Sunday, 17 April 2016

Titans Fall

1. The Right to life
2. Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment
3. The Right to liberty and security
4. Freedom from slavery and forced labour
5. The Right to a fair trial
6. No punishment without law
7. Respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence
8. Freedom of thought, belief and religion
9. The Freedom of expression
10. Freedom of assembly and association
11. The Right to marry and start a family
12. Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms
13. The Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
14. The Right to an education
15. The Right to participate in free elections

"We do not now, nor have we ever lived in a Democracy" - Kanjin Tor

Yet despite all evidence to the contrary, the people of the United Kingdom refuse en-mass to accept this fact, and instead continue believe the false right wing narrative and spin of the 'established order' that we The People get to vote, and that we are ergo a 'representative democracy'.

I mean seriously what the f#!k? The clue is right up there in the title.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its Dominions.

The closest we ever got to being a Democracy was just after the Second World War when the people rejected the old order and tried to set up a new world in which everybody had a chance, where nobody died of cold, starvation, and was left homelessness in abject poverty.

Our forefathers set up the National Health Service under which every single one of you was born.
Prior to the creation of the NHS 1 in 20 babies died almost as soon as the cord was cut.

One in Twenty?

Look around you now and ask yourselves how many people you can see who would not be alive now had it not been for our forefathers prescience in creating the NHS, and more importantly 'Would you be one in the twenty?'

Our forefathers also created the Welfare State to ensure that nobody died of starvation, destitute and alone.  

Our forefathers made certain that their kids did not have to pay to learn. Instead they assured their children's progress through University and higher education and in doing so guaranteed our nations survival and prosperity in the coming years of rapid scientific development, much of which was unforeseen and [this is the important bit to understand] had our forefathers not educated those kids Britain today would now be languishing as a forgotten, pathetic little backwards country, stuck out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean derided and pitied, and casually ignored. 

Our forefathers secured your present affluence knowing that most of them would not see the benefit of their commitment themselves.

This is what people with a brain might best describe as 'LOVE'.

They loved their kids did those men of yesteryear, they fought for them and yes millions died for them, because that is what you do if you love your kids.

Now nearly all of them are gone, but a few yet remain, and every one of them I meet or talk to, tells me about their concern for a darkening world which seems ever more to remind them of what was happening just prior to the impending catastrophe of World War 2.

People look at these pensioners now as they stumble about our streets and sneer; it is something I see regularly.

They are in their 90s now, and frail. They get in the way, they are inconvenient and people avoid them, they walk around them and or ignore them. I see people tut impatiently when they stand in the queues behind them at Morrison's or Tesco's [or Harrods] as they struggle with their enfeebled fingers to find the right change, it is a modern day phenomena which causes much eye-rolling and impatient patience.

We who are about to die salute you!

 Whilst their bodies are passing their memories are yet long.

Too often - all too often on Social Media, I see people [who should know better] scoff at the words of this passing generation, hurling unmerited disparagement at them as they sneer at their warnings about social injustice and our descent into Fascism, but I tell you all, these men and women? They are our conscience, they are calling out to us from our collective past and we ignore them at our literal peril.

There are only two kinds of people on the Earth, those who prey on others, and those who don't.

The first are those who allegedly hold a so called 'conservative' mind set, but as has been evidenced by the actions of the ruling Party here in the United Kingdom, conserving is not in their nature, indeed quite the opposite.

Such creatures are profligate with the lives of others yet seek to hoard the wealth of a nation unto themselves. But this hording of our wealth is not an act of conserving, it is not conservation, it is not conservative; it is instead a path that leads us all, me, you, and everybody you know; including the hoarders themselves inevitably to the utter ruination of all.

Greed is in actuality 'the wanton deliberately reckless devastation of civilisations.' Greed is 'the abandonment of decency for the emptiness of accumulation'. Greed is 'the harbinger of Death' and it will annihilate life on Earth more certainly than any Nuclear Holocaust.

