Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Truth?

"Facts are not nice or nasty, they have no flavour, they are merely facts. You may not like some facts but they remain nevertheless 'Facts' for facts are inviolate and eternally independent of your approbation.

Truth on the other hand Ladies and Gentlemen, is totally different barrel of shit.

'Truth' is the Religion of the ignorant mind. It remains the escape and the excuse for the intellectual dullard who is too lazy or too fucking stupid to go look for answer to questions that they would never dream of asking. 'Truth' is what stupid people use to replace Facts when in dispute with others as they shout their 'Truths' as absolutism.

'Truth' is also what all charlatans use when they want to convince you that what they say and do is right, and such people will stick to their Truth even when you & more importantly 'they' know that what they are saying or doing is wrong. No amount of hard evidence will ever convince a 'Truther' that what they are saying utter bollocks, for in the current surreal world, which surrounds us all in this right wing miasma of false realities, where Truth is the perpetuation of Myth over Reason, where us killing brown skinned Muslim women & children is considered mere Policy, but them killing our Christian children is considered the quintessence of evil, he who tells the biggest lie is crowned King, and Ladies & Gentlemen - there is no greater Liar than Religion.

'Truth' is how you get people to kill in the name of a God for it is easy to convince young men that God is on their side. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is a Fact"

Facts remain beyond our control, they exist because they are facts, and because they are facts they exist. Truth on the other hand changes from moment to moment, person to person, epoch to epoch, and they are a poor substitute for Facts.

You see 'Facts' unlike us mere mortals do not wither and die, instead they remain like a sentinel watching over the passage of time, neither approving or critical about the deeds of men, they are merely waiting, waiting to be discovered in their totality. Facts outlive everything, even Time itself!

And this provides a problem for those who govern Mankind from their ivory towers, for 'Facts' cannot be changed just because you happen to have a gazillion dollars at your disposal. Facts are immune to monetary temptation, and thus - unlike so many humans who have abandoned entirely whatever ethics they once had - facts cannot be bought at the agora for a few shekels.

Thus it is that the rulers of this world have for the last 40 years set themselves the task of changing not only how they govern the world, but also we Plebs perceive our world and upon what data we choose to believe to make our decisions. And without anyone really noticing our Masters have engineered and coerced us to abandon Logic and return once again to the dark lands of superstition and rumour, and in this passage of time they have set this world to run not to the immutable laws of 'Facts', but to the timetable of their false 'Truths'.

And you have to say Ladies and Gentlemen when you look around the world and how it is run, - that these Patricians have succeeded spectacularly in their aims.

 So little of what is seen in Newspapers and on the Television News is real these days, so much so that the dilemma now faced by the Common Man every single day, is to discern and establish Fact from Establishment fiction.

The bitter truth is that the Established Order is so riddled by corruption, and held up by a coterie of Master Deceivers in the form of Politicians and modern day Lord Haw Haws on the Radio and the TV, that it is hard for us as individuals to tell anymore what is in fact a 'Fact' and what is in fact a 'Fiction'.

Without each of us dedicating hour upon endless hours of our precious time to research every rotten stinking story that the News Media pushes down our throats via the means of TV News and the Newspapers, the common man is left almost as a blank page, entirely dependent upon the charlatans with vested interests that I mentioned earlier, to tell us what to think about what the hell is going on in the world at any given time.

And I do mean Time in its historic sense Ladies and Gentlemen, for already we have witnessed over the last 4 years eminent Politicians here in the United Kingdom attempting to rewrite history to suit their fascist narrative.

And what is more, after forty years of dumbing down the population it is becoming increasingly clear just how easy it is to bamboozle the masses into thinking in a certain way about past events, and by past events I am talking about them rewriting history from as close as 6 months ago to 100 years ago.

So this continuous rewriting of history places a very onerous Duty upon our shoulders as individuals doesn't it? We must each of us go and do our own research when our Masters tell us that Germany was to blame for World War 1, or that Muslims are to blame for x y or z; because they can no longer be trusted. The News is not the News, it is a version of a fairy tale which suits the narrative of a very few, very elite moguls and tycoons who control pretty much all News Media. But sadly, and let us be honest with ourselves here, how many of us has the time for so tedious an endeavour when the vast majority of people in this country, and around the world, are forced to slave away most of their time on this Earth in the pursuit of just enough money to survive until next week?

Which of course - is the whole point of debt slavery?

