Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Necromancer's and a Pig called Charlie.

Killing people is a very serious business, and it is something that must never be taken lightly.

Killing people demands serious people. The decision to kill people demands serious people, and the people who actually kill people are very serious people indeed.

Or at least it used to be! These days people don't take the issue of killing people seriously at all.

For all too many of you out there, killing people is a video game, a news item, a random story which passes through social media, across MSM [if it passes through there at all and if it suits the agenda of the rich] and thence out the other side, to be forgotten, as though the killing of people is nothing at all.

You see it exemplified across the world in carefully selected News items designed to feed your prejudice and hate. You see big brave men killing unarmed, defenceless men women and children to slake their blood lust. And everybody knows instinctively, that the killing of people isn't serious to such creatures, it is nothing but perverted pleasure. That is understood, and it is right that their villainy should be exposed for what it is, for they are immoral, cruel, ugly, and yes - evil.

Unfortunately our TV screens shield our eyes from the reality of our own immoral, cruel, ugly, and yes - evil, actions.

And people will never believe that we act thusly because after all is said and done, we are the good guys right? We only kill people after serious people have taken the time to think seriously about killing people. And only when it is absolutely necessary do we then release our dogs of war and set to the serious business of killing people, because we are moral, just, 'Serious'.



In our modern world, our morals have returned once more, or should I say degenerated to those of Ancient Rome. Where the killing of Christians was akin to a video game, but with extra, added sensorama.  Hell they even have the odd voyeuristic slaughter of wild beasts as an act of entertainment for the pleasure of rich Patricians. Things change not at all eh?

So no, killing people is no longer seen as a 'Very Serious Business' which demands very serious people taking the time to consider seriously the issue of killing people. Now it has become corporatized, a decision made by bean counters who snort cocaine at a thousand pounds a line and live far above the concerns of the rest of mankind.

In short the business of 'Killing People' is not considered at all. Instead it is merely just another block to profit. Or in the cases of some, an act of 'Savage Gratification' to slake their lust for pain and blood.

It is these latter types who are placed into faux power by the Patricians who rule us from their obtrusive, and ghastly glass towers. Their presence, looming over our cities like a colossus, are a constant reminder to the intelligent amongst us, of just who is really in charge. These glass citadels radiate hate across the landscapes of our cities like the evil tower of Sauron, they are data nodes of the Patrician Class, they are the modern day castles. This is the real reason we went to war in Iraq.

They place in power weak and easily corruptible men. Men without honour. Men without a soul. Men who have had all compassion burned out of them in their greed filled, cocaine fuelled rituals of hate.

Killing people is a very serious business Ladies and Gentlemen. And it is absolutely true that there are people who need to be killed. But, and this is a very big 'BUT' - none of the people who need to be killed are children, here in our western world, or in Yemen, or Syria, or Libya, or in a myriad list of other countries in which our patricians rage secret wars, and fuel terror and despair for profit!

In their glass towers our Patricians act as Necromancers. They deal out death without any care or thought for their victims. They pollute the world for profit. They burn the world for profit. They ethnically cleanse for profit. They steal trillions and plunge the people of the world into a downwards spiral of ever increasing poverty for their own personal profit. They rape children, they kill, they maim, they infect the body politic, and they do all these things and call us plebs as they get fat off the pain of mankind.

Which brings me to David Cameron and a pig called 'Charlie'.

Across Great Britain the far right extremists [for there no longer remains a political right who are not Extremists] have desperately been trying to defend David Cameron's dalliance with a pig that I shall henceforth call 'Charlie'.

Toby Young say's "Fucking a pig does not reflect badly on our Prime-Minister at all" [I paraphrase here as attempting to explicate his rambling article about why it isn't a bad thing would take up most of the page otherwise].

Indeed at first glance most of us [including me] laughed and trolled the PM for his porky fetish. It's funny right?

