Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Jerry Hall rodeo.

I am a lifelong Manchester United supporter, I have been since Georgie boy graced the fields, and that's a long time ago now.

But the truth is I love football, and will always root for any club in Britain that is playing against a foreign team in the UEFA Cup.

Even Chelsea.

Or Liverpool... [My secret second love. Shush don't tell anybody]

In fact it is because of Liverpool FC that I have refused point blank to buy any Murdoch product for 25 years.

But my loathing for him goes deeper than that.

Did you know that 97% of all water on Earth is sea water?

Did you know that of the remaining 3% which is fresh water [the stuff which keeps me and you alive] that 70% of the 3% is trapped in glaciers?

Did you also know that nearly all of the 30% of the remainder is trapped under the ground, leaving as little as a mere 0.3% of the remaining fresh water on the Planet to be found in all the rivers and lakes of the world?

Think about that for a moment! 0.3% of all the fresh water which you and I need in order to exist is utterly inaccessible to us.

Yet the oil companies want to poison it with fracking - and our right wing politicians, all of whom are deep in the pockets of these Oil Companies, think that this is totally acceptable?

With that kind of warped perspective, that kind of perverse thinking, how can there ever be Justice in our land?

Did you know that Rupert Murdoch, the man who authorised the hacking of murdered school girls mobile phones, who sanctioned the hacking of dead soldiers mobile phones, the man who conspired with Kelvin 'The Cunt' MacKenzie, The Police, Margaret Thatcher, and many other Establishment figures, to besmirch, malign, and spread lies about 96 innocent men, women, and children, who died at Hillsborough, and thereafter set out on a 27 year campaign to denigrate the people of Liverpool, has vital interests in Fracking?

Did you know that?

Did you?

It might explain why The Times and The Sun promote Fracking so heavily here in the United Kingdom?

Did you know that Rupert Murdoch abused his staff here in the UK for not doing enough to stop Ed Miliband from winning the 2015 General Election, telling them to be "More Aggressive"?

Did you know that Rupert Murdoch is even now facing criminal charges in the United States of America after he was secretly filmed telling his stinking staff who laughably call themselves 'Journalists' that bribing police officers for stories was “the culture of Fleet?

Did you know that?

Did you?

Did you know that Rupert Murdoch and his 'Empire of Evil' advocates cutting back on Benefits for Disabled people? And that he and subsequently his Staff of shysters do advocate the Privatisation of the NHS [and everything else come to that] and that every story which denigrates the Junior Doctors, the NHS, is designed to get you to think in a certain way?

Did you know that?

Did you?

Did you know that when Parliament investigated Rupert Murdoch, they eventually proclaimed that he 'Rupert Murdoch' did wilfully and knowingly and with Malice aforethought deliberately 'Lied' to Parliament to cover-up the crimes he and his organisation committed during their illegal phone hacking escapades?

Did you know that?

Did you?

Did you also know that Parliament declared him to be a person who is "Not fit to exercise the stewardship of a major international company"?

Did you know that?

Did you?

This man, and his family, and his organisation, is a Cancer on our society. The British Parliament declared him to be a Liar, and a Criminal. Not me, The British Parliament.

Our so called 'Democratic Hoses of Parliament' declared Rupert Murdoch to be a Criminal, a lair, a deceiver, a cheat, a fraudster, and illicit, and immoral man, unfit to run any moral international organisation.

This is the same man who 'Won it' for Tony Blair. Who flew David Cameron to the Greek Island of Santorini where he wined and dined him on his multi-million pound private yacht, where undoubtedly they colluded together to oust Gordon Brown [witness the hatchet job The Sun did on the former Prime-Minister].

This is the same man who said quite candidly, when asked why he wanted Great Britain to leave the EU,  “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.” It must have been a very frank and nervous job interview for David Cameron when he went to Santorini.


'99% of you want the death penalty' [an outright lie without any factual basis].

'The Truth'.

'Lawless Britain' with the by-lines 'Soft-touch welfare system'. 'Benefit Fraud on the increase'. Legal Aid for the Undeserving'. 'The Human Rights Act'. And all these by-lines mixed in with words like Paedophiles, Jihadists, Gypsies, Extremists.

