Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wars are made by laws.

The Poor do not have the power to enact decree’s which will serve and protect their interests, that primacy is the preserve of The Rich.

Indeed ‘Statutes’ are only ever allowed by our Patricians if they serve the purpose of protecting The Rich from the vengeance of The Poor. That is what ‘Statutes’ are for; not to order and create a good society for the betterment of all, but rather as a barrier, a bulwark to defend the established criminal elite from the just retribution of the ordinary working man and woman. ‘Statutes’ are designed, from the ground up, to trap ‘The Common Man’ in an endless cycle of poverty, helplessness, and desperation. The plan of course, is to enable the elite to reap the maximum amount of reward for the minimum amount of effort, and thus, to achieve this utterly unbalanced and unmerited position of affluence they must perforce find a way to deny a just and fair share of this worlds resources to the common man. Every argument ever levelled in favour of a ‘Free Market Economy’ is therefore nonsense; your poverty is as planned and strategized for as any war, indeed that is what it is – a class war.

Understand this point clearly. ‘Poverty is not an accident of mismanagement by our Government; it is a deliberate and considered Policy’. What is more, this ‘evil design’ is the same the world over, the form may change slightly but The Plan does not.

The sole purpose of all state propaganda [in all its variety] is then - to keep ‘The Common Man’ unbalanced and divided. This is what Neo-Liberalism is all about. It is why the elite have constantly attacked our system of education. It is why they harp on about immigrants. It is why our Prime-Minister with straight face and unashamed demeanour harps on about ‘British Values’ [as though by including our working class goodness and mixing it in with their utter lack of integrity they can wash themselves clean of all the guilt that they and their ancestors have harvested for their souls].

Be not deceived by their language; the motivation which drives politicians [and their masters in the corporate world] towards grand theft and mass murder is not the same desperation as a man stealing bread from a shop in order to survive for theirs is an entirely different level of wickedness.

It can be no surprise to anybody with a critical eye and a modicum of intelligence that the majority of politicians become rich once ‘Elected’. These creatures look down upon the rest of us with arrogant condescension and contempt. Their desire is not to serve us - but to be served. From the vantage of their lofted station they seemingly consider the rest of us as nothing but disposable serfs whose value is not measured by our creativity and humanity, but rather by the amount of profit that they can harvest from each of us for themselves and their true masters.

That essentially is what Laws are for; they are the first tool of the criminals who seek ever to rob the rest of us of our wealth. Laws are a confidence trick designed to keep us all compliant to the will and caprice of the few.

Thus are Wars made.

Kanjin Tor

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