Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Hate Speaker...

It is way past time that everybody everywhere, every decent moral British Citizen with a conscience, started calling Katie Hopkins what she really is. A Bigot.

She is the sprite in the storm who pounces on any defenceless minority and uses her wholly unmerited platform to issue forth hate speech, her intended purpose - to incite violence against minorities.

Paul Joseph Goebbels; The Nazi Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, could learn a thing or two about incitement from Katie. In fact she makes them look like lumbering amateurs. Which isn't surprising when you take into consideration all the figures who are backing her hateful enterprise!

When Katie Hopkins says "I will not be silenced over the Refugee Crisis" - and is then proudly splashed across the pages of all our National Newspapers, what is really happening is that 'The Establishment' have given voice to their own hatreds and bigotry.

They have deliberately, and with 'Malice Aforethought' raised this gauche disgusting creature, to a status of importance within our society for a singular purpose. To make you hate the other!

And that is Katie Hopkins sole role in this life.

To give voice to the silent racism of the Media and The Establishment.  They use her as a means to get out their message of hate. To fill your minds with their agenda of 'despite for all poor people everywhere'. To inoculate your soul against the human weakness of pity, compassion, empathy, brotherhood, fellowship, union, mercy, love, and peace.

She is a demagogue! Her role is to manipulate a political issue in a manner which best suits her masters. Her many obfuscations and distortions about the issues of the day are not random.
She does not do random doesn't our Katie. She does pre planned violent emotionalism laced with prejudice and hate. She is the spiteful mouthpiece of those who would burn our Democracy down rather than see the power returned to you The People.

Make no mistake; what Katie Hopkins and The News Media and The Establishment means when she is allowed column inches and TV time to utters her sickening aphorisms such as 'Show me the bodies of the dead children, I still don't care' is simply the same old hatreds of all right wing bigots everywhere.

What they are deliberately doing, is giving her licence to say is the words that they themselves believe but no longer dare openly utter. She speaks for them, and what she is saying is -

'There ain't no black in the Union Jack' and worse still [when she is calling for Helicopter Gunships to deal with the refugees], is  the old BNP rhyme 'Trigger Trigger Trigger, kill that Nigger'.

It is past time that every decent moral British Citizen with a conscience and a caring heart, started calling Katie Hopkins what she really is...

A Bigot. A Fascist. A Racists'.

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