Friday, 8 May 2015

These Dark Messiah's.

It may surprise many of you out there who misconstrue my Anti-Fascist stance for me being a Lefty Labourite, that despite Thursday's vote and the result of the General Election, I am in an exuberant mood and have been since I woke up to the news of Labours Crushing Defeat.

'I am no Lefty'... I keep telling people this but they simply can't seem to get it through their thick heads that me being opposed to The Conservatives and UKIP does not mean that I, and hundreds of thousands of others spread across this Nation, are Lefties; - it just means that we posses Morals.

There are two colossal lessons to come out of Labours Humiliating Defeat, and whilst I do not expect The Labour Leadership to learn these lessons, they are worth mentioning here in the hopes that you do.........

I stopped being a Labour Adherent the day I discovered how deep a betrayal New Labour and Tony Blair perpetrated against the British people in regards of the war in Iraq.

On the day that Anthony Lynton Blair invaded and killed 1.5 million Iraqi's under false pretence and criminal sleight-of-hand, he also killed what remained of Working Class Socialist Labour. Whatever principles or morality Labour then possessed, passed at that exact moment into the annals of history and Labour was reborn as an ideological Neo-Liberal Party. A political 'Friedman like' rapacious entity which thence onwards traversed Great Britain's political landscape like a Ghost Train which has constantly reminded us all of a golden era of socialism to which New Labour falsely lay claim, but to which they themselves do not believe in.

And as New Labour set with malicious glee to sacrifice all that our fathers and mothers had struggled so long for on the 'Alter of Mammon' The Labour Party descended into the morass of arrogant Conservatism which taught the Tories just how easy it was to regain their Dominion over this Nation. It has been precisely the rise of The Rich Boys; the new money middle class bastards who have so infiltrated and twisted Labour's ethos and turned its leadership into a pile of insufferable excrement that has been their ultimate undoing. This is why Labour Voters walked away during the Election; they were betrayed by a Party Apparatchik which has been taken over by the very same type of vermin who have always inhabited The Conservative Party. And it is I think it fair to say, that it is this fact which has proven unpalatable to millions of people... because after all.... who would trust a Warlock!

Thus endeth the first Lesson! Let us move swiftly on to the second?

In many ways the second lesson we can learn from this Election is exactly the same as the first, and yet there are subtle and important differences which need our attention.

I keep quoting Marcus Tullius Cicero to you all in these my blog pages but he is worth repeating again and again until the lesson sinks in... “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

This lesson begins of course - with a promise.

“I pledge to vote against any increase in fees in the next parliament and to pressure the government to introduce a fairer alternative.” - Nick Clegg.

You see for many people here in the United Kingdom the Liberal-Democrats were the party of the Left leaning Middle Classes who no longer had any real identity with Working Class struggles. Thus they could not stomach voting for Labour whom they deemed [and rightly so] infested with War Criminals; their University bred supercilious intellects could not stand that. Nevertheless these same people who could not vote Labour would equally never in their whole lives countenance voting for The Conservative Party, whom they intuitively distrusted as the enemies of ordinary people like themselves.

And yes dear reader - they really did imagine themselves as 'ordinary people'.

It never once occurred to them that they were collaborators with The Elitist bastards that they instinctively loathed, and how could they, for that kind of self awareness comes only through struggle and the endurance of hard times, and that is something that they in their comfortable middle class suburban enclaves have never endured. They are the comfortable Middle Class University Graduates whose lives travel down a very different path despite what they might think...

Understand I am not blaming them here, I am just stating a simple fact that us working class folks have known for a millennia. It is what it is...

Thus it was that when their comfortable world was shaken slightly as Nick Clegg jumped at the chance to get on the Tory Gravy Train and seize his moment of non-power tightly with both hands they began, perhaps for the first time in their cosseted lives, to question the morality of what they had wrought.

