Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Good Old Cause.

I like to remember the 19 of November as a very special day, I commemorate the 19th as the birthday in 1600 of Charles Stuart, better known as Charles the First, King of England.

Like all Royals he was an absolute ghastly waste of human flesh, but while he was an utterly repugnant piece of Royal excrement I do not remember his birthday for the excesses of his pampered and altogether disgusting life, instead I remember his birthday because it was his stinking reign and his deserved end on the Executioners Block which began finally Britain's long climb out of absolutism.

That the man had no honour is commonly known (he could not keep his given word) that he was selfish, vain, duplicitous, and worst of all character traits for a Absolute Ruler, stupid, is also commonly known, but it should also be acknowledged that while he was many things which lay waste his memory Charles Stuart was not a coward.

It is why I don't hate the man in the same way that I despise other more contemporary 'Royals' who are constantly portrayed in all our News Media as being 'Brave' when those of us with military connections know of an entirely different reality. But that is a story for another day!

Of course the destruction of Absolutism in Great Britain with Charles Stuarts beheading is a fantasy, it is a mirage which The Establishment like to keep alive as an ongoing miasma as they portray our Nations Governance as a 'Democracy' when in point of fact we here in the United KINGDOM of Great Britain do not now or have ever lived in a 'Democracy'!

The closest we ever came to living in a Democracy was when The New Model Army took control of Parliament and established a very short lived 'Commonwealth' (think about the meaning of that word 'Commonwealth' - Common Wealth). Alas as with all such systems of governance in which The Military comes to Primacy this led to just another form of Absolutism, so on a scale of 1 to 10 it was a resounding ONE... the 1 being for 'good effort - must try harder'.

Considering the times it is not hard to see why the Commonwealth was usurped and twisted into what it became; the majority of the Ordinary Foot Soldiers could not even read, and as we all know - he who controls the passage of information is King, which in effect is what happened if not in fact.

When an absolute ruler dies the vacuum must be and always has been 'filled', and usually by lesser men. Thus it was with Cromwell, and when his son failed [the heir to the throne elect in simplistic terms] the Royalists who had gone underground saw their opportunity and once again resurfaced, like a turd floating on a turbulent sea, to reaffirm their allegiance to a 'New Master' in the form of King Charles the Second, a man who promptly set his lickspittles in Parliament to the task of annihilating any glimmer of 'Democracy' that might have then existed as he began yet again the Royal's regular narcissistic lifestyle of dissolute debauchery and stupid greed.

Absolutism is not a thing of Britain's past, it is the reality of Britain's present, the only difference between 1600 and 2014 is that the Royals are kept aloof and protected from any finger of blame by an Establishment hell bent on keeping the Established Order's Dominion an open secret and right at the top of this tree of excrement is Queenie and her stinking family of piss and shit.

The truth is Ladies and Gentlemen, that unless we 'The People' rise up as 'The New Model Army' did and strike down these villainous monsters in Parliament who routinely command the murder of children in their sleep, who kidnap innocent men and women from their homes and rendition them [Torture] in darkened dungeons thousands of miles away from their families, and thence often make these innocent people disappear, who gleefully order the slaughter of entire cities, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, men, women, and children, in order to profiteer from their God awful 'War Machine' - then we will never have a Just and Fair society.

Democracy is for 'Citizens'. It is a system  whereby 'The Citizens' of a Nation State govern their own affairs for the peaceful betterment of both their fellow countrymen and their neighbouring Nations.

But that is not what Our Masters do is it?

They do not govern us for our betterment, they govern us to increase their personal wealth and power, they govern us to keep the vast majority of people ignorant, stupid, and above all things 'CONTROLLED'.

'Democracy' is what 'Citizens' create and control; ergo - we do not have a Government, we have a Mafia. A criminal cartel who imagine themselves above the law, indeed only the rich elite are allowed to Create Laws. Thus it is that politicians and Royals routinely go beyond their legitimacy to enrich themselves and their criminal brothers and sisters in their 'League of Infamy' at the expense of the ordinary citizens of our nation, and further - the lives of countless millions of other people around the world. And they do all this 'DESPITE the vast outcry from 'The Citizens' of Great Britain who have for over 2 decades now been crying out for Justice to be restored and that these criminals be tried for their multifarious crimes against The People of this Nation and their horrific crimes against the innocent people of other nations.

And yet nothing ever changes, the same bunch of shysters commit crimes, get away with their crimes, and repeat their crimes, over and over and over again.

When those who govern a Nation State are utterly beyond any approbation of 'The People' for the perfidy of their actions, when they can commit any act of disgraceful pillage or theft of the public purse and a Nations assets, or may order the deaths of other Human Beings around the world with impunity and against the will of 'The People' then that is not a 'Democracy' Ladies and Gentlemen, that is Absolutism, and that is exactly where we are at here in the United KINGDOM.

So I like to remember the 19 of November as a very special day indeed. I commemorate the 19th of November as the birthday in 1600 of the last King of England who thought he was beyond the reach of the common man, as the beginning of the end for absolutism. And while in bitter truth the rule of Despots here in the UK is not yet dead the seed of its ultimate demise was sown, seeded by men and women like you and me; ordinary people who for the first time in 700 years knew for a fact that 'you can kill a king' and tear down the rule of thuggish criminals and create a 'Commonwealth' from common wealth.

One day, maybe not soon, probably not in my lifetime, but one day - the cry will go up "The King is dead, Long Live The Republic".

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