Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Knives in the Dark.

On the 20th of July 2015, Andy Burnham, Liz Kendal, and Yvette Cooper abstained on voting against the Tory Welfare Bill which for want of a better descriptive, was an attack by the richest on the poorest of our Nation.

All three of these individuals are standing to be the leader of The Labour Party. All three claim that they are progressive Centre Left thinking politicians whose purpose in this life it to champion the cause of the working class. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I do not need here, to go into the lack of morals shown by Liz Kendal, or expand upon the duplicitous nature of Yvette Cooper. They do more damage to themselves when they open their mouths than anybody else could ever do. In fact, after the leadership vote is done and dusted, it would not at all surprise me if Liz Kendal crosses the floor and joins with the vermin of the Conservative Party, for she is clearly a rabid right wing Blairite without principles or indeed decency.

Andy Burnham however is another matter.

Andrew Murray Burnham is a snake in the grass. He is the turncoat who hides in our midst. Burnham is one of those careerist politicians whose appeal to the middle class, guardian reading liberals, is wrapped up in a cloak of cowardice. They are red Tories who lack the fortitude to be blue Tories. Their self image will not allow them to openly admit their snobbish nature, but secretly, in their hidden hearts, they believe themselves to be better than the working class.

Even David Cameron is to be more trusted than people like Burnham. Cameron at least does not attempt to hide his contempt for the poor. And though he is indeed a fel creature full of malice and despite, none alive can say of him that he has ever pretended to be anything other than a self serving, super rich patrician who would sell his mother if it suited his purpose. That kind of 'Open Wickedness' in a land ruled by political pygmies, is rare.

Most like Iain Duncan Smith, for example; try to hide their true nature with sophistry and wretched excuses, but not Cameron. He is what he is, and we who oppose such creatures, while not underestimating his vicious nature or his courage; can at least give him our cautious regard as a dangerous enemy of all that is good and moral. An honest enemy is better than a disloyal friend.

Burnham however is not even thus, so lowly blessed.  

Burnham's nature is that of a rat. His character is that of the aforementioned Iain Duncan Smith. He whines about his motives then slithers away to hide in the dark. He approaches us with soft word and an unmanly smarm. He creeps up to us and whispers platitudes about the need for social justice whilst at the same time, abstaining on the Conservative Welfare Bill.

His and New Labour's 5 year refusal to stand against Tory Austerity, which is imposed upon the poor by the rich, but does not include them - exposes Burnham's caprice.

Not once has he ever challenged the Tories stinking Auterity, in point of fact - he welcomes it.

The truth about Andy Murray Burnham, is that Burnham stands only for Andy Murray Burnham.

In battle you need men who will stand with you not matter what. I have enjoyed the company of such men in those bitter times. Men whose resolve did not waiver when the bullets flew. Whose courage was not imaginary but tested in the fire. Whose temper was steady in the face of an uncertain future. What you need at such times is men with hearts of oak, whose will is iron, and whose allegiance cannot not be swayed by self serving opportunity and wicked motives.

Andy Murray Burnham does not, in my opinion, have any these traits. Instead he is a flip flop neo-liberal Blairite with low morals and a track record of betrayal.

There can be no excuse for abstaining on a vote against a bill which attacks the most vulnerable in our society by the most rich and powerful. That was Andy Burnham's sole 'Duty' whilst in opposition.

Now I know the word duty is not one which sits well in these modern times, especially amongst the 168 Blairites who abstained on the vote and who between them have not a single meritorious point of note. But as an opposition vote it would have cost them nothing. The bill would still have gone through.... But at least they would have offered up an objection, but they didn't and they don't.

They want Austerity, they love Austerity, they desire Austerity. They are nothing but vampires sucking the lifeblood out of Labour and indeed the Nation.

It is about time we 'The People' told the truth about these right wing Blairites, these Neo-Liberal vermin who have infiltrated and so wrecked a ruin upon the Labour Party.

There can be no moderation of our assessment of all those who when the clarion call came to stand up to the criminals who now rule this nation, who had a golden opportunity to cast a vote against their squalid governance, instead turned their heads and looked away from their fellow countrymen and let the Tories beat down once more upon the disabled, the single mums, the immigrants, the unemployed, the impoverished children, the pensioners, and millions of working families.

Such men and women are the enemy inside the gate. The traitor within the walls who will, if they get given the chance, burn the rest of us to enrich themselves. They are warlocks, they are betrayers, and Burnham is one of them.

 Andrew Murray Burnham is a sick joke, he is standing for leader of the Labour Party and offers us the whisper of social justice whilst stabbing the poor in the back.

He is the knife in the dark.