Then suddenly the enormity of what the 'The Liberal-Democrats' were doing hit their children across the campuses of Britain as the LibDems aided and abetted the Conservatives to drop the boom on tuition fees and their middle class bank balances. Suddenly, all too late, they realised that those Yellow Ribbon wearing, well spoken people, whom on their doorstep seemed like reasonable honest gentlemen and women, who appeared to be a mirror of their own lives, were in fact just snakes in the grass who would sell their children down the river as fast as expediency required. And then the reality of what the coalition was doing to the disabled people of Great Britain hit them between the eyes, and then, right then at that precise moment, as the alarms went off in their heads, their Lefty Liberal leaning hearts turned away from the Liberal Democrat franchise and turned to a new horizon.

Because after all.... who would trust a Warlock!

The Conservatives of course had no such problems. They delivered exactly what they said they would, mass poverty and despair for the disabled, the poor, the single mums. Hate of 'The Other', or as Charlotte Church puts it, 'Fear of A Bogeyman'. And they delivered to their Masters - unbounded riches. Tories are like Ronseal... they do exactly what it says on the tin.

That the Tories do not care about the common working class 'Plebs' is self evident. That the common working class 'Pleb' is stupid and easily bamboozled into voting for them is also manifest, after all that is the whole point of Neo-Liberalism. It copies exactly the model first set out by the Nazi's of Germany but refined to a much higher degree of perfection. These are, after all is said and done, not stupid people, just evil people. But the key is 'They do what they say they are going to do, and people often mistake this as 'Strength'... but then again that is what fear does to peoples morality and intellect.

The Tories must have been laughing their socks off in Conservative HQ as Ed Miliband and his cronies in Labour did a deal with them over Scotland. It must have been immediately clear to their strategists that 'Labour' in their arrogance had collectively not grasped at all just how devastating to the Liberal Democrats reputation their collusion with the Tories had been.

Hubris is a brutal teacher. Whether or not the pupil learns the lesson is another matter entirely. And this is the final lesson - 'That you cannot dance with the Devil without getting burned'.

 The Labour Party thought they were untouchable, they took their core voters for granted, but Scotland universally and millions of English voters have just proven to them that Neo-Liberalism is not what they demand from their Left of Centre Political Parties. They want 'Socialism', they want a flag that they can rally around which is not dripping in the blood of 1.5 million dead Iraqi's, and thousands of British Disabled Citizens. They want outright opposition to every single false Austerity narrative that the Tories have put in place.

Across this nation of ours the Left have been crying out for a Left Party, a party who refuse the paradigm of the far right extremists of Conservatism, they want Old Labour, the Labour of Atlee & Bevan, the Labour set up by The Common Man to champion their cause. The Labour which broke the Tories back in the early years and brought an end to extreme poverty, and seemingly in Scotland the people there have found that flag. The SNP is not a Nationalist Nazi Party [as described by some ousted Labour and LibDem Politicians], they are socialists. Made socialist by the people themselves. Forced down a path of anti Trident, anti austerity, anti privatisation. That should have, and had Labour any Morals would have been them...

The Right Wing Voter always turns out to Vote for their Dark Messiahs... everybody with any intellect knows this to be an absolute fact.  That the Left did not turn out to vote in sufficient numbers to vote for Labour's tainted ethos is nobody's fault but the greedy, self serving, middle class, new money bastards who have overrun the party in its highest echelons.

That is why I am no Labour Lefty... because the Leadership of Labour have no Unity, no Morality, no Loyalty, no Honour, and for now no Leader.

Because after all is said and done... who would trust a bunch of Warlocks?

Lastly, because it is worth repeating and hammering the point home. There are disabled people alive today who soon will not be because of those who voted for The Conservatives. Such people will feel no shame about this because 'They Still Don't Care'. But all you people who did not vote... whose vote could have stopped their inevitable demise, their deaths lay squarely on your shoulders.

No argument you can offer will absolve you of your responsibility in this. I am not saying here that you are in any way wrong in your choice, I merely point out to you a bitter truth, that in a war [and this is a war, a War for the Soul of this Nation] there are casualties. You all have a responsibility now to face up to this fact, admit it to yourselves, and change the future.

Good Luck.