Friday, 8 April 2016

Where was your outrage?

I see so much outrage over David Cameron's Panama Papers link and his LYING about his nefarious Tax Dodging bullshit - but it's all just so fucking Salvador Dali isn't it?

Every sane human being in the United Kingdom, who is not an out and out racist piece of dog shit, knows for a fact that the Politics of the Right are utterly bankrupt, and that those who inhabit the Conservative Party are beyond saving morally.

Isn't it sad to have to say those words out loud.  To have to actually admit that other British Human Beings have become so ethically warped and twisted by their greed and hate that the only thing left to do is to jail the lot of them?

The Panama Papers are but the tip of a huge iceberg of extreme infamy when it comes to these people, yet frankly, if they had left our disabled citizens alone, if they had not for 6 years brutalised them, openly denigrated them, promoted violence against them, and deliberately engineered the deaths of thousands of them, then I might have been willing to look the other way and leave them to their fucking cocaine driven greed and their Trillions of hidden wealth, but they didn't.

These 'Criminal Scum' who inhabit the very top of our society, a society in which they do not believe,  and in which they do not partake or contribute to in any meaningful way, have instead sought to crush life out of, and devastate British disabled people as their henchmen in Government pursue their rancid policies of Eugenics.

This is not hyperbole, this is FACT, and further - if you have any courage at all you can easily go find the figures which bear sad testimony to this policy of extermination for yourself. Unfortunately too many of you won't do that, because if you did, if you opened you eyes to the truth of what hundreds of thousands of people have been telling you for 6 years then you would have to admit your own culpability in letting these monsters attack our disabled people, you would have to admit that you allowed them for 6 years to bring a ruin upon the heads of our most vulnerable in ways the likes of which we have not witnessed in this Nation since Victoria sat on the throne in her un-amused fashion.

For over 6 years the Tories have pounded time and time again the most vulnerable of our society, and this monstrous campaign of hatred continues even now unabated'. As you sit there reading this, hundreds of thousands of disabled people are currently under malicious attack by this Governments Agents in the DWP.

An organisation which was set up to aid the unemployed is now used exclusively to attack them. And by attack I mean this in its most purest form.

When you treat disabled people so shamefully and seek every means possible to stop them from receiving benefits, when you attack them by denying them PIP, ESA, and impose a Bedroom Tax upon them, what you are in FACT doing is seeking to make them homeless, and being made homeless for a disabled person is a DEATH SENTENCE.


The only variable is the time it will take for the individual to die, and if targeting disabled people knowing your policies will kill them is not deliberate planned Eugenics what then qualifies?

This Government has been told this time and again. From Senior Establishment figures to Political heavyweights, from Lords to Judges, from Charities to millions of disabled activists, this Government has been warned time after time after time that what they are doing is killing people and these warnings have been brushed aside, silenced, ignored, laughed at, scorned, denigrated, and sneered at by men and women without conscience.

And YOU let them do it.

They fed your hate and you let them do it.

They fed your bigotry and you let them do it.

They fed your fears and you let them do it.

You have been told time and again over the last 6 - nearly 7 years, about the plight of your fellow Citizens who happen to be disabled and you let them do it.

Where were your tears for  Terry McGarvey, 48. Elaine Lowe, 53. Mark Wood, 44. Paul Reekie, 48. Leanne Chambers, 30. Karen Sherlock, 44. Carl Payne, 42. Tim Salter, 53. Edward Jacques, 47. Linda Wootton, 49. Steven Cawthra, 55. Elenore Tatton, 39. John Walker, 57. Brian McArdle, 57. Stephen Hill, 53. Jacqueline Harris, 53. David Barr, 28. David Groves, 56. Nicholas Peter Barker, 51. Mark and Helen Mullins, 48 and 59 years old. Richard Sanderson, 44. Martin Rust, 36. Craig Monk, 43. Colin Traynor, 29. Elaine Christian, 57. Christelle 32 and Kayjah Pardoe. Mark Scott, 46. Cecilia Burns, 51. Chris Cann, 57. Peter Hodgson, 49. Paul Willcoxsin, 33.  Stephanie Bottrill, 53. Larry Newman. Paul Turner, 52. Christopher Charles Harkness, 39. Sandra Louise Moon, 57. Lee Robinson, 39. David Coupe, 57. Michael McNicholas. Victor Cuff, 59. Charles Barden, 74. Ian Caress, 43. Iain Hodge, 30. Wayne Grew, 37. Kevin Bennett, 40. David Elwyn Hughs Harries, 48. Denis Jones, 58. Shaun Pilkington, 58. Paul ?, 51. Chris MaGuire, 61. Peter Duut. George Scollen. Julian Little, 47. Miss DE, Early 50’s. Robert Barlow, 47. Carl Joseph Foster-Brown, 58. Martin Hadfield, 20. Annette Francis, 30. Ian Jordan, 60. Janet McCall, 53. Stuart Holley, 23. Graham Shawcross, 63. David Clapson, 59 years old. Chris Smith, 59. Nathan Hartwell, 36. Michael Connolly, 60. Jan Mandeville, 52. Trevor Drakard, 50.  And the thousands of other disabled people who have died whilst being attacked by this Government?

Some of the above died in hospital whilst being sanctioned, and you let them do it. Some actually died of cancer the day after they were told they were fit for work, and you let them do it. Some of these people after being persecuted by the DWP committed suicide because YOUR Government made them destitute.

Where were you then?

Disabled Citizens have been fighting a 6 and a half year long WAR, trying to survive, trying to stay alive from one day to the next, and you, most of you were absent.  There have been significant casualties as you sat and watched Xfactor and wanked off over Kate fucking Middleton and her parasite spawn as you averted your eyes from the ruin your Government have wrought.

Where were you when Christelle Pardoe aged 32 years, pregnant and desperate after her benefits were stopped, and in a state of [what we can only assume was extreme mental unbalance] clutched her baby son and jumped from a third floor balcony to their deaths?

Where was your outrage then?

The Panama Papers reveal to us nothing that we did not all know already save the names and the amount of stashed wealth and the lies they tell to justify their greed.

Lying is what these vermin do and you know it. In fact - 900,000 disabled people have been telling you that they have been lying for 6 years, and where was your fucking outrage...?

But I guess they were not coming for you back then eh?

These criminal scum are about to crash the markets again with their greed, and YOU are going to suffer, but you know what? 'You reap what you sow'.

I think Salvador Dali would laugh at that?

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