Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Stand or Die.

Tyranny exists when those who govern us consistently practice an arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power.

And this despotic abuse of their authority is always done to profit themselves or their friends at the expense of the populace, the weakest of whom must always endure the oppressive and unjust severity of deliberately cruel and harsh edicts which single them out and target them for repeated and constant denigration, slander, and Governmental lies.

This is not a rare phenomena. Indeed the very first lesson that History hands down to us, is that Tyranny is and has been a constant tool of all criminal rulers throughout the ages - whether they call themselves Fascists, Conservatives, Capitalists, Communists, Republicans, Democrats, or Neo-Liberals.

The title of our oppressors may and indeed does change, it has to change in order to survive but the Tyranny always remains.  And it is always the weakest section of any society who suffer the most. And you must not think yourself immune to the ravages of Tyranny for that is the second and perhaps most important lesson that History teaches us, 'that if you allow any man to suffer from the ignominy of arbitrary and cruel edicts then it is only a matter of time before the criminals in power turn their eyes upon you'.

This is a utterly constant and entirely predictable truth.

Therefore, you must stand with the lowest of citizens against those who enslave us all or be condemned eventually to suffer the same fate as they, it is inevitable. You are either a man or woman of honour who fights with your fellow citizen against those who abuse the weakest of us, or you are a cowardly worthless slave.

There are no other options.

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