Monday, 14 March 2016

The Moral Low Ground.

It is hard I know for people who vote for the far right extremists known as the 'Conservative Party' here in the United Kingdom, to admit to themselves that they are utterly amoral creatures who knowingly support Political Gangster, but I think they should embrace their personal lack of morals and integrity, and be proud of the fact that they do not care about the poor, the disenfranchised, and the disabled.

I think that Tory Voters should be proud of their ignorant bigotry in the same way that Donald Trump supporters are proud to support their man, I really do.  

I also think that all those little Englander voters who swallow every defamation launched against the poor by the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Paul Dacre, Iain Duncan Smith, Jonathan Harmsworth the 4th Viscount Rothermere and his close friend David Cameron, George Osborne, and so many others in news-media and the Political far right, should be open about their racism, ignorance, and bigotry in exactly the same way Donald Trump's supporters are open about their own racism, ignorance, and bigotry; after all - it cannot be healthy to keep such violent emotions so tightly wrapped up and hidden away.

No; now is the time, now is the time to come out as the racists that they are.

Now is the time for Conservative Voters/Supporters to come out and openly declare to the world that they are bigots, racists, and want a world governed along the principles of Fascism, after all there is so much of it about these days that hardly anybody here in the UK would even raise an eyebrow at them openly advocating extermination of political undesirables.

These are the days ladies and gentlemen.  

Winter is passing and the summer sun beckons us with its golden embrace. Yet even as I write these words the enemy of Empire is threatening once again, and if the Fascist loving, criminal supporting, ordinary 'Conservative Voter' does not soon get off their fat complacent arses, social justice and compassion may soon become the normal mindset of a once well brainwashed populace.

It is time to get out the flags of St George, it is time to rally in all the little pig ignorant back-wood country pubs of Hampshire, Dorset, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Kent; and all the other foetid shit holes where the little Englanders gather on a Sunday to talk about how necessary it is to support George Osborne as he cuts disabled peoples ESA benefits as they eat their £20 roast beef dinners.
It is time to rally around and discuss how important it is to support measures which stop the working classes from breeding on their sink hole estates like the maggots that they are.

It is time to cry "God for Harry, England, and Saint George!"

It is time to be proud once more....
Proud to be a racist.
Proud to be a bigot.
Proud to be a snob.
Proud to be a Little Englander.
Proud to be a bully.
Proud to be privileged.

It is time you adopted the pride of your fellow conservatives in America and rally around the criminal organisation known collectively as 'The Conservative Party', after all - everybody knows that the working class are all drunkards. Everybody knows that immigrants carry diseases. Everybody knows black people are lazy. Everybody knows that these so called disabled people are all putting it on. Everybody knows that the poor and unemployed are idlers who are in desperate need of a good kicking, because everybody knows that Mr White, Whiter than White, Mr Whitey of the Shires is where Britain's real morality and decency lays, and only the Queen can ever save our Nation from the ravages of the evil Socialists!

You fucking vermin disgust me.

You are a blight on humanity, a stain on the honour of England. Your continued support and vote for known criminals exposes you for the creatures that you are, pathetic selfish souls with no honour.

But please do continue with your ignorant casual bigotry, your smarmy self-centred arrogance and supercilious bullshit. Please keep repeating the lies and twisted arguments about how it's all about the lefties fault, those dam socialist Labourites. Please do keep refusing to admit your culpability for some of the greatest crimes ever committed here in England, because the more you push the poor, the more you push the vulnerable, the more you ignore the working classes desire for a truly Democratic and Socially fair society, the more you support their oppressors - then the more certain it is that your fucking disgusting days are numbered.

So yes - I think that Tory Voters should be proud of their ignorant bigotry and their criminal support of the Gangsters currently running riot in Westminster.  I want Tory Voters to come out and be open about their lack of morality in the same way that Donald Trump's supporters are proud to support their openly Fascist Demagogue, after all - lacking any integrity and sense of honour whatsoever, what else have these Tory Vermin got left to live for?

Tick... tick... tick...

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