Thursday, 3 December 2015

Let's Bomb Some Shit !

 "Some of you young men think that war is all glamour and glory, but let me tell you, boys, it is all Hell!" - William Tecumseh Sherman

Nobody with a brain doubts that the scum of Daesh are Fascists who deserve and need to be extinguished like the vermin that they are.

The problem with Hilary Benn's speech in Parliament, is that it 'deliberately' and 'maliciously' misdirects people's minds away from the root cause of the problem in Syria, in favour of a RIGHT WING faux military solution to a problem created wholly by the 'politically right' institutions deeply embedded  throughout the whole of British Politics and indeed the western world.

From Margaret Thatcher to Tony Blair and through to David Cameron, the warmongers have prevailed upon society, the corrupted and utterly perverted idea that War is what other people do. That Great Britain is in no way guilty of starting Wars and initiating Coup d'états for our own political and pecuniary motives. When it reality the exact opposite is true.

We have been guilty of and party to, over 50 coup d'états around the world since 1945.

We have raped and pillaged the world for almost 2 hundred years, creating a wealth of hate rightly stored up in the hearts and minds of those we have endlessly persecuted in different nations.
Hilary Benn states the difference between him and those calling for war in Westminster yesterday and the monsters of Daesh, is that nobody in Westminster deliberately sets out to harm civilians, to slaughter children.

This is the great 'Hypocrisy' of our time.

Of course they are deliberately setting out to kill children. Of course they are deliberately setting out to flay the skin off babies. Of course they are deliberately, and with malice aforethought setting out to slaughter innocent men women and children. That is what war is.

'War' is the 'deliberate and considered' application of the most extreme violence to achieve a desired result. No argument against this is possible, and any such offering is a lie and rank cowardice.

Let us be clear here. The only absolute certainty in modern warfare is that CHILDREN WILL DIE when we fire our missiles and drop our bombs... That is 100% guaranteed, and everybody in the House of Westminster yesterday evening, who voted for WAR, knew exactly what they were doing.

Hilary Benn's defence of his decision to betray the overwhelming majority of Labour Voters who have come out against bombing Syria is as false as his oratory.

War is only ever about 3 things.

Profit.  -  Who is getting richer from war?

Politics. -  Who is Profiting by warring?

Dominion. -  Who are the true Masters?

Every Labour MP knew exactly what the Labour Voters wanted yesterday, and those who turned their backs on that universal desire did so, not out of conscience, and a desire to help children in Raqqa; but instead because they HAVE NO CONSCIENCE AT ALL. 

These MP's [mostly Blairites] did it to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, they did it to regain dominion of the Parliamentary Labour Party, they did it because they are part of the war machine, and they did it because they get wined and dined by the Arms manufacturers just like the Tories do.  All you need to do is go look at the list of those who voted for war and those who were feted at the recent arms sales expo.

There is not the thickness of a sheet of paper difference between a Right Wing Blairite and a Right Wing Tory. NONE.  Both are extremists in the most brutal and horrific way.

Hilary Benn exposed his true nature yesterday, as did Liz Kendal and all the others who voted for war. They are betrayers, they are the permanent corporate political class and their eyes are forever firmly fixed on the main prize.... The Leadership of the Labour Party and thence the ultimate goal of Prime-Minister.

War Ladies and Gentlemen is about Profit, Politic, and Dominion.

That children die screaming matters not one whit to the likes of Hilary Benn. He and his ilk had a chance to challenge the Right Wing dominion of our nation and the Tories foetid attack on our disabled citizens for 5 .5 years, and they DID NOTHING.

They had a chance again last night to challenge the war machine, to go after the criminals in Saudi Arabia, who rule that country no less horrifically the ISIS do in their territories, and who supply arm and train ISIS.

They had a chance to seek out and eliminate Erdogan and his shit cunt of a son who buys ISIS oil. To round up and eviscerate the International Bankers who Launder and bankroll ISIS.

But he didn't do that.


Instead he deliberately and with malicious intent decided to use oratory to stab Jeremy Corbyn in the back [which was the whole point of his speech] and to call for WAR.

Hilary Benn states, that the difference between himself and the others who voted for war in Westminster last night, and the utter scum of Daesh, is that nobody in Westminster deliberately sets out to harm civilians, or to slaughter children.

That was an outright LIE.  THAT IS WHAT WAR IS.

And this idea that these people calling for war are somehow sober and 'Moderate'?  

Well that is the great 'Hypocrisy' of our time.

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” - Voltaire

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