History is replete with examples of overreach and collapse, and with each collapses the devastation and cost to our planet mounts, until now I fear that the next tumultuous epoch could be Mankind's last, at least as an Industrial Civilisation.

I do not profess to know which life form will rise to take our place at the top of the Darwinian Tree of Life after the next apocalypse, but I do know there will be one. Evolution it seems cannot tolerate a vacuum, and with our passing life here on Earth will eventually settle down and produce another super intelligent species to take our place. When they do, when Animal X rises up and starts to dig in the ruins of our decedent civilisation will they wonder at our folly?

Perhaps they will look down at our plastic cups, our plastic knives, our plastic plates, and our plastic lives, which are still rotting away 60 million years from now as they face the morning sunrise to wonder 'Why did Humans kill themselves?'

'What was it' they will posit 'that drove Humans to poison the Earth that they were so utterly dependant upon?' And looking at the detritus of our existence which will still be floating about in their seas they will ask themselves "But we have found evidence of them on the moon, they achieved so much, why then did they have plastic chairs? Why did they drive auto-mobiles which poisoned the air they breathed?'

Their children will ask their fathers "Why did Humans spend so much time, energy, and money on weapons to kill each other, but hardly anything to feed each other, to save the sea, to fight pollution?'

And their parents will look down into their sad questioning faces and say "Because they were insane my child. They valued gold more than they valued life. They were a Death Cult hell bent of killing everything on the good Earth. They are a lesson from God to us his chosen people, not to follow their path."

The Second kind...?

Well now they are opposed body and soul to the destruction of societies, to greed, to selfishness, to hoarding wealth, to seeking out new ways to hurt others, to the systematic victimisation of the vulnerable, be they single mothers, the unemployed, the poor, the aged, the disabled, the Muslim, the Christian, the Jew, the Palestinian, the Kurd, the white man, the black man, the brown man, the Asian, the Negro, the Caucasian, the Indian, the 'The Other'.

For decades now these people have been have been systematically denigrated by the extreme right wing press here in the UK [pretty much every Newspaper save The Morning Star] and now alarmingly - every News Channel and TV station in Britain routinely portrays the poor as scroungers, as parasites, as things to be victimised and exploited and not as human beings who merit our collective compassion, our pity, our mercy.

Lefty Scum. Delusional Greens. Climate Change Lunatics. Animal Rights Vermin. Commies. Trotsky's. Reds. Filthy Socialists. Union Pigs, etc, etc, etc. These are just some of the regular labels the extremists in the News Media use to describe people opposed to greed, misanthropy, war, mass murder, slaughter, the rape and pillage of foreign lands, the privatisation of vital National Assets into the hands of Corporate Parasitical Organisations.

And why?

Why are these people targeted by the RICH and the POWERFUL?

Because they want Social Justice.
Because they want a better world for everybody's children.
Because they want to leave the Planet in a better shape than they found it when they finally pass.
Because they want to share the Planets Resources.
Because they oppose Tyranny and Slavery [be it the military model or the economic model.]
Because Ladies and Gentlemen - they oppose Greed.

All of which brings me very nicely to the cabal of criminals who are championing the cause of #Brexit [Leaving the EU] and the list I posted right at the top of this missive...

There are many maleficent individuals in The Conservative Party, but few are more openly ambitious or deliberately wicked than Michael Gove.

Let us be clear here, Michael Gove is a very stupid man whose 'Ambition' far outstrips his 'Intellect' [and I use the word stupid in its purest form which is ' Having or showing a great lacking of intelligence and or common sense'.]

But this does not mean he lacks 'Cunning' or that he is a dolt? Oh no - and it is important to grasp that a man like him can be ignorant, mean-spirited, malicious, stupid, and yet remain a cunning and dangerous individual.

His ambition is of course what makes him so very dangerous. It drives his cunning and hunger for power, and it is also ultimately what makes him such a weak man and so easily corrupted.

