Tuesday, 10 May 2016


It makes me laugh, all these big hard men on the Far Right screaming "THE IMMIGRANTS ARE COMING, THE IMMIGRANTS ARE COMING".

Yesterday I watched a video from a *cough* individual and his little gang of thugs advocating an 'ALL WHITE BRITAIN' and all I could do was shake my head in pity.

I mean seriously, it must be awful to be so frightened all the time?


This young man's argument [I use the word man loosely here you understand] - was that 'Britain has always been a WHITE COUNTRY whose people did not mix with dark skinned people.

Err wrong actually Mr White.

The white white, whiter than white, whitey white, white man, only came along about 8000 years ago, thus making Britain's true original human population dark skinned, and God only knows what they thought about the fair skinned people moving in from the eastern land mass of Asia.

Perhaps they too, seeing all these pale skins coming across the Europe and moving into Britain screamed "THE IMMIGRANTS ARE COMING, THE IMMIGRANTS ARE COMING"?

And now once again, we have an utter arsehole from 'The Establishment' jumping on the Enoch Powel bandwagon, and making sweeping statements about how Muslims [by this they mean brown skinned people] are a ticking time bomb in multi-cultural Britain, or as one dickhead in today's Daily Mail, a Mr Trevor Phillips put it - "The anti-immigrant sentiment is a ‘smouldering’ tinderbox that could ignite at any time, stoked by people who had felt unable to speak out for fear of being branded ‘white racists’".

Talk about 'Rivers of Blood' speeches, sheesh?

I would not mind this so much if he himself was not an Uncle Tom figure, but he is a coloured gentleman defending white racists, and isn't that shocking?

One but need look at the cunt-womble that is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon's [Tommy Robinson] Twitter feed to see the rabid racism which feeds off shit like this.

These demagogues stoke the fires of hatred and fear [whilst selling his book of course] and proclaim themselves 'Patriots', but men of valour have another name for his kind. The only difference between Tommy and the Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith, is the price of the suit they wear when they get Air-Time on National TV.

Oh and 'News Flash' Mr Trevor Phillips - 'THESE PEOPLE ARE WHITE RACISTS' and if you think for a single moment that by siding with them you would be spared if they could have their way, then you are an idiot.


To live in fear all of one's life is a terrible thing. To be so frightened that your whole day is consumed with racial hatred must be an appalling, terrible existence.  But to portray yourself as a HARD MAN whilst screaming like a lily-livered bitch that "THE IMMIGRANTS ARE COMING, THE IMMIGRANTS ARE COMING" is beyond pathetic.

It is contemptible, it is cowardly, and I have shit harder things.

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