Monday, 15 September 2014

Singing to Babies...

“There are places I'll remember,
all my life though some have changed.
Some forever not for better,
some have gone and some remain.
All these places have their moments,
with lovers and friends I still can recall.
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all” .
                                               - John Lennon

“Why is it that when ordinary people seek Utopia, those who govern us routinely crush our dreams as they turn their hate upon The People and seek instead, with all their might, to impose upon us a Dystopia of Supremacy?” – Kanjin Tor

Scotland is the Father of Socialism....

We live in a world made monstrous by men and women whose lives are untroubled by the human frailties of morality and regret. They feed off our societies like Vampires, engorging themselves upon the wealth of Nations at the expense of the common man; and never once do these bloodsuckers, or their descendants, suffer from a dilemma of conscience as they, century after misbegotten century, rape the world with calculating despite. These villains are not like you and I, they are cold unsympathetic creatures who have no spirit to tempt them back to the path of our shared humanity; thus do they, lacking any kind of empathy that you or I might recognise as being ‘Human’ seek ever to maintain their power and privileges and retain their Lordship over the lives of others, and never once, not for a single moment, do these Vampires worry themselves about the cost of their excess.

To them we *Humans* are but chattel, things to be used then cast aside when they have drunk their fill of our endeavours. This is the fundamental difference between the so called Elite and us, for while we common folks seek to live and share our lives with our families and friends, they, being rapacious and lacking any humanity seek to share nothing; for in their ideal world children are born and kept alive only if they are healthy and obedient. In their ideal world men and women are put to work for the maximum hours per day and are to be rewarded only with shelter and food sufficient to keep them healthy enough to work for them. In their ideal world, any who are made ill and cannot pay for health services [which would of course be none of us Plebeians - because we are to be paid nothing] are to be cast out and left to die in ignominy on the streets, and may God and the Fates help any who seek to aid the weak, for they too will be cast to the wind and destroyed lest their compassion and humanity infects the rest of us with a sense of Unity. In their ideal world, the old and spent are to be discarded and replaced by new little serfs who will expend their lifeblood in the service of our betters until at last, they too are cast aside & replaced.

This then is the future that they have planned for you and your children, and it is not a delusion, it is not a conspiracy theory, a nightmarish chaotic fantasy of a fevered mind, it is the preferred system of rule that the New World Order have been engineering for forty years. It is a World in which the future is made Golden for The Global Elite and a Hell on Earth for the Global Meek.

“You Are A Slave, You Have No Voice” – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus; 26 April 121 – 17 March 180 AD

And yet there is hope, for across the planet in every country ordinary men and women are rising up and saying ‘NO’. No to their pillaging, no to their raping, no to their Wars, no to their misrule, no to the Elites greed, and no to their dominion. It is a social revolution, and I believe it is an idea of freedom that has been propagated and promulgated by Social Media and spread to the four corners of our world by the Pandora’s Box of social media sites like Twitter. Of course much of what goes on in the land of Twitter is nothing more than random white noise and social chit chat, interspersed of course with some*misinformation* most of which is undoubtedly spread by forces unseen [but not unknown] in a malicious attempt to stymie our human need for serious discourse about the serious issues which daily concern us all. Twitter and its like, are the modern day equivalent of a Working Class Pub, where men would sit and share a pint or two and discuss their dissatisfaction about their lot in life. This is where Unions began, in the pub. This is where sedition started, these are the places where men talked of freedom and began their ancient rebellions against their persecutors.

It was a quieter world back then, and men could hear each other...

Some News Media Commentators with limited intellect (and an even more limited social conscience) have argued that with only 140 letters and spaces to utilise on Twitter, the idea of ‘Serious Discourse’ is a nonsensical notion and impossible to achieve; yet I have found that it is quite the reverse which hold true. Indeed the limitation of 140 letters and spaces in each Tweet has enhanced much of the dialogue between people and focused the spreading of vital information with a rapidity never seen before. It is in my opinion, one of the weapons in the people’s arsenal that is most feared by The Elite who rule us all from their soulless offices, for as more and more of their perfidious network of criminality is exposed to the world by Twitter’s uncontrollable omnipotence, the greater the cry for ‘Social Justice’ spreads; it is a phenomenon quite unlike any other.

Twitter and Social Media is people power in its rawest format, and the freedom these tools allows us to spread information unrestrained of the Elites control breeds rebellion and a desire for liberty and justice like no other tool I have ever witnessed, it is something which must be protected and sent down through the ages to the generations to come, intact and inviolate, for it allows us ‘The People’ a form of Democracy not seen since Ancient Greece, it allows us a ‘Voice’...

All of which musings brings me very nicely to the title of this missive ‘Singing to Babies’....

Across the world, (and I have travelled quite a lot of it) one of the most remarkable things I have seen is that, Muslim or Christian, Black or White, Jew or Gentile, we humans like to sing to babies.
It is one of those Universal Laws – ‘We sing to babies’, we are alive a baby is born and we sing to it. And not only to put them to sleep, nay, most times we sing to them out of a sheer joy of sharing. I have seen it Mayan Indians in the deep jungles of Central America who I have witnessed quietly singing to the happy gurgling of their babies. I have seen it in the far north where wrapped up against viciously cold temperatures, babies are seen smiling and listening intently with delight in their eyes as their mothers sing to them [though only God and the Snow would know what the song was]. In Britain and America I have seen this Universal Law enacted many times, and so too in some of the deep deserts on two continents where only the wind accompanies the mothers voice with a melody of its own. It might seem a trite observation I know - but ‘we Humans like to sing to babies’ - and for me it is one of the pointers to an even greater Universal Truth; that under the skin, behind the veil, across the religious divide, we are all of us – exactly the same.

“Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy; May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1961 (35th President of the United States)

So why then do some, a very small minority of so called ‘Elite’ people imagine themselves different from the rest of us? Why do these rapacious creatures imagine themselves our betters? What is it about their nature that drives them to impose their own vicious hate and terrible fears upon the rest of the world in order that they can take and make their own, the wealth of the world? What motivation drives such creatures to organise the mass murder of children in their hundreds of thousands and to proclaim to any who will listen that ‘I seek only peace’ when the entirety of their actions proves otherwise? Why do they seek dominion and power over others at the expense of all else? Why are they not singing to babies? Why are they not seeking Utopia?

The answer to this question is one that they seek above all other things to keep us from bearing witness to... that they expend so much money and energy upon in an effort to stop us speaking the truth of it; the truth that they are not really humans, they are Psychotic Monsters.

“We tell our children that there are no monsters, but they are everywhere made evident by the deeds and words of those who rule us” – Kanjin Tor

Fear stalks the hearts of our Rich Patricians like death, for on the northern borders of their ‘thousand year empire’ men and women are rebelling against their perfidious misrule. Across the Liddel Water the deeply socialist nation of Scotland is rising against their ancient persecutors and demanding their freedom. But not freedom not from the English working classes, the ordinary people leading ordinary lives, oh no, the Scots are demanding freedom from the misrule of Norman Knights. They are demanding Social Justice and a return to a society which cares for its sick, its old, its young. To be free from the perfidious rule of known criminals who would set the world on fire rather than see an end to their privilege and power.

In a way The Scottish Vote for Independence is a song about freedom but it is also a song about Union, but not the Union of Great Britain, but a Union of Britons, a Union of the poor, a Union of the working classes against the dominion of the Super Rich, the Super Elite, the Master Criminals who rule us all from their hidden offices in The City of London who have long perverted the word Union to mean a nation of slaves bound to their dominion, or [alternatively] have misused the word as a form of denigration to pour scorn upon the ideals of working class people who have the temerity to join together against the exploitation by rich bosses and even richer masters.

If Scotland breaks free of Great Briton and becomes an independent Socialist Society with a predilection for Social and Economic Justice [as seems likely], then it will filter down the Island of Albion and may threaten to enter the core of our wider culture. This is the fear which haunts the monsters in Westminster and The City of London. They fear they will no longer be able to spread discontent and divide the people with their lies about the immigrant, the disabled, the unemployed, the Muslim. They fear that their grip on News Media will collapse and that we might consign their propagandists to the dustbin of history and seek a better future, a future free of them. They fear Scotland’s Independence will set forth a Socialist Tsunami which will tear down the edifices of their ancient ‘Empire of Greed’ and bring us all to the Golden Up fields of True Democracy and put an end to their reign of terror. And it is a reign of terror ladies and gentlemen.

Across the world their machinations and lust for more has seen them invade all but 22 of the worlds countries as they plundered and murdered on a colossal scale in pursuit of their twin Gods – Money & Power. They have slaughtered countless millions to secure their dominion, and it is a reign of evil dear reader, that they continue to pursue with all vigour.

This strategy - which can only be called ‘Rape & Pillage’ - has set the world aflame but has kept the same people in power for over 900 years, and like all ‘Traditionalists’ [another word for Conservatism] they will stick to what has always worked so well for them, they will stick to what they know, they will stick to violence, both economic & physical Violence.

This is why Gandhi was right about peaceful non-compliance; it is why John Lennon was right when he said “When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they've got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humour”.

During the build up to the vote for Scottish Independence, The Establishment have tried every dirty trick in the book to dissuade The Scottish People from singing their song of Freedom. They have threatened economic ruin. They have cajoled The Scots with tales of Military displacement, they have cried about breaking up the Union of Brotherly Love (which has in no way ever shown much in the way of Love for the people of Scotland). They have lied about NATO and the EU. They have made false promises about sharing power, they have time and time again lied about Scotland's Oil Reserves, and they have even implied ‘Sotto voce’ a more violent solution across the borders, and yet the Scottish People’s Song for Freedom grows stronger with each and every passing day, as the Establishments own song for continued debt slavery diminishes in power.

I think the Scottish vote for independence is about Love. It is about the kind of love that is shared between people when the elite are not involved and hold sway over the lives of men. It’s about the kind of love that can exist between people when greed is absent, when sharing and community is the natural law not the imposed law. I think the desire that the People of Scotland have for ‘Freedom from Westminster’ is about their love of humanity, all humanity, about their love for their working class brothers and sisters across the whole of Albion, the Welsh, Irish, and yes even the English. I think their song of freedom is about ‘Real Love’ and the emancipation of Humanity from the greed of the Super Rich Elitists which pollute the world with their misanthropy, and I think we English have a lot to learn from the Fathers of Socialism; I think Scotland should be free and that we are like babies and they are singing to us about love and freedom...

Perhaps it’s time we listened..?

But of all these friends and lovers
there is no one compares with you.
And these memories lose their meaning
when I think of love as something new.
Though I know I'll never lose affection
for people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them

in my life I love you more. – John lennon


  1. Brilliant Kanjin, thank you. This is inspired and inspiring writing. Keith.

  2. Heartfelt and true. ...the last paragraph articulates brilliantly the cri de couer of the human family. ..peace bro.