He has been given every opportunity to be a good, honest, man, a champion of the people, but instead he has chosen a life of personal greed, of villainous deceits, and open hate for those less lucky than himself.

As the leading light of the #Brexit movement he has disseminated lies and falsity across the Nation, ably aided and abetted by his Masters in the News Media [all of whom pay no taxes] in an attempt to confound and confuse you into thinking that the European Union is the totality of evil that currently plagues our nation.

He has spread this idea that if we but leave the EU everything will be great in Britain again. That we can return to a golden era [which never actually existed] where our Democracy can once again flourish under an English Sun.

He and his ilk have even spread the story that the Government has used British Tax Payers money on a leaflet to convince you all to vote to stay in the EU with faux outrage 'How Dare They?' - [all this DESPITE they themselves being given millions of TAX PAYERS MONEY to do exactly the same fucking thing].

"We do not now, nor have we ever lived in a Democracy" - Kanjin Tor

Michael Gove is a Liar. He is a Maleficent Creature with an openly wicked nature. He is a Deceiver. And when he [and all his ilk] speak, they speak the words of their masters who do not like any of the rights afforded to you as a human being by the EU because it costs them money and all they have in their worthless fucking lives is GREED.

These people do not want you to have 'The Right to life'.  These people do not want you to have 'The Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment.'  These people do not want you to have 'The Right to liberty and security.'  These people do not want you to have 'The Freedom from slavery and forced labour.'  These people do not want you to have 'The Right to a fair trial'.  These people do not want you to live in a country where there is 'No punishment without law.'  These people do not want to be forced to 'Respect your private and family life, home and correspondence.'  These people do not want you to have 'The Freedom of thought, belief and religion.'  These people do not want you to have 'The Freedom of expression.'  These people do not want you to have 'The Freedom of assembly and association.'  These people do not want you to have 'The Right to marry and start a family.'  These people do not want you to have 'Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms.'  These people do not want you to have 'The Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property.'  These people do not want you to have 'The Right to an education.  And lastly - These people absolutely do not want you to have 'The Right to participate in free elections which actually represent the will of the people' because 'We do not now, nor have we ever lived in a Democracy"!

The Golden Rule you must live by is that - when somebody of a politically conservative mind set tells you something, then you must count it as an absolute truth that he or she is trying to screw you out of something, and in the case of the #Brexit Cabal that something is your HUMAN RIGHTS.

The EU has many, many, many flaws, but you are alive now because our forefathers built up a National Health System. The EU did not nor has it ever sought to destroy that system which kept your child alive.

That deed is part and parcel of a Conservative ideology, a UKIP Ideology, a Right Wing Extremist  Ideology, a Michael Gove Ideology, a Rupert Murdoch Ideology, a Virgin Ideology, a 'Tax Dodgers Ideology', the IDEOLOGY OF GREED.

It is not a Socialists Ideology. It is not the ideology of men and women up and down this land who want a better world for their children, the nurses, the fire-fighters, the junior doctors, the teachers, the miners, the plumbers, the men and women of our armed services, the single mums, and the hard working ordinary citizens who pay their taxes.

There are only two kinds of people on the Earth, those who prey on others, and those who don't.

The Titans who fought against the tyranny of the Nazi's knew this. They risked their all to make the world a better place, and now you sneer at them as fading they struggle to find the correct change at the Tesco Checkout and scoff at the dire warnings they repeatedly give us?

I tell you  - "If we do not heed the warnings of these Titans then the greed of those who so misrule this world in the pursuit of profit, who start wars in the pursuit of profit, who murder and slaughter with profligate wantonness in the pursuit of PROFIT, will destroy us all".

And then, millions of years from now, a creature very different to us will stand on the seashore looking at all the floating plastic bottles and look down at his son and say -

 "You must promise me only this one thing my child. Never act like a Human!"

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