Time to think is one of our most precious commodities Ladies and Gentlemen, but in order to think clearly one must have all of the 'Facts' otherwise you're just thrashing about in the dark feeding off the truths they spoon feed you with no real clue as to what you are doing. And make no mistake we are all guilty of this, you, me, everybody!

'Truth' is a very poor thing to base your decisions upon because truth has very little basis in 'Fact'.

And it is by this circuitous route that I return Ladies and Gentlemen once again to the awful events in Paris and the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Very quickly after the sound of gunfire faded over the French capital a lot of nonsense started traversing the internet about probable conspiracies and other cockamamie theories about who was responsible. Indeed I myself got temporarily [very temporarily thank god] caught out when a BBC News Page reported the astounding data [note I said data not Facts] that some high ranking ex American Government officials were doubting the sequence of events in Paris. The credibility of this data was down to the website in question looking and seamlessly linked within the BBC's own website.

Fortunately an eagle eyed friend of mine on Twitter quickly spotted what I had not - which was an unwelcome hyphen in the link that quickly revealed to us that it was not in fact a BBC webpage; despite all appearances.

Within seconds of my posting to the world that the link was a hoax the website disappeared from the internet and reappeared elsewhere in its less credible format of total bollocksness.

But that is not the story of why I mention this here. It was the speed with which it first appeared as a seamless BBC web page within the BBC's own News site, and consequently the speed with which it vanished when it was revealed as false that is interesting to my mind.

There was a purpose and wicked intent at work behind the scenes. False data is a dodgy chameleon Ladies and Gentlemen, it can catch out the best of us because like warfare it relies upon deception. To infiltrate our psyche those who seek to deceive us will present data in a pleasing or shocking format to scramble our rationale just enough into believing a truth. Data is not Fact Ladies and Gentlemen, it is data. Data can easily be manipulated to formulate a truth, and it is a key tool in all deception for it stands on the middle ground between Fact & Truth.

Let me give you an example of this unreality which is directly linked to the Charlie Hebdo events. And here you have to be absolutely honest with yourselves Ladies and Gentlemen for pretending greater cleverness out of idiotic hubris fools only yourself not others, and it is appallingly shameful.

How many of you out there when you first saw the French response to this criminal act of violence bought the idea that the Global News Media first projected into your minds that our politicians and the people of France were showing a united front as they marched in protest against this villainy? 

Now I don't care whether or not you thought the World Leaders were being shockingly hypocritical or not, that is irrelevant here, what matters is 'How Many Of You Accepted The Immediate Representation of a Unified March'. Be Honest!

Yeah me too... even a wise old hand can at first glimpse buy the power of a picture; it's human nature.

But thankfully this is where the Internet makes life difficult for our universal oppressors, for it was quickly revealed that though the French people did indeed rally magnificently in a unified march against this criminal act of barbarity; the politicians were even then committing a criminal act of their own by pretending that they were marching at the head of the peasants, leading the way.

In point of fact, our political masters were nowhere near the 4 million people who turned out in protest. They were seconded in a highly cordoned off section of Paris, far away from the peasant scum who might contaminate them with their Liberty, and surrounded by heavily armed security personnel who were in no mood to fuck about.

The images first released in the Newspapers and shown on the BBC and other TV News programs, of our politicians marching arm in arm at the head of the massed ranks of the French People were in fact a total Lie. We bought the immediate truth of their false truth because each of us deep in our hearts want this to be how our politician act. We want them to be good and part of us.

They're not.

But even this lie was not good enough for some. In Israel, Newspaper editors there did not like the image of their beloved F├╝hrer ' Benjamin Netanyahu' marching arm in arm with the German leader Angela Merkel, so they airbrushed her out of the pictures and thus out of their history. Now some of you might say - "Well considering the history of Jews and Germans who's to blame them". But it wasn't a German thing Ladies and Gentlemen, it was a woman thing, because the bastards in the Israeli press removed all women from the pictures of their beloved leaders march in support of FREE SPEECH.

Of course activists quickly revealed the enormity of both lies proving with hard data that these giants of European politics [male and female] were nowhere near the peasants they purported to lead as they marched up their carefully protected streets. And just as usual, the Newspapers and News Media backtracked from their original images and were forced to show the reality of what occurred in Paris that day.

Which was of course - a group of elitist Leaders disconnected from The People they rule over with a less than gentle hand.

