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‘There are two sides to every argument’ goes the saying, and it is this facile and rather stupid bit of infantile illogic upon which Western Governments, the World Press , and the Israeli Regime hang their whole rotten rhetoric and propaganda when they start to play mind games with us as they shout about Gaza and the ‘Palestinian Question/Problem’.

This phantasm that they have sold us all, this chimera that even if there are two sides to this argument that Palestinians are unreasonable innate terrorists who have no legitimacy is an absolute lie.

Let us get something straight right from the start here.

The Palestinians homeland of over a ‘Thousand Years’ was brutally, and without any Palestinian consent, ripped away from their control during the creation of the Israeli State. All crimes — on both sides — begin with this original injustice.

There is no ‘Palestinian Question/Problem’, in the same way that there was not, in Germany 1932, a ‘Jewish Question/Problem’. Strangely though - both of these fictions are proving to have the same ‘Final Solution’ by a Criminal Regime who created the Delusional Crisis in the first place.

And just what is this ‘Final Solution’ I talk of?

Well it is the same ‘Solution’ that is always banded about by criminal bastards in criminal regimes - Mass Expulsions, Ghettos, Concentration Camps, and Extermination Camps.

There is no difference between April 1, 1940 in Warsaw to the current situation in Gaza, NONE.
The Palestinians have ‘Tunnels’ cry the outraged Government in Tel-Aviv. Okay but the Jews in Warsaw had tunnels too, they were the sewers, and like the Modern Day Palestinians fighting for survival in Gaza the Jews rose up against their vile oppressors and took to the ‘Tunnels’ and offered resistance as best they could. 

What you didn’t know?

Here is something else akin to those times. Gaza is a Ghetto analogous to the Warsaw Ghetto, the Palestinians, through no choice of their own, have been forced into an small area so that they can be ‘contained’ and ‘controlled’, thus Israel has turned the whole zone into an 11 mile long x 4.5 miles wide ‘Concentration Camp’, and if you do not grasp that fact then you’re a fucking idiot and you need to go read a little about the population density and the inability of the people there to get out because of Israeli Walls and Israeli Machine Guns... another similarity to the Warsaw Ghetto.

Now of course, Gaza has become something else entirely. With the advent of Israel’s massive bombardment of Gaza, it has now been turned from a Bergen-Belsen type concentration point into a Israeli Auschwitz-Birkenau ‘Extermination Camp’  and one in which every hour a child is murdered by Tel-Aviv’s version of the Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD, who are happily carrying out their Masters implementation of the Final Solution to the ‘Palestinian Question’, the only difference is that [thus far] they are not gassing the Palestinians they are only bombing them into non-existence, [though for a Palestinian baby burning to death as Israeli white phosphorous attaches itself to Palestinian skin, this is probably a moot point].

Let us be honest... just for once... let us tell the truth about the ‘Palestinian Question’.

We ‘The British’ are the fathers of the original sin in Palestine. Our Government betrayed the Arab population there, we promised them that if they supported Britain in World War One they could have their independence and that we would secure for them the former ottoman Empires Territories, this notion included the area long known as (in Arabic) Filastin; aka Palestine.

This was utter ‘White Man’ Imperial arrogance of course. The whole of Palestine had been predominantly Arabic from the Seventh Century, and though the Ottoman Empire had conquered the region in 1516 it did not exterminate or remove the Arab population, instead it merely incorporated the area into their Empire leaving the indigenous Arab population in place. [It of course was not as simple as that or welcomed but Empires are seldom regarded as munificent benefactors by the conquered population are they?]
Never the less Britain promised them independence and it was all a Lie and one of the leading architects of this betrayal was a fellow called Herbert Louis Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel GCB OM GBE PC 6 November 1870 – 2 February 1963.

Herby was a Zionist, the official British version of his history is one of ‘A jolly good chap struggling to broker a deal between Jews and Arabs and solve the Palestine problem dontchaknow’.


I might add here as a brief aside... he was one of those who - alongside Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain - promoted an appeasement policy towards Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Anyway getting back to ‘The Palestinian Question’.

Herbybaby - in November 1914, not long after the outbreak of the First World War, (Remember that date.... it becomes important in a moment) wrote a lengthy memorandum which he circulated amongst his Cabinet Colleagues in the British Government entitled ‘The Future of Palestine’. In this momentous letter he outlined his grand design to make Palestine the home of the Jewish People under Great Britain’s dominion, and in which he stated “I am assured that the solution of the problem of Palestine which would be much the most welcome to the leaders and supporters of the Zionist movement throughout the world would be the annexation of the country to the British Empire. I believe that the solution would be cordially welcome also to the greater number of Jews who have not hitherto been interested in the Zionist movement”.

