Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Watcher's

Sometimes I dream that I am living in a post apocalyptical world where the only rule is 'If you are powerful enough to take something from somebody then that is what you should do, and to hell with morality'.

This 'Taking Something' from the weak because other people have all the power is currently occupying my mind for personal reasons which I will not bore you with here.  It is enough to say that it is only 'moral constraints' which contain me from going down to Westminster and seeking out personally those who [using the State as an bulwark to protect themselves from our just retribution]  attack the vulnerable of our society believing themselves to be 'Untouchable'.

The Conservative Jihad against my fellow Disabled Citizens has been an exemplar of Evil that I do not think I have ever before witnessed in all my days in this country.

The Conservative Party; and indeed all the other far right extremists here in the UK, have become no different in 'essence' than the scum of ISIS.  They are no different from Daesh than Benito Mussolini and his Fascist Party were in any 'real way' different than Adolf Hitler and his Fascist Party.

The Essential foundation upon which all such organisations are built is 'Hate and Death'.

That the Tories wear a suit and use sanctions to kill people is totally irrelevant to the poor schmuck who starves to death, or freezes to death after being made homeless by the likes of Iain Duncan Smith, George Osborne, and David Cameron.  After all - the Poor Schmuck is still dead, and their end is no less horrific for them than being blown up by a bomb, or having their heads chopped off in some dark corner of the Middle East.

What kind of man sits at home at dreams up ways to attack citizens based entirely upon the fact of their vulnerability?

What kind of men sit around and plot together to attack disabled people?

What kind of Human Beings rally around and pat such people on the back and cheer loudly when these filthy scum announce their plans to assault those weaker than themselves?

And lastly - what kind of Human Beings then go all out to voice excuses for such men and their own voting record, as they carry out their stinking assault on our fellow citizens whilst they get richer off the edicts that they enact to augment their vast wealth at the poor man's expense?

Who does that?

Who sits in the Houses of Parliament living off the fat of The Nation, and then when asked to vote to steal from the poor and give to the rich, knowing that their vote will UNDOUBTADLY kill disabled people thinks - 'Yeah Baby I Got To Get Me Some Of That?'

The more I live under the rule of these Criminals the more I am certain that every Tory in the Land is a Racist, a Bigot, a Liar, a Selfish Misanthrope, a Coward, and a person of No Morality Whatsoever.

I have said elsewhere that ' Tyranny exists when those who govern us consistently practice an arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power'. 

And this truth remain despite the Machiavellian departure of Iain Duncan Shit from the Government - for despite the announcement by his replacement as the 'Minister for Killing Disabled People' that the Government now promises to stop seeking ways to kill said disabled people - the truth is they won't.  Instead they will simply rebrand and renew their policies within weeks and squeeze it through late at night when nobody is looking.  

It is what they always do when they do not get their way immediately, and you can find hundreds of such examples online - or in Hansard.

For over a decade now I have been warning people about Great Britain's slide into Fascism.

For 7 years I have been warning of this eventuality online - and I am not talking about the apocryphal kind of fascism here - oh no. I am talking about Big Brother watching you. I am talking about Slave Camps. I'm talking about State Sanctioned killings of its own citizens. I'm talking about mothers denouncing sons, children denouncing parents, economic slavery, deliberate imposed dearth, a climate of fear, perpetual war, doublespeak, and a nation where only State Sanctioned News is permitted and that anything else is classified as 'Extremism'.

I am talking about the 'Doublespeak' of MP's voicing in their stinking News Media that 'Sanctioning Disabled People Will Help Them Get Back To Work'.

'Alas that we come to another milestone in this long descent!' 

Theresa May, that silent predator whose watchful patient eyes constantly gaze upon the back of her boss David Cameron, announced a few weeks ago that Britain's Spy agencies are free to track everyone’s internet usage without a warrant.  Alas that this terrible news has been lost in the row of Iain Duncan Shit's departure from government.

It is now widely known that the UK government has been collecting EVERYBODIES electronic data for years.  Indeed there is not a single thing that you do online which is not recorded because as a number of prominent Tory MP's and Tory Ministers have repeatedly stated...

"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear!"

Your peccadilloes are logged, your conversations monitored, your considered thoughts - or angry and ill-conceived rants are watched and noted, and it is all read and tabulated so that they can use it against you if at any time you choose to disavow the deeds, words, and policies of your Master's.

