Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Turncoats and Votes.

For over 30 years the Socialists within Labour have been insulted, denigrated, abused, vilified, attacked, side-lined, and targeted by the far right and the faux centre-right Labour elitists.

They and the press have constantly used the term 'Lefty' in the same way some despicable people use the N word, and perhaps worst of all sins, they have constantly attempted to co-opt the words 'Socialist & Labour' to mean 'Right-Wing Neoliberalism?'

In this they have obviously failed.

In a bitter truth revealed more clearly than any other over these last two weeks, these individuals are nothing more than right wing extremists posing as Labourites.  They are willing, even keen to destroy Labour rather than be loyal to the principles of Democracy like the servants they purport to be.

One can only conclude therefore that they see themselves as Master's and 'The People' as dumb slaves whose needs and desires can be ignored by he anointed ones.

For 10 months now, they plotted to oust The People's choice of Leader, and they have deliberately with malice aforethought unleashed a campaign of vitriol & hate, the likes of which has never before been seen in this country, and all this against a solitary individual.

Using the extreme right wing Press as a weapon, they have launched attack after attack against Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to turn a whole nation against a good and decent man.

Now these individuals are crying because a few unwise and very angry people who support this good and decent man, have finally snapped and returned a small portion of their 'mercy and malice' to them.  I do not urge or condone violence against these maleficent turncoats, but I can understand why it happens?

'Treachery reaps a bitter harvest.'

The hatred of these right wing neoliberals who are having their gravy train ripped out from under their feet by The People, is clear and conspicuous for all to see, but it is perhaps important to note that not every one of the 172 MP's who turned on The People's choice for Leader are evil malcontents, particularly amongst the younger MP's.
Some of those younger MP's have been led astray by the wicked influences of Mandelson, Campbell, and Blair.  And whilst they too should now be deselected we can surely pity them their youthful ignorance and unsteady ethics for we all have a path to walk to learn the lessons that life offers us.

But the rest?  The older more seasoned Labour MP's?  For them there can be no forgiveness, they are backstabbers and betrayers.  They are warlocks who have broken their oath to serve The People and I harbour no pity for their plight.  For 6 long years they did nothing to protect the poor, the disabled, the weak against the Tories vitriolic bigotry and racist hate.  Hell they even voted with them at times, making a mockery of the words 'Her Majesties Opposition'.  

Now after days of pleading with The People to join Labour and vote against Jeremy Corbyn they have managed to disenfranchise over 100,000 new & returning Labour Members from voting for the next leader of the Labour Party.

Let us therefore be rid of these turbulent priests before they destroy not only the Labour Movement but also wreck a ruin for the future for all our children.

As for their future?

Well I hear the Liberal Democrats are recruiting.  It seems somehow apt that they might consider joining forces with known Oath Breakers such as they.

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