Friday, 17 June 2016

The bloodless sun...

For six very long years the Disabled Citizens of Great Britain have endured a consistent attack of Hatred and Fear by the Conservative Government.

After 5 years of Conservative Government, and despite knowing what these criminal demagogues had done to their fellow countrymen, 11 million Britons, who seemingly cared not at all about the plight of our most vulnerable citizens, woke up on Election day 2015 and said to themselves, "Fuck the disabled, I am voting for more of the same because I want them all to die".

That is the actuality of what happened that day.

There is no excusing their behaviour, no obfuscating what they did.  They woke up, walked down to the voting booths and put their mark in the box that might as well have said 'BIGOTRY AND HATRED' and betrayed their fellow countrymen by voting for known criminals.

Despite all the scandals.

Despite all the known cover ups.

Despite all the outrageous defamation's of character that they launched against Ed Miliband and his family.

Despite knowing that the bankers had stolen billions and billions and endless billions, and that they were using this money to prop up the Conservative Party.

Despite all decency, 11 million people woke up and voted for known criminals because they did not have a single care for anybody else, or anything other, than their own personal gain and their prejudices.

Now today we see the true price of the extreme right wing hate that has been promulgated by the PR men of the Conservative Party and their counter parts in UKIP.  Their constant campaign of hate and disinformation has led to the brutal and politically motivated execution of an innocent mother who just happened to be an MP.

And not just any old MP, but one who actually gave two hoots about other people. An MP who cared about refugee's [which was probably why she was targeted].  An MP who cared about the plight of our disabled citizens, our fellow countrymen who have been deliberately, and with malice aforethought, placed in a frighteningly precarious position by a monstrous government who clearly have something wrong with their moral model.

This is what happens when you let demagogues rule your country through hate and fear.

Of course they, the Political Right, will deny all responsibility for this murder. 'Nothing to do with us, move along, nothing to see here'.

But in your hearts you all know that all such refutations are horse manure. They are culpable, all of them.

Meanwhile as the bloodless sun rises over Great Britain and a new day dawns, a father in Yorkshire has to explain to his two young children this morning, why mummy can't help them get dressed...

Heaven help them and us...

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