Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Humanity Failing?

When the banks are united in greed,
amongst the innocent there will be fear and dread...
as one day these rotten thieves;
will steal the hungry's bread.

And an old power will rise again:
To suck at the blood of the poor.
Who will sit in shanty towns
Looking through a rich mans door.

And famous men
And infamous women,
Will heap scorn upon the heads;
Of all the poor whom they do wish,
Would be silent, or be dead...

A Darkening storms approaches,
And a swarm of uncompassionate men misrule.
To cast across a merciless sea
the dregs of our own

Then there will be Upheaval,
and possibly a war!
And it will be too late to ask for mercy?
We gave you chances by the score!

And now your time of hegemony has passed;
your Empire set to rot away.
And all because you were greedy.
And refused to pay your way.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Guardianistas

I hope you will forgive me my wandering narrative into my own unremarkable past as it intertwines into our collective extraordinary future, but I feel it necessary to explicate a little about who and what I am in order that the majority of you, who have undoubtedly led very different lives to me, might better understand where I am coming from later in this text...

As an ex frontline combat soldier (actually I was more often than not, much more further forwards than that, but that is for a different anecdote) I have never considered myself to be a Lefty, more a politically central humanist, and of course an absolute *Anti-Fascist*. Certainly I have never felt ashamed to be English, or that the sins of our nation from yesteryear should be anguished over by the sons of our long history. The past is a swamp full of the sins of our fathers and it is a deep mire. It will suck you down if you allow, but this does not mean that we should ignore our collective past, or dismiss it is unimportant, or that it has no relevance in today's world. Indeed quite the reverse is true, but it is vital within contemporaneous times not to get bogged down in a past that we can no longer change. We must walk through the swamp and move on to the pastures.

I come from a long line of those who have served this nation in war and peace, though if truth be told we have not had any peace to talk of for a good 100 years, and probably longer. I served. My father served in World War 2. My uncles served in air land and sea operations during that terrible conflict, one with particular distinction captaining a minesweeper in the Battle for the Atlantic. Going back further into my family's history, both my Grandfathers served in The Great War, [one of them losing an eye during a battle at Ypres]. I have even, though I have not as yet bothered to substantiate it, heard rumour that our family served as far back as Wellington's Peninsular War, and perhaps one day I will look into that story with the depth it deserves. In the mean time I am too busy striving to save my people's future to be too concerned with saving my own family's past.

Strangely, now that I come to think about it as I sit here writing this, I cannot remember any of my former comrades who ever thought to look into their family's history of service, it's more something we took for granted. Our fathers served so we served. I guess soldiers of the line are like that, they may have an interest in history as a lesson to be learned from but they are none too keen to dwell on it as they step into their uncertain futures. After all Ladies and Gentlemen, we have other things to be thinking about most of the time, you know - like staying alive and not succumbing to the lesser demons which inhabit all our souls!

Nevertheless I do know that it is something that many of my former comrades are proud of. That they are part of a long fraternity who have protected this land which you civilians inhabit bubble-like, safe from the horrors out there in the shadows of distant turmoil. And though I myself have a more ambivalent attitude towards my own service these days because of the understanding that I now possess about the criminality of those who misused our service, and how they created the aforementioned turmoil's for political self advancements, I know also that my former comrades, like myself, were content to ask for nothing from you ordinary citizens other than that you become a People to be proud of.

We ask only that you all strive to create an honest nation, a principled nation, a nation worthy of the sacrifice in blood that they have so often paid. Understand this is not a request, the random musings of a mendicant mind pleading with his people for alms, oh no! This is the minimum requirement for a debt we all owe to those who came before us. For all the blood we lost and for all the blood we shed Great Britain must become once again a nation striving for equality. It is what we and our fathers fought so hard for. That this nation becomes one based on compassion, and fairness. That we together create a nation based on Justice, Honour, and above all other things, that we as a 'People' step towards the Golden Upfields long promised us in shared Fellowship... That is where the past truly reaches out to touch the future. Not in the reality of the now, but the dream of a better tomorrow. The longing that so many of our fathers had as they stepped into the line.

Honour, Compassion, Fairness, Equality, Justice, Fellowship, these are the thing to which I swore an oath in that distant youth. These are the qualities and virtues that I have striven for all my life, both on a personal and a general level.
I have of course, failed at times to meet these high standards for I am a frail human being  and no Saint, but I have to say in my own defence here that even when I have failed it was mainly through youthful ignorance or later - personal trauma. And perhaps some of you might claim that I have failed too often, Perhaps you might have done better?  But honestly, which of you in truth can look at your own lives and say that you are worthy to judge me or any of my former comrades for ill or good?

It is enough to say that I know now as an older man my own character, my strengths and my weaknesses. I know too that my victories have been many and glorious, and that my defeats have been few and dreadful, and I accept responsibility for them all. I guess Ladies & Gentlemen, that is what you get as a human being when you live out there on the edges, where conflict darkens the shadows of morality, and where Demons hunt for souls.

Whatever the truth of that, I can honestly say that I have never abandoned the dream of a honourable and fair society, indeed it is what I fought for. Or at least what in my youthful ignorance, I thought I was fighting for?

