Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Tony Blair is a monstrous criminal.

There is not a sane, moral, and honestly brave man or woman alive today who does not recognise this factual truth.

Indeed it is very likely that even he himself understands the dark evil that he represents in this world, hence his turning to Catholicism, a religion where you only have to say you are sorry to a priest to be to absolved of your crimes?

Whatever the truth of his turning to Catholicism may be, it remains beyond all reason to men and women who retain any shred of morality within themselves to doubt that Tony Blair is a Monster up there with Saloth Sar; Ismail Enver Pasha, and our own Anglo-Saxon equivalent Der Führer.

It is hard to bear isn't it?

To know in our hearts that here in Great Britain, Thatcherism bred a right wing Neo-Liberal, who would seek to infiltrate and then lead what was once the Worker's Party into a catastrophic war under false pretences, to slaughter other working poor people half way around the world, all of whom were never at any time, a threat to the Working Class people of this Nation.

The great crime of Tony Blair is that he perverted the honour and thus the souls, of every Briton then alive, whatever their proclaimed political persuasion.

And it is a stain that we can never remove from our collective souls whilst he lives free and unpunished.

We as a people will remain sullied by his iniquity, tainted by his grotesque wickedness, until that happy day when he languishes in prison, in the same manner of Rudolf Walter Richard Heß.

We are all of us, contaminated by his atrocious and unrepentant conduct. And I hate to say this for fear of alienating you the reader, 'but he is unrepentant because we are a - Nation of Mewling Slaves'.
This is the true legacy of Thatcher and Blair!

And David Cameron and his coterie of villains are the resultant and inevitable outcome of our own abject failure over the last 40 years, to impose upon those who govern this Nation, a set of principles and a code of conduct which protects the very least of us.

David Cameron is THE son of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.  His every word and deed reflects his true nature and miscreant heritage.

His hatred and malice towards the poor and the disabled is our own fault, we allowed it.

His lust for killing and war is our own fault, we allowed it.

His constantly revealed covering up for Paedophiles, and Corrupt Politicians, is our own fault, we allowed it.

That David Cameron is a 'Monstrous Criminal' in the same vein as Tony Blair, a man whom he has protected for over 5 years now whilst he promotes KNOWN CRIMINALS to the House of Lords is our own fault, we allowed it.

This winter, many homeless people in Great Britain will die of cold and hunger on our streets. Some of those who will die fought for this country in Tony Blair's wars.

And whilst our current Prime-Minister and his cabal of corruption plot new wars, this brotherhood of deception, this Junta of Evil will be getting richer and richer, moment by moment, off the backs of 'you' the Tax Payer.

"War is the ultimate means by which the rich transfer the wealth of the poor into their own pockets" -Kanjin Tor.

And all the while, our nation, our liberties, or freedoms, are under threat, not from without, but from within.

David Cameron's illicit clique of master criminals have passed Laws which make spying on every single thing you do or say Legal. And I am sorry to use the idiomatic expression here, but Hitler did the exact same thing.

David Cameron's fraternity of villainy have passed Laws which make opposition to their dominion illegal. Hitler did exactly the same thing.

David Cameron's  Cabal of Crime have made Secret Courts where you cannot see the evidence against you, or face those accusing you, or even be allowed to enter the court where Judgement is being passed against you a reality of the now, not a fiction of 1984. Hitler did the exact same thing.

You may now in Great Britain - be denounced, tried, convicted, imprisoned, tortured, and die without ever once knowing the nature of your crime. and yes 'Hitler did exactly the same thing'.

David Cameron's Syndicate of Evil practice on a daily basis, lies, deceptions, villainy, murder, torture, terror, and WAR, and nobody in the News Media will challenge them because they are the News Media.


And what is worse, is that we deserve this because we allowed it, it is our fault.

That Tony Blair is a monstrous criminal up there with Pol Pot, is a self evident and factual truth. But to which Monster from Human History we should compare David Cameron to, I just don't know any more?

His crimes are almost too frequent to enumerate, and on the economic scale at least - almost too gargantuan to comprehend.

He has so warped our Nation's morality that we now regularly accept known criminals as 'Peers of the Realm'. We accept KNOWN outright lies and Calumny against good honest decent men and women as truth from these scum in The Press because they want us divided.

We now accept the deaths of 100,000 of our fellow Citizens as the price of a 'Right Wing Counterfeit Austerity' rather than face up to the FACT that we are a Nation under siege from within!

So no, I cannot tell you to which monster we should compare David Cameron to; but I can without any fear of sensible contradiction tell you exactly whose fault it is....?


The 'Greatest Crime' of Tony Blair was that he contaminated us 'The People' of Great Britain with his pervasive evil, and his continued freedom and prosperity has perverted our collective courage and our collective morality.

We now seemingly accept that Evil in Government is the normal way of things, that we are powerless to oppose these Elite Bastards who misrule us all. They steal, torture, and murder at whim and we will not rise up against their villainy. And that is key, for until we find the collective courage to destroy these right wing extremists who inhabit all our political parties; then we will never as a Nation have the chance to be clean again.

That is why David Cameron protects his daddy figure Tony Blair, not because there is any sense of comradeship between the current and former Prime-Minister, but because he knows if he allows Blair to fall then so must he!

It is also why David Cameron feels safe in attacking disabled people, in attacking students, in attacking poor families, in attacking fire-fighters, in stealing fire-fighters pensions, in attacking nurses, doctors, small businesses, in attacking the very fabric of our society, in branding anybody who opposes HIS lust for WAR as 'Terrorist Sympathisers', thousands of whom have actually 'FOUGHT TERRORISM'.

It is why David Cameron and his Government feel free to sell off your National Assets to his mates so they can [literally] make a killing, the NHS, the Power Supply, the Water, etc etc?

It is why Ladies & Gentlemen, David Cameron feels free to rape plunder and pillage Great Britain and laugh at you as he does so, because he thinks... 'you are a coward who will not rise up against known criminals'.

And thus far - he is correct?

That is the true legacy of Tony Blair, he turned us into mewling slaves. A people too frightened and disjointed to put aside our political differences and rise up against the Empire of Evil which has seized control over this land.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and Courage.

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