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The Intelligence Community of the Western World operates on a deeply ingrained basis of arrogant racist idiotic dumbness; or what I like to call A.R.I.D.

It is a racism which seemingly Joan Rivers has adopted wholeheartedly because – as she puts it – “if you’re a Palestinian you deserve to be dead”. Her stated position is one that reflects exactly the ARID thinking of those who lead her country, it is the thinking of a people who imagine themselves above the concerns of others, and their intellectual landscape is a desert for the human soul, for such lack of empathy is a dry and sterile place, a land without mercy or compassion, and ultimately - their unmerciful hate is an act of self defeating stupidity for it will lead, inevitably, to their own destruction.

Let me explain.

“You cannot suppress a population against their will indefinitely. Eventually, be it ten years or a hundred The People will rise and strike you down” – Kanjin Tor

The unstated right to plunder and rape a defeated enemy [Rape & Pillage] was the habitual means by which Afghan Jihadists rewarded their militia throughout history; It was this way because, like all militia armies, their troops received little to no pay for their fighting. Thus it was in this ‘Tradition’ that the Mujahidin, on victory over the Russians in 1992 went on to sack Kabul.

It should be noted here - before we go on, that this traditional means of rewarding ones fighters via the means of rape & pillage is not a Muslim tradition alone; throughout History all Nations have practiced this form of incentive and future reward to galvanise their militia armies, including I might add – Great Britain and The United States of America.

In a traditional Jihad of the 1920’s ‘writes Nushin Arbabzadah’ - it was competition over resources and not ideology which were key to understanding their hostilities. “Thus the Mujahidin’s war focused on Kabul where the nation's wealth and the foreign embassies, another potential source of funding, were to be found”.  She goes further and states “Back then the women and girls of the conquered populations also belonged to the ‘Pillage Package’ offered to militia jihadists. Hence, in the diaries of court chronicler Katib Hazara on the siege of Kabul in 1929, we read that the victorious Jihadists of the time had demanded to see the list of girls registered at a Kabul school so as to allocate female students to militia fighters”.

Which brings us very nicely, to the late 1970’s and early to mid 1980’s?

Anybody with the vast resources of The American Intelligence Agencies would have known what the Mujahidin (Mujahedeen) were all about? They absolutely knew how things worked on the bitter slopes and high plains of the Hindu Kush; and they also knew with absolute certainty what the probable outcome of any successful insurgency to throw out the Russians by the Mujahidin would likely entail for the populace and particularly the women of Afghanistan. So it was that as the victorious Mujahidin marched into Kabul in March 1989 as the Russians finally withdrew from Afghanistan altogether, the women of Kabul [and Afghanistan in general] - faced a terrible future of rape, oppression, and murder.

But that did not matter to the Americans who had been funding the Mujahidin from as far back as 1979 under Jimmy Carter’s Presidency (who first ordered this infamous bit of American Policy). And soon enough it got worse... The CIA’s Funding, Training, and Arming of the Mujahidin picked up with a zeal when Ronald Regan began his Presidency in 1981, with the CIA providing the Mujahidin with everything from rifles to high tech surface to air missiles such as the hand held Stinger System [the main reason Russian Air Power failed so miserably to dominate the conflict – and by the by - was the only weapon that the Russian Hind Pilots really feared] No - all that mattered to America was - that Russia had been blooded and weakened to the point of collapse.

Except that is not what really happened.

The American Intelligence Community had prompted Jimmy Carter [whom they hated and wanted shut of] to begin arming the Mujahidin in 1979 and had convinced him to begin Operation Cyclone under the urgent influence of Zbigniew Brzezinski; Carter's National Security Adviser. I do not imagine Carter realised the duplicity of the man, and certainly proof would not easily come of his mindset or intentions till long after Carter left office. On July 3, 1979 Jimmy Carter signed a directive which made arming the Mujahidin a priority task for the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA was directed to fund the Mujahidin ensuring that none of America’s Financial Aid went towards Weapons, (because of course everybody knew the CIA could be trusted to do that right?)

Officially the C.I.A. started operations in early 1980 a couple of months after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan on the 24th of December 1979, but it is now commonly known that they were involved in Afghanistan long before the Russians invaded; rumour has it that their *interest* goes at least as far back as 1975 when it became clear to the western intelligence community that Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, then Shah of Iran, was going to fall. Of course the arrogance of the CIA and SIS assumed then, that is was Russia and the Communists who were going to take over not a bunch of backwards, ignorant, Muslim Clerics – [because Whitey White Whiter than White - White Men, sitting in their grey little offices in Langley and MI6 could not possibly imagine a world in which White Men were not the Master Race or that they could be defeated by ignoble savages who were still using oxen to pull ploughs across poorly irrigated fields of dust].

