Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Blairite Malefactors.

If the right wing Blairite extremists were merely foolish, greedy, and self serving, then their aspirations might perhaps be easily born by the rest of Labour, but this is not the case, and everybody knows it.

No group or political movement can easily survive, when those with treachery in their hearts seek Dominion over the rest come what may.

Such men do not think like you or I. Their underhand deceits strangle all cooperation and understanding. Indeed that is their first purpose. For who here now can deny, that the will of united group of people is a greater threat to the hegemony of the elite, than the single man armed with a truth heard by none? 

Thus does the traitor speak warmly, offering comforts and soft words to those who would listen to their subtle lies and protestation of innocence, as they meanwhile spread their unjust malfeasance throughout the group, spreading disunity and hatred against those who would seek a world without their kind.

Such men appeal not to our greatness, but to our weakness. They turn us the one against the other, and if the world should burn then let it burn, for only their lusts are important. The needs of the group which he seeks to take control of, is not his concern. They are but a tool, a means to an end, and that end is Dominion.

Therefore be thou on thy guard against these malefactors' for that is indeed what they be. They are turncoats, backstabbers, traitors, and they would see us all damned rather than bow to the will of the people!