Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Death of Socialism?

“Tony Blair plotted to kill Aneurin and Clement’s legacy and drive a stake through the heart of all that was good in The Labour Party” – Kanjin Tor

There are many Criminals hiding in plain view within the Conservative Party, from David Cameron to Jeremy Hunt, from George Osborne to Maria Miller, from Esther McVey to Theresa May. Indeed the Conservative Party is riddled with creatures so immoral & unprincipled that to simply call them criminals is an insult to the occupation of ‘felon’ - for undeniably the Tories Larceny is unparalleled in British History; they are so corrupt that they make the Borgia’s look like models of upright probity.

Between them, these Master Criminals have deliberately fashioned in Great Britain, unmatched levels of poverty not seen since Victorian times. Their malice for ordinary people, and their all consuming greed, has seen countless billions of Tax Payers money [your money] ripped from the hearts of British Communities and transferred to their offshore bank accounts via multifarious and reprehensible means. Their sell off of man’s greatest achievement ‘The National Health Service’ goes on unabated by public outcry, and, as they squirrel away other vital ‘National Assets’ and give it to their criminal masters in the Corporate World in a continuous act of treacherous perfidy, they themselves get richer and richer whilst you, the ordinary man and woman on the streets who funds their entire misbegotten lives, get poorer and poorer as these immoral and perverse men and women, in a deliberate act of vicious duplicity, lay the blame for their own criminality onto hapless and utterly defenceless ordinary British men and women who just happen to be of different ethnicity, age, sex, or physical circumstance; and further, if all else fails, they use the false issue of immigrants to bamboozle the ignorant into believing their vile fascist rhetoric.

And that is just the Tories.

As to the Liberal Democrats? Well they have revealed themselves to be nothing but contemptible, weak willed collaborators. Men and Women willing to sell themselves for a few ‘Sheckles’ and a soupçon of Power, and worse, it is a primacy which is as fictional as their ‘Moral Principles’ and as persistently false as their ‘Given Word’. Such creatures as they are not worthy of consideration and are beneath our collective contempt, and I for one will waste no further words here on such repellent creatures.

And UKIP? Do not make me laugh. Anybody with more than a single brain cell could tell you that they are simplistic racist scum. In the hierarchy of life on Earth I view UKIP and their acolytes as lower than cockroaches. Surely such grotesquely offensive bloodsuckers merit similar contempt as that which I harbour for the lice which linger within the Liberal Democrats. The purpose of UKIP is to make you itch in intellectual and moral disgust and make the Tories look like a sane choice for the conservative minded amongst us. Only a fool or a coward would vote for such filth.

And then of course there is New Labour?

New Labour is a diseased beast. It is a monster riddled with parasitical cronyism, dreadful lies, and murderous deceits. It is populated by little men with little ideas and little morality. It is run by men as easily bought as the vermin that inhabit their counterparts in the stinking and rabid Conservative Party, and it is all the more insidious and criminal for its turncoat behaviour.

The old Labour Party was inhabited by Giants, by men of colossal moral stature whose fight for social justice was the entire meaning of lives, by men who dreamed BIG, and who because they dared to dream created some of the greatest advances in human society that have ever been witnessed; but that Party is dead now, killed by grubby little men and women sitting in soulless offices, wearing characterless power suits [carefully selected by PR men so as not to offend]. These are not Social Crusaders who strive for a better society; they are Charlatans; Parasites who feed off our desperate desire for a ‘Just Society’ and use the power their position & money brings to further their own ends.

New Labour’s malefactions are a litany of horror, of terror inflicted upon peasants in other lands for money whilst quietly, and almost unnoticed here in the UK, they paved the way for the greatest transfer of wealth from the common man into the hands of the *Super Criminals* who call themselves ‘The Social Elite’. The infamous and altogether despicable behaviour of men like Jack Straw and Tony Blair over the last two decades only goes to highlight just how far away New Labour has fallen from The People and its Socialist Roots. And make no mistake here – Tony Blair is absolutely to blame for most of Great Britain’s current ills; for whilst David Cameron and his cronies are without any doubt - ‘duplicitous criminal thugs of the highest order’ and are utterly irredeemable as human beings, it is Tony Blair and his Acolytes who are the foundation stone upon which The Modern Conservative Party build their entire Criminal Empire upon.