Whatever you may think of this truth, [and I know many will scream because I have brought ‘Race’ into the mix of the issue],  it is certainly the threat that Afghanistan and Iran might both fall under the Dominion of the Russians that was too much for the western paranoid schizophrenics who inhabit our Intelligence communities to bear. Afghanistan and Iran falling to the Russians was a nightmare scenario for the paranoids, it would create a power block too vast to contemplate counter attack by America’s forces [who at that particular time of history had no chance of invading Persia to re-conquer it from a Soviet position of dominance]. A subjugated Iran would also of course, supply the Russians with their long held desire [western Intel perceived] for a ‘Warm Water Port’ from which they could deploy their Navies quickly into the Indian Ocean and blockade the Pacific Rim, as well as create a land bridge between the Soviet Union and the Oil Fields of the Persian Gulf and beyond into Arabia and Africa cutting off vital oil supplies to the western alliances.

So imagining themselves super intelligent [they were the Intelligence Agencies after all] the CIA signed a pact with the Devil and put Operation Cyclone into full swing to stop the Russians from becoming the power in the Hindu Kush. Thus it was that ‘The Mujahidin’ became the poster boys for western propaganda who portrayed the Mujahidin as brave, noble, but largely ignorant tribesmen; fighting a brave battle against the oppression of a powerful and evil empire who needed whitey white man’s help to oust those nasty commies.... Of course it suited the narrative of the times that none of the Mujahidin’s brutality and inhumane treatment of captured prisoners, and their vicious cruelty towards women was ever allowed onto the Mainstream News Media. Oh no; such things were glossed with pictures of brave Mujahidin fighters like ‘Osama bin Laden’ hailed openly as a CIA trained operative [as one British Newspaper put it] as the Western Alliances, gloating over their final victory [which as it turns out is not so final] over Russia, embarked into a new glistening age of super riches for the super elite and a dumbed down populace too stupid to realise that they had all been had.

Meanwhile - for the Freidman Acolytes within the power structures of Western Politics all was right with the world, neo-liberalism had won, socialism had lost, and to the victor go the spoils – and right there – right there - we are back to the ‘Tradition’ of ‘Raping & Pillaging’.

But the world was changing.

Back when the CIA and Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6 to you and me) had plotted and then implemented a coup d'état against Rezā Shāh Pahlavi and replaced him with his son ‘Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavi’ (whom they bribed for the paltry sum of $1Million Dollars – so much for a sons filial Duty eh?) the Middle-East was an easier place to manage. We whitey’s had Tanks they had sticks, we had machine guns they had pop guns from the 1890’s, we had aircraft they had curry smelling farts and a dog that barked loudly. So back then it was easier to keep ‘the savages’ under control... or at least so it seemed to the little men in their little grey offices in MI6 and Langley.

The truth of course is far different; but we must never underestimate the ability for arrogant white men in positions of power to delude themselves about their influence as their hubris takes over their intellect. They should have learned from previous attempts by the British to master the Subcontinent, Afghanistan, and Persia, but they didn’t and now us whitey’s had THE BOMB, and that made these insignificant men with their puny intellects imagine themselves ‘Titans’ as they looked down at the rest of the world as dirty little peasants.

History laughs at Hubris...

When The Clerics overthrew The Shah it angered the little men in their little grey offices, it irked them when these clerics seized their embassy staff in what we Westerners call ‘The Iranian Hostage Crisis’ but what the Iranians people call ‘The Conquest of the American Spy Den’ - it pissed them off no end. So these little men in their little grey offices with their little grey minds decided to ‘Free The Hostages’ by daring military means;  after all ‘they were ignorant savages right’? How dare such ignorant savages challenge the might of the US, how could they possibly stop ‘Merica’ oorah! So they came up with a plan and they named their grand scheme something appropriately grand.... ‘Operation Eagle Claw’.

