Monday, 22 September 2014


Clearly the so called *Lefty Activists* who staunchly continue to prop up Labour - despite The Labour Party rigorously supporting the Conservatives at ever single turn during the Scottish Referendum, and their pathetic 4 years of SILENCE as the Tories have relentlessly attacked the poor, the disabled, the unemployed, the single mums, the pensioners, ethnic minorities, the stripping of our Human Rights, the rush towards signing the TTIP Agreement, Secret Courts, and the abandonment of every principle of morality and decency, are simply not *Lefties* at all.

No - they are *The Comfortable Middle Class* - Neo-Liberal fucknuts who have never once seen real hardship, who have never really suffered for a cause. You are the enemy within, men & women who have never undergone the brutal rigours of War or endured the terror of an empty belly.
You patronizing pompous bastards are backstabbers, lickspittles, collaborators, Blairites who would as easily bomb children in Iraq as readily as the scum of The Conservative Party would sanction the slaughter of Palestinian children by the Fascist Regime in Tel-Aviv.

You people are Warlocks, unpatriotic, treacherous, self-serving snobs who look down with supercilious condescension on all those who are truly Working Class as you imagine yourselves more intelligent, more worldly with your middle class education... after all you went on sabbatical from University to India to gain enlightenment didn’t you... you pathetic, cowardly, sacks of shit.

Your Neo-Liberalism is worse than even the most extreme Tory of the lunatic far right 1922 Committee; they at least have the courage to openly hate The Plebiscite, you lot... you’re not worth the shit I might step in as I walk down the pavement of your semi-rural suburban enclaves where you drink wine and have intellectual tea parties where you talk bullshit about the workers movement, where you burble through your cunt mouths about how rotten the Tories are as you vote dependably for your neo-Liberal Labour Masters who have already agreed to continue The Conservatives attacks on the poor, the weak, the disenfranchised.

You people are not Lefties; you are a fucking disgrace, a stain on the memory of great Labour men like Tony Benn, Aneurin Bevan, & Clement Attlee. You are soft Conservatives, living soft comfortable lives, and each and every single one of you disgusts me with your mealy mouthed, duplicitous politicking. I would not trust you lot to back me and my fellow working class up in our struggle for Social Justice any more than I would trust a rabid dog not to bite me...

Do us Working Class a favour, switch your loathsome allegiance to the Conservatives, that way we will at least be able to see you coming when you try to stab us in the back.

Shame on you all.


  1. I couldn't agree more with your sentiment and your observations are correct. Of course the culture is redefining the meaning of labels like 'Lefty' in true Orwellian style. There is also the problem of the working class 'Lefties'; some who continue to nostalgically support Labour even if as a protest vote and some who support Labour in that tragic and perverse Stockholm Syndrome kind of way of siding with the bully they think might be preferential to them.