Well, yes. At least up until you remember the Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, and other MSM outlets vilified just the other month a number of 'cough' ordinary citizens caught having sex with horses, chickens, sheep, and very, very, very way down, right at the bottom of this horrible list of miscreants, there was even one who had been bonking a snake.

The scorn and outrage poured upon these individuals [and rightly] was almost too unbearable to print, but print it they did because it sold newspapers. Hell it even made local news channels, and you know what, most of us thought to ourselves when we saw it 'What the f***"?

So put into that context, the Prime-Minister's possible proclivity for having sex with animals isn't quite so funny. I mean to say, 'Who Does That'?

So by now you're sat there thinking 'Just Another Scumbag'.  But then you think some more and you remember that actually that is not the only thing David Cameron did.

He and his rich mates [George Osborne and presumably the aforementioned Toby Young; who openly lays claim to the fact that he was a  contemporary of David Cameron at University [though how contemporary should perhaps be best looked into by a honest investigative journalist, if we can find one] but I digress. Cameron and chums regularly it is reported snorted cocaine got pissed on champers and then stood on tables pointed at the plebs serving them and screamed out a chant of "We Hate the Poor, We Hate the Poor, We Hate the Poor, We Hate the Poor, We Hate the Poor, We Hate the Poor, We Hate the Poor, We Hate the Poor, We Hate the Poor, We Hate the Poor" etcetera and so on, ad infinitum. [not often you see three variants of the same meaning in a single piece of prose back to back is it?]

Anyway, by this time your thinking "These fuckers hate British Citizens and they are in charge of the Benefits which we set up to aid our poor fellows? What the f***"?

But then you think about him fucking the pig a bit more deeply and then you realise, err hang about, this is the guy who helped successive Tory Leaders cover up the mass raping and probably murders of British Children, who aided and abetted Margaret Thatcher in the cover up of Jimmy Savile's nefarious activities. Some of which involved having sex with the dead.

Then you it dawns on you that not only is having sex with a pig, which is called 'Bestiality' by the way and is a Crime under British Law. But also that Charlie the Pig was a dead little porker which makes it doubly gross because that technically also constitutes an act of Necrophilia [which is also a Crime under British Law]

So by now and many What the F*** moments later you sit there on your couch and think, this is the man who is the Ultimate Arbiter of life and death here in the United Kingdom. To him is the charge of thinking very seriously about when and if we should send our young men off to kill people, but instead he looks at the world through  hazy cocaine fuelled eyes and also has a fetish for fucking dead things?


Killing people is a very serious business, and it is something that must never be taken lightly. Killing people demands serious people. The decision to kill people demands serious people, who take the time to think seriously about the implications, the ramifications, the morality, the need and necessity, the human cost, the risks.

Killing people is a very serious business Ladies and Gentlemen. And it is absolutely true that there are people who need to be killed, but none of the people who need to be killed are children. And I want, no I demand, that the person who orders the deaths of people to be serious people, incorruptible people. Men and Women who cannot be blackmailed because of their cocaine habits and their proclivity for fucking dead animals.

No wonder The Warmongers in their glass Citadels are in charge, they talk to the dead, they are 'The Necromancers' and these creatures in Westminster, looking down at us through cocaine addled eyes are their Zombies.

Putting David Cameron's dalliance with Charlie the Pig into that context, makes 'Pig fucking the least of our worries'.

Welcome to the underworld, the world of the undead.  


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Hate Speaker...

It is way past time that everybody everywhere, every decent moral British Citizen with a conscience, started calling Katie Hopkins what she really is. A Bigot.

She is the sprite in the storm who pounces on any defenceless minority and uses her wholly unmerited platform to issue forth hate speech, her intended purpose - to incite violence against minorities.

Paul Joseph Goebbels; The Nazi Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, could learn a thing or two about incitement from Katie. In fact she makes them look like lumbering amateurs. Which isn't surprising when you take into consideration all the figures who are backing her hateful enterprise!

When Katie Hopkins says "I will not be silenced over the Refugee Crisis" - and is then proudly splashed across the pages of all our National Newspapers, what is really happening is that 'The Establishment' have given voice to their own hatreds and bigotry.