Now for you civvies out there you are not party to the absolute derision levelled at the Yanks by those in the British Military for the half-arsed, half-baked, Iranian Hostage Rescue plan; [I use the term ‘Plan’ loosely] and while I am certain that nobody now will ever openly admit to what we were all saying back in the day when the news of the disastrous rescue attempt came through, what I can tell you is that the snorts of laughter and astonishment at the sheer unprofessionalism of the rescue attempt created much headshaking amongst British Military circles; accompanied by the words ‘Mickey’ ‘Fucking’ and ‘Mouse’ openly expressed far and wide amidst the military community when talking about the episode.

I think [my opinion only] that it was about then, when the American Intelligence Community laid off the blame for their failure to free the hostages onto the head of Jimmy Carter, [but never openly] that the policy towards Afghanistan really changed. I think that was what heralded Ronald Regan’s decision to massively fund, train, and arm the Mujahidin; and caused them not give two figs about the known consequences this would have if successful for the women of Kabul.

I think it was then that the CIA went through a sort of internal shock therapy for I have since heard rumour that many of the old hands were shipped out and newer bloods became more prominent, the gray man, clerks who had a greater academic understanding of economic warfare than they had of actual warfare - we are talking about Milton Freidman’s Chicago Boys here, men who by this time after their *cough* successes in South America had become very powerful and whose influence in the intelligence community held a lot of sway - perhaps even as much as it did in the political powerhouses of the West Wing under Ronald Reagan and in London under Margaret Thatcher.

The Reagan Doctrine became the global policy of the western world [whether Europe liked to admit it or not] and with it out went the ‘hands on’ men and women, operatives who scurried about gathering data out in the world of physical intelligence gathering; in came the electronic data gather types who looked upon the whole thing as a jamboree for smart people who had not one clue what the real world was like. I am certain they retained a few... shall we call them ‘Military Advisors’ types – [the yanks love that term don’t they?] men who they would send to other countries to instruct their chosen sub-sections on how to conduct insurgency type warfare, but the reports from after 9/11 show us that America had very few on the ground ‘Assets’ left by then.

So that’s how the Mujahidin, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda came about. They were funded, trained, and armed by the west who looked upon them [certainly before September 11] as ignorant savages incapable of mounting any real threat to the interests of the US.

And while the fate of Kabul’s young girls lay in the hands of American Trained ‘Not so Islamic’ Mercenaries [let us call the Mujahidin what they actually were] the Western Allies looked on and cared not one whit as to what was happening there or the fate of the innocents subject to the caprice of their intellectually and morally defunct intrigues, [and isn’t that a harbinger of what is happening in Gaza today]

For the next decade, having pretty much abandoned the Afghanistan population to an 11th century fate of Feudalism [engineered deliberately by the puny minds in Langley] the Mujahidin transformed through internal conflict from a rag tag loose assembly of disparate tribal groups, constantly vying with each for control of resources by means of ‘Jihad’ led by ‘Tribal Strongmen’ as they had always done throughout their long history, into the extreme fundamentalist Taliban.

“The Taliban” claims Nushin Arbabzadah “Using the rhetoric of Islam [it was the only legitimacy they could give themselves] ensured that terror in Afghanistan belonged to The State” i.e. -The Taliban.
What is not commonly known is that America quietly continued to fund them from a distance. [go look at the activities of some of the Texan Oil Men of the early mid 90’s and I am sure you will be surprised].
As always this was about money & resources, and as always the whitey white white men of double whiteness sitting around their desks in committee in Langley and the ‘White House’, simply still could not grasp that the men they had chosen and trained so well – people like Osama bin laden – men the Americans had since tried and failed miserably to eliminate [Allegedly], were lurking in the shadows for the next money opportunity
The question rages across the internet “Did Osama plan and carry out the attack on the twin towers as revenge or was it on orders from his handlers?”

In the end I do not think it matters because the same people who orchestrated the rise of the Mujahidin which led to the rise of the Taliban which led to the formation of Al-Qaeda remain in power. Their cosseted sons inherited the wealth and influence of their fathers who themselves had profited massively from the resulting war which the 9/11 attack legitimised for the Bush Administration.  George. W. Bush and his conspirators’ continued the policy which his father George H. W. Bush had adopted, [which was the Policy of The Chicago Boys].

