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The Third Opium War?

In March 1865 The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ( HSBC )was formed by Sir Thomas Sutherland GCMG, (Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George).

They were founded shortly after the end of 'The First Opium War' when - according to the Bank's Mythology  - 'Local Merchants' suddenly felt the desperate need for a bank to finance the growing trade between China and Europe.

This might lend you, as a layman with no grasp of this period of historical infamy, the impression that little people with little stalls selling wheat or opiates in busy marketplaces across Hong Kong and Shanghai suddenly woke up one morning and gathered together in some local coffee house and said "You know what we need? We need a Bank to put all our hard earned money in".

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What actually happened was that some super rich arseholes woke up one morning with the idea of further enriching themselves by setting up a Bank with all the money that they had garnered from their criminal activities in dealing and shipping Opium from India to China (plus the four corners of The British Empire and beyond) by lending this criminally gotten money back to the people they had first exploited and charging them an exorbitant rate of interest whilst they, now fat and bloated, went back to the mother country and sat in parliament making sure government policy did not impinge upon their criminal activities.

Now the British Establishment and the scum in HSBC would argue that those were different days, that those days are behind them, that they were not party to the shipping of over 600 thousand chests of Opium - oh no they had nothing to do with that, except the aforementioned piece of shit Sir Thomas Sutherland GCMG, (Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George) through long association with P&O (The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company) eventually became its Managing Director having already enriched himself through its stinking activities as he climbed its ladder of perfidy.

But it gets worse.

Do not let people tell you that they did not know how dangerous Opium was back then. Those importing Opium knew exactly that dependence, desperation, and penury were almost certainly the inevitable downsides for those unlucky souls who became addicted to their wares. In point of fact Dependency [addiction] was and remains the founding principle of drug pushers everywhere, and these bastards knew exactly what they were doing.

They were pushing drugs to create a dependency so that people would part with their cash which would then flow via the middle men on a vast scale to the rich traders [Drug Runners] and thus make these rich Traders into the Super Rich Bankers that we all these days love so much.

But it gets much worse.

In simplistic terms it starts off with the 'British' East India Company opium plantations [in India]. The Opium grown and harvested there was then transported to the coast of the Chinese Mainland and sold to Chinese middlemen who then pushed the drug within the Chinese interior. This of course means, that Drugs were flooding the Chinese Market and Chinese Silver [which was the stock trade for the Opium] was leaving the country to enrich the British and European Drug Runners on a colossal scale. But more importantly, when Chinese Officials, alarmed by the huge increase of opium addicts caused by this trafficking attempted to solve the issue by banning this criminal and evil trade in human misery by shutting down the European Trade and seizing their perfidious consignments of Opium it was then that the true nature of this Drug cartels political reach came to the fore. It was undoubtedly these Super Rich Drug Runners who influenced the British Government to have the Royal Navy crush the Chinese resistance to their power in The First Opium War [war implies China had the ability to fight back - which it in point of fact it had little ability to do]

In effect they forced China, which at that time was a totally self sufficient  Nation, and a country that was mainly closed to outside contamination, to open up five ports to British Traders [Drug Lords] and forced China to accept The Treaty of Nanking - the long title being the euphemistically  named 'Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Commerce between Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and the Emperor of China'.

Some 'Peace'.

But it all gets far far worse than even that.

This Treaty, which was anything but peaceful negotiated with the Chinese Government, forced them to pay the BRITISH GOVERNMENT six million silver dollars in compensation for the opium that they had confiscated in 1839 as the Chinese Officials had attempted to end the human misery in their Country caused by British Drug Lords.

What with compensation for the Opium, compensation for Hong Kong Merchants which allegedly they owed British Traders, and a further 12 million dollars in war reparations that the British Government demanded for their conduct in ensuring that their rich friends could continue to push their drugs and inflict human misery upon China, the grand total of all this imposed debt was a crushing [for the time] total of over 21 million dollars in reparations owed by China for trying to free itself of those who had created a drug problem within their own country.

And yes it gets far far far worse than even that.

This $21 Million dollars had to be paid to the British Government over 3 years with a massive 5% interest rate inflicted upon the Chinese if they did not pay on the schedule imposed by the London War Lords. And just to make sure the Chinese coughed up this cash the British Government left enough Troops in China to ensure a timely compliance to their 'payment plan'.

All sounds a little bit Wonga doesn't it Ladies and Gentlemen?

Now you must understand that I am being simplistic here in this back story for this is a huge topic, but I hope you get the general thrust of my argument which is of course that - HSBC has a very long history of Laundering Drug Money.

'The more things change the more they remain the same' - goes the saying, and thus it is now.

For over 150 years HSBC set up by criminals has been run the way it has been run because they are The Establishment. They do what they want because they own us... and this is true with most Banks.
Criminals will not stop doing what profits them unless they have a penalty imposed upon them which cripples their liberty and their finances.


In 2008 the Bankers of the world integrated into a union of shit to fuck the world economy through illegal lending, subprime and blah blah blah [you all know the rest of this - and if you don't you're a fucking idiot]. And yet only Iceland has ever jailed a Banker for these crimes against Humanity. And let us be candid here, that is what their crimes were, they were a crime against the rest of humanity.

But despite the gargantuan scale of their universal criminality, not only did these cockroaches avoid jail, not only did they not have their entire assets seized to help repay the losses that they alone caused, but rather these Super Rich Bankers instead got even Richer.

Bankers Bonuses were on the rise and have risen ever since. Multi-Million pound bonuses are not uncommon [the latest being £7m bonus for Horta-Osorio of Lloyds - a Criminally Failed Bank who we British POOR PEOPLE had to bail out.

$18 Billion dollars were paid out in Banker Bonuses in 2014 alone...

The only people who did not suffer for the crimes of Bankers was The Bankers and their rich conspirators in various world governments.... including our own.

Meanwhile in the bowels of HSBC the soon to be 'Lord Green' was busy continuing HSBC's 150 year old 'Policy of Laundering Drug Money' and enhancing their criminal profiteering in Human Misery by also Laundering the money of Terrorist organisations such as Al-Qaeda.

HSBC owns The Telegraph [you own something when you can control by direct or indirect means, its actions or words]

HSBC owns The BBC [you own something when you can control by direct or indirect means, its actions or words]

HSBC owns The Conservative Party [you own something when you can control by direct or indirect means, its actions or words]

HSBC owns George Osborne [you own something when you can control by direct or indirect means, its actions or words]

HSBC owns David Cameron [you own something when you can control by direct or indirect means, its actions or words]

HSBC are untouchable - and - if their History is anything to go by - they will never stop acting criminally because it profits them so much, and they get away with it time after time after time again because they own our Government [whichever Party happens to be pretending to be in Power at the time]

They are made immune from any real punishment because they own the Establishment.... what part of this is tripping you up?

£250 million gets you a lot of favours...

As an aside it might also interest you to note that HSBC is one of only 3 commercial banks which are authorised to issue banknotes for Hong Kong.

The more things change the more they remain the same, and HSBC has a long History of Laundering Drug Money and Buying Parliament and seats in The House of Lords...

Oh the drugs may be slightly different, and their methods maybe more sophisticated, more brutally effective perhaps. But in essence this is nothing but a continuance of standard HSBC Policy and their commitment to the founding principles upon which The Bank was first created, a criminality which have served them so well and profitably for so very long.

One might even loosely call it - 'The Third Opium War'.

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