran to Britain and his stalwart ally Margaret Thatcher who despite his house arrest in 1998 awaiting extradition for Crimes against Humanity [Genocide] she visited him and called him friend. Eventually Jack Straw released Pinochet in 2000 on *cough* Medical Grounds without him ever having faced Trial for his horrific crimes. [This after a very public PR campaign led by a leading Thatcherite ‘Patrick Robertson’].

Pinochet never did get what he deserved; the elite Corporatists look after their own, and after all he knew all their secrets and had served their needs diligently; brutally imposing their system of greed and governance on a people deeply rooted in a compassionate and intellectually advanced ‘Society’.

Nelson Mandela stood for Equality and the Corporatists [Neo-Liberals] hated him for it, he threatened their profits... [or so they thought]. I wonder then - what possible reason does David Cameron have for so hating Mister Shaker Aamer, what loathing lingers in his heart that he would abandon him to a fate so terrible that it makes even Nelsons 27 years in jail on Robben Island seem like a cake walk....?

I suspect Aristophanes was on the right track....

“Look at the orators in our republics; as long as they are poor, both state and people can only praise their uprightness; but once they are fattened on the public funds, they conceive a hatred for justice, plan intrigues against the people and attack the democracy.” ― Aristophanes; 446 BC – 386 BC.

Good luck.

Kanjin Tor

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wars are made by laws.

The Poor do not have the power to enact decree’s which will serve and protect their interests, that primacy is the preserve of The Rich.

Indeed ‘Statutes’ are only ever allowed by our Patricians if they serve the purpose of protecting The Rich from the vengeance of The Poor. That is what ‘Statutes’ are for; not to order and create a good society for the betterment of all, but rather as a barrier, a bulwark to defend the established criminal elite from the just retribution of the ordinary working man and woman. ‘Statutes’ are designed, from the ground up, to trap ‘The Common Man’ in an endless cycle of poverty, helplessness, and desperation. The plan of course, is to enable the elite to reap the maximum amount of reward for the minimum amount of effort, and thus, to achieve this utterly unbalanced and unmerited position of affluence they must perforce find a way to deny a just and fair share of this worlds resources to the common man. Every argument ever levelled in favour of a ‘Free Market Economy’ is therefore nonsense; your poverty is as planned and strategized for as any war, indeed that is what it is – a class war.

Understand this point clearly. ‘Poverty is not an accident of mismanagement by our Government; it is a deliberate and considered Policy’. What is more, this ‘evil design’ is the same the world over, the form may change slightly but The Plan does not.

The sole purpose of all state propaganda [in all its variety] is then - to keep ‘The Common Man’ unbalanced and divided. This is what Neo-Liberalism is all about. It is why the elite have constantly attacked our system of education. It is why they harp on about immigrants. It is why our Prime-Minister with straight face and unashamed demeanour harps on about ‘British Values’ [as though by including our working class goodness and mixing it in with their utter lack of integrity they can wash themselves clean of all the guilt that they and their ancestors have harvested for their souls].

Be not deceived by their language; the motivation which drives politicians [and their masters in the corporate world] towards grand theft and mass murder is not the same desperation as a man stealing bread from a shop in order to survive for theirs is an entirely different level of wickedness.

It can be no surprise to anybody with a critical eye and a modicum of intelligence that the majority of politicians become rich once ‘Elected’. These creatures look down upon the rest of us with arrogant condescension and contempt. Their desire is not to serve us - but to be served. From the vantage of their lofted station they seemingly consider the rest of us as nothing but disposable serfs whose value is not measured by our creativity and humanity, but rather by the amount of profit that they can harvest from each of us for themselves and their true masters.

That essentially is what Laws are for; they are the first tool of the criminals who seek ever to rob the rest of us of our wealth. Laws are a confidence trick designed to keep us all compliant to the will and caprice of the few.

Thus are Wars made.

Kanjin Tor