Particularly disgusting was The Independent Newspapers attempt at damage limitation bollocks; and it really was bollocks Ladies and Gentlemen. A carefully crafted article reporting after the fact of their own early complicity and presented as impartial reporting that they were telling us the whole TRUTH. It was nothing of the sort, it was just them rewriting their own history in the hopes none of us would notice, remember, or care.

That is the Truth they want us to believe, and all too many with not enough time to research or think will believe them.

"Facts are not nice or nasty, they have no flavour Ladies and Gentlemen, they are merely facts. You and I may not like some facts but they remain nevertheless 'Facts' for facts are inviolate and eternally independent of our approbation.

Truth on the other hand, is totally different barrel of shit. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Warlocks.

"War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength". - George Orwell: 1984.

The word ‘Warlock’ comes to us from the early Middle Ages.  It is derived from a Middle English word ‘Warloghe’, which in itself comes down to us from an Old English word ‘Wrloga’.

In mythology a Warlock could use the power of his voice to ensnare and trap the unwary or even, it is said, destroy those who opposed him. This idea comes from the true meaning of all three words ‘Warlock, Warloghe, and Wrloga’ which is that of a descriptive that illustrates the true nature of a man or woman who breaks his or her oath, i.e. the ‘Oath-Breaker’, a person who betrays his given word, or vow, or plight; hence the idea that a Warlocks voice could wreck ruin.

In ancient times such people were so reviled and universally despised (by friends and foes) that our early ancestors had to formulate a special 'Title of Despite' to adequately describe them, for oaths were viewed in those days as ‘Sacred’ and to ‘Break your Oath’ was to break with your Tribe, your God, your King, and your Countrymen. Thus it was that they named such creatures 'Warlock'.

Of course we know now that Kings, Queens, and ‘Nobel Men’ routinely broke their oaths back then. In point of fact, this is how the world worked and how those in power got to be 'Those in Power'. Thus it is as surely as shit rolls down hill [no matter the length of the journey] we eventually arrive in to the modern world where their rancid examples of treachery, over centuries of repeated betrayals, has led us to a contemporary world in which nobody anywhere (save a few special people) ever keeps their given word, or perhaps even grasps what swearing an oath means.

Indeed I wonder at times in the wee hours as I am contemplating some new act of perfidy committed by our political masters, if those in power throughout the history of the world [because of their very nature and betrayals] have ever actively tried to eradicate the word 'Warlock' from our vocabulary for imagine if you can 'how we as a people would react to their betrayals if such a powerful word were to remain with us through our natural discourse' - for what other Title could we ever use to describe them and their betrayals other than that of 'Oath Breakers'?

Interestingly - I have never heard the word 'Warlock' used to describe the criminal betrayals of those who govern us on Television or seen it written in Newspapers. My guess is that the Elite, who own or control these outlets, have absolutely no desire to see so powerful a word as 'Warlock' remain in the common vernacular of mankind. I guess it should come as no surprise that they and their lickspittles in the news media have let the word 'Warlock' diminish from our minds to the degree where these days it only to be used in the land of Myth and Fiction - and even there only rarely.

Whatever the truth of that little bit of personal conjecture my narrative herein brings me in a haphazard but non random fashion to the theme of this narrative and the central (but by no means singular) perfidious character of Mister Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and the use of words.

Words are important.

Routinely nowadays, men and women in Public Office betray The People of Great Britain in order to satisfy some personal avarice and nobody bats an eyelid. Promises made by the great and the not-so-good are cast aside without nary a thought, and with even less of a concern for the consequence. One only has to look at Nick Clegg’s vow to the students pre-election or David Cameron’s guarantee to the country ‘not to privatise the NHS’ to grasp the hollowness of their promises; they are all shameless ‘Shysters’ who offer and then break their pledges without any thought of dishonour.

They are 'Warlocks' indeed.

But the shining example of a Politicians treacherous infamy in recent years must be that of Tony Blair and his aspiration for war in Iraq. His maltreatment of those who fought in the conflict (on both sides) during and after the assault is the stuff of legend. But it is the disgraceful and utterly outrageous misrepresentation of the facts through the use of 'persuasive words' to the general population and our [so called] political representatives in The House of Commons that stands out as The Crime of The Century.

Too many believed his glib lies, all too many of us accepted his ‘Reason for War’ in his now infamous address to Parliament in which he explained just how dangerous a threat to peace were Saddam Hussein’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is a Master of Words.