Lastly, in this retrospective preamble, my failing body reminds me daily that time is a brutal master. It demands payment for all that we do, and we who lived lives of such very great extremes back then must pay the price. The things you don't know when you're young eh?

Nowadays I count myself lucky, for despite the disabilities and daily pain that I currently endure because of my former life, I had comrades who were not so fortunate and I remember them every day.
Thus it is for their sakes that I am content to pay the price that my history demands of me, for I, and thousands of others across this nation, have earned our scars and our worn out bodies. If pain be a gift of hard won wisdom then we are perhaps very wise indeed. Certainly it grants us the gift of experience and a duty to pass on these lessons to those yet to come.

And that is where this reflective preamble comes to an end. And if I have not herein convinced you all that I am not just some random wanker who has never done anything for anybody, or risked anything for anybody, or learned anything worth sharing with anybody, then nothing I can ever say will convince you otherwise. There is a homepage button above this text, I suggest you click it and fuck off...

Meanwhile for those of you who remain let us begin...

I have never considered myself a Lefty Ladies and Gentleman, at least not until this Labour Leadership fight started.

Its advent has forced me to re-evaluate that position.

I have always - as I have already stated above, - labelled myself as an anti-fascist. And I have been warning people about the rise of Fascism in Great Britain for a long long time.

I cannot now remember the day or date when I first started telling people that The Guardian Newspaper was not a Lefty Newspaper, but it is certainly been at least 9 years, probably a little more.

Further, I cannot now remember the day or date when I first started telling people that The BBC and ITV, and Channel 4, and Sky News were propaganda tools of the rich elite, certainly it has been 15 years plus. And in the case of The BBC it took a lot to convince me that it was biased. That it actively lied to the people of Great Britain.  I mean to say... it was the British Broadcasting Corporation after all?

You see, I like so many of you; don't like the thought that our Establishment is actively conspiring against our Democracy and The People of this Country.

For men like me, working class lads who having daily risked our lives for this country, for more years than I honestly care to remember, [though I remember every single day] the idea that there was a cabal of elitists conniving together, to set in place an agenda of fascism under the guise of Neo-Liberalism, was an appalling thought. Such ludicrous conspiracy theories are fit only for loonies with too much time on their hands.

It will of course not surprise those of you who already know, but when I discovered first-hand the many deceptions and the true perfidious nature of those who govern us, on all sides of the false political spectrum; I was sent into horrified shock.

Perhaps it might have ended there. Perhaps, as I saw happened to so many of you over the intervening years, this revelation about the establishments true nature might have so confounded my expectation of Justice that the reality might have crushed my spirit, leaving me a cynical, non participant in a pseudo-democracy, not bothering to vote because the criminals who rule us have all the cards?

But that is not what happened. Instead it lit a fury within me that has not diminished with the passage of time.

You see, for me, and thousands of other intelligent ex-servicemen who let their desire to serve override their youthful undeveloped intellect, treachery is the greatest crime.

To knowingly stab in the back, all those who have so loyally and without rancour or ill feeling towards those of you who refuse this sacred duty is an abomination.

To the young men and women who have willingly stepped up to serve on the front-line in conflicts across the globe, treachery is the grossest, most heinous crime a politician can perpetrate. To betray ones duty to your fellow countrymen, to abandon those who act as the bulwark against the darkness, this is the foulest infidelity any politician or organisation can ever commit.

And every political party since the ascendancy of the original arch betrayer Margaret Thatcher has deliberately and with Malice aforethought set out to do just this.

But perhaps you are unaware of what Treachery actually is.

Maybe you are sat there asking yourself right now as you read this - 'What is Treachery?'

That is perhaps a good question, because from what I see looking around at the scope of political debate on Social Media and what is allowed to appear in the MSN - Main Stream News Organisations [Propaganda Organisations] the understanding of what Treachery actually is and is not, is clearly misunderstood.

The Online Dictionary describes 'Treachery' as a - Violation of faith; betrayal of trust; treason. An act of perfidy, or faithlessness.

But the truth is it goes much deeper than that.

Treachery is indeed a violation of faith; a betrayal of trust. But it the latter descriptive which bares most scrutiny.

Faithlessness, = Betrayal, disbelief, falseness, fickleness, fraudster, inconstancy, infidelity, perfidiousness, perfidy, a lack of allegiance, to be unreliable or treacherous, dishonest or disloyal.

Faithlessness = a person who is untrustworthy, who is untruthful, who knowingly lies and who plots to be deceitful. Faithlessness is somebody who is a double-dealing, backstabbing, false faced, duplicitous cunt, who will hold to no honour.  Faithlessness is the art of Sophistry, which is in itself a method of argument that is seemingly plausible though is in actuality - invalid and misleading.

Faithlessness is deception. Faithlessness is to act contrary to the needs of the many to service the greed of the few whilst remaining in our perceptions the saviour of the many.

Faithlessness is dissimulation. To infiltrate organisations set up by ordinary people to defend their humanity and to pervert that organisations core values, and thus crush any and all dissent to their misrule.

