Thursday, 23 April 2015

Transcript of WRCRadio opening monologue 16th April 2015

I am a fan of football.

In point of fact for 40 years I have been a supporter of Manchester United Football Club.  The greatest club in the world.
I am red till dead...

But despite Manchester United's  many rivalries over the years I have never once forgotten that football is a game, a sport, something to take lightly and to win with grace, and to lose without any animosity towards other teams or their supporters.

Now I know of course that there are some morons out there with puny intellects who don't take this view, scumbags who taunt other fans about the Munich air disaster, or the tragedies of Hillsborough, or the horror of Valley Parade and other such disasters, but they are vermin... so to hell with them, they are not football fans they are just thugs.
I am a fan of football.

So much so that I do often enjoy watching other teams in European Cup games, particularly  when my own team is not taking part.

Hell - I even cheer for The Arsenal ... it seems after all - the patriotic thing to do...

Sadly though - very sad for me that is - the bitter truth is that I do not get to watch my own beloved Man U live on the Telly as much as I would like.

And the reason I don't get to watch them as much as I would like is because for 20 years now I have refused to purchase any Rupert Murdoch owned product, and the premier league viewing rights are pretty much owned by that stinking bastard and his rotten family.

I have sworn an oath, that I will not knowingly, now or at any time in the future, buy a product that has anything to do with the Murdoch criminal empire...

I can think of hundreds of reasons why people with good morals should refuse to buy The Sun or Sky Sports or anything else to do with that disgusting shyster - but  right now, a day after the 26th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster - there are 96 reason at the front of my mind as to why I personally will never touch anything despoiled by that scumbag.
Here are the names and ages of the forever innocent 96....

John Alfred Anderson 62 years
Colin Mark Ashcroft 19 years
James Gary Aspinall  18 years
Kester Roger Marcus Ball 16 years
Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron 67 years
Simon Bell 17 years
Barry Sidney Bennett 26 years
David John Benson 22 years
David William Birtle 22 years
Tony Bland 22 years
Paul David Brady 21 years
Andrew Mark Brookes 26 years
Carl Brown 18 years
David Steven Brown 25 years
Henry Thomas Burke 47 years
Peter Andrew Burkett 24 years
Paul William Carlile 19 years
Raymond Thomas Chapman 50 years
Gary Christopher Church 19 years
Joseph Clark 29 years
Paul Clark 18 years
Gary Collins 22 years
Stephen Paul Copoc 20 years
Tracey Elizabeth Cox 23 years
James Philip Delaney 19 years
Christopher Barry Devonside 18 years
Christopher Edwards 29 years
Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons 34 years
Thomas Steven Fox 21 years
Jon-Paul Gilhooley 10 years
Barry Glover 27 years
Ian Thomas Glover 20 years
Derrick George Godwin 24 years
Roy Harry Hamilton 34 years
Philip Hammond 14 years
Eric Hankin 33 years
Gary Harrison 27 years
Stephen Francis Harrison 31 years
Peter Andrew Harrison 15 years
David Hawley 39 years
James Robert Hennessy 29 years
Paul Anthony Hewitson 26 years
Carl Darren Hewitt 17 years
Nicholas Michael Hewitt 16 years
Sarah Louise Hicks 19 years
Victoria Jane Hicks 15 years
Gordon Rodney Horn 20 years
Arthur Horrocks 41 years
Thomas Howard 39 years
Thomas Anthony Howard 14 years
Eric George Hughes 42 years
Alan Johnston 29 years
Christine Anne Jones 27 years
Gary Philip Jones 18 years
Richard Jones 25 years
Nicholas Peter Joynes 27 years
Anthony Peter Kelly 29 years
Michael David Kelly 38 years
Carl David Lewis 18 years
David William Mather 19 years
Brian Christopher Matthews 38 years
Francis Joseph McAllister 27 years
John McBrien 18 years
Marian Hazel McCabe 21 years
Joseph Daniel McCarthy 21 years
Peter McDonnell 21 years
Alan McGlone 28 years
Keith McGrath 17 years
Paul Brian Murray 14 years
Lee Nicol 14 years
Stephen Francis O'Neill 17 years
Jonathon Owens 18 years
William Roy Pemberton 23 years
Carl William Rimmer  21 years
Dave George Rimmer  38 years
Graham John Roberts  24 years
Steven Joseph Robinson  17 years
Henry Charles Rogers  17 years
Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton  23 years
Inger Shah  38 years
Paula Ann Smith  26 years
Adam Edward Spearritt  14 years
Philip John Steele  15 years
David Leonard Thomas  23 years
Patrick John Thompson  35 years
Peter Reuben Thompson  30 years
Stuart Paul William Thompson  17 years
Peter Francis Tootle  21 years
Christopher James Traynor 26 years
Martin Kevin Traynor  16 years
Kevin Tyrrell  15 years
Colin Wafer  19 years
Ian David Whelan  19 years
Martin Kenneth Wild  29 years
Kevin Daniel Williams 15 years
Graham John Wright  17 years

For years, decades in fact, these football fans were tarnished by the press, various governments and politicians, and the police in a colossal conspiracy to blame these innocent men women and children for their own deaths. The sun even repeated the lies of the police stating 'Liverpool fans were picking the pockets of the dead as they lay on the ground'.

Bernard Ingham  - the political  hit man for Margaret Thatcher, and an altogether nasty son of a bitch, stated in a letter to Liverpool fan Graham Skinner in 1996 that "the Liverpool fans were all drunken thugs entirely to blame for their own deaths". And that Liverpool should -and I quote him here -  "Shut Up about Hillsborough " - unquote.

Despite all evidence and subsequent proof contrary to his stinking opinion, Bernard Ingham still refuses to apologies for his disgusting slanderous words which so tarnished the reputation of Liverpool FC  and its supporters  - both the dead and the living -  His exact words were - "What have I got to apologies for"?

Personally Ladies & Gentlemen,  I think when the establishment conspires with its police and the press to blame the innocent victims of a disaster for their own deaths - and thence to tries hard to besmirch the honour of dead and the living with accusations of pillaging the corpses of the fallen, then I think that the time has come to admit that this nation is ruled by Ganagsters....

Whatever the truth you may think of that, I as a lifelong Manchester United Football Club supporter  will continue to honour Liverpool's terrible loss by keeping my vow to never knowingly purchase any Murdoch owned product for all my days...

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