But it’s deeper than that - Iraq blocks Iran’s path to the Ramallah Oil Fields and the House of Saud, it also acts as buffer for Israel to the West and so we come to ISIS who seem to have suspicious links to Israel’s Mossad. The Arabs are divided and fighting each other – which is of course the aim of American and Israeli Policy, and everybody – everybody is getting rich --- except the poor bastards in Syria and Gaza; oh and of course the poor girls in Afghanistan who await the departure of ‘foreign soldiers’ with trepidation and the return of a sadistic and feudalistic regime who will once again hand them over to their Militia in the Tradition of ‘Rape & Pillage’.

The whole of the Western World operates on a deeply ingrained basis of arrogant racist idiotic dumbness. We do not learn from our past failures in Iran in the 1950 -1980s. Our Leaders do not learn from what we ordinary people might perceive as failures in Afghanistan in the 80’s & 90’s & now here in the 21st century. Indeed the war in Iraq and then Afghanistan are not considered failures by our leaders - for while we might view them as such, those who rule us view their policy far differently. Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya, and all the other countries they have stirred up are a continuance of the policies put in place by The Chicago Boys and they are based entirely upon a Policy of Racism, a policy that somehow we are a master race who have a right to live life at the expense of others. It is a deliberate policy of violence and misinformation that inevitably leads to global division and provides them with the continuous means to feed off their beloved War Economy. And their continuous warring has done what it set out to do, for everywhere you look it has kept the ignorant savages - ignorant and savage; but ladies and gentlemen - it is we who are ignorant, it is we who are the Savages.

That is what Western Neo-Liberal Policy is all about. It is the same age old policy that the Romans carried out in Britannia; it is the same policy that is always implemented by rulers seeking to distract us from the truth... and the Truth is this *The people we are killing with our Tax Money are not Insane, Islamic nut jobs, Muslims who randomly slaughter children, that is what our governments do, it is what we allow them to do in our name.*

From Afghanistan to Iraq, from the Hindu Kush to Gaza, Western Intelligence Agencies have time and again created division, and false enemies, they do these things because it is Neo-Liberal Policy, and that is a truth somebody like Joan Rivers with her outspoken devotion to the whitey white whiter than white Western Ideology of White Supremacy can never understand as she gasps out her hate that ‘Palestinians deserve to be dead’. 

If that is not ARID thinking (Arrogant, Racist, Idiotic, Dumbness) - I don’t know what is? But for your sake go do a little reading about who did what to whom before you jump on her 'Bandwagon of Pig Ignorance'.

You never know... you might learn something.

Footnote: - If you are an objective observer of history, I am not certain you could claim with any certainty that Operation Cyclone ever ended

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Bulletproof Babies of Gaza.

It is an accepted ‘Truth’ splashed across the World’s Mainstream Media, and repeated ad- nauseam by Newspaper editors from here to New Delhi and beyond; that Palestinian’s and Hamas are using children as ‘Human Shields’. That Parents of children whose eyes have only just opened after 9 months in the security of the womb, are using their new born babies to cover the disgusting filthy tactics of Hamas ‘the evil doers’, and that they do this willingly because - as everybody knows - ‘Muslims do not love their children. Muslim’s (apparently) are a race of ‘Women hating Child loathing Jihadists’ who want nothing more than to martyr themselves and their entire families in the name of their evil God.

Let us get something straight here before we move on.

‘If you believe this rhetoric, not only are you a moron descended from a long line of ill-bred ignoramuses, but you are also a ‘Misanthropic Racist Pig’.

The subtext of this global push to portray Palestinians as unthinking, uncaring, subhuman’s in Mainstream Media is about as close to the rhetoric of Nazi Germany as you can get without actually signing off each broadcast with the Propagandists (Newsreaders) sat in front of a Flag of Hakenkreuz shouting out a rousing ‘Seig Heil’ as they raise their arms in Fascist Salute to the background music of "Das Lied der Deutschen" playing them out.

Let me explain this for the stupid out there who don’t yet quite grasp what is going on.

The average body weight of your typical adult male in the United Kingdom is 185.2 pounds (84kg), whereas the average weight of your typical British female is 152.1 pounds (69kg) and the average weight of new born baby is about 7.5 Pounds (3.4kg). The average weight of a ‘5.56mm Ball, M855, NATO Round’ which the Israeli Defence Force commonly uses in their ‘Assault Rifles’ and is produced by ‘Israeli Military Industries LTD’ Small Calibre Division (“Yitzhak”) in the city of ‘Ramat HaSharon’ - is about 4 grams and it travels at 3,100 feet per second and has an equivalent energy of 1,303 ft·lbf.

