Friday, 24 June 2016

The Descent into Darkness. [Part 3]

In the Germany of the 1930's it was a hidden super rich elite who secretly funded Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement. 

Then as now, the rise to power of an extremist far right megalomaniac who ranted on and on about Jews and Migrants was funded by stupid rich old white men...

Then as now, it was the poor working class slob, who long laughed at and ignored by the uber-rich, who rallied behind the Swastika and their new found Messiah in their millions, and finalised his ascent to the golden throne of power.

But ultimately, then as now, it was all in vain for it was the poor who died in their millions because of that false hope and crazy decision.

I warn you all here one final time.

The Fascists are on the move across our Nation and they are close to seizing power, what happens next is entirely up to you.

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Descent into Darkness. - [Part Two]

"I have warned you all consistently for 10 years that this is what would happen, I do so again now.  If we do not stem the tide of Fascism and quickly, the descent into darkness is inevitable" - Kanjin Tor

For 6 years the Conservative Party have used, promoted, and legitimised hate and fear of 'The Other'.

Hate and fear of Muslims, of Disabled people, of single mums, the unemployed, etc, etc, etc.

It is a long, long list of hate.

They have deliberately created a political landscape in which hate and fear is a tool to be wielded against those who have opposed their vicious climate of Austerity for the Poor, untold wealth for the richest.

And now the Djinn they unleashed upon the rest of us have escaped their control. They placed men and women with no morality in positions of power.  People whose monstrous villainy has literally killed thousands of British Citizens.  And all this they did in ideological pursuit of their rabid agenda of 'Austerity for the poor, riches for the Rich'.  And now, far beyond their control a far right piece of shit has murdered an MP.

Every single Conservative Politician is culpable for the death of Jo Cox, and all arguments to the contrary, defending them and their actions over the last 6 years, are utterly false.

They with malice aforethought, did deliberately and knowingly unleash upon British Society the idea that hate, violence, and barbarity are acceptable, and now 6 years into their campaign of lies, deceits, and extremist propaganda, an MP is dead.

Because of these so called 'Conservatives', innocent disabled citizens have been targeted on our streets with violence by morons who have accepted their stinking rhetoric of hate against disabled men, women, and children.

Because of these people innocent disabled citizens have died in their thousands after being criminally denied the means to survive by their agents in the DWP.

Because of these people, endless innocent children have been forced to survive using foodbanks, forced into penury by a Government which sneered and laughed at all warnings and evidence. And let us be clear here, there is no greater violence short of outright war than the violence of poverty.

Indeed 'Poverty is War by other means'.

They are all of them culpable for the death of Jo Cox.  Oh they may not have pulled the trigger themselves, or given orders that she should be slain, but they did with gleeful malice, pull the cork out of the bottle which let the Djinn of Fascism escape.

There is no excuse or possible justification for what they have done to our society these last 6 years, but for all their crimes and cover ups they are not the worst villains in Great Britain. Oh no; that unhappy title belongs on the shoulders of every Tory voter who knowingly voted for men and women they knew were corrupt, criminals, for men and women whom they knew beyond ALL DOUBT, were attacking disabled citizens and killing them through means of malicious and vindictive policy.

It is no surprise to me that people who would do that, who would vote for the continued persecution of our disabled citizens would then follow the architects of those policies, such as Iain Duncan Smith, into the mire of #Brexit as they spread xenophobic lies and hatred, twisted truths and misrepresentations, to gain the prize they truly seek.  Which is of course, total dominion over Great Britain for themselves and their masters.

Across the country the far right are on the rise.

"I have warned you all consistently for 10 years that this is what would happen, I do so again now.  If we do not stem the tide of Fascism and quickly, the descent into darkness is inevitable" - Kanjin Tor

The Descent into Darkness.

Ye who run before the fight
Who scurry away into the Night,
Like rodents in a stinking sewer
To hide, to fester, in uncontested manure.

Your morality is to run like dogs,
To let us be ruled by demagogues,
Who from their gleaming ivory towers,
Call the rest of us 'worthless showers'

And as they concoct a stinking brew
The Tory leavers let you stew
In a broth of outright racist lies,
And twisted truths of British tithes.

So you sit there and ponder,
The words of these lesser men,
Whose faltering agenda
is not hard to ken.

Michael Gove offers us,
A vision of a golden age;
Where men can stand erect,
And earn a living wage.

But do not be deceived, my friends.
For all his words are false!
He, like is fellow conspirators,
Has been bought by a nonce.

Lurking in the background,
our true enemy gurns his smile,
And gloats as we buy
Into his stinking squalid bile.

That it is the 'Other' who is to blame,
The Muslim and the Black,.
The malodorous Brussels,
Full of its noisome bureaucrats.

