Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Choices of Youth.

For reasons too complicated to go into here without making this article take on the proportions of 'War and Peace' it is important to note that I am not a Lefty, I am an Anti-Fascist.... there is a huge difference.

My fellow countrymen.

If I had chosen greed instead of Country, if I had chosen 'Thatcherism' over 'Patriotism' I would be rich, I didn't, so I'm not. I have never till this day regretted that choice

I have a terrible feeling growing within me that the winner of the upcoming General Election will not be determined by Facts, but instead that it will be won because of Fear, Prejudice, and Hate.

Statistics, and hard data it seems will not decide which Political Party has a majority to rule over us or which Corporate Lackey sits in number 10 Downing Street, for facts are now seemingly irrelevant in the cause of Democracy, and as such Democracy (or what once posed as Democracy) is no longer a functional reality.

In a nation riddled with a fearful electorate 'Hard Facts' quite literally mean 'diddle squat'.

No evidence ever seems to change or sway the mind of a right wing leaning voter. And I put this down to a simple truth which is, that the mind does not command us, the heart does, and a heart ruled by Prejudice can never act logically or show stalwart compassion for others.

Ostensibly, as I sit and watch the endless debates and vitriolic arguments online, or in Newspaper blogs, the only thing which will determine the vote for millions of pathetic mewling cowards [and to consider voting for the right when fellow citizens are under such duress from a criminal elite is to be a pathetic mewling coward] is whether or not the Political Party that people are considering voting for on the 7th of May 2015 reflects their own wretched prejudice and detestable malice for others.

This is the regrettable conclusion I have come to... that Hate not Love will determine our nation's future, and that future is a society based on Fear, Prejudice, and Hate...

Hate for Immigrants. Disabled People. The Unemployed. Single Mums. Muslims. Jews. Black People. Brown People. Asian People. Hate for Romanians. For the French. For the Germans. The Europeans. Hate for the weak. For the old. Hate for the poor. Hate and fear of their own situation!

What a terrible Dystopia that will be?

And what is more astounding to my mind is that it does not matter that half the ignorant bastards who vote for the Tories or Ukip are poor themselves.

Indeed universally, it seems that it does not matter to our ignorant and fearful electorate that those who deem themselves above the common man, who consider us low born as nothing but 'Plebs', vermin to be despised and disposed of, are the enemy within; for as Voltaire said "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

The Truth is, that after 40 years of dumbing down under the hegemony a corporate fascist elite the only consideration which now seems to permeate the Twittersphere and other Social Media Sites, and in message forums across the land and within all NewsMedia sites is - 'DO YOU HATE SOMEBODY? IF SO - VOTE FOR US, WE PROMISE TO FEED YOUR PREJUDICE'.

But it should not have been this way Ladies & Gentlemen, this upcoming Election should have been about 'Hope' not hate.

That is the election which a socially conscious Labour should have started fighting 2 years ago. They had all the evidence, they knew the damage being done to their fellow countrymen, they had all the data that they ever needed to set themselves on the path to the greatest landslide in electoral history. And all they needed to do was base their whole election on optimism, an election based upon hard evidence, an election of hope and promise for a better future, an election based upon 'Fellowship'.

That is the election which Labour should have  fought Ladies & Gentlemen. They could and should have offered the Nation something to counter the argument of the Conservative neo-liberal policy of 'Hate, Divide, and Despair', but they didn't.

Instead they have constantly offered us something which looks and smells nothing so much as a watered down version of the Tories ideology of 'Panem et Circenses. Divide et Impera'.

Thus it is that the Neo-Liberal Blairite fifth columnists [what else could you call them if not such] have usurped the Labour Party and transplanted in its place just another version of Conservatism.
But make no mistake, this happened not just because of the Tories powerful Media Moguls who have for 5 years constantly bombarded the population of Great Britain with the putrid Conservative ideology of 'Hate the Other', but also because of the Lefts Stupidity and their utter Cowardice.

They [Labour] offered 'no challenge to Tory Dogma whatsoever'. And as my old Sergeant Major used to tell me "A battle uncontested is an automatic win for the enemy. You stand, you fight, and if needs must, you die".

This is why I cannot ever lay claim to being a 'Lefty', they seem so utterly divided and incapable of fight. Instead its 'bollocks bollocks bollocks and more bollocks' and not an ounce of unified fight.

In truth Labour have fallen into disarray, they are a rambling mix of dysfunctional dogmas with no principles based on morality that you or I can latch on to with any surety of conviction.

With the Tories we all know what they are about, they are for the rich and fuck everybody else... They are openly despiteful of the poor. They brag about their hate for the common man. And yet, despite their vicious and malicious hatred of the ordinary man and woman on the street, these criminals, at least on the face of things, seem united; and whether or not you agree with them that is a terribly powerful force.

Unity is something the electorate desire, and woe betide the Political Party which does not grasp this reality of Electoral Cowardice. HOW ELSE DO YOU THINK THE FUCKING THIRD REICH HAPPENED?

If Labour do not win the next Election there is a hard truth to be faced. And it is not that the Nation is populated by Right Wing Extremists ready to march into Russia waving a swastika 'seig heiling' to the sound of Das Fatherland screaming about white supremacy. But rather that the population is so gutless and so easily manipulated by the rights wings 'media propagandists' that they would rather vote for 'hate and slavery' than love and uncertainty.

That is the lesson that the Death of the Weimar Republic hands down to us... that "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

If Labour lose they are done with. If they fail to win this Election then as a Political entity they are a spent force and they must be abandoned and replaced forever by a New Political Party based on Morality, Science, Evidence, Compassion, and Social Justice.

Ladies & Gentlemen I fought for this country, I risked everything for this nation and its people more times than I can honestly remember, but I was not alone. I am not special, I was but one of thousands who endured the rigours of War; Black lad, White lads, Yellow lads, Good lads. And we did it because we believed in Justice, and that innate British sense of 'fair play', but I suspect those days are gone and I must perhaps learn to accept that.

Thus it is that I have reluctantly come to believe that the upcoming General Election will be decided by the triumvirate emotions of *Fear, Prejudice, and Hate* and that my beloved country has fallen into cowardly perfidy...

I hope sincerely - with all my Heart - that on the seventh day of May, 2015, that I am proved wrong, and that the choice of my youth, of Patriotism over neo-liberal Thatcherism and greed will not prove to have been in vain?

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