This Israeli version of the 5.56mm NATO Round is dubbed the ‘RAZOR CORE’ and has been extensively tested in Combat by what ‘Israeli Military Industries LTD’ (IMI) euphemistically call ‘A Undisclosed Customer’ - but as one of their major customers is ‘The American Military Complex’ I think we can all guess as to which set of bastards they refer when they put out this ‘Combat Tested’ spiel on their promotional video’s.

Now you’re thinking ‘What the fuck has this got to do with anything’ right?

Well for those of us who have ever had any experience on the front line of a combat situation, and been shot at by bullets [5.56mm or otherwise] the one absolute truth we know is – ‘That Babies make for very poor Cover’.

We also know that Adults make poor shields; in point of fact – even a Rhinoceros would make a very poor shield. As to hiding behind cars, the often used option of American Action Heroes who ‘Die-Hard’? - Nope sorry – they are about as much use to you as a wet fart in a high wind because the bullets will go through the car, your body, the next three guys hiding behind you, and still be travelling towards the distant horizon with an alacrity that even Speedy Gonzalez would admire... The truth is that when a hail of military grade full metal jacketed bullets starts winging your way the one thing you will never see is a Soldier holding a baby up in front of him using it as a shield – it simply doesn’t work. And that’s just bullets; when people start lobbing 2000 pound bombs at your location you can forget using babies - what you need is force fields and I have to inform you ladies and gentlemen, they don’t exist – yet!

Now you’re thinking ‘That whole paragraph is a fatuous statement’ - right?

Ah well yes it is, but I made it for a very good reason because some people (I have recently discovered) do actually use children as ‘Human Shields’ but it is not Hamas, it is not the mothers of Palestinian Babies, it is not the fathers of Muslim children playing football in the market squares of Gaza; it is – in point of fact ‘The Israeli Defence Force’.

Time and again we are seeing on alternate media, pictures of Israeli Soldiers using children tied to military vehicles as they aim their rifles from behind them at Palestinian adults. And it works.
Palestinians – far from being illogical, uncaring, subhuman’s who do not give two figs for their children, as portrayed time and again in the Worlds Media it seems will not fire their weapons at their own children.
So perhaps I was mistaken, perhaps Human Shields do work, but first you have to kidnap your enemies’ children and then place them between you and them?

The point is this –


I know of no race of people who would willingly ignore so terrible a threat to their children and deliberately place them in front of themselves in order to forestall the bombs and bullets of a ‘Vicious Enemy’ whom they know absolutely ‘care not whether they slaughter their babies or children’.
Such behaviour is atypical only of monstrous assassins and not frightened mothers who love their children as much as you love yours. 

Can you imagine if Winston Churchill had deliberately placed British children in and around our munitions factories and had told the German High Command of this tactic in an effort to stop the Nazi’s from bombing these munitions plants? The British people would have hung him from the nearest lamppost.

This same equivalency can be transposed onto Hamas. The Father’s and Mother’s of Palestinian children would kill the leaders of Hamas without mercy if such were the case; but this is simply is not what is happening. Ergo what does ‘LOGIC’ tell you about these so called Terrorists that the Mainstream News Media portray as ‘subhuman bogeymen’?

This whole rhetoric is the language of White Supremacists’. It is the rhetoric of Joseph Goebbels and the Propaganda Ministry of Nazi Germany; it is the acceptable xenophobic oratory of a deeply racist, deeply corrupt Media, and very few News Broadcasters and hardly any Newspapers across the world are deviating from this script of the ‘Subhuman Muslim’.

It is a ‘Truth’ widely accepted and splashed across the World’s Mainstream Media; repeated ad- nauseam by Newspaper editors from London to New York and beyond; that ‘Muslim Palestinian’s and Hamas’ are using children as ‘Human Shields’ - AND IT IS A LIE.

Jeremy Bowen a BBC reporter stationed in Gaza reported that he had ‘Seen No Evidence of Hamas Using Children as Human Shields’. The Israeli Government complained calling this ‘Pro-Hamas reporting’ and the BBC immediately pulled him out.

The 'Zionists' - it seems - have a very long reach... 

I wonder - how many more Palestinian babies must die before you accept that Muslim Mothers love their children as much as you love your children, what will it take to convince you that they would - just like you - rather die than deliberately place them in 'Harms Way'?

Gaza is not Israel defending itself. Gaza is Ethnic Cleansing, and anybody with a conscience can see who are the cleaners.