Over and over, ad-nausea
they tell us of Brussels foul odour;
As though they are somehow,
not part of that Elite order?

Their malicious policies have killed
Thousands of your countrymen.
But don't let their hatred of the common man,
Interrupt your corrupted ken.

And now the hour closes
And that which us divides,
Was sown by amoral criminals
To gain Cameron's golden prize!

These are not intellectual giants,
Nor be they men of valour.
Instead, they are dirty little whores,
And it's England they'll deflower!

Cast not away your ability
To think for yourself;
Stop listening to the coward,
The darker side of self!

You have to be better,
Than those who've sowed the seeds of hate,
who feed us all their malice
who seek a Fascist Sate.

Instead awaken, look up
to an endless sky of hope,
Do not let these lesser men,
Take you for a dope.

Something wicked this way comes
And it is led by Michael Gove,
You say you want your freedom,
But he scheme's to take your trove.

He is a monstrous criminal.
A malicious force for ill.
And if you follow this evil man,
You'll find it a bitter pill.

For they will sell off everything
that all our fathers fought for:
and the Golden Age they promise you,
is but a castle in the sky!

It's a dream of something that was once for them,
but in truth, it never was for us!
The garden of Merry old England ,
where the plebs know their place!

And thus they seek ever
To return us to that time,
Where the poor are made meek
And demanding equality is a crime.

Oh England do not be deceived.
By these criminal's intent.
They do not mean to serve you
And are not heaven sent.

They intend to rape you,
To impose a tyranny of their own,
And keep their beloved golden bitch,
Securely on her throne.

It is hard to free fools,
from the chains they love.
But there is no freedom waiting
No freedom and no love.

The other side of leaving?
It's not a golden door.
It's the death of a dream
And a dark chasm without a floor!

What fools are men,
Who swap one set of chains for another,
If you want freedom
Stand with your brother!

But that is beyond you now,
For you've been sold the lie
That by leaving the EU
Despotism, it will die?

Ah, do not make me laugh,
For their protestations are all false,
They are the tyrants, and we?
are the targets of their wrath.

Michael Gove and his ilk, they hate you.
Heed me, for these words I speak are true;
They want an England that once was,
Where its bounty is never shared with you!

We come into this world
unknowing of the past,
Of whom and when, and where and what;
And how it came to pass,

That a privileged elite few?
raped the world, and ripped it all asunder
As they stole for themselves our collective wealth,
through war and bloody plunder!

These men are not patriots,
They are pirates through and through;
Thieves, knaves, rapists;
And their prey my friend,

No tax levied
Ever made a Rich Man Poor:
That, my friend, is the true enemy
Knocking on your door!

These elitist rich boys
Tell you. "Trust me you'll all be fine."
'Give me all your power
and I'll make your money mine.'  [sotto voce]

They do not love you
They hate you.
Your very existence is a threat,
To their dominion and the money
That they ill begat.

And now the dance is nearly over,
The darkness awaits.
So make your mark, and prepare yourself,
To pass, through the devils unholy gate.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


Some sweet similitude
Of our youth
remains untouched
within my heart

and I remember you
my love
though doomed
we were
to part.

Your laugh
your eyes
your flowing hair
the sway of your hips.

But most of all
I remember Sweetpea,
a kiss
from your lips.

Friday, 17 June 2016

The bloodless sun...

For six very long years the Disabled Citizens of Great Britain have endured a consistent attack of Hatred and Fear by the Conservative Government.

After 5 years of Conservative Government, and despite knowing what these criminal demagogues had done to their fellow countrymen, 11 million Britons, who seemingly cared not at all about the plight of our most vulnerable citizens, woke up on Election day 2015 and said to themselves, "Fuck the disabled, I am voting for more of the same because I want them all to die".

That is the actuality of what happened that day.

There is no excusing their behaviour, no obfuscating what they did.  They woke up, walked down to the voting booths and put their mark in the box that might as well have said 'BIGOTRY AND HATRED' and betrayed their fellow countrymen by voting for known criminals.

Despite all the scandals.

Despite all the known cover ups.

Despite all the outrageous defamation's of character that they launched against Ed Miliband and his family.

Despite knowing that the bankers had stolen billions and billions and endless billions, and that they were using this money to prop up the Conservative Party.

Despite all decency, 11 million people woke up and voted for known criminals because they did not have a single care for anybody else, or anything other, than their own personal gain and their prejudices.

Now today we see the true price of the extreme right wing hate that has been promulgated by the PR men of the Conservative Party and their counter parts in UKIP.  Their constant campaign of hate and disinformation has led to the brutal and politically motivated execution of an innocent mother who just happened to be an MP.

