Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Humanity Failing?

When the banks are united in greed,
amongst the innocent there will be fear and dread...
as one day these rotten thieves;
will steal the hungry's bread.

And an old power will rise again:
To suck at the blood of the poor.
Who will sit in shanty towns
Looking through a rich mans door.

And famous men
And infamous women,
Will heap scorn upon the heads;
Of all the poor whom they do wish,
Would be silent, or be dead...

A Darkening storms approaches,
And a swarm of uncompassionate men misrule.
To cast across a merciless sea
the dregs of our own

Then there will be Upheaval,
and possibly a war!
And it will be too late to ask for mercy?
We gave you chances by the score!

And now your time of hegemony has passed;
your Empire set to rot away.
And all because you were greedy.
And refused to pay your way.

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