Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Jimmy Savile and Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson is a Bigoted dickhead but as far as we are aware he has never once raped children, murdered children, or provided children to his mates in the Conservative Party [some of who clearly do love a bit of kiddie fiddling] 

Yet he punches a guy on the nose for not brining him his dinner and the BBC hierarchy immediately suspend him.


Now I am not saying punching a guy on the nose for not brining him his dinner is acceptable behaviour, far from it. The fat bloated bastard should get off his overstuffed arse and get his own fucking dinner, who the fuck does he think he is? However this situation begs of all of us an interesting question, does it not?

For 40 years plus, Sir James Wilson Vincent "Jimmy" Savile, Order of the British Empire, Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great, raped children on a scale never witnessed within these shores before.

He also it now seems certain, provided children for the great and the [not so] good of the British Establishment. It is also almost equally certain that he murdered children - and therefore probably did so with some of those to whom he provided these disposable kids, rumours of which have been circulating for years but have only recently been openly admitted to by MP's in Westminster.


Everybody in the Establishment knew about him and his colleagues of infamy. Margaret Thatcher knew and ordered a cover up, FACT.  Ministers, knew about it, FACT. The Police knew, FACT. MI5/MI6 knew, FACT. And seemingly everybody from television celebrities to radio presenters knew about Savile. Certainly BBC producers and the upper echelons of the British Broadcasting Company knew about Savile.

F A C T.

Yet not once, never once in 40 years did the BBC consider sacking him and reporting him to the police, or out him on their News Programs for the serious crimes he committed on their own premises, let alone all the other places they knew all about.

In FACT the BBC went out of their way to cover it up. And further - when the story finally broke after Savile died, they not only went out of their way to stymie the story, but those who produced the documentary outing Savile on BBC2 either went 'bye bye' or were stigmatised so much they had to leave the company. But not one, not a single one of the bosses who knew about Savile suffered.

W H Y ?

That is the question that I referred to earlier, that is the question which sits up and begs us all to ask about the Jeremy Clarkson spectacle.. not 'should Jeremy Clarkson be reinstated' but rather... "WHY DO THE BBC VIEW NOSE PUNCHING A SACKABLE OFFENCE BUT FIND CHILD RAPE AND MURDER PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR?"

The answer of course is 'they don't'. But they are terrified that we The People will wake up to their perfidious nature. That we will finally understand that Savile was merely a part of the control mechanisms' which keeps the BBC under the thrall of monstrous right wing criminals who control their message through evil means.

The BBC is a major player in global and National Politics and they are all terrified that we 'The People' of Great Britain will wake up and stop believing their daily bullshit news programs and seek an alternative means to gather our day by day news and thus hasten the demise of the Establishment Propaganda System and thereby bring about the collapse of the Established Order.

I said in 2011 that Savile was everything... I repeat that here now.

Under these parameters I have to say when thinking about Jeremy Clarkson's behaviour over recent years, that he must be one of the few BBC men who did not know about Jimmy Savile OBE, KCSG, and all the dirty goings on in that stinking State Controlled Organisation. He must be almost whiter than white?

I mean to say - perhaps that is why the BBC hierarchy feel secure enough to suspend him, because he 'Clarkson' clearly hasn't got the goods on any of the establishment figures, unlike Jimmy Savile who openly bragged he had the goods on people and remained on post 'untouchable' till the very end - no matter what crimes he committed.

Can you see what it is yet....?

[oops wrong BBC catchphrase]

Now Then, Now Then, Now Then...

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