And not just any old MP, but one who actually gave two hoots about other people. An MP who cared about refugee's [which was probably why she was targeted].  An MP who cared about the plight of our disabled citizens, our fellow countrymen who have been deliberately, and with malice aforethought, placed in a frighteningly precarious position by a monstrous government who clearly have something wrong with their moral model.

This is what happens when you let demagogues rule your country through hate and fear.

Of course they, the Political Right, will deny all responsibility for this murder. 'Nothing to do with us, move along, nothing to see here'.

But in your hearts you all know that all such refutations are horse manure. They are culpable, all of them.

Meanwhile as the bloodless sun rises over Great Britain and a new day dawns, a father in Yorkshire has to explain to his two young children this morning, why mummy can't help them get dressed...

Heaven help them and us...

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Sound of the Guns.

You run towards the sound of gunfire if you are a man at all, if you are a warrior.

I learned this simple truth years ago whilst serving this nation for over a decade in various shit holes around the world.

And why do you do this?

Because that is where the fight is.  And if you don't, if you turn and run, then your mates will die and shortly thereafter, now alone and without friends, you will die too.

That is why you run towards the sound of the guns, towards the battle. it is an inescapable FACT.

Which brings me quickly to the EU referendum and the utter bullshit being bounced around the so called left about a #Lexit.

I do not advocate staying in the EU because I love the EU, I advocate staying because it exists, it is a reality, and it is where the real fight is.

To understand why Boris Johnson, IDS, Michael Gove, and the other wank stains of the Tory Party chose to attack David Cameron over the EU, you have to understand the mindset of the 11million little Englander shysters who voted Tory at the last general election, despite knowing the Conservative Party is populated by criminals who have been enforcing policies on British Citizens which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of our fellow countrymen...

You also have to grasp the ideology of the utter pond scum who voted UKIP despite knowing that Nigel Farage is a lying, duplicitous, hypocrite of the first order.

Michael Gove and the rest believe that they can win the EU Referendum through hate, and fear of the Other.  Thus they intend to oust Osborne and Cameron, putting into place their men.

In doing so they have carefully calculated that the ultra right wing stupid pond scum voters of UKIP will swing back in favour of the Tories at the next General Election and, that this will absolutely give the Tory Party a majority because of our corrupt voting system, and that this will keep them in power for another ten years.

It is a cunning plan and it seems to be working.

What the people on the so called Lexit Left are actually doing when they scream about leaving the EU, and how we must leave it in order to oust the Tories, is quite the reverse of their laudable aim.
In point of fact they are ENSURING that Britain will descend even deeper into the Tory mire, and become even more controlled by the corporate oligarchs,  and push us all, all of us, left or right, ever closer towards becoming a nation state more resembling the Fascist of 1936 Germany than at any other time in our history.

But this consideration affects their thinking in no way. What they see is paper thin argument, a chance to abandon Europe and regain our sovereignty?

But this too is utterly false.


That is the system we currently live under, so do not give me this bullshit that by leaving the EU this fact will change, it won't.

Instead it will reinforce the dominion of the Tory Monsters who think disabled people are worthless and whom they push to the brink of death. It will empower the Tory monsters who want to steal every single public asset for themselves, who betray us all daily with their multifarious crimes.
The EU is in no way to blame for the brutal policies that the Tories have imposed on us here in the UK, but they are guilty of doing similar things to Greece, this is an unarguable fact.

 It is this FACT that tells us where the real fight is and also that NEEDS TO BE WON if we are to secure our future, and as I learned long ago, YOU DO NOT RUN FROM A FIGHT OF SUCH CONSEQUENCE.

Running from this battle will not save you, it will not make your life better, and it will kill you.
It will also kill our mates in Europe, the little guy, the small fry, the powerless, the ordinary man and woman who are just like you because 'Unity is strength, Strength is Unity'.

And when the battle is joined you do not run away like a bitch with your tail between your legs pleading 'don't hurt me, don't hurt me'.

The EU needs to be changed, - fact.

The EU exists, - fact.

You cannot change the EU from the outside, - FACT.

Vote remain and fight, because if you're a man at all, you run to the sound of the guns?

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Nationalist.

You cannot stand alone,
Against a sea of woe,
If a man should fall in Paris,
Is your blood the stronger?
Is not your freedom less?
Our only strength is Unity,
Together we stand,
Divided we fall.
And if, many years from now,
When you are old and grey,
And your enemies mass at the gate,
Who will save you if not your brother across the sea?
All men are equal,
Only those who do not love mankind would separate us,
Only those who hate you would divide us,
We are one or we are lost.
And those who blow the trumpets of Nationalism,
Would freely welcome Fascism,
If it meant they could wave their little flags,
And scream hatred at the other,
As they proclaim themselves an island.

- Kanjin Tor