Monday, 11 April 2016

The Tax-Man Never Comes.

Some people are saying David Cameron has done nothing wrong inheriting his daddies money.
They are saying that just because the money was accrued through 'Tax Avoidance' [the words that the rich call Tax Dodging] does not mean that he, David Cameron has acted in any way criminally or immorally. They are also making the argument that it was his father who acted badly and not him, and further, that he cannot be judged just because he came into his father's estate or benefited from that estate.

Charles Hilary Moore a extreme right wing pundit in The Telegraph even claims that David Cameron is a victim who is 'Trapped in his Wealth' in the same way that a poor man is 'Trapped in his Poverty'. [Yes they really do believe this shit].

I suppose the sons of cotton growers in the deep south prior to the American Civil War, who inherited their fathers slaves could offer the same argument, that their wealth trapped them, and that they too should not be blamed for the crime of inheriting their father's slaves.

Of course every sane and moral person knows such facile arguments are horseshit. Paper thin excuses conjured up out of the air to give some sort of justification for their privilege and power.

If David Cameron had believed sincerely that he had done nothing wrong, then he would have said so from the very beginning and not lied multiple times on Television, [and then to reporters, and ordinary citizens] about how both himself and his family profited from his father's ill-gotten gains.

He lied, he lied many, many times. He was asked over and over and he lied. He cannot stop lying, and indeed even after he admitted that he had lied and that was the end of it, it then turns out there are further lies being exposed.

David Cameron is a Liar, he is a Criminal and the same goes for George Osborne.

But even this is chicken feed, small potatoes to the main agenda behind the Panama Papers Debacle.

Britain is the Largest Tax Haven in the world. More money is routed through the City of London and out to the 'Dominions' than any other nation of Earth. And despite what they print in their stinking newspapers, Paul Dacre's master has no interest in resolving Tax Evasion, he is a Tax Dodger in the extreme.

Neither has Rupert Murdoch, these people want, need, and desire that the City remains the Tax Dodging Hub that it is, the whole fucking system is set up to run through London and out to the rest of the world. No the headlines in the papers are not about destroying the greed of Tax Dodging arseholes like Lord Rothermere but instead about using every dirty trick in the book to get us out of the EU and escaping the restrictions that the EU has placed on the super rich to recognise that HUMANS have RIGHTS.

Now I know many of you knuckle dragging Neanderthals are having a seizure right now as you read this but here are some other truths that your puny intellects might [and obviously do] struggle with.

The EU is not to blame for the dire straits that the NHS is in, the blame for that lays entirely with the right wing scum who rule our country who have been deliberately running it down so they can sell you the idea that 'Privatisation' will resolve its problems, it won't.

Instead, as with every other nationalised asset they have privatised over the years it will make the super rich richer, and the poor poorer, the service worse, and give them the added satisfaction that the poor and dying will suffer much more than they need to before they leave this Earth.

They enjoy causing suffering. It is the only logical conclusion I can come up with.

At the heart of all they do is a vindictive maliciousness which borders on open glee. That is why they can laugh in the Houses of Parliament when Jeremy Corbyn exposes them to the suffering they are causing at Prime-Ministers questions...

It is why Iain Duncan Smith can dismiss Disabled people angrily telling him of their plight as just 'Political Activists who hate Tories' and will never "Vote for us". As though voting for Conservatives is the only measure under which he will ever think that another human being deserves our compassion and support.

These people are monsters, they are criminals, they are parasites who feed off the host of our Society and give NOTHING back to it.

They take and take and take, and if you or I challenge their hegemony, their greed, their misanthropy we are labelled as 'radicals' or 'communists' or with some other ridiculous made up smear in their right wing news rags - all of which by the way - 'pay no fucking Tax whatsoever'.

And they do all this as they brand nurses, doctors, fire-fighters, and millions of ordinary working people as lefty scum who are 'Unpatriotic'.

What is Patriotic about Paying ZERO TAX?

What is Patriotic about being registered overseas as a company to avoid Taxation?

What is Patriotic about smearing ex-servicemen as communist sympathisers?

What is Patriotic about inheriting money which should be in Her Majesties Treasury and being used to better the Nation, and hiding that inheritance in an attempt to dodge, sorry I meant 'Avoid' further Taxation?

These people are rich. Tax Law is written by the rich. In fact all Law is written by the rich. Ergo all Law services the needs of the rich and never the needs of the poor, or the middle class.

This is why the gap between The Rich and the middle class is currently the widest it has ever been and is growing daily.

Lying, Cheating, Stealing, these are just some of the many crimes that David Cameron and the Conservative Party are guilty of, but in comparison to the Super Rich, the 'Tax Dodging Corporate Oligarchs' here in the west, they are almost saintly. Because whilst 'Tax Avoidance' might not be illegal Ladies and Gentlemen, you and I both know 'with absolute certainty' that it is a 'Crime'.

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