Tony Blair turned The Labour Party into a Neo-Liberal wet dream. He turned Old Labour into a Party that had no consideration for Humanity. And while this change did not happen overnight, and yes at first we ‘The People’ believed the hype and pomp of his agenda to modernise Labour the truth was a different tale entirely. Tony Blair is The Master Criminal of our Modern World. He is the latter-day equivalent of Henry Kissinger, and with an intellect as keen & ruthless as any conqueror yet seen, he spreads his malice across the globe like some fell beast out of gothic fiction, distributing the idea of ‘solutions through murder’ whilst calling himself a ‘Envoy of Peace’.

It is an horrific title for so evil a man; few Humans have been responsible for more death and misery across the Globe than he, and it is for this reason that he is protected by the New World Order; and consequently, why those in Power around the world obfuscate his crimes and promote his agenda as a ‘sane option’ as they try to convince us that the road to ‘peace and prosperity’ can only be found through the ‘Arcanum of Neo-Liberalism’.

In truth - this urbane monster is wholly their man. Indeed he is their chosen one, their prophet who led them to the promised land of a Neo-Liberal Great Britain and the riches which for so long were out of their grasp because of a strong social bond between The Labour Party and The Working Class People who by far outnumbered the waning power the Tory Elite.

That is the true legacy of New Labour and Tony Blair; they made the Modern Conservative party possible. Under Tony Blair’s command New Labour made the mass murder of children in far off lands seem acceptable, seem reasonable, seem necessary. He made the selloff of the NHS almost inevitable; he made the people separate from The State, he perverted our society into a warped version of our former desires for ‘Equality, Justice, and Peace’ and twisted them into a desire for ‘fame, riches, and self gratification’. What Tony Blair did to the Labour Party and consequently Great Britain was what Margaret Thatcher so dearly desired.... a ‘Nation in which Society does not exist’ a country where nobody will stand shoulder to shoulder against the rise of The Corporate Fascists and their ‘Disaster Capitalism’. He disunited the country, he divided and conquered the nation as surely as any Caesar might, and in that division he wrought the destruction of ‘The Socialist Labour Party’.

And what is the consequence of all he wrought?

Apathy and obsequious, servile, cowardly obedience to criminal rule!  

These days we look around and who cares? Who cares that the Neo-Liberals of The Conservative Party are attacking British Citizens simply because they are disabled? Who cares that the elite are stealing the world from under us and profiting themselves by the deaths of women and children across the globe? Who cares that the Neo-Liberals of New Labour are shedding their conscience as they dump stalwart and principled men like Dennis Skinner from their ruling council? Who cares that the Bankers have once again been caught stealing Tax Payers Money? Who cares for the Homeless, the weak, the defenceless?

The Labour Party were the Saviours of ‘The Peace’ after World War Two; and despite the fact that the war and America's Loan Policy crippled us and brought the nation close to utter impoverishment, Britain for the first time in its long, long history, deserved the honorific ‘Great’ in its title. We had saved the world and built a new and brighter future, and it was The Labour Party who were the architects of that future - I wonder now ‘Who will save The Labour Party’?

Good Luck!

Kanjin Tor


  1. Kinnock needs to shoulder his share of the blame - preparing his acolyte Blair. Oh how different it might have been had John Smith lived.

  2. Tony Blair may be loathsome individual but you give him too much credit. Margaret Thatcher singlehandedly authored, orchestrated and oversaw the downfall of Britain. It has been said that her greatest legacy was our Tony who, with an abrupt right turn followed her policies and demolished socialism in one fell swoop. Never forget the battle cries of MT; "Greed is good" and "Workers, price yourselves into work",

    1. Thatcher was the mother, [Milton Friedman was the Father] in that you are right, but in terms of what came after it was Blair who set the stage for the Tories to follow on with their agenda... without Blair it would not have been possible... Blair was indeed the bastard child of Thatcher... she knew she could not do it in her rule, it needed a turncoat within Labour to fuck this country and make her dream reality David, and Blair was the architect of what was to come.