Friday, 24 June 2016

The Descent into Darkness. [Part 3]

In the Germany of the 1930's it was a hidden super rich elite who secretly funded Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement. 

Then as now, the rise to power of an extremist far right megalomaniac who ranted on and on about Jews and Migrants was funded by stupid rich old white men...

Then as now, it was the poor working class slob, who long laughed at and ignored by the uber-rich, who rallied behind the Swastika and their new found Messiah in their millions, and finalised his ascent to the golden throne of power.

But ultimately, then as now, it was all in vain for it was the poor who died in their millions because of that false hope and crazy decision.

I warn you all here one final time.

The Fascists are on the move across our Nation and they are close to seizing power, what happens next is entirely up to you.

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  1. There's so many fools and idiots .. Bigger population then a chance of more woolly headed, nasty, dirty, selfish individuals. When they get together, these likeminded and sometimes genuinely evil beings, well we all know what happens. Whilst the airwaves are spewing out their rubbish to keep the population otherwise occupied there will be no standing up and be counted! Just people worrying their neighbour up the road has a bigger tv and doesn't work! Doesn't ever consider they may well have bought it when in work! No! And whatever .. Who are they to judge others! They'd all much rather blame someone else for their own failings and their selfishness! I'm sick of it all! I was totally destroyed nine years ago and losing your mind is truly the biggest puzzle I've ever faced! And then suddenly have it all come back again.. Only this time full of every horrible detail! Well that truly is something else! I can say now though, I'm ready for the fray! I have spent a long time mending myself, it's been a long hard haul! But I still think of my fellow man and fight for the downtrodden the best way I can. I think I've got the biggest fight of my life ahead of me now. I've no idea if I'll win, but I'm trying so hard for those who truly can't fight for themselves. Nobody faught.for me when I was too little to do it for myself. But by f**king god I will stand up and be counted! And bugger them! I don't believe in some supreme being, sometimes I wish I did.. Cause then the truly evil people would have somewhere to go too!