His falsehood for War was of breathtaking and [consequently] horrific proportions. He presented us all with a Document [The September Dossier] that avowed that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s), these munitions included ‘Chemical Weapons’ and more sinisterly ‘Biological Weapons’. He even went on to claim that the dossier proved that Iraq had reassembled its nuclear weapons programme and was soon going to be able to hit Tel-Aviv and reign down a Nuclear Holocaust on the Citizens of Israel via the means of his difficult to locate 9K52 Luna-M (Frog 7) missile platforms. The power of words spoken are multiplied when written down, they take on an authority that even the best speech maker finds hard to counter, it was something Blair understood all too well, thus he used this fact to his advantage by producing false documentation to support his rhetoric.

As it turned out – the only part of his Parliamentary speech [words] which bore any resemblance to reality was the fact that Iraq did have Frog-7’s, nothing else was real. His speech was a deliberate fiction designed to confound the opponents to war with just enough truth to hide his premeditated and wholly malicious lie. His whole line of reasoning for War with Iraq which he subsequently offered up to 'Parliamentary Scrutiny' and public censure was a Chimera; a lie so audacious that even now - over a decade later - the evil of that day permeates through the political landscape of this nation and circles the globe like a 'fel wind' bringing with it a cancerous hate which has created a whole new world of enemies for us to face.

Which was of course - the whole point of the exercise.

Iraq had no nuclear capability whatsoever! Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti had no chemical weaponry worthy of invasion, and certainly he had no Biological Weapons. The Nuclear Holocaust story was just that... a story; something told to frighten little children, and ladies and gentlemen we were the children he needed to frighten with his tales of a bogeyman, and we fell for it. Did Saddam deserve death? Undoubtedly! Hussein was monstrous and clearly a mass murderer, but in comparison to Anthony Charles Lynton Blair? He - 'Saddam Hussein'  - was a dilettante in the game of mass murder.

And yet, despite all this, despite our now knowing the full depths of Blair's perfidious nature and actions, ‘The Envoy for Peace’ is still somehow allowed to spread his falsehoods across our television screens with the effortless slick malevolence of a Grimm's fairy Tale. Still he spreads his influence across the world, and his grip on British Politics is omnipresent. And this Ladies & Gentlemen is where we must touch base with how these acts of infamy reach out from our past to blight the future - for David Cameron (complicit in Blair's horrific war crime) has deliberately stifled and squashed the publication of the Report into Tony Blair’s Iraq Activities [and his subsequent conduct which assured for Blair - riches beyond the dreams of avarice].

Why? - is the question you must ask.


And whilst you have no doubts heard all of this before, [no doubt at all] yet still we as a people do nothing about it; and because we refuse to do anything about it, it will happen again. Indeed it already has, for if you look objectively at the case of Muammar Gaddafi whose murder David Cameron was largely responsible for, the scale of the crime may be smaller but the result is the same. Thus is the legacy of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair not one of a prosperous nation at peace with the world, but instead that of a Nation in violent contention with much of it, governed by men so alike to his own nature that it is no easy measure to make out any difference between them - save that he [Blair] towers over their puny intellects like an atrocious colossus.

He uses words like 'Peace' when what he means is 'War', he speaks of Democracy when he means Dictatorship, he utters the words 'Freedom and Justice' with effortless malice as he commands  their opposite across the world - which by the by makes the words themselves seem banal and meaningless to the rest of us.  Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is a master wordsmith, he is Devil Tongued, and yet despite his face being lined by the weight of all the children he murdered, he remains 'Untouchable' - he is 'A Master of Words' - he is 'Warlock' whose true legacy is endless war.

Words are important Ladies & Gentlemen, they are weapons used by the foes of peace to promote war. People like Anthony Charles Lynton Blair use words to tell you black is white, up is down, good is evil, and they will all of them, promise you, swear to you, VOW to you 'that they will never sell the NHS off to enrich their mates' or 'betray you' - and you believe them - after all 'they have given you their 'Word'...

In ancient times people thought that a Warlock could use the power of his voice to Trap & Destroy you... I think our ancestors knew what they were talking about....

Thursday, 1 January 2015


I pay no Tax,
I get let off
Of criminal fraud
Coz I am a Toff.

I never go out
To fight in wars,
Coz I send the poor
To die in scores.

I order the police
To arrest those who,
speak out against
our Fascist coup.

We rape their children
and I cover it up,
because I am
a Tory fuck.

So get this straight
you stinking pleb,
I am here to Tax you
And steal your bread.

For we are Fascists
through and through,
and we will do what we want
So Pleb - “Fuck you!”