All the above are Headlines in The Sun, a now PROVEN 'lying, cheating, fraudulent and criminal organisation' whose staff are complicit in every crime that he, Rupert Murdoch sanctions and orders.


But let us return to football as the pressure mounts on Kelvin MacKenzie and others here in the United Kingdom.

Apparently the police have been instructed by Theresa May to be 'expectant to bring charges against those who conspired in the cover up of Hillsborough' as she so proudly announced to The Press and the people of Great Britain.


Nothing will happen to those who CONSPIRED' to defame the dead, to denigrate the people of Liverpool and the fans who suffered that terrible day in Hillsborough because Rupert owns the people with the power to punish the conspirators. in fact half the fuckers involved in the cover up are still in positions of prominence, and 'Criminals' do not wake up one morning and think 'You know what? Today I must be punished'.

I can still, even now all these years later, see the headline in The Sun and the image of all those people crushed up against the wire fence, and how Rupert Murdoch's henchmen blasted the fans.

How they proclaimed to the Nation 'THE TRUTH' about how fans picked the pockets of the dead, how fan pissed on policemen?

If we are very,very lucky, Murdoch might, just might sacrifice MacKenzie in the same way he sacrificed Andy Coulson, but I doubt it. Murdoch spent 85 million protecting Rebekah Brooks so Kelvin MacKenzie is probably going to walk away from the shame of his Hillsborough headlines and continue his life of comfortable affluence, as unrepentant as ever.

Meanwhile Rupert Murdoch is now fucking Jerry Hall and probably floating about in his Luxury Yacht off Greece, awaiting the arrival of his next chosen Prime-Minister. Hell I hear he and Michael Gove are very thick, but the one I worry about is Theresa May.

She is intelligent, devious, manipulative, deceitful, and has a track record of outright evil.

She is almost a match for Murdoch in that 'Machiavellian sort of way'.

She said to the victims of Hillsborough that the Police may bring charges against those who conspired in the cover up of Hillsborough, this at the same moment David Cameron was proclaiming on Social Media 'his pride in the JFT96 Hillsborough families who never stopped fighting for Justice', but it is all a lie, they will all walk away scot-free.

There will be no Justice in our land until we cure the cancer that is Rupert Murdoch.

Fracking will continue. The denigration of the disabled will continue. The slandering of celebrities will continue. Refugees will continue to be defamed and labelled as parasites. British Muslims will continue to be disparaged as Jihadists and Extremists. Innocent people will be hauled across The Sun's pages and their lives ruined in the pursuit of false stories and false allegations, all the while Establishment Paedophilia and crimes are covered up and ignored. Good journalists, and there are some, will be crushed, their stories wiped and hidden as they are defamed and scoffed at by the Murdoch Empire, and all this as the 'Kelvin' types continue their rise to prominence.

Until we remove forever ever the malign influence that Rupert Murdoch has on our society, nothing will or can change.

Too many people are scared of Rupert, too many are in his pockets, be that willingly or otherwise!
He can buy or intimidate all our politicians save one, and look how Murdoch Empire lambasts, lies about, and attack s Jeremy Corbyn on a daily basis. Manufacturing stories and dramas to feed their agenda of Ultra Right Wing Fascism.

The Sun is a modern day 'Der Stürmer' but with an higher IQ, and Rupert Murdoch and his entire organisation is nothing more than a crime syndicate, with him as the 'Capo di tutt'i capi'. He is in fact untouchable.

Parliament issues verdicts condemning him and he can blithely ignore that verdict because he is untouchable.

They called him a criminal! Parliament called him a criminal, yet he remains free to pollute and pervert the British landscape with his ideology and hate?

There will be no day of reckoning for Rupert Murdoch in this life. The best we can hope for is that Jerry Hall fucks him to death, if she can bear to touch his stinking member?

But you know what, if I had my way, I would have the son-of-a-bitch  kidnapped by the lads from Hereford, bound and gagged, and then hanged up from a lamp-post outside the Liver Building with a placard attached saying - "From Manchester United with love".

And that is 'The Truth'.