Saturday, 27 June 2015

Fear the Proles...

Missing monologue from The White Rose Club 25th June, 2015.

In the Neo-Liberal New World Order - our Masters have managed to convince vast swathes of people that - Ignorance is Strength. That our Slavery is actually Freedom. And that the elites lust for perpetual War, is but a prelude to Peace...

Where have you heard that before eh?

In the year 1949 when Eric Arthur Blair, more commonly known as George Orwell, published his dystopian novelette and gave it the title 'Nineteen Eighty Four', nobody then alive in Great Britain could have foreseen the scope of Orwell's extraordinary foresight.

The main themes of the 1984 are Obedience. Nationalism. Surveillance. Censorship. Slavery, Terror, and perpetual War.

In the book, the world of Winston Smith is controlled by the Inner Party. This inner clique consists of only the top 2% of the nation's population, all of whom allegedly bow to the will of the singularity that is known as Big Brother...

Orwell never actually reveals whether or not Big Brother is still alive by the year 1984 - though by the end of the novel he is constantly referred to by Winston's antagonist as being immortal.

Instead Big Brother has become an ideology of Dominion. A sort of demi-god who is to be worshipped, Feared and all times - Obeyed.

Then comes the Outer Party.

The Outer Party is comprised of about 13% of the population. These people supposedly have ranks and privileges that the unwashed masses do not have access to.
In truth however - these outer party minions are trapped in an endless cycle of fear. They are the ultimate perfection of a system of slavery based entirely upon terror.  They are, all of them, even Winston Smith, the non-hero of the novel, totally dependent upon Big Brother and the inner party for their living, - if you can describe what they endure in the book as 'living'?

Yet these members of the outer apparatchik exist in a state of continuous fear of the very entity that they so slavishly serve. Always afraid that they will become the next non-person to be erased from Oceania's brutal history by the Ministry of Truth.

These cowards and Quislings - [let us call them what they are] - willingly collaborate with the 2% to make the universal enslavement of the rest of the population possible...
Without the Cowards and Quislings of the outer party Big Brother could not survive! Thus as evil as the elite of the inner party are, the responsibility for their continuance rests squarely upon the shoulders of those who willingly enable their perfidious rule.

Then Orwell goes on to describe the stinking masses. These people he called Proles.

The Proles in the novel 1984 make up about 85% of the population. And whilst the proles are truly enslaved no less than those of the Outer Party, still they retain a kind of freedom that the outer party Quislings will never possess.

You might ask "What freedom"?

 That is a Good question.

The answer of course is that the Proles posses the freedom of not actually knowing that they are slaves.

Orwell describe the proles as a people bred so stupid and, left so uneducated that they willingly believe any old bullshit fed to them by Big Brother through the telescreens which inhabit Orwell's dystopian novel as an all seeing eye.

In 1984 all news is tightly controlled by the Inner Party.

Oceania is at war with Eurasia. Ergo Oceania must always have been at war with Eurasia.

But further - by a systematic and constant assault of false data, and false history, which bombards the Proles relentlessly, their massed rank become as easily to manipulate as a child.

So I ask you all this - 'Does the above remind you in any way of our nation today in 2015'? Because if it doesn't I would hazard that you have clearly not paying close enough attention to reality and, whether or not your ignorance is through stupidity or cowardice is mute point. You remain free only to choose the red pill - or the blue one.

Ladies and Gentlemen I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I like my reality laced with hard evidence. And yet today even the conspiracy theorists are left gasping in disbelief at the wanton criminality of our Elite who can barely be bothered to hide their infamy and their immoral means.

It is the true measure of just how far we have descended into Fascism that they overtly Lie, steal, rape, imprison and torture, and finally murder and slaughter people so openly, that they feel secure enough to label their perfidious actions as Justice, Peace, and Democracy...

Truly these villains believe that they are untouchable - but their arrogance will prove their undoing.

What George Orwell published in 1949 is a perfect allegory for our modern world.

The novel 1984 is the mirror through which we as ordinary people can look through darkly to see the world - not as our current masters would wish us to view it - but rather to see our world as it really is.

In 1949 having just survived one tumultuous calamity with Fascism, George Orwell issued to us all a simple warning. In it he described our modern world with perfect clarity.
He said, and I quote him here - "There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always—do not forget this, Winston—always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever".

Orwell's genius lay not just in his writing, but also in his faultless prescience.

I will not here list the many shocking crimes being perpetrated by the establishment of Great Britain and their political lackeys against the millions of ordinary men women and children of this nation. For if by now you do not grasp that you are a slave, and that you have no voice, then you are probably beyond any help that I herein can lend to you.

Instead I would urge you to go read Orwell's 1984. Because; despite the fanatical attempts of the neo-liberal fascist bastards in power across the world to bring about a their rancid New World Order - A system of governance which so closely resembles the ideology of INGSOC in Orwell's Novel as to make of it no difference, yet there still remains Hope.

This they have not crushed. And they never can. This is their fatal flaw.

The other weekend a vast swathe of people marched on to the streets of our capital demanding an end to their perfidious rule of greed - openly challenging their hate for the common man.

The Proles are awakening...

This is the thing they fear above all other things. The multi-billionaire owner of Cartier openly admitted that his greatest fear was the poor rising up to bring down the rich...

And it is coming.

There are hundreds of thousands of ordinary men and women out there waking up ladies and gentlemen. Good people, decent people. People like you, people who are - each every day - willing to defy our masters dark vision of a totalitarian corporate state, and defy our Masters expectations of victory.

These people are not Lefties. Or crazies. Nor are they crackpot conspiracy theorists. Instead they are First-rate people. Ordinary people just as you and I are ordinary.
They are our Grandmothers, our grandfathers, our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. They are our daughters, they are our sons!

Across the Nation Citizens of good standing. Nurses. Doctors. Firemen. Miners. Electricians. Plumbers. Writers. Musicians. Poets. Teachers, are beginning to shake off their shackles.

These are Men and women of valour. Honest people facing up to a RULE OF INFAMY. People who willingly accept the vile derision and hate levelled at them by our slave masters corporate news media, and their disgusting treacherous Quisling scum in the propaganda news sheets such as The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Daily Express, The Independent, The Daily Fail... and all the rest of those stinking rags....

These people are like you, they differ only in one way. That they have found the courage to shout out the truth to any who will listen - to ignore the derision and repeat tirelessly the true message of George Orwell's dystopian nightmare. That Ignorance is not Strength. That Freedom is not Slavery. That perpetual War is not Peace. And that we, the ordinary people of Great Britain are no longer going to allow these bastards to place their boots on our faces and grind us into the earth.

I stand squarely with them.

 And I hope that you will join us...