Monday, 22 February 2016

Daggers in the Dark.

The excellent David Schneider - @davidschneider made the following point on Twitter yesterday -

"Reminder: Shadow cabinet disagreement = chaos, infighting, weak leader.
Cabinet disagreement = principled stance allowed by confident leader."

It was a perfect tweet.

It laid out in 16 words exactly the awful state of our News Media broadcasts and our National Newspapers and what they are all about.

Inside the vapid and inconsequential world which passes for 'Mainstream Journalism' within the United Kingdom, anything said or done by the Conservative Criminals who now rule over us is counted as a 'considered and reasoned argument put forwards by intellectual giants', and anything offered up as counter to this 'conventional but minority dogma' is counted as extremism, the words and deeds of those lefty scum who want us dragged back kicking and screaming to the 1970's.

Yet the truth is exactly opposite.

The constant misrepresentation of facts and outright lies told by the likes of Laura Kuenssberg, Andrew Neil, Toby Young, Andrew Marr and so many others, belies the true nature and success of the 45 year ongoing project to dumb down News Reporting in its varied formats, and turn it into nothing more than State Sponsored Propaganda.

In essence, these individuals are nothing more than modern day Lord Haw Haws, whose reporting (sic) is fundamentally a lie of the basest kind, designed from the ground up to turn you the reader or listener into an unthinking cretin who repeats endlessly the Right Wing Mantra that ' War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength!'

Everything you read or watch on the TV is surrealism', and I do mean EVERYTHING.

From 'Surprise Surprise' to the 'Xfactor', everything you have ever watched on telly has been designed to send your critical brain to sleep, to send it into a permanent torpor so that when they present 'The News' on your TV Screens your brain is still farting its way through the intellectual morass of banality in the shows preceding and subsequent to their powerful lies, so that during your 'everyday life' you will act more like a automaton than a intelligent human being.

They reinforce this bullshit by presenting to you all the idea that there has been a wide variety of Left and Right leaning Newspapers, but this is utter nonsense. It is a mirage, a smokescreen, a charade of the few bamboozling the many.

 The state of Journalism within the UK has fallen to such a reprehensible state of falsity that nothing you now read or hear on the TV or in the mainstream newspapers can EVER be trusted as factual.

They have constantly lied to us about every single thing, from refugees, to wars. From the NHS sell off [theft] to the economy. From the state of the EU to the cover up by the State of Establishment Paedophiles.

They have dumbed your mind and bought your souls on the cheap.

No Disabled Person claiming Benefits crashed the Economy. No Unemployed British Person has ever dodged paying the corporation tax. No fire-fighter or nurse has ever refused to save your life because it cost an extra 50 pence per person. No ordinary citizen has ever lost their job because of a refugee. Nobody has ever had their wages lowered because of immigration, that was done by the employer, they are the ones who pay the wages not the employee.

They are liars owned by lying criminals who work for lying criminals, and upon such a foundation you cannot expect to hear truth.

"When Listening To Liars Expect To Hear Lies" - Kanjin Tor

Let us look at a singular example of their perfidious campaign of lies - Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn is not [despite what is reported in The Sun] the greatest threat to this country since Adolf Hitler. He is not now nor has he ever been 'Anti-England', in fact he could not be more British if he tried.

Nor did he dodge paying his taxes.

He did not also - aid and abet Bankers to dodge paying taxes. Or aid the multinational corporations to avoid paying their taxes. Or allow a known tax dodger like Richard Branson to take control of child health services. Or allow criminals to frak for shale oil and pollute your local rivers, or sell off Royal Mail cheap so his best mate could make £68 million in one day, or steal fire-fighters pensions, or sell off Britain's power supply to the French, or promise you the normal British Citizen that he would soon scrap your Human Rights - which by the by are as follows.

1. The Right to life
2. Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment
3. The Right to liberty and security
4. Freedom from slavery and forced labour
5. The Right to a fair trial
6. No punishment without law
7. Respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence
8. Freedom of thought, belief and religion
9. Freedom of expression
10. Freedom of assembly and association
11. The Right to marry and start a family
12. Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms
13. The Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
14. The Right to education
15. The Right to participate in free elections

Could you tell me which of these rights you are willing to give up?

Is it the right to a fair trial? Would you be willing to give up your right to liberty?

Please tell me which of these simple and basic rights you as an individual you are willing to surrender because if it is your 'right to life' then you are literally 'too stupid to live'.

Yet these ideas are the ones the TV News and Newspaper moguls constantly berate and it is utter and total bullshit, every single word they say is a lie wrapped up in a deceit.

The enemies of Democracy always pose as its greatest defenders right up until they remove your right to a fair trial, [the Tories have done this].

The enemies of Democracy always pose as its greatest defenders right up until they remove your right to assemble [the Tories are doing this].

The enemies of Democracy always pose as its greatest defenders right up until they remove your right to No punishment without law [the Tories are doing this].

The enemies of Democracy always pose as its greatest defenders right up until they remove your right for Privacy, a family life, a home, and private correspondence [the Tories are doing this].

So come on - you have a brain use it. "Which of these 'Human Rights' are you willing to surrender?
Oops too late they have ALREADY GONE.

This is what leaving the EU is all about, this is the scheme currently afoot in the halls of power. To remove your rights, to enrich the few and enslave the many.

David Cameron and his gang [and that is what they are - a criminal gang] have been constantly betraying the British Public for 6 years now. They have lied, cheated, stolen, defrauded, committed war crimes, and infected our Democracy with their infidelity for too long. They have led us as a Nation to the very edge of a precipice, a chasm of darkness where the naxt logical step is death camps and Total War.

But it's not all bad news.

Right now in Number 10 Downing Street, the main architect of the crimes against the Disabled, the fire-fighters- the nurses - the doctors - the unemployed - the poor - the decent ordinary citizens of this nation is under attack by his own gang members.

And it was entirely predictable; indeed I said it would happen as far back as 2012.

Criminals always, always, always, turn on each other.  They are CRIMINALS and that is what CRIMINALS do.

Concepts like Loyalty, Honour, Justice, Mercy, Morality, are alien to CRIMINALS; that is what makes them CRIMMINAL.

In the film The Godfather there is a line Michael Corleone states which goes like this - "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

The problem with this philosophy is that when you follow this ideal you usually find that it is easier for your enemies to stab you in the back.

David Cameron is reaping today that which he has sowed for the last 10 years.  I cannot think of a more deserving man to suffer such a betrayal, but I wonder... is his demise too late to save The Nation from the Criminals who want to remove your Humanity and your Rights?

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