They have deliberately, and with 'Malice Aforethought' raised this gauche disgusting creature, to a status of importance within our society for a singular purpose. To make you hate the other!

And that is Katie Hopkins sole role in this life.

To give voice to the silent racism of the Media and The Establishment.  They use her as a means to get out their message of hate. To fill your minds with their agenda of 'despite for all poor people everywhere'. To inoculate your soul against the human weakness of pity, compassion, empathy, brotherhood, fellowship, union, mercy, love, and peace.

She is a demagogue! Her role is to manipulate a political issue in a manner which best suits her masters. Her many obfuscations and distortions about the issues of the day are not random.
She does not do random doesn't our Katie. She does pre planned violent emotionalism laced with prejudice and hate. She is the spiteful mouthpiece of those who would burn our Democracy down rather than see the power returned to you The People.

Make no mistake; what Katie Hopkins and The News Media and The Establishment means when she is allowed column inches and TV time to utters her sickening aphorisms such as 'Show me the bodies of the dead children, I still don't care' is simply the same old hatreds of all right wing bigots everywhere.

What they are deliberately doing, is giving her licence to say is the words that they themselves believe but no longer dare openly utter. She speaks for them, and what she is saying is -

'There ain't no black in the Union Jack' and worse still [when she is calling for Helicopter Gunships to deal with the refugees], is  the old BNP rhyme 'Trigger Trigger Trigger, kill that Nigger'.

It is past time that every decent moral British Citizen with a conscience and a caring heart, started calling Katie Hopkins what she really is...

A Bigot. A Fascist. A Racists'.

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Song of The Hurrian's.

No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thy friend's
Or of thine own were:
Any man's death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee.
                              - John Donne

Think about that great poem as you read this....

Perpetual War has been the 'Deliberate Policy' of our ruling classes for over 50 years.
Only now, with the advent of social media and the data flow of the internet, is the true cost of this criminal policy becoming understood by the general populace.

Further; as millions of people across the globe are being brutally displaced by the burgeoning effects of their constant and *planned* warring; which has heaped misery on top of desperation to 4 generations on human beings, and gradually spread its malignant influence across every continent over the last 5 decades, can this cost now be assessed fully.

Make no mistake. The refugee crisis we are witnessing in the Middle East, and the one coming out of the continent of Africa has been caused wholly by the greed of our political leaders and their true masters in the Banking Sector who use our military industrial complex as a tool to oppress ordinary people around the world so that they can enrich themselves.

This is not conspiracy theory, it is merely the way it is, and it is a fact we must face up to before they plunge the world into an even greater darkness.

Understand, very few of our politicians have clean hands in this. The bigoted (and racist) world view our Elite cling to, has been the true making of this current humanitarian catastrophe. What we are currently witnessing in the Mediterranean Sea is not the random singular effect of a minor conflict in a far off and backwards land of uneducated illiterates.

Oh no, this is a global disaster brought about by a system of command and control which is entirely in favour of a ruling class clinging on desperately to an out dated system which grants to them untold privileges and power which are entirely unmerited.

Humanity is failing because the wrong people across the globe have all the power. It is that simple.
In order to save ourselves, to save our species, to save our planet; we must soon oust these criminals from their ivory towers of privilege or perish, because they will not surrender their privilege willingly, nor without a fight.

Of course those who state these thing will be labelled 'Alarmists' or 'Crazy Conspiracy Theorists'. When we challenge power we have to be prepared to face such bullshit denigration, it is what they always do.

People like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders are being smashed with the far rights propaganda machine on a hourly basis. Whistleblowers are being labelled Traitors for exposing the criminal behaviour of their leaders. Writers, Poets, Academics, and journalists across the world are being attacked by the far right scum. And in some countries - they are openly being rounded up and disappeared into the bowels of state prisons, or as is becoming increasingly clear, left to rot in unmarked graves.