And that is what collecting data is for, let us at least find the courage to be honest about this.

Spying is undertaken to uncover the weaknesses of an enemy, and subsequently use this information to destroy that enemy or turn them into an unwilling vassal who fears exposure more than destruction.

Nothing more.

It therefore stands that a Government which spies on you views you entirely as an enemy.

In this modern age Mass Electronic Spying by a Government is far more insidious than many suppose. Even harmless online inquiries can be turned into sinister purposes by those with no morality, and be honest here - A Government which plots and plans then carries out attacks on its own Disabled Citizens has NO MORALITY.

Let me here give you an example of what I am talking about.

For my second novel I am doing some research online for nuclear and biological devices of which I already have a lot of knowledge.

I am also looking into some aspects of Jihad, ISIL, Islam, and some of our security mechanisms here in the UK.

At any moment this research for my novel could be used by those powerful forces which remain openly hidden from in us in Government, and presented to you after arrest as proof that I am a crazy home grown Jihadist, who so hates the England [A country that I have fought for] and that I have been looking into ways to use a chemical weapon against civilians here in the UK - and use this false data as an excuse to cart me off to David Cameron's proudly announced new detention centre for extremists.

WHAT DIDN'T YOU HEAR ABOUT THAT FACILITY? Hitler and his cronies called such places Arbeitslager, we here know them by another name. But don't you worry for I am sure that these Fascists would never imprison an innocent man...

Oh wait Guantanamo... the Birmingham  Six... the Guilford Four.... the ... etc etc.

But that is a rather fantastical illustration I hear you saying?  It isn't - but for sake of argument let us say that I agree with you and instead I will give you another, more commonplace and somewhat more colourful example.

Perhaps my personal sexual preferences lays in whipping girls with carrots, or being whipped by dwarves dressed as nuns...?

It isn't - I am rather boring when it comes to sexual peccadilloes but let us say for the hell of it say that I like to post pictures of myself doing these things whilst wearing a pink tutu and being whipped by a buxom black madam whilst snorting cocaine [and where have you heard that before?]

Now whilst I personally would feel no shame if it became known that such was my sexual indulgence, I think it fair to say that most most folks might feel a deep humiliation to be exposed thusly.

Right there you have a hook, what I call a capture point.  This is a weakness to be exploited or to be exposed to the world for its inglorious and sneering and ridicule. It is a destruction or control mechanism.

Thus today are your online actions recorded. Not to expose Terrorists as David Cameron's Harpy proclaims - Terrorists by and large are not stupid enough to ever lay their plans out online, - but instead to watch and control you.

Theresa May views YOU as an enemy.
David Cameron views YOU as an enemy.
Spying is only ever done against ENEMIES.

Ergo spying on you, as openly announced by Theresa May as now being official British Policy, shows that they view you as an enemy.





Ergo they spy on you. 

Not to protect you but instead - to seek out your weaknesses, to find your capture point, to make you either an unwilling vassal, or a victim to be destroyed.

No so long ago Paul Joseph Goebbels, one of the chief architects of the Nazi Party in Germany Pre-War, a man who ruthlessly corrupted the meaning and ideals of Socialism said - "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear!"

It is a statement openly repeated by many Tory MP's - [and no Ladies and Gentlemen - I am not making that up] but it utter bollocks, a fallacy espoused by your enemy  - and why are they your enemy - because they spy on you. 

[This isn't hard to grasp, you just need the courage to face it]

You, you the individual who is reading this - has everything to fear - because Governments who openly prey on the weak, the vulnerable and the disabled - have no morals.

The British Establishment has no ability to stop their nefarious activities because they are recidivist criminals and recidivist criminals act criminally because they are criminals and you are their enemy.

I asked - 'What kind of Human Being sits at home and plots and plans to attack Disabled People?'

The Answer of course is - 'This Kind'.

Sometimes I dream I am living in a post apocalyptical world where killing disabled people is viewed as normal, where dropping bombs on children is thought of as nothing to be concerned about, where spying on your own populace is not rare but COMMONPLACE.

Sometimes I dream I am living in a post apocalyptical world where nightmare has become reality and that the dreams and ideals that our father's fought so hard for have been evaporated by the far right extremists such as The Conservative Party.

Then I wake up and find that the reality is even worse.

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