In 1916 the British Government covertly made promises to the Arabs that they would support Arab Independence if they supported Britain during WW1, it is common knowledge that the Arabs upheld their side of the bargain. What is often overlooked is that Britain did not, and what is even more glossed over and pooh-poohed by so called ‘Historians’ and the establishment is that they already had plans to make Palestine the solution to ‘The Jewish Question’ long debated in the West. Yet despite this underhanded backstabbing they issued the Anglo French Declaration of 1918 in which they stated [quote] “The goal envisaged by France and Great Britain in prosecuting in the East the War let loose by German ambition is the complete and final liberation of the peoples who have for so long been oppressed by the Turks, and the setting up of national governments and administrations deriving their authority from the free exercise of the initiative and choice of the indigenous populations.

In pursuit of those intentions, France and Great Britain agree to further and assist in the establishment of indigenous Governments and administrations in Syria and Mesopotamia which have already been liberated by the Allies, as well as in those territories which they are engaged in securing and recognizing these as soon as they are actually established.

Far from wishing to impose on the populations of those regions any particular institutions they are only concerned to ensure by their support and by adequate assistance the regular working of Governments and administrations freely chosen by the populations themselves; to secure impartial and equal justice for all; to facilitate the economic development of the country by promoting and encouraging local initiative; to foster the spread of education; and to put an end to the dissensions which Turkish policy has for so long exploited. Such is the task which the two Allied Powers wish to undertake in the liberated territories.” [Unquote].

This proclamation was widely circulated in every village/town/city of the former Ottoman Empire and it was widely believed, but the really interesting thing to notice about this proclamation was – how carefully it was worded to garner support from the Arabic world and yet left the issue of Palestine vague enough to allow for the coming betrayal towards a former ally.

The Right Honourable Herbert Louis Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel GCB OM GBE PC; was appointed ‘The High Commissioner for Palestine’ in 1920. It was from that moment that ‘The Palestinian Problem’ created by arrogant ‘Old White Men’ in Westminster and a Jewish Peer of the Realm [Herbybaby] began, this was ‘The Genesis’ of today’s unfolding tragedy in Gaza and the country known as ‘Filastin’.
We appointed a Jew who was also a rabid Zionist as the absolute power in Palestine. Of course the Arabs were going to be pissed off; of course the Palestinians were going to take unkindly to having their homes of over one thousand years being systematically ripped away from them and being given to what they would view as interlopers by a Zionist arsehole of the first order.

In 1920 the non-Jewish Palestinians revolted against this imposed rule and betrayal by the British and its Commissionaire, and again 1929, and then again 1936, [by which time HerbyBaby was long gone back to Westminster presumably to further the Zionist Agenda from the halls of power in Britain].

But again as an aside here it is interesting to report that ‘The Haycraft Royal Commission of Inquiry’ set up to investigate the causes of the Jaffa riots of 1921 stated [Quote] “The British in Palestine, now led by a Zionist, had adopted ‘A policy mainly directed towards the establishment of a National Home for the Jews, and not to the equal benefit of all Palestinians” [Unquote] and that [Quote] There was an undue proportion of Jews in the government. [Unquote] and finally – [Quote] “Part of the Zionist program was to flood the country with people who possessed ‘greater commercial and organizing ability’ which would eventually lead to their gaining the upper hand over the rest of the population. [Unquote].

The Haycraft Inquiry did nothing to change British Policy in Palestine - which was now openly voiced as 'Zionist'.

Basically we British were committed to a policy which would by force relieve the indigenous native population of their rights, and ultimately their land; and the Holocaust of World War 2 only speeded up this process of unjust occupation.

Mahatma Gandhi said of the situation in Palestine in 1938 - “Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs. What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct. I am not defending the Arab excesses. I wish they had chosen the way of non-violence in resisting what they rightly regarded as an unwarrantable encroachment upon their country. But according to the accepted canons of right and wrong, nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds”.

So when the News Media is shouting about Israel being under attack by Hamas remember it was the Palestinians who were wronged first; remember it is they who had their homes ripped away from them by Zionists, remember it was our Government who aided and abetted this crime against humanity, remember it was us who conspired in a program of ethnic cleansing, and remember it is us who allow it still, and by selling the State of Israel Arms and lending them our false legitimacy give them license to drop bombs onto the heads of Palestinian Babies.

Remember too that the Palestinians have no Army, but they do have young men willing to fight back against the overwhelming odds of a brutal oppressor. Remember also that they have no Air Force but they do have a few home made rockets which they launch from time to time without much effect from the Concentration Camp of Gaza. Remember that they do not have a Navy from which they can shell the shores of Israel to kill Jewish children as they play football on the beach. No; the people of Gaza do not have any of those things.... but they do have courage and the memory a thousand years of ownership of the land.

There is no ‘Palestinian Question’, that is the propaganda of Media, it is a deliberate misuse of words to mangle the truth and play mind games with us by a ruling elite who think that we all have short memories.

There is no Israel, there is only Palestine under occupation by a hegemony of Zionist interlopers, a regime imposed upon them by Arrogant White Men who betrayed the Arabs and substituted one Empire with another far more brutal and murderous one.

I do not know if the Palestinians can ever now live in peace with the Jews of Israeli’s, I hope so. But whatever the future holds I know who historically is in the wrong.... and it is not the Muslim’s of Filastin. 

I wish the people of Palestine peace and good luck.

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