Monday, 7 July 2014

The Fear of Kings.

"For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings. How some have been depos'd, some slain in war, some haunted by the ghosts they have depos'd, some poison'd by their wives, some sleeping kill'd. All murder'd: for within the hollow crown that rounds the mortal temples of a king, Keeps Death his court". - Richard II, Act 3, Scene 2.

Why do men seek power?

Some say, “Politicians start out with good intentions but are then corrupted by the allure of authority; and, seeking to assure their ascendancy, they look ever to increase and retain their power over us”. Others claim that “It is always ‘Money’ which corrupts Politicians, that their pre-eminence is a magnet for those with fell intentions who seeking to corrupt them with bribes and promises of riches untold if they will but do them a ‘small favour’ - which of course, is a door once passed that they can never then close”!

But such thoughts are facile, the arguments of shallow beasts inebriated on propaganda spread by the tricksters which inhabit the Pandora’s Box in their living room. They are the corollary output of puny souls too frightened to look into the darkened well of perfidy and speak openly of what they see. They are the ‘Safety Myth’ of the masses who, unwilling to name the beast lest it threaten their ‘Security’ speak of corruption as though it is a one way street, and that the actions of their corrupt rulers bares no reflection upon their own unwillingness to act against those who twist our reality to match their dark hearts. It is the Sin of Cowardice, and we are all of us, guilty of it!

Let us finally admit the truth about those who seek power, let us speak freely about the dark secret we all harbour within our hearts.

Why do men seek power?

The short answer is of course ‘Fear’.

All men who seek ‘Dominion’ over others - live in a state of dread. Fear is the core impetus of all they do, their fear is a ‘Darkness’ and it is the thing to which they have surrendered their souls. Fear has become their reality, and for them the shadow world of their uncertainty is a terror unlike any other. And so, living out their pathetic existence in that fell shadow, they must ‘when challenged’ crush all opposition to their authority; for men such as they - living on the edges of darkness – cannot tolerate others who might dispute their imagined supremacy. Thus do they seek power entirely for its own sake, for power over others [in their minds at least] eliminates uncertainty and reduces the vagaries of unlucky providence. Of course those of us who live bravely can see clearly that this is a dream; a fantasy built upon sand, a mirage of a puny mind, and in trying to retain their pre-eminence these creatures inevitably bring down upon their heads the very doom that they seek to avoid.

But how do such men get power?

It is important to understand that such creatures do not, and never have had, any interest in the good of others. They do not care what happens to you or your family. For them your ruination is ‘Not an unfortunate by-product of their greed’ but is instead ‘The desirable outcome of their planned terror’. How does one man assert his power over another? He must make the other man suffer. If a man can make another suffer from his intrigues; suffer a dearth because of his greed, suffer uncertainty because of his Laws, suffer fear for his wife and his children’s future, if he can make another suffer want, thirst, terror or pain, then that man controls the other ‘Absolutely’.

“In order to have and retain Power, a King must inflict a means of suffering upon his people. In some varied way and by means of Laws that in no way are a reflection of ‘Justice’ a King must make others suffer, for only in this way is his power over others real and his ascendancy assured” – Kanjin Tor

 Of course, in this modern world such Oligarchs pretend to follow a more sanitised and palatable version of their past authority, a version of rule that can be accepted by the masses who bear witness to their own fearfulness by never questioning the lies our Masters tell. The Masses pretend, perhaps even believe, that the monsters who have seized the power are but a temporary phase and that they will diminish in time; that in their ‘Delusion of Democracy’ they can vote the King out of power... but that is not the way of Kings.

There is no existing Democracy where we can live free and equal; that fancy is an illusion, it is an apparition, a Chimera; and this craven hallucination is useful tool to the autocrat. We do not now nor have any of us ever lived in a Democracy, you must put all other thoughts aside. When you vote you are not changing the political structure of your Nation in order to better your lot; that is a chimera bordering on mass hysteria. No – all you are doing when you vote for a new ‘Master’ is choosing the colour of your chains and even that is a planned for psychosis. Political choice is part of the game; and these creatures who inhabit the upper echelons of power are in no small way - as victim as those of us whom they themselves assault. These Political hatchet men are in truth the ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ awaiting the slaughter of an Election or Revolution. And whilst they merit no pity from you or I, it is worth pointing out that their ‘Power’ is as ephemeral and unreal as a passing cloud; for whilst they may bring a deluge of misery upon the heads of the rest of us, it is in the invisible wind behind their silver lining where the ‘Real Power’ lays.

You must admit to yourself now that those who hold the real power are not the elected/unelected Politicians, for no sane man would enact a Law which would bring about his own demise, such thinking is outrageous nonsense.

The real power resides in the hidden world of the super elite and they will hold onto it come what may. No sacrifice is too great for them; these monsters [for truly they are monstrous] would see their sons slaughtered and the whole world burn before they relinquish their ‘Power’. Money is but a means of control, a means to inflict suffering; it is their tool of repression ‘perfected’. Whether you have a Republican or a Democrat, a Conservative or a Labourite, or a Christian King or a Muslim Caliphate in charge of your country is irrelevant for nothing ever changes. Come election or revolution the same people at the top of the social order remain at the top of the social order. No matter the colour of the politics, the wealth and power remains in the hands of same ancient oppressors; remember this fact - 'no politician ever rules alone'. Kings come and Kings die, but the power to inflict suffering remains firmly in the same hands as it always has.

Power therefore is not a means; it is an end. They did not establish their Laws to safeguard The People; they made their Laws to establish the ‘Dictatorship of the Few’.

“The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power” said George Orwell.

He was exactly right!

Good Luck.

Kanjin Tor

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