Thursday, 18 September 2014


Across the globe the Governments of the New World Order are shitting their pants at the thought that Scotland might set a precedent for Independence in the hearts and minds of the ordinary people living under the sway of their criminal rule. 
The Elitists fear this desire for liberty that Scotland has expressed, for with freedom for the Scottish People comes the possibility for Social Justice & an end to the despicable Dominion and hateful Greed of the Super Rich Criminals who govern most of the world and whom have stolen most of this planets wealth & made it their own.

Now in a contemptible and altogether sinister move ‘The New Chicago Boys’ have voiced their concern and issued dire economic  warning to the people of Scotland about them choosing to be free of the New World Order. And it is not something the Scottish People should dismiss lightly, for these are the harbingers of doom. The Chicago Boys are the chief movers and shaker whose influence caused the deaths of over 4 million people across the world and plunged the Global Economy into the downward spiral of poverty for the many riches untold for the few. 
These scum are the ones who alongside Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, The CIA, and the Capitalist Corporations of The United States of America, engineered the overthrow of DEMOCRACY in Chile on the 11th of September 1973 and thereafter destroyed much of what was good in South America as they installed ruthless and brutal military Dictatorships across the continent.

I hope Scotland breaks free of the Criminals in Westminster; but I also hope that Scotland and its people understand the magnitude and utter ruthless viciousness of the enemies who will be targeting their Economy for destruction should they gain their freedom. 

I warn you all now, Scotland’s Economy will be target number 1 for The New World Order after independence, and the only way, THE ONLY WAY for Scotland to survive and thrive is to abandon utterly Neo-Liberalism and cast out any and all organisations and institutions linked to the NWO.

It won’t be easy, it will not be quick, but if you wish to thrive you must oust people like Alex Salmond and cast down his ilk, for they are owned utterly by the NWO and Elitists who are waiting once more in the wings to create yet another Disaster Capitalist opportunity at the expense of the people. Salmon and co are not the friends of the common man that they purport themselves to be, they are puppets and you must be alert to any sudden or gradual steps such people will take towards Neo-Liberalism.

Good Luck Scotland, and Godspeed to you all.

Kanjin Tor

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