Monday, 16 February 2015

Full Metal Jacket... $$$

There is a lot of bullshit written about ISIS, from commentators without a clue, people talking smack about who is behind the rise of such groups around the world. Indeed TV pundits and so called Journalists everywhere regularly pontificate about the subject and pass their rambling musings off as Gospel expecting [and rightly so] that 90% of you will believe their bullshit because 'It's on the Telly'.

So let me give you a very simple example of why you need to THINK about what you are being told.

"War is about profit nothing else" - Kanjin Tor

How many times have you seen me say this? But within this small quote is a deeper reality which folks with little to no experience about how to conduct a War might understandably miss.

This is a 7.62×39mm AK47 standard round.

ISIS also use a 5.56mm standard NATO Round for their M16 derivatives .

As well as artillary shells and tank shells and and and... but for simplicities sake let us stay here with just the high calibre rifle cartridges that the average ISIS combatant might use.

It is important to note here that ISIS troops whilst being ferocious are not disciplined Soldiers who tend to only shoot aimed shots. Instead they follow the American Hollywood policy of 'Spray and Pray'... Rambo Style.... at least most of them, (It is also why when I see on the telly some masked ISIS fighters taking careful aim in tight combat situations my first thought is 'They are Mercenaries or SOLDIERS'...

So here is a question for you all....

"Who is making the bullets ISIS use?"

And if you are sat their thinking 'they captured all their bullets' you are clearly a civilian with no experience of combat because that is not how resupply works.

Certainly you can sustain attacks into enemy territory for a few days this way... but that option rapidly fails as a tactic of resupply leaving you without the means to fight [Ask the German Wehrmacht  about the limitations of that policy when they attacked at the battle of the bulge].

No - bullets have to be regularly resupplied to an attacking Army, and that means bullets have to be manufactured in sufficient quantity to arm your troops, and they have to be paid for, because no arms manufacturer in history has ever given away his bullets for free. And then these bullets have to transported to your troops and handed out to them in regular sufficient quantity so that they can fight.

Manufacturing enough bullets for such operations is not an easy everyday thing to do... not on the industrial scale that ISIS seem to be using their weaponry that is.

First you have to acquire large quantities of brass and copper and the composite chemicals which make up the propellant inside the millions of cartridges that you intend to make.

But even before this part of the process begins you have to have the factories and machinery to make the cartridge cases, the warheads, and the propellant, to enable you to put them all together in a consistent and standardised manner so that you don't get thousands of failures. [oh and also without blowing yourself to smithereens].

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is just the bullets never mind the larger shells we see being used.

So the question is... who is making all the bullets to arm ISIS? Who is buying all these bullets that are being made for them and transporting them across the world, and then across the battlefields of Syria and Iraq to the individual units and members of ISIS?

"War is about profit ladies and gentlemen... and that means LOGISTICS" - Kanjin Tor

Suddenly - what you see on the telly looks a lot different doesn't it?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I think it must now be clear to everybody here in The United Kingdom of Great Britain who has an Intelligence Quotient over that of a baboon, that we can no longer place the governance of our Nation into the hands professional politicians and the various miscreant Police Forces across the land, who universally seem geared to act not as 'The People's Protectors and Guardians', but instead operate in a manner diametrically opposed to that ideal, and whose conduct can now best be described as nothing more than that of 'Corporate Enforcers'.

Indeed the marrying of Law Making and Law Enforcement has lent those who govern our daily lives over the last few decades, far too much power. And the cost of this magnified importance of 'The Imaginary State' over that of 'The Citizen' has been the gradual erosion of our inalienable human rights (whatever your political leanings might be).

This indecent marriage has also in many ways too numerous to herein mention, contributed massively to the collapse of our national economy. It has also wrought the destruction of our international standing, and our Law Makers and Law Keepers conflicted interests has led inexorably to the decline of not only our own national environment and social construct, but has also been party, in no small way, to the global scale catastrophe that is now beginning to unfold.

This is not about Left vs Right Ladies & Gentlemen, this is about Good vs Evil, Fascism vs Democracy, Master vs Slaves.