The Faithlessness of the Elite, is what has insidiously warped the perceptions, ideology, compassion, and values of our once great society, turning ordinary working class men and women against each other, so that few now remain who know what once was normal.

And what is more - all you Guardian readers know this to be true...

The arch Betrayer once stated "I do not believe in Society".  She was lying through her stinking mouth. She believed in society, and she was utterly terrified by it.

Fascism does not appear suddenly and take over a Nation State in some form of spontaneous combustion of far right ideology. No, first it must infiltrate the hearts and minds of the people. It has to slowly warp the thinking and perceptions of the masses until such time that excluding humans fleeing war and slaughter is regarded as the right thing to do.

It has to slowly warp the thinking and perceptions of the masses until such time that bombing the boats of fleeing refugees is deemed a palatable idea.

It has to slowly warp the thinking and perceptions of the masses until such time that Politicians get away with calling victims of crimes against humanity a Swarm.

It has to slowly warp the thinking and perceptions of the masses until such time that a war of aggression, based entirely upon a known lie, is defended to the death by the majority of co-conspirators' who voted to slaughter children under the guise of ousting a Dictator, then abandoning the people we have ruined with our bombs to a fate worse than any hell fiction can subscribe to.

Faithlessness Ladies and Gentlemen, is Fascism, and Fascist always present themselves as your friend. As your saviour. As the defiant vanguard against a corrupt established order. But really they are just the same. The only thing that has changed is our moral ability to stand against it, and our intellectual capacity to grasp what is going on.

Fascist are very good at turning intelligent people into mindless morons.

That Ladies and Gentlemen, is what Neo-Liberalism has done to the Labour Party. That is why there is no OPPOSITION to the conservative ideology of greed for the few, penury for the many.  That is why New Labour Blairites are a force for evil in Great Britain not for good. 

They are the same stinking beast as the Tories. They are Conservatives posing as Socialists, but really they are Corporatists... and let's face it - we all know what they are.

The Labour Party was set up to front the Labour Movement of ordinary working class people who for centuries had been stepped on and abused by the rich elitists who still rule us all from their castles and estates. The castles may be made of glass these days, but their stinking ideology of greed remains the same, and The Guardianistas have bought into their ideology and made it their own.

The Labour movement was almost destroyed by Tony Blair and his acolytes. In fact, even I predicted after the last election that Labour needed to die. To be killed off and a new movement of The People to be born. For a Real Socialist Movement to rise up out of the ashes of the old as the ordinary people of this nation regained their true identity of community, of social justice, of society, of fairness, of companionship, of caring and compassion, of loyalty to ones fellow countryman.

The Guardian reading Neo-liberal cunts out there who refuse to abandon the Blairite cause are Tories in disguise. They don't posses the courage to lay claim to their true Conservative Loving natures, their self image will not allow them to admit to that honest motivation; to admit that they are comfortable and to hell with everybody else; and that any challenge to the established order might risk their easy lives.

That is how the ordinary Blairites sitting at home reading their papers can disassociate themselves from the cover up of Hillsborough. How they can distance themselves from their personal culpability in the deaths of over 100 thousand innocent children in Iraq. How they can pretend not to know about the cover up of Westminster Paedophiles. The cover up regarding Jimmy Savile and his friends  in HIGH PLACES. How they can, even now, despite all that is known, still claim it's all just a crazy conspiracy theory.

They voted for their own chains.

But then along came Corbyn. He offers us perhaps, a path back to those fields of gold where social justice and decency still lingers. He offers the young an engagement with politics. He dreams of a better tomorrow, one that is free of The Guardianistas and their false influence and their false god...

So of course they attack Corbyn. 

People who challenge their orthodoxy are called stupid. Their overlord says Corby supporters need a heart transplant. And all across the neo-liberal, Guardian reading, New Labour establishment, Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters are denigrated, called Anti-Semites, Ignorant, Idealists, Left Wing Extremists.

And all because Corbyn supporters don't want to continue with the old paradigm of the industrial war complex, and their banker chums who fund their stinking wars just so that the established elite from all parties and their hidden pay masters can remain in power?

That is the black art of propaganda Ladies and Gentlemen. It allows Fascism to appear to be your friend as it warps your intellect and skews your morality. And organisations such as The Guardian and The BBC provides these untrustworthy, backstabbing, self serving, faithless bastards who inhabit every corner of the Labour Party with the pretence to lay claim that they are the true heirs of Left. That their fetish for Tony Blair and his stinking ideology is what The Left truly looks like.

The Guardian allows such folks to proclaim that they are good and moral people.

They aren't, and I who must daily face my own demons, am no longer certain that they ever were.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What Maggie Knew...?

I wandered Lonely
on Morning Cloud
coz fucking children
isn't allowed.

So I fuck them out here,
safe from view
then deep six the bodies,
two by two by two!

It's a conspiracy theory
The Tories say,
But to quote Mandy Rice-Davies
"they would say that, 

wouldn't they?".

And behind the scenes
Cameron sweats,
as the cry goes out
From the Plebish parquets.


C A R L T O N?