Syrian children being washed up dead on a Turkish beach is not the random ill chance of a lone desperate family, it is POLICY.

And that Policy is PERPETUAL WAR!

And here is a truth you need to get your head around pretty darn fast because if you think for a moment that it could never happen to you and your family, because you live in a CIVILISED SOCIETY; let me tell you a simple fact which possibly, just possibly; might give you pause for thought.

The oldest surviving *written* musical notation, and *complete written melody* so far discovered in from human history, does not come from Egypt. It does not come to us from China. Nor does it, you may be surprised to learn, come down to us from Ancient Greece.

It comes to us from the people who until very recently inhabited the totally secular, and very WESTERN STYLED society of modern day Syria.

The Hurrian civilization dates back to 3000BCE.  The Hurrian Hymn [of which I speak here] actually dates to the very end of their civilisation, circa 1400 BCE.

Modern day Syria had Schools, Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, Academics, Museums, Arts and Sciences. It had beautiful music, roads, trains, an air fleet, a navy, an army, a police force, a judicial system, and countless wonders that have evolved from the deepest reaches on mankind's past.

And because our hidden masters wanted a fucking pipeline to go through Syria, and because Assad was/is in bed with a nation vying for economic, gas and oil power supremacy, our hidden Masters trained, armed, and funded ISIS and set them upon a unsuspecting people, and 4 years later Aylan Kurdi ended up dead on a beach and on your TV.

Understand, this shit will not stop unless you rise up and overthrow those miscreant criminal bastards who rule us. This isn't about David Cameron, he is just a puppet, a running dog. He is the fall guy we are given as a figurehead so that we have somebody to blame, somebody to shout at.

This is about Capitalism and the enslavement of the many by the few.  This is the same fucking battle our fathers fought, this is Fascism.

And just across the sea, not 30 miles away the disaster looms large. It is already descending upon the people of France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Greece, Italy in a Human Wave of misery and despair. And yet thousands of you are taking to Twitter, spouting your hate and bile - tweeting you pig ignorant bullshit that 'They are all scrounging sand niggers who want our homes, our jobs, and or, a life on benefits'?

Are you stupid?


If you think for one moment that what happened to the people of Syria will not happen to you because you live in a CIVILISED country, then you need to have a rethink - because they already had a CIVILISATION whilst our ancient forefathers were still fucking about in the mud.

Our Masters do not care whether you live or die, they care only that they are in power, and they will fuck any country in order to maintain that dominion!

In the end it comes down to this simple statement which you can accept, or rise up against.

"You are a slave, you have no voice" -  Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus; 26 April 121 – 17 March 180 AD

It's up to you.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Sea of the Dead.

Upon the waves
The Swarm it floated,
In coloured boats
Much overloaded.

To the gates of Hellas
From Samarkand,
To escape from hell
They've fled their lands.

And striking out
Across the sea,
Their prized possessions
sat on their knee.

Children as young as
Two and four,
They brought them with them
By the score.

They risked their future
Their blood, Their kin?
They're only trying
To save their skin!

But Farage, Cameron
And the rest,
Dressed for TV
in their Sunday best.

Spout hateful bile
About 'The Swarm',
making their language of hate
Our TV norm!

Aided and abetted
By our right wing press.
They call these humans
'Sub' - or something less.

And The Guardianistas
bitch like hell,
because we dare to post
'The Migrants' hell?

They're not Migrants
You ignorant fucks.
They are Refugees,
They are sitting ducks.

Who have fled their homes
From across the sea
And risked it all.
How bad must it be?

That mothers would risk it all,
Risk their beloved sons.
That father's would risk their daughters,
Their prized treasured ones.

But you sit there
Idle and regurgitate, 
Cameron's words
filled with hate,

about how these Migrants
take your jobs?
You stupid, ignorant
Fucking slobs!

Meanwhile out upon the sea
'The Swarm' they float.
But no longer on
their sunken boats.

For the sea has boiled
From all the hate you raved,
their  bodies bloated
and Europe saved?