Let us be clear here; you The People did not steal £2 Trillion pounds from the British Economy and give it to known International Criminals. Very few of you abandoned your duty of care towards your families or stopped working hard to feed them. You The People did not pass Laws, the aim of which is to silence dissent of Corporate Commandments (which is in effect what State Law has become).

 You The People did not sanction the use of lethal violence on innocent children across the world. None of you 'The Ordinary People' started a war to enrich yourselves at the cost of 1.5 million lives in Iraq. None of you The People set in place a policy of 'Kidnapping, Imprisoning, Raping, Torturing, and Murdering' of innocent men and women.

Likewise you The People did not take 42 Trillion Dollars out of the world's Economy and hide it in private Bank Accounts in The Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and all the other putrid tax havens. You The People of Great Britain did not refuse or have ever stopped paying your Tax Duties, nor did any of you The People cut off the heads of Muslims or Christians.

You The People did not sanction the use of violent repression against 'Peaceful' Teenage Protestors (our own children) by our Corporate Police on various British University Campuses. You The People did not claim £100 Thousand pounds for a horse paddock whilst British Citizens, many of them children are going hungry and shivering to death in a freezing cold damp bedsit owned by Greedy Landlords.

None of you The People threw women, single mums with children, out onto the streets at a moment's notice without any back up or place to go, to face the freezing weather of winter and the possibility of starvation and rape and violence as they scrabble to survive.

Very few of you The People took part in, and then covered up, Establishment Paedophilia for over 50 years. And not once, not a single time did any of you Citizens abandon your Duty of Care towards your Servicemen and Women, and set in place policies which would ensure that those leaving the Military Service of our country would end up freezing on the streets of London, Birmingham, Glasgow, and a hundred other cities, as they are forced to rummage through the waste bins of Supermarket Giants (who refuse to pay their taxes) in order to find enough food to survive for another night through a haze of Post War driven nightmares [PTSD]

None of you The People have deliberately, and with malice aforethought, undertaken to  commit a conspiracy of silence - for over 40 years - for the deaths of over 800 Black British Citizens whilst in Police Custody.

And very few of you used or bought into the vile rhetoric of our State Sponsored News Agencies to promote the demonization of fellow Citizens such as - The Disabled, Muslim Citizens, Single Mothers, Homosexuals, Jewish Citizens, Black Citizens, Asian Citizens, Unemployed Citizens, University Students, Working Mothers, Poor Families, Immigrants, War Veterans, Pensioners, and last but not least, ordinary *Working Class* men and women who ask for nothing but a living wage, but are sneered at by our Extremist Press Agencies on behalf of the professional politicians of ALL parties. The same Politicians who then send in their Corporate Police to victimise, intimidate, harass, and even jail innocent men and women and young adults for having the temerity to complain about the criminals who govern us.

No your Government and Police Forces did all these things. Your Government and Police Forces are continuing to do all of these things. They have been deliberately doing all of these things for over 40 years now, and what do you get in return for your compliance to their vicious caprice? A Nation which lives in fear. Fear of the other, fear of each other, but most of all - an unspoken fear of 'The State'. We are Governed Ladies & Gentlemen by Fear, and that is not Democracy, that it is 'Fascism Perfected'.

This is not about Left vs. Right, this is about Good vs. Evil, Fascism vs. Democracy, Master vs Slaves.

There cannot be any man or woman alive today living in these isles who does not know deep in the recesses of their hidden hearts that our professional Politicians, whether they be Labour, UKIP, The Liberal-Democrats, or The Conservative Party, and their Corporate Enforcers can no longer be entrusted with the 'Good Governance' of this Nation; to organise and set in place, Policies for the creation of a 'Fair & Just Society' fit for all to live in; a land in which the betterment and furtherance of all our children's futures is the supreme guiding principle of State.

Therefore, if we can no longer expect that our demands for such a society will be met by those who currently so misgovern us. Consequently we 'The People' must look to other means to achieve that which is the basic dream of all men everywhere, to live in a fair and just society free from fear & the brute force of State Sanctioned Thuggery and Coercion...

Sooner or later you as individuals are going to have to face up to the fact that we are governed by Criminals, and that these Criminals will never, ever, stop acting in a criminal fashion until they are deposed and removed from the offices of power for all time. And as always when it gets to times of such extremis the ONLY way to achieve this 'Just and Righteous' aim is by a Peoples Revolution.

People cling to the idea that voting will change things because they are rightly frightened by the thoughts of rebellion, but voting these vermin out of office no longer works because they are all made in the same barrel of shit. And what is more - you - all of you know that to be the Truth!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Voting for which Mafia Family gets to oppress us and loot the Nations coffers is not Democracy, it's Cowardice. These people all swim in the same stinking cesspit, and voting merely replaces one filthy gangster with another disgusting criminal, and the only difference between these repulsive vermin is 'the colour of the tie they wear around their fucking necks'.

In truth my friends, these politicians and police forces, despite vast protest from millions of people from across the land (and across the political spectrum) refuse to stop their criminal activities.

Therefore the only viable course of action left for us The People to effect real and lasting change, to better the lot of the vast majority of British Citizens, is outright rebellion.

And let me state here for the record that this is not some anarchic desire to see the world burn.

Nobody in their right mind would want to live in a time of civil war or revolution. Such national and global events offer no assurance of survival for the individual, but when you live under the yolk of a greater tyranny what then has the common man got to lose by rebellion?

Spartacus did not rebel against his Roman masters because he was bored and was kicking around looking for something to do. He rebelled out of desperation, and for millions of British people that time of desperation is fast approaching. And just like the Patricians of Ancient Rome, I suspect our own Patricians are just as blind to the nearness of their own demise. We are many they are few.

The Establishment will of course when threatened with extinction (as all such Establishments have done throughout the centuries) eventually turn to violence in an effort to quash any Peoples Revolution. It is the only response such vermin know when they are faced with stalwart intransigence by the people to refuse their dominion.

This violence is something we must expect for they have proven time and again their predilection to commit bloody murder and violent incarceration in an attempt to retain power. In point of fact Ladies & Gentlemen, we must welcome their violence, for it is a certain sign that change is coming and that their demise is near. It happens every time collapse is near.

This is not about Left vs. Right Ladies & Gentlemen, this is about Good vs. Evil, it is about Fascism vs. Democracy, it is as Marcus Aurelius said about the simple fact that - 'You are a Slave, You have no Voice'.

But I give you all a final caution.

With this knowledge comes a heavy burden and it is a price we must and will undoubtedly be forced to pay. *We must not to turn to their means of repression to seek our own salvation. No matter their provocation we must disavow all War*.

War is the ultimate means by which the elite suppress and control the masses. And even if you happen to be on the winning side of a conflict, all you have really achieved is to strengthen the shackles which bind you to the elites’ civil and military supremacy. War is never about Liberty, Democracy, or Justice; it is about their Profit, their Power, & their Dominion over The People.

*Injustice* is the currency of our rulers. We must refuse their criminal rule and adopt a new way of governance; a way which rejects utterly for all time their command structure which is based entirely upon physical and economic violence, for what is Peace if not an end to War & Want?*

It is all too easy to turn our thoughts to murder and revenge when we The People are so brutally and constantly repressed. But Ladies & Gentlemen we must not become as they, for all that does is create another cycle of the same old game, and they are far too skilled in that arena for us to overcome their rule by adopting their tools of oppression as our tools for freedom.

That will not work, history has proven that.

Everywhere in every land the ordinary man is demanding Justice and an Egalitarian Society, and everywhere the super rich are denying us any opportunity to achieve this universal goal as they buy our political systems out from under our feet and pass laws which victimise The People but enriches themselves.

The super elite create only three things, The Laws, Poverty, and Wars. All three Ladies & Gentlemen are but a means to a single end - 'Dominion'. Dominion over The Common Man at any cost, Dominion no matter what atrocity is necessary to achieve it.

This is not about Left vs. Right Ladies & Gentlemen. This is about Good vs. Evil. This is about Fascism vs. Democracy.

This is about Master vs Slaves.

In a Democracy 'The People' are 'The State' and I think it's about time we gave Democracy a try after all